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This transcript involves dialogue with Kennith, Kent, Caroline, Kimberly, Ezekial Lovecraft, Katherine, and Clive.

Return of the Sea Slugs


  • Player: Hello, Kennith. How are you doing today?
  • Kennith: Hello, Player. I'm okay...I guess.
  • Player: You don't sound so sure.
  • Kennith: Well, I don't know. It's just that the villagers are acting weird again.
  • Player: Doesn't everyone act weird in Witchaven? You know, what with most of the population being possessed by sea slugs.
  • Kennith: Well, yes, but they are being MORE weird that usual. They seem to be digging under the shrine to the west of town again, but the Slug Queen's lair.
  • Player: Really, that doesn't sound good at all.
  • Kennith: I'm really worries, especialy after what happened to me on the Fishing Platform. Will you go and have a look to see what they're doing?
  • Sure thing.
  • Not right now.

Witchaven Dungeon

  • missing


  • Player: If looks like there is something going on under the shrine but the villagers wouldn't let me into the mines.
  • Kennith: Really? That's interesting. Were there any surprises? An accident, maybe?
  • Player: Well, yes, now that you mention it, there was a rockfall. Thankfull, it missed me.
  • Kennith: Oh, yes, I'm thankful too. It would have been terrible if you were squished flat. Like a pancake. Maybe you should go back down there to investigate more? I'm sure there won't be any more accidents.
  • Player: I'm not sure that will do any good. The villagers were pretty adamant that I wasn't allowed in.
  • Kennith: That's sad. Oh well, it doesn't matter. It's been nice talking to you again, Player. Have you seen my parents anywhere? I'm bored, I NEED them here now to play with me.
  • Player: Excuse me? I thought you were concerned about the sea slugs? Don't you have any ideas what to do next?
  • Kennith: Sorry, I don't know what to do. Perhaps you should go and find another adventure. Now, tell me: have you seen my mum and dad?
  • Player: Erm, no, sorry. I don't know where they are. Erm, I guess I'll see you around Kennith.
  • Kennith: Bye!

Kennith is Wonderful


  • Player: Hello, you two, what's up?
  • Kent: We're fine!
  • Caroline: Everything is fine!
  • Player: I'm pleased to hear it. Did you know Kennith is looking for you?
  • Kent: Kennith? Oh, really? Player...have you noticed what a....wonderful son our Kennith is?
  • Caroline: So wonderful!
  • Player: Yes, Kennith is...wonderful.
  • Kent: We're glad you agree. I'm sorry, Player, but I nned to be going...somewhere. Maybe I'll see you later.
Screen fades out.
  • Kent apruptly stops talking, slips a piece of paper into your hand and runs away.

Outside Legends Guild

  • Player: Hello, Kent.
  • Kent: Oh, hi, Player. Thanks for coming. I'm sorry for running off earlier - you must have thought it rather odd, but it's difficult to talk openly in Witchaven.
  • Player: Really? I know there's a bit of a sea slug problem, but Witchaven always seemed a nice enough place to me.
  • Kent: Well, it's not that - I just didn't want to disturb Kennith. He has quite a temper at times and he doesn't like us talking to other people too much. Bringing up such a...talented child can be something of a challenge, especially if you live in Witchaven.
  • Player: He does seem a little demanding, but he;s been through a lot for someone so young, I guess he's just very needy.
  • Kent: Yes, that's right, Player. That's exactly the right word. He is demanding. Wonderful, but demanding. That's why I had to take him to the Fishing Platform that time - he was just so demanding. Sometimes its just too hard for Caroline to cope when I'm away.
  • Player: I think you're getting a bit carried away, Kent. Sure, Kennith might be a bit of a handful, but he can't be that bad! Anyway, lets move on from Kennith for a second - what has all this got to do with the sea slugs?
  • Kent: Ah, well, nothing directly, but with all this new slug activity I am worries about a little girl in the village called Kimberly. She and Kennith became friends when her family moved to Witchaven, but then one day she lost his favorite toy train and now Kennith is obsessed with getting revenge. He would get quite...upset if I went to check on her, so I was wondering if you could go and make sure she is safe?
  • Player: Well, we wouldn't want you upsetting Kennith. Okay, leave it with me; I'll go and check that she's alright.
  • Kent: Thank you, Player. I am, once more, indebted to you.

Kimberly's Concerns

  • Player: Hello? Kimberly...are you okay?
  • Kimberly: W-w-who are you?
  • Player: I'm Player; I've been sent to help you. So, please, tell me what's wrong.
  • Kimberly: Ah... The villagers keep k-k-knocking on the windows and chanting my name! I'm really scared!
  • Player: Where are your parents?
  • Kimberly: I d-d-don't know, I haven't seen them for a few hours. They said they were going out to meet the neighbours. There were also noises under the house - banging, digging - there must be m-m-monsters down there!
  • Player: Don't be scared, Kimberly, I'm here to protect you. Nothing's getting you without going through me first.
  • Kimberly: Thank you! Actually, if you really mean it, will you come with me around Witchaven while I look for my parents?
  • Player: Of course I will.
    • Kimberly: Oh, you're my hero! Okay, let's go! Wait...what's that noise...? There's something outside!
    • Cutscene begins
  • Not right now.


Villagers outside say these things

  • Villager: Let us in, Kimberly...
  • Villager: Kimberly... Kimberly... Kimberly...
  • Villager: Come out to play, Kimberly...
  • Villager: Let's have some fun...

Inside the house

  • Player: Come on Kimberly, we've got to get out of here!
  • Kimberly: ACK! I'm scared! Can you get them to go away first?
  • Player: Ah...well...I'm not to sure about that.
  • Kimberly: I know! Lock them in the church! The power of Saradomin is the only thing that can save their souls!
  • Player: Let me get this straight. You want me to use myself as bait to lure a group of angry, sea-slug possessed villagers into the church in order to 'save' them?
  • Kimberly: Yes! And I'm not moving until you do.

Luring the Villagers

After exiting the house, when the villagers follow you

  • Villager: Leave this place!
  • Villager: We'll get you!
  • Villager: We will hurt you!
  • Villager: This isn't your fight!
  • Villager: You're not wanted!
  • feel free to fill this in if you get to it before me.

Back at Kimberly's after luring all the villagers

  • What did I have to do again?
    • missing
  • Okay, I've locked them all up.
    • Player: Okay, I've locked them all up in the church.
    • Kimberly: Well done! I feel much braver now. Let's go to Kennith's house first to see if he has seen my parents.

The Dungeon

Kennith's House

If talking to Kennith before Kimberly arrives

  • Kennith: Oh, hello, Player. Have you gone back into the mines yet? I really think you should.
  • Player: Not yet. I'm just waiting for Kimberly to get here - she's got something to ask you.
  • Kennith: You are NOT bringing that horrible monster over here!
  • Player: It's very important, Kennith. Now, behave yourself and wait for her to arrive.

Talking to Kimberly in Kennith's house

  • Player: Go ahead and ask him.
  • Kennith: What do you want?
  • Kimberly: Well, my parents have disappeared, so I was wondering if your might have seen them anywhere.
  • Kennith: No, I haven't seen them anywhere. Stop being such a wimp and look after yourself. My own parents are erm...indisposed, but you don't see me crying about it.
  • Player: Indisposed?
  • Kennith: They've disappeared, just like Kimberly's.
  • Player: Aren't you worried?
  • Kennith: No, because I'm not a silly little wimp like she is.
  • Kimberly: Player! Player! Erm, do you hear something outside?
Villagers appear outside banging on the walls.
Villagers outside
  • Villager: Nobody can protect you...
  • same as previous


  • Kimberly: Oh no, they're back! Can you get rid of them again? Please?
  • Kennith: You are such a wimp!
  • Player: Ignore him. Don't worry, I'll get rid of the villagers.

Luring the Villagers

  • same as previous

After having lured all the Villagers again

  • What did I have to do again?
    • missing
  • Okay, I've locked them all up.
    • Player: Okay, I've locked them all up in the church.
    • Kimberly: Thank you, Player, you're my hero! Let's leave this horrid little boy and go see Ezekial. Maybe he's seen my parents.

Talking to Kennith again

  • Player: Are you alright staying here, Kennith? Maybe you should come with us to Ezekial's place.
  • Kennith: No, I'm fine here! You just run along with your little friend.

Ezekial's House

  • Player: Let me explain to Ezekial what's happening.
  • Kimberly: Okay, Player...
  • Player: Hi, Ezekial. Look, we may have a bit of a problem... Strange things are afoot in Witchaven.
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Ah, yes. I have noticed things aren't quite as idyllic as they usually are in this lovely little town. Are you referring to the new slug activity?
  • Kimberly: My mum and dad have disappeared too!
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Oh my, that is terrible. Every child needs someone to care for them. I hope for everyone's sake that the slugs don't have them - they can be quite brutal...
  • Kimberly: B-b-brutal? What will they do to them?
  • Player: Be quiet, Ezekial, you're not helping matters. Now, what do you know about what is going on?
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Not an awful lot; just that there is renewed mining work in the shrine. If I'm not mistaken these new caverns lead right under little Kimberly's house.
  • Kimberly: Under my house?
  • Player: Ignore him, Kimberly. Ezekial, listen to me: do you know of any way to get into the mines?
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Absolutely! I could get you in - the slugs treat me as one of their own, after all. If you would like I can go ahead and talk to them.
  • Player: That would be excellent. I'll catch up with you once I've settled Kimberly down.
Screen fades out and Ezekial leaves
Talking to Kimberly again
  • missing

In the Dungeon

  • Player: Hi, Ezekial. Have you had any luck in talking to these two guards?
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Yes, they seem quite receptive. You talk to them and I'll jump in if I think you need any help.

Talking to the Guards

  • Player: Hello, again.
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Ahem, he means: Greetings, sister. How goes the work?
  • Villager: We make satisfactory progress. The work moves forward.
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Pray, may we see the glorious progress for ourselves?
  • Villager: Did he not kill the prince?
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: No. There are many others in this world that look similar - same hair, same clothes, same face. This one is our brother.
  • Villager: He does not appear waxen enough to be our kin.
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: An unfortunate deformation.
  • Player: Aye, my sister. It is a tragic affliction. Maybe if I saw the work I could escape my torment for a moment.
  • Villager: Aye, it is glorious work that we do. Please enter.

Intermediate Room

  • Player: Okay, you've the sea slug expert. What's our next move?
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Oh, Player, no one's ever called me an 'expert' before. You've made me very happy. Hang on, I'll go and have a look.
Ezekial walks up and peeks through the wooden door
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Oh dear, this looks tricky. I don't think we can both go through - you're younger and fitter than me, Player, so I suggest you make your way through the next cavern and try to find a way to unlock the metal door over there. It's not going to be easy, though.
  • Player: Do you have any advice?
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Yes, it looks to me like those minecarts are high enough for you to crouch behind. I would recommend you use them as cover to hide from the villagers. It also looks like there is some weakness in the cavern's eastern wall, I've seen walls like it before - in my experience there is bound to be a tunnel behind some part of it, I know you're skilled in prospecting, so study the east wall until you find a section that is weak, then knock a hole in it with a pickaxe and escape through. Be careful, though! I don't think the villagers will take to kindly to seeing you in there.

Going through the rooms

If you get caught

  • Villager: !
  • The villagers roughly drag you to the entrance and throw you out of the room.

After opening the metal door

  • You hear a distinctive click and the door unlocks. Ezekial Lovecraft opens the door and steps through to join you.
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Thank you for letting me through. Now, let's move on to the next area - we need to find out what the sea slugs are up to.

Room with Kent and Caroline

Talking to Kent and Caroline

  • missing

Talking to Ezekial

  • Player: So, how am I supposed to get through this next section?
Ezekial goes to the door and peeks through
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: This is tricky... very tricky. We know that slugs are not very fond of heat... What I suggest is that you look for an element called rubium in the walls of the cave. Prospect the red patches in the walls and you should find some. The interesting thing about rubium is that it reacts with water and, unless I'm very much mistaken, those are steam vents in the floor. So, what you need to do is mine some rubium and place a piece in each of those steam vents. It should cause a reaction and increase the temperature in the cavern, eventually overwhelming the villagers and making them collapse.
  • Player: Very impressive, Ezekial, but I have got to ask; where did you learn all of this stuff? I thought you were just a humble seller of bait.
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Appearances can be deceptive... I have had many adventures in my time and seen many things.

Using Rubium in vents

  • The temperature in the room becomes so great that the villagers collapse.

Third Room


  • Player: Any advice as to how I'm going to get through this next section, Ezekial?
Ezekial checks the next room
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Oh, this should be easy for you. There is certain to be a rich source of rubium in these cave walls. Just find some and place it in each of the steam vents - that should be more than sufficient to knock the villagers out.

Room with Kimberly's parents

Talking with Katherine and Clive

  • Player: Hi!
  • Katherine: MAKE IT STOP!
  • Clive: PLEASE!
  • Player: Erm... Make what stop?
  • Katherine: The voices! Can you not hear them? THE VOICES! They're saying 'You must leave'; over and over!
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Who are you?
  • Clive: I'm Clive, and this is my wife, Katherine. Please help us - the villagers imprisoned us down here.
  • Player: You wouldn't have a daughter named Kimberly by any chance?
  • Katherine: Yes! Is she okay? We're so worried!
  • Player: Oh yes, she's fine. We left her at Ezekial. You locked the door, didn't you, Ezekial?
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Ah...I...I think so.
  • Player: See? She's going to be fine. Now, let's get out of here.
  • Clive: We wish we could, but we're trapped down here! I can't control my body, it's like we're puppets!
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Player, there is something very bad going on here; strange forces are at work. You must go and check on the children! We know Kimberly is relatively safe, but what about Kennith?
  • Katherine: Did you say Kennith? Forget that nasty little brute, he's always bullying poor Kimberly.
  • Player: He's just a child, Katherine - he needs protection. I'll go see if I can find him; you guys, er, stay here and let me take care of the heroics.

Talking with Ezekial

  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Go now; find Kennith, I'll stay here and tend to these poor sods.

The New Menace

Talking to Kennith in the Dungeon

  • Player: Erm...Kennith? What are you doing here?
  • Kennith: Ah, Player, I've been looking for you.
  • Player: That's a coincidence - I was just coming to find you too.
  • Kennith: You've interfered with my plans long enough. Now, it is time for us to end this.
  • Player: I'm sorry? I really don't know what you're talking about.
  • Kennith: Oh, come on! Put that tiny brain of yours to work. I'm talking about you helping Kimberly, nosing around these mines, stopping the excavation...INTERFERING!
  • Player: How on RuneScape are all of those things connected?
  • Kennith: I want her out! Kimberly must leave Witchaven! SHE MUST LEAVE! So, I harnessed the weak minds and wills of the possessed villagers to do my bidding.
  • Player: Please don't tell me this is about the train that she lost! You kidnapped her parents, enslaved the villagers, tried to collapse her house...all over a toy train?
  • Kennith: It has everything to do with the train! That vile little monster lost my favourite toy and now she will pay!

Kennith's rage

Screen fades and cutscene begins
  • Kennith: So, you want to help Kimberly, do you? Let's see you help her out of this!
Kimberly is teleported into the room and trapped in an energy bubble. Ezekial enters the room.
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: What's going on in... Oh my!
  • Player: Stand back, Ezekial. I don't know what he's going to do next!
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Why has he got Kimberly? Is this still about that toy train?
  • Player: You knew about that?
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Everyone in Witchaven does! He was very upset, but this...this is madness! Player, you're going to have to find that train.
  • Player: Yes, I think you're right - it's the only things that can stop him.
Cutscene ends
Talking to Kimberly
  • Player: Kimberly, you have to tell me where you lost Kennith's toy train! Think!
  • Kimberly: Oh, Player, please save me! It hurts!
  • Player: I want to, Kimberly, but you're going to have to think where you lost that train.
  • Kimberly: It was definitely in Witchaven.
  • Player: Okay, that's good! Anything more specific?
  • Possible responses
    • Kimberly: I think I was near Ezekial's house
    • missing other responses
  • Player: Excellent, Kimberly! You're a very brave girl. Just stay brave a little longer while I go and find the train.
  • Kimberly: Okay, Player, but please be quick!

Returning the Train


  • Player: Greetings, sister. May I enter?
  • Villager: Did you not just leave?
  • Player: Aye, I did, but the work calls me back.
  • Villager: It is glorious work. You may enter.

Talking to Kennith

If you talk to Kennith instead of using the train on him
You are electrocuted
If you use the train on Kennith
Cutscene begins
  • Player: Key, Kennith! 'Toy' with this!
You throw the toy train at Kennith. He catches it and his rage subsides, and he starts playing with his train
  • Player: Kimberly, can you leave us alone for a moment, please? Your parents are just a few chambers away - go to them.
  • Kimberly: Oh, Player, you're my hero! I won't forget what you've done for me.
Kimberly leaves the room
  • Player: Erm...Kennith? Can you hear me Kennith?
  • Kennith: Choo! Choo!
Kent walks into the room
  • Kent: Oh, Kennith! There you are! We were worried sick!
  • Player: Leave him for a moment, Kent. He's been through a lot, but he's quiet now, and I'd prefer it if he stayed that way for now.
  • Kent: Ah, I assume you've been our saviour once more? I don't know how things could have gone so terribly wrong. Kennith was just so powerful; We couldn't control him.
  • Player: It's alright, Kent, these things happen. How were you to know that your son could become an egomaniacal monster over a lost toy.
  • Kent: I could see the signs. We can't let it happen again, though.
  • Player: What are you going to do about it?
  • Kent: We'll have to do what we intended all along: take Kennith back out to the Fishing Platform, Bailey knows how to deal with tricky situations and I think he might be good for Kennith.
  • Player: Sounds like a wise move. Well, good luck. I'm sure our paths will cross once more.
  • Kent: Thank you again, Player. We must go now, but you'll always be a hero to all of us, here, in Witchaven.
  • Kennith: The Queen is coming for you, Player.
  • Player: What did you just say, Kennith?
  • Kent: I'm sure he's just tired; I'm going to take him home. Thank you, once more, Player.
Screen fades out and Kent and Kennith are gone
  • Player: I don't know how I would have done it without you Ezekial.
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Thank you, Player, but you did all the hard work.
  • Player: How are Clive, Katherine, and Kimberly doing?
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Not so good I'm afraid - they're refusing to leave the mines. Clive and Katherine are adamant that Witchaven isn't a safe place to raise a family.
  • Player: They might have a point... At least this particular ordeal is over.
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: I wish I could believe that, but I don't think all this happened at the whim of a small, power-crazed child. There is something fundamentally wrong in Witchaven and it won't be addressed until the sea slugs are dealt with, once and for all.
  • Player: I suppose you're right, but we don't seem to be able to finish them off.
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Well, maybe we can, I have a plan, but I need to stockpile rubium to carry it out. If you manage to collect any more rubium, come see me in my shop - I'll happily buy it off you. Be warned: as you've seen, it's dangerous stuff, so don't give it to anyone else.
  • Player: Okay, Ezekial. If I get any more rubium I'll bring i only to you. Can you tell me what your plan is, though?
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.
  • Player: Kill me?
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: Kill you? No! I could never kill you, Player. You're my only friend. Anyway, you will see what I'm planning soon enough... Just be patient.
  • Player: Fair enough. Well, I will come and see you the next time I come across some rubium.
Quest complete
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