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Starting the Miniquest

  • Lookout Ekahi: Captain, you must end this. I am almost gone.
  • Player: No. There's still hope. Hold on just a little longer.
    • (Mini-quest noticeboard opens up.)
      • Accept
        • [Continues below]
      • Decline
        • [Terminates conversation]
  • Player: We just need to find the source of Ekahi's curse and the necromancer who raised it.
  • Bosun Higgs: Jiangshi? That's gotta be that thing roaming round Goshima, right?
  • Player: It certainly fits the profile.
  • Quartermaster Gully: And the necromancer is probably my Cora. She has ties to Goshima, and she certainly seems capable seeing what she did ta those Skulls on the Turtles.
  • Player: That would be my guess.
  • Navigator Nemi: Then all we need to do is convince her to remove the curse and Ekahi will be cured!
  • Player: Sounds easy, right?
  • Bosun Higgs: Oh sure, we just need to go up against the Harbinger again and politely ask her captain to do us a favour. Should be a cinch.
  • Bosun Higgs: Maybe 'Vera' will be able to convince her.
  • Quartermaster Gully: Vera?
  • Bosun Higgs: Our new cannon.
  • Navigator Jemi: Er, you named the cannon? You named the cannon Vera?
  • Bosun Higgs: What? You lot DON'T name your weapons? Weirdos. Anyway, one shot is all we need - punch a hole in the Harbinger just above the water line.
  • Quartermaster Gully: Aye, then we'll keep her busy, and the Revenge floating, while ya board her, captain.
  • Quartermaster Gully: If you can fight yer way to Cora, I'll give ya some pointers on how to talk her down.
    • Flippers McGraw: I'll make sure to pack some clean underwear this time.
  • Player: Sure, I guess that sounds like a plan. Let's put it to the test...
    • Are you ready to assault the Harbinger?
      • Yes
        • [Continues below}
      • No
        • [Terminates conversation]

Siege on The Harbinger

  • Bosun Higgs: Punch a hole in their Hull with the cannon!
  • Quartermaster Gully: Board then, captain!
  • Navigator Jemi: We'll draw their fire and protect the ship. And hopefully not die.

Boarding the Harbinger

After defeating the Zyclopes

  • Captain Cora: This ends here!

After defeating Captain Cora

  • Captain Cora: Enough! You cannot do this. You don't understand.
  • Player: Then help me understand. I've been to Goshima; I've seen that 'thing'. It's a jiangshi, yes?
  • Captain Cora: SHE is not a thing. SHE is my khan.
  • Player: That soul-sucking creature was the khan of Goshima?
  • Captain Cora: Not was, is!
  • Player: Her curse is spreading to other islands, to my crew!
  • Captain Cora: That's what the Harbinger was for, But you've destroyed that! We were keeping things contained, keeping her fed.
  • Player: Contain it? Feed her? You're crazy! You created her, right? You brought her back? You can end this. You HAVE to end this!
  • Captain Cora: I may have been bought, but she raised me as her own, gave me back my freedom. She was my only family...
  • Captain Cora: I was the child she couldn't have. Her bloodline dies with her. There is no other khan for Goshima.
  • Player: There is no Goshima! If things carry on like this, there'll be no Arc either!
  • Player: They're all dead, Cora. Everybody in Goshima is dead. And it's all your fault.
  • Captain Cora: Dead? No! That can't be. She only fed enough to sustain herself, so she could continue as khan. You're lying!
  • Player: Whatever she was, she's not anymore. I think you need to return to Goshima.
  • Captain Cora: I don't believe you. I... I have to see this with my own eyes.

Arriving on Goshima docks

Talking to Ekahi

  • Lookout Ekahi: Please hurry. Captain Cora can lead you to the Jiangshi.

Talking to Cora

  • Captain Cora: Lead on, I will follow.
Screen fades to black and back.
  • Player: I have something to show you, Cora. Follow me.
  • Captain Cora: Very well.

Walking Eastwards off the docks

  • Player: See how much death your khan has wrought.
  • Captain Cora: They were loyal citizens of Goshima.
  • Captain Cora: They willingly gave their lives in service to their Khan[sic].
  • Captain Cora: They died with honour, so that she could continue to rule us.
  • Player: The khan consumed their souls, Cora. She ate her people. How is that honourable?
  • Player: You make it sound like she's her old self. She's not your khan anymore.

Moving Southwards

  • Captain Cora: She did all of this? She wouldn't. She didn't.
  • Captain Cora: She was only meant to eat enough to sustain herself, to continue her rule.
  • Player: Sojobo told me that jaingshi cannot help themselves. Whoever she use to be, whoever she was after you raised her - she's not that person anymore. She's become a monster.
  • Captain Cora: No! I don't believe it.
  • Captain Cora: She promised me. I have to see her...
The Jiangshi fades into view.

Talking to the Jiangshi

  • Player: Can't you see what your khan has become? She is lost, Cora. She killed them all.
  • Captain Cora: Lost, but not gone. Her soul remains tethered to her body. I made sure of that.
  • Player: She might still have been herself when you raised her, but that person is long gone, Cora.
  • Captain Cora: I did what I had to do. The khan is of royal blood, but she had no descendants.
  • Captain Cora: When she dies, her bloodline dies with her. The legacy passed down to us by our ancestors will be lost to time.
  • Player: She isn't ruling anything. There's nobody left to rule over.
  • Captain Cora: I can bring her back. I know it. I'm close to a breakthrough. I just need more time.
  • Player: You don't have more time! Her curse is spreading. You can't risk the entire Arc just because you can't let her go.
  • Captain Cora: But she's all I have left! I can't...
  • Player: She's lived her life. She's had her time. This isn't your khan any more[sic]. This isn't the person you loved.
  • Player: You're being selfish. You're letting your grief rule your life. Think of what she would want, Let go, Cora. Let her rest.
  • Captain Cora: ...
  • Captain Cora: You're right. She wouldn't have wanted this.
  • Captain Cora: I'm sorry, my khan. I love you, but I have failed you.
  • Captain Cora: Rest in peace, mother.

Talking to your crew

  • Lookout Ekahi: Thank you for not giving up on me, captain. Once again, I owe my life to you.
  • Lookout Ekahi: Also, captain Cora wanted to talk to you.
  • Bosun Higgs: Ding dong, the khan is dead. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah. Can we go look for Jacob now?
  • Flippers McGraw: Brr, this place shivers my flippers. It's so quiet and spooky. Can we leave soon?
  • Navigator Jemi: The khan of Goshima is dead, as are her citizens. It should be safe to travel here now, though I see no reason to linger.
  • Quartermaster Gully: The city of Gongdung be a tomb, Cap'n. A sealed tomb.
  • Quartermaster Gully: There ain't no treasure to be found here... only dead, or worse. Let's be away.

Talking to Cora

  • Captain Cora: It is done. May she rest in peace.
  • Captain Cora: All of those touched by the curse should return to normal.
  • Lookout Ekahi: I fell better already. Thank you. Miss Cora.
Mini-quest complete
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