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  • Herald: Greetings.
  • Where am I?
    • Amlodd herald
      • Amlodd herald: As you've probably're in the heart of Clan Amlodd, masters of divination and summoning. I crack myself up sometimes.
    • Cadarn herald
      • Cadarn: herald: Why you find yourself amongst the Clan Cadarn friend. We are the noble protectors of elf kind, protecting the secrets of elven magic and archery.
    • Crwys herald
      • Crwys herald: Around you are the members of the Clan Crwys, tending to the plants and trees within the city.
    • Hefin herald
      • Hefin herald: Breathe in the calm air of serenity. Here Clan Hefin purified themselves in honour of Seren herself.
    • Iorwerth herald
      • Iorwerth herald: Here you will find the great Clan Iorwerth, masters of melee combat and slayers of monsters.
    • Ithell herald
      • Ithell herald: You are at the heart of elven craftsmanship, amongst the Ithell Clan.
    • Meilyr herald
      • Meilyr herald: A noble explorer I see! Welcome to the Meilyr district.
    • Trahaearn herald
      • Trahaearn herald: Toiling around you are the members of Clan Trahaearn, the miners and blacksmiths of elven kind.
  • Where is the Voice of Seren in effect?
    • Herald: Seren's voice currently graces the city districts of <Clan> and <Clan>.
  • [Ask about the city]
    • Ask about the Voice of Seren.
    • Ask about the clans.
    • Ask about the history
    • Ask about something else.
  • Could I buy your clan's cape?
  • Do you have anything else I can buy?
    • Herald: There is one thing. An amulet, with Seren's symbol. This has been handed down for generations. It was said that when the clans were brought together its true nature would be revealed. We believed this would occur as the elders returned and Prifddinas grew. Alas, this was not the case. Perhaps we are missing something, or perhaps it's just a story. In any case, we're willing to sell the amulet and allow others to attempt to unlock its secrets.
    • Purchase Seren's symbol?
      • Yes.
      • No.
      • Ask about something else.
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