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  • Arod the environmentalist: Good day, human! Would you like to take a tour of Arod's wildlife reserve?
  • Player:
    • Absolutely!
    • Where is it?
      • Arod the environmentalist: Right here! I hope to add more areas soon! Actually, human. I was hoping you might help me with my preservation mission. If you could humanely retrieve some of Mazcab's wildlife for me, I'd be more than happy to reward you!
      • Player: What exactly would you like me to collect?
      • Arod the environmentalist: Let's see... a fin-backed Snuffler... a striped Kerrit... a tumbling Choloa... and a Popoca. You should be able to find them all over Mazcab. I can't nab them with my little legs, but you should have no problem human!
    • No thanks.

Once you have collected all the wildlife

  • Player: I've got a new animal for your reserve.
  • Arod the environmentalist: Excellent work human! I'll make sure these little fellas get settled in!
You receive 4,000 Hunter experience.
  • Arod the environmentalist: Thanks to your efforts, the reserve is bursting to the brim with life! I should probably address that bursting soon. But the important thing is that you've done some great work! I'll make sure everyone knows how you've helped me. Please accept this lamp as thanks!
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