Conversation 1

  • Frosty: I'm cold.
  • Player: You're a frost dragon. Aren't you used to it by now?
  • Frosty: There's no need to bring that into it.
  • Player: There is! You're made of frost - of course you're cold!
  • Frosty: That hurts my feelings. I'm as warm-hearted as any other dragon.

Conversation 2

  • Frosty: Human, can you breathe fire or ice?
  • Player: No, humans can't do that.
  • Frosty: How do you defend yourself?
  • Frosty: My elders told me about scary adventurers who come attack us!
  • Frosty: We need our icy breath to defend ourselves and our baby dragons!
  • Player: That sounds terrible.
  • Frosty: You'll protect the Frost dragons won't you, [Player]?
  • Player: Of course!

Conversation 3

  • Frosty: ...
  • Player: What are you looking at?
  • Frosty: Human... Why don't you have wings?
    • Player: Humans don't have wings.
      • Frosty: That must be very sad for you.
      • Player: I suppose so.
      • Frosty: It's ok. If we need to fly anywhere, I can take you.
      • Player: Thanks, Frosty.
    • Player: They were amputated a long time ago.
      • Frosty: How terrible!
      • Player: Oh yes, I remember my flying days very fondly.
      • Frosty: We must find your wings and reattach them!
      • Player: Oh no, that won't be necessary. I'm sure they're lost forever.
      • Frosty: How sad.

In the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon

  • Frosty: Mum! Dad! I'm home!
  • Frosty: These aren't the same dragons as when I left.
  • Player: Oh. They must be on holiday and these are temporary dragons, just... cave sitting.
  • Frosty: Mum and Dad always said they dreamed of going on holiday. I'm glad they finally made it.
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