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*** '''Spirit of the Mind:''' You! Hahaha, don't be silly. How can you have wielded it before us guardians have let you take it?
*** '''Spirit of the Mind:''' You! Hahaha, don't be silly. How can you have wielded it before us guardians have let you take it?
** You!
** You!
* '''Spirit of the Mind:''' You could have said any of us spirit guardiance - we're all old wielders of Silverlight. This really isn't how I saw my afternoon going. I've got cutlery to be rattling and doors to bang. Let's speed this up a bit!
* '''Spirit of the Mind:''' You could have said any of us spirit guardians - we're all old wielders of Silverlight. This really isn't how I saw my afternoon going. I've got cutlery to be rattling and doors to bang. Let's speed this up a bit!
* ''Name X. Where X divided by X equals 1!''
* ''Name X. Where X divided by X equals 1!''
** 37?
** 37?

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Reason: The present dialogue is from a fourth run-through. First run-through dialogue needs to be added. Also, see Delrith section. I had it complete, but my browser closed before saving.
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Delrith Again

  • Gypsy Aris: Hello, young one. Cross my palm with a zemomark and the future will be revealed to you.
  • Player: We already did that. It's why I'm here in the first place. I gave you a coin and then you looked at my future, gave out a cry and handed the coin back.
  • Gypsy Aris: I'm fairly certain I didn't. Hmm, let me just have a quick look into your past... There's me...and you, yes...the coin and...oh! Hmm, my mistake. Although... I can see images forming. I can see you. You are holding a very impressive-looking sword. I'm sure I recognise it... There is a big, dark shadow appearing now. Aaargh! It's Delrith! But wait, there's more...this is strange. I see you are the one destined to defeat him, but many times - in your future AND your past. Most odd. Will you embrace this destiny?
Quest Acceptance interface pops up
  • Gypsy Aris: You accept your fate well, as I knew you would.
  • Player: So, I'll need Silverlight, yes?
  • Gypsy Aris: How did you know that? I didn't even get to that part!
  • Player: Hey, this isn't my first Delrith-banishing! So which is it this time - am I looking for Gideon Bede? Or was it Grūfeld Bach?
  • Gypsy Aris: Hey! Who's telling your future here - me or you? Besides, Gideon is dead - Delrith killed him when he first arrived here.
  • Player: Oh, so maybe this is the one with Wally? So I'll need Sir Prysin's key - is he in the palace?
  • Gypsy Aris: Now, you definitely shouldn't remember that one! Who are you? No, wait - don't answer that. I don't want to know. But yes, your destiny will take you to Sir Prysin. Zemouregal banished him from the palace grounds when he had it rebuilt. You'll find Sir Prysin retired in his house, over the path from the church.

Finding the Key

  • Player: Hello, Sir Prysin. I'm here about Silverlight. Do you know anything about it?
  • Sir Prysin: Urgh, don't talk to me about that...I'm not interested. I couldn't pass the trials to stop Delrith, but Zemouregal stopped him for us, so it doesn't matter.
  • Player: Well, I'm still looking to banish Delrith. You don't have to get involved, but I need to get into the crypt. Can you help with that?
  • Sir Prysin: Fine, if it gets you out of my house. The key for the crypt trapdoor is around here somewhere, but you'll have to find it yourself. It's either inside the house - upstairs or down - or maybe on the outside of the property.

Without finding the key

  • potentially missing dialogue here.

After finding the key

  • Sir Prysin: Well, what are you waiting for? You've got the key for the church's trapdoor - go use it. I'm not going down there with you, not after the last time. It was humiliating.
  • Player: Why, what happened?
  • Sir Prysin: I don't want to talk about it.

If you found but lost the key

  • Sir Prysin: You managed to lose MY key. Luckily, I found it - here!
  • (chatbox) Sir Prysin hands you the key to the church's crypt trapdoor.

After unlocking the trapdoor

  • Sir Prysin: Well, have you claimed Silverlight?
  • Player: I'm still working on it..
  • Sir Prysin: It's the trials, isn't it - not as easy as you thought they'd be. Am I right?
  • Player: It's not quite how I thought it would be, no.

Unlocking the Trapdoor

  • (chatbox): You unlock the trapdoor with Sir Prysin's key, leaving the key in place for future use.
  • If the first run-through of the quest
    • Interacting with the Barrier
      • Player: The barrier is preventing me from taking the sword, and it doesn't feel like the guardian spirits are here to put me through the trials. Maybe Gypsy Aris will know what I'm supposed to do.
  • If not the first run-through
    • Player: Now that the trapdoor's unlocked, I might as well go back to Gypsy Aris and get the spirit measure. I already know the barrier is going to prevent me from taking Silverlight.

The three Spirits

Talking to Gypsy Aris

  • First run-through
    • Player: I can see Silverlight, but I can't take it - it's protected by a barrier, and the spirits that are supposed to be down there are nowhere to be found.
    • Gypsy Aris: Lazy spirits. Just because they're dead, they think they don't have to do their job any more. Do you hear me complaining? Well, they can't have gone far - they won't be able to find rest until they've found a worthy successor to wield Silverlight. Here, I have just the thing to track them down...
    • continues below
  • Additional run-throughs
    • Player: I need a spirit measure, so I can track down three spirits, complete there trials, and take Silverlight.
    • Gypsy Aris: How do you know I have a spirit measure? But yes, that sounds exactly what [sic] you need...
    • continues below
  • (chatbox): Gypsy Aris hands you a spirit measure.
  • Gypsy Aris: Need help with the spirit measure? It's simple enough. If you use it to scan the area, it should point your towards the nearest 'coldspot' - a site of significant spirit activity. Once within a coldspot, you'll need to wander around to pinpoint its centre - the measure will 'Woo' are you more the closer you get to the source.

Talking to Gypsy Aris again

  • explains how to use it, as above

Spirit of the Body

Blue Moon Inn

  • Player: Um, Dr Harlow, I think you might have something inside you.
  • Dr Harlow: Yup! About fifteen pints of beer! *hic* Fancy buying me another? I'm drinking to forget.
  • Player: To forget what?
  • Dr Harlow: I duuno, I forgot... Ha!
  • Player: No, I mean I think you might be housing a spirit...
  • Dr Harlow: Nah, I'm only housin' beer. I don't like all them fancy cocktail thingies.
  • Player: No, not spirit as in a drink. You've got a ghost inside you!
  • Dr Harlow: Oh! That might be why I was drinkin'. I been possessified! *hic*
  • Player: Come on, it's time to sober up - I need to talk to who's possessing you.
  • Dr Harlow: No chance! The ghost can only take me over when I'm sober. I ain't gonna let it! Hones'ly, you're worse than the apothecary fella. He's always tryin' to sober me up.


  • Apothecary: I am the apothecary. I brew potions. Do you need anything specific?
  • Can you make a strength potion?
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
  • Do you know a potion to sober someone up?
    • Apothecary: Let me guess, you want to sober up Dr Harlow, yes? Honestly, that man - what intoxicated impropriety has he enacted this time?
    • Player: He's been possessed by the spirit of one of the guardians of a magical sword that's required to banish a terrible demon.
    • Apothecary: Oh, not again.
    • Player: Wait? This happens to him a lot? Being possessed? Guardian spirits? Magical swords of demon slaying?
    • Apothecary: Well, maybe not this exactly, but any excuse for a drink, right? I think I have just the thing... ... but I'll need a few ingredients first. You'll have to collect them, though - I'm still, er, under house arrest.
    • Player: Yes, this is how it usually goes. What do you need me to collect?
    • Apothecary: I'll need a cabbage, a rotten tomato, and a very literal hair of the dog - that should do it. Gertrude has a pet dog. Er, at least, she has 'something' living inside her dog kennel. Gertrude now lives in a house just north-west of here.
  • Can you make a potion that makes it seem like I'm dead?
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
  • Nothing, thanks.
    • dialogue ends

Gertrude's dog

  • Put your hand in the kennel?
    • Yes.
      • As you start to reach into the bottomless black of the kennel, you hear the beginnings of a low growl...
      • Continue?
        • Yes.
          • You continue to slowly inch your hand further in, and feel the burning hotness of putrid, acidic breath...
          • Now what?
            • Reach left.
              • You reach slowly left with outstretched fingers and discover a malleable bone-shaped object. The closer your hand gets to the object, the weaker it feels, as if it were becoming necrotic!
              • Grab the object?
              • Yes.
                • Phew! It was just a chew toy. The low growling stops as sweat drips from your brow.
                • returns to previous options
              • No.
            • Reach right.
              • You will your hand to the right and discover a bowl filled with a jelly-like substance. As you touch it, your entire palm tingles as scores of 'things' crawl all over it. It feels like your skin is being eaten!
              • What do you do?
                • Rub in some jelly.
                  • The jelly feels like snot in your hands, but the tingling sensation slowly stops. You think you've just drowned a zombified family of circus fleas that were living in the food bowl.
                • Move your hand away from the bowl.
            • Reach further in.
              • Your heart races as you lunge further still into the darkness. An unnatural silence falls around you. The hairs on the back of your neck bristle in deathly anticipation. You recoil as a sticky, hot, sandpaper-like appendage - which you hope against hope is a tongue, but your mind is telling you is a sucker covered tentacle - rasps across the back of your hand. The flesh of your hand feels as though it is dripping off, like hot wax spilling from a candle!
              • What do you want to do with your hand?
                • Leave it where it is.
                  • After the creature has finished licking your hand, you hear what sounds like happy panting. At least, you hope that's what it sounds like. That was probably the single most disgusting thing you've experienced in your life. The memory of it is now irreversibly lodged in your mind. Feeling you've done about all you care to with an unknowable creature living in the blackness of this kennel, you remove your hand.
                  • Not only is it fine (aside from a nasty odour that you should probably do something about), but stuck to it is a dog hair. It seems like you've made a new friend, even though it's probably one you didn't want.
                • Pull it back before you lose it.
                  • Returns to previous options
            • Remove you hand.
              • You remove your hand from the kennel as quickly as you dare, while also failing to retrieve anything of use.
        • No.
          • Ends
    • No.
      • You remove your hand from the kennel as quickly as you dare, while also failing to retrieve anything of use.


  • Apothecary: I am the apothecary. I brew potions. Do you need anything specific?
  • Can you make a strength potion?
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
  • Do you know a potion to sober someone up?
    • Apothecary: Ah! You have all the ingredients I need for a sobriety potion - a cabbage, a rotten tomato and the hair of a dog!
    • The apothecary takes your ingredients and mixes them into a sobriety potion.
    • Apothecary: If you lose that, I can make you another if you bring me more ingredients.
    • Returns to previous options
  • Can you make a potion that makes it seem like I'm dead?
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
  • Nothing, thanks.
    • dialogue ends

Blue Moon Inn

If you talk to Dr Harlow with the sobriety potion

  • Dr Harlow: Get that vile concoction away from me. I want beer, not sobriety!

Talking to the Bartender

  • Bartender: What can I do yer for?
  • A glass of your finest ale.
    • Bartender: That's two zemomarks.
    • Bartender gives you a beer
    • Bartender: Enjoy.
    • returns to previous options
  • Where can an adventurer earn their fortune here?
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
  • Where can I get some good equipment here?
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
  • Nothing, thanks.
    • dialogue ends

Mixing the sobriety potion and beer

  • You pour out the beer and replace it with the sobriety potion.

If you talk to Dr Harlow with a Sobriety potion in a beer glass

  • Dr Harlow: Ooh, is that beer for me? Don't mind if I do!
Spirit of the body appears
  • Spirit of the Body: Ah, that's better!
  • Dr Harlow: Why'd you have to go and sober me up? Now that spirit's come back up!

Talking to Spirit of the Body

  • Spirit of the Body: Ah, thank you for that - I never thought I'd get out of there!
  • Player: Why were you possessing him in the first place? It's not a very Silverlight guardian-y thing to do.
  • Spirit of the Body: Well, we waited so long to test a brave new hero to inherit the sword, but nobody came. And then Delrith showed up an destroyed the city. So we agreed to pack it in, and I realised how much I missed the little things in life - eating a drinking and physical stuff like that.
  • Player: But being a ghost meant you could only achieve that via possession?
  • Spirit of the Body: Well, he was a zombie - that hardly counts - and it's not like he wasn't in control. I couldn't even get him to fight back against Delrith - and him a vampyre hunter!
  • Dr Harlow: Yeah, vampyres, you dolt - I don't do demons! Besides, Delrith had already wrecked the place - what was the point?
  • Spirit of the Body: This one figured out drinking to excess kept me locked away, and he hasn't stopped since.
  • Dr Harlow: Can you blame me? You try unliving with a ghost floating around in your head! Maybe now you'll leave me alone!
  • Player: Will you? I'm in need of Silverlight to defeat Delrith myself - would you test me worth and then be laid to rest or something?
  • Spirit of the Body: Oh, I supposed. Anything will be better than listening to this one singing drinking songs. Now, let's see... Normally I'd ask you to prove your might and kill a bunch of things, but...I dunno, just kill anything you like in this bar. That'll do, then I'm gone. Sound fair?
  • Player: Anything?
  • Spirit of the Body: Yeah, why not? I don't care. As soon as I see one thing in here die at your behest - or un-die, or whatever - then I'll unlock my seal you go to rest. Deal? Deal.
  • Would one of these zombies do?
    • Spirit of the Body: Yeah, sure, knock yourself out. Or rather them - knock them out.
  • Would you killing me count?
  • I'll figure something else out?
After killing something
One of the barriers on Silverlight is removed
  • The Spirit of the Body is suitably appeased by your uncaring zombie slaughter, and has unlocked his seal on the Silverlight barrier.

Spirit of Faith

After inspecting the Tombstone stack

  • Spirit of Faith: Why did you bring me back here? I was at peace!

Talking to Spirit of Faith

  • Spirit of Faith: Let's get this over with quick, then, shall we? Just put your faith in my instructions and I'll lift my seal on the sword. Good? Yes, good. My instructions are to take a step to the right...
  • Is that it? Take a step to the right?
    • Spirit of Faith: Yep.
  • Anything else?
    • Spirit of Faith: Nope.
  • No jumps?
    • Spirit of Faith: No.
  • Nothing to do with my knees and hips?
    • Spirit of Faith: Not a thing. And most definitely no thrusting.
  • Whose right? Mine or yours?
    • Spirit of Faith: Whichever. I don't care.
  • Spirit of Faith: And stay in the graveyard for this. I don't want to waste my whole day here!

After taking a step

  • Spirit of Faith: Well done. You've shown that you can place your faith in others, by unquestionably following my instructions.
  • Player: But I barely did anything!
  • Spirit of Faith: Yes, you did. I saw you, and you were magnificent. Honestly, it was truly spectacular, a marvel to behold. Have fun with the sword. Enjoy your demon slaying or whatever. I'm off.
Barrier is removed on Silverlight
  • The Spirit of Faith is suitably appeased by whatever it is you did, and has unlocked his seal on the Silverlight barrier.

Spirit of the Mind

After defeating the animated book

  • Player: Was that you in the book that just attacked me?
  • Spirit of the Mind: Indeed it was! How would you rate your experience, on a scale of 1-5?
  • Player: My experience? You attacked me!
  • Spirit of the Mind: Of course I did. It's my job.
  • Player: It's your job to attack me?
  • Spirit of the Mind: I'm working as a poltergeist - were you suitably scared out of your wits? I really hope so! If I do well with the books, I'll be promoted to haunting furniture!
  • Player: And here's me thinking your 'job' was being the Spirit of the Mind, and judging a hero's worth to wield Silverlight.
  • Spirit of the Mind: Oh! You're a hero? Excellent. We'd all given up years ago - I didn't think we'd be seeing any more heroes. Besides, it's already too late to stop Delrith.
  • Player: Well, I'm planning to banish him now, so...test me already!
  • Spirit of the Mind: Very well, Now, what did I do for my trial again? Oh! A test of knowledge and wisdom!
  • Player: Wasn't it more to test that I am focused and that my mind is not clouded?
  • Spirit of the Mind: Hey, who's running this trial - me or you? On to the questions.. Why are you in this place?
  • Why are you in this place?
    • I seek Silverlight.
      • Spirit of the Mind: Um, if I were being pedantic, you already know Silverlight is, right? Still close enough, I'll give you that one.
    • An exorcism.
      • Missing
    • I like hanging out in houses.
      • Missing
    • I'm looking for you!
      • Missing
  • Spirit of the Mind: Let's try another.
  • What is Silverlight?
    • A musical troupe.
      • Missing
    • A magical candle.
      • Spirit of the Mind: Incorrect.
    • A sword that slays demons.
      • Missing
  • Spirit of the Mind: Now, about the sword...
  • Why do you require a sword that slays demons?
    • Why *don't* you need a sword that slays demons?
    • A powerful demon threatens Varrock.
    • It will look nice in my weapon rack.
    • I need it to help Delrith get home.
      • Spirit of the Mind: Hey, you're a natural at this - are you sure you haven't done this before?
  • Who is the Demon that threatens New Varrock?
    • Delrith.
    • Zamorak.
    • Gideon Bede.
    • Agrith Naar.
      • Spirit of the Mind: I'll accept that. Agrith Naar's causing all sorts of minor inconveniences - local flooding, fallen roof tiles. He's a menace.
  • Who originally sent you to claim Silverlight?
    • Zamorak.
    • Denath.
    • Gideon Bede.
    • Gypsy Aris!
      • Spirit of the Mind: Correct!
  • Spirit of the Mind: I am so sorry - the test is a shambles. It's the Year 169 version, not year 170. We should have finished by now: you with the sword, me back to rest. Tell you what, let's take a different approach, I'll ask three general knowledge questions. You get them right and I'll unlock my seal on Silverlight.
  • Who is the King of New Varrock?
    • King Roald.
    • Zemouregal.
      • Spirit of the Mind: Well, hehe, technically, he's never named himself king - he's more a despotic ruler. Why label it? Sorry, that wasn't meant to be a trick question.
    • Queen Ellamaria.
    • No one.
  • Spirit of the Mind: Sorry, that wasn't meant to be a trick question.
  • What was this place called right before New Varrock?
    • Varrock.
    • Old Varrock.
    • Avarrocka.
    • Zemouregal Town.
      • Spirit of the Mind: Yes, and an awful name it was too. Correct!
  • Spirit of the Mind: That seemed to be another trick question. It's really not my day.
  • Name a previous wielder of Silverlight?
    • Gideon Bede.
    • Sir Prysin!
    • Wally.
    • Player!
      • Spirit of the Mind: You! Hahaha, don't be silly. How can you have wielded it before us guardians have let you take it?
    • You!
  • Spirit of the Mind: You could have said any of us spirit guardians - we're all old wielders of Silverlight. This really isn't how I saw my afternoon going. I've got cutlery to be rattling and doors to bang. Let's speed this up a bit!
  • Name X. Where X divided by X equals 1!
    • 37?
    • Infinity?
    • 0?
    • Any number that isn't 0?
      • Spirit of the Mind: Correct!
  • How would you score today's haunting out of 5?
    • 1.
    • 2.
    • 3.
    • 4.
      • Spirit of the Mind: Oh, thank you. I'm glad I could be of services.
    • 5.
  • Spirit of the Mind: Whatever your answer, it couldn't have been wrong, because it was your answer! well done. That's three! Well done. You pass! Now, I'm off back to work. Bye!
Barrier is removed from Silverlight
  • The Spirit of the Mind is suitably appeased by your answers (or is just bored), and has unlocked his seal on the Silverlight barrier.

After all Spirits dealt with

  • Player: That's all three trials passed. I should now be able to claim Silverlight, from the crypt under the church.

Pulling Silverlight from it's altar

  • missing

Dealing with Delrith

Evil Dave's cult

  • missing (I had this done, but my computer shut off, so the dialogue wasn't saved)
  • If missing black clothes and black Silverlight
    • missing
  • If missing some black clothes
    • missing
  • If missing black clothes, but have black Silverlight
    • missing
  • If missing black silverlight but have all black clothes
    • missing
  • If not missing any clothes
    • missing

Evil Sword

Picking black mushrooms

  • missing

Eating black mushrooms

  • Eugh! The mushroom tastes horrible and it stains your hands and mouth black. (Possibly incorrect)

Using Silverlight on mushroom

  • missing

Evil Clothes

  • missing. Maybe not missing, because I can't remember if Thessalia's shop has dialogue.


  • Player: Prepare to Die, demon!
  • Delrith: *sigh* missing.
  • missing.

Defeating Agrith Naar

Agrith Naar teleports in
  • Agrith Naar: AAAARGH!
  • Agrith Naar: W-wait. What happened? Where am I? One minute I'm in Infernus, throwing lightning bolts at Delrith, and now I am in... New Varrock! This is New Varrock, isn't it? How am I back here? Urgh, I hate this place!
  • Player: Damn you Delrith! He must have banished you back here.
  • Agrith Naar: You planned this all along! I'll kill you!
    Screen fades out and fight begins
    During the fight, Agrith Naar with charge up and attack

At killing blow

  • As you strike the final blow, Silverlight is drenched with Agrith Naar's foul-smelling ichor!
Screen fades out
  • You try to wipe Silverlight clean, but Agrith Naar's blood has fused with the blade. You heft the sword and sense that it had become more powerful.
  • Player: I have slain the demon, and have a new sword - Darklight. Time to head back to Gypsy Aris to get my reward.

Finishing up

Gypsy Aris

  • Player: Delrith has been banished, Agrith Naar defeated, and Evil dave given a good telling off. I think that area of town is safe once more.
  • Gypsy Aris: On reflection, Delrith wasn't causing any trouble, and the strange weather was mostly contained to the demon camp...but good job!
  • Player: Thanks, I think.
    Quest Complete!

Post-Quest dialogue

Evil Dave

  • Evil Dave: Aww, why did you have to get rid of all the demons? What did you do with them?
  • Player: Dave, they're dead. They're all dead, Dave.
  • Evil Dave: But they were DEMONIC FRIENDS OF MUM-REPLACING!
  • Player: You'll make some new friends, I'm sure, Evil Dave.
  • Evil Dave: W-w-will you be my friend?
  • Yes, why not?
    • Evil Dave: Yessss! Erm...I mean EXCELLENT! MUHAHAHAHAHA!
    • dialogue ends
  • No, I'm good.
    • Evil Dave: I miss my mummy.
    • dialogue ends
  • [Back away slowly]
    • dialogue ends
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