Bloodrager: Brother, you are always welcome to talk with me.

Conversation 1

Player: Are all gorajo as cheery as you?

Bloodrager: Come to the gorajo plane and find out, brother! In the clan fringes, you will find bloodragers, and there are none more welcoming. You would be treated like a sachem.

Player: I would love to! Are the other gorajo as friendly?
Bloodrager: Their lives are more complicated, brother. They must bear burdens, teach, guide and lead. Although we must protect the clan and serve Challem, we have nothing else to cloud our minds.
Player: Well, I'll hold you to that invite. If we ever get out of here, of course.
Player: I would rather not.
Bloodrager: I respect your choice, <Player's name>. It would be a shock to come from this rotten place to the fields of the gorajo.

Conversation 2

Player: Have you met anyone else in Daemonheim?

Bloodrager: I have talked much with your hairy brothers and sisters.

Player: The Fremennik?

Bloodrager: Yes, those with dead tusks on their head. It is their custom, is it not, for the young to face trials before they are seen as adult? These trials are strange to me. Why weed out the weak if your enemies do it for you?

Player: I tend not to question the Fremennik.
Bloodrager: I think I understand you! How can you question the actions of those who wear the smelly skins of their victims?
Player: Because the weak might accidentally hit you with an axe?
Bloodrager: Haha, I understand you! I would give a blind bear a wide berth, and I would do the same with an inexperienced Fremennik.

Conversation 3

Player: How do you like it in Daemonheim?

Bloodrager: It is a place, as any other. I am just happy to be alive, taking sharp rukhs full of air-

Player: Im[sic] not sure I have a rukh.

Bloodrager: Sure you do! Or how else would you grebbit? I am just happy to be alive, breathing the air and completing the task that has been asked of me. Challem be praised.

Conversation 4

Player: I don't have any more questions.

Bloodrager: Shame. I feel that we are pollen on the same wind, friend.

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