Outside world

The following lines will be said by the pet while following the player.

  • Golden Gnome: You know what? I reckon you should try to win two Golden Gnomes. And, if you get to choose, try to win a cute one.
  • Golden Gnome: I'm obliged - by Golden Gnome law - to say that you are an amazing individual and your achievement is mindblowin'.
  • Golden Gnome: Grats on winning me. You couldn't have won a more handsome, intellectually stimulatin' prize.
  • Golden Gnome: I predict big things for you. Getting eaten by Jad, fer example. He's pretty big.
  • Golden Gnome: Does the gold make my bum look big?
  • Golden Gnome: Out of everyone who's won a Golden Gnome, you're my favourite. Just sayin'.

On a Player Owned House

The following lines will be said by the pet if placed in a Menagerie on the player's Player Owned House.

  • Golden Gnome: They didn't spray all of me. If I take off my pants there' gold there. I'm undecided if it's better that way.
  • Golden Gnome: When they sprayed me gold, they didn't tell me to close my eyes! The whole world looks fancy to me now.
  • Golden Gnome: The ireony that I ain't got a penny to my name. I wonder how much a finger's worth...
  • Golden Gnome: You know what my nan always said? 'Always believe in your soul. You've got the power to know you're indestructible'. She was always a little loopy.
  • Golden Gnome: Being gold ain't bad. It's good for the visual jokes. If i'm digging, then I'm a gold-digger. If I fetch you something I'm a golden retriever. No end of fun.
  • Golden Gnome: Congrats on winning me. If I'm being objective - ignoring the fact that I've been giving out as an award - it's a real big achievement.


When another players talks to a Golden Gnome, the following lines are said by the pet.

  • Golden Gnome: You're in the presence of a celebrity! <player> won the <category name> (<year>) Golden Gnome at a past RuneFest.
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