Set up Punchline
How do bandosians enter a boss room aggressively? They use the Graar-door!
How do you gain entry to the home of the monkeys? You have to pay the Apes Atoll!
How does Santa defeat Vorago? He uses the Maul of Snowmens.
What do you do if you can't kill a boss? Move onto the Nex one!
What quest ended with a raffle and a bouncy castle? Fête of the Gods!
What's the Elder God's favorite music? Jazz!
Which boss monster would you most likely find in a workshop? A rack o'saws!
Why couldn't the ranger kill Nex? He didn't bring Za-ryte bow!
Why do people try to mine the Barrows? To get to Dha-rocks!
Why does Vorago eat shark and shrimp pizza? Because he likes the size mix!
Why is the elven marketplace always sad? It's full of cry-stalls!
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