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Starting out

  • Player: Hello?
  • Mercenary Adventurer: Yes, and greetings to you. I need to get down to Burgh de Rott, will you take me? Please?
  • Player: Do you want to go right now?
  • Mercenary Adventurer: Well, before we set off, I have to say I saw something a bit strange at the entrance to Paterdomus. I just wondered if you think we should warn Drezel? I'm just a bit worried, that's all.
    • Player: What do you mean, strange stuff near Paterdomus?
      • Mercenary Adventurer: Well, I saw some people going in there who I don't think would normally go in.
      • Player: Yes? I need more than that if I'm going to traipse all the way around there to check it out.
      • Mercenary Adventurer: Well, at least six people went in the building, three of whom you'd expect: Zamorakian agents, no doubt! But the other three looked a bit different, and one in particular was trying hard to conceal his attire, which had a distinctly 'Saradominist' appearance.
      • Player: Hmm, that does sound a bit strange. I can't imagine why a Saradominist would want to go in the temple with all those Zamorakian monks in there. Perhaps I will check it out.
      • Mercenary Adventurer: I would check with Drezel first, make sure he's okay and let him know what you're planning on doing.
      • Player: Okay, that sounds like a good plan.
    • Player: If it's so important, why not check yourself?
      • Mercenary Adventurer: Well, I have business to attend to in Burgh de Rott and some friends I want to catch up with. It's been a while since I attempted the route and the word is that you're the person to see about getting down there. So, when you're ready, we can get out into those swamps.
      • Player: Sure, you'll be safe with me guiding you down to Burgh de Rott.
    • Player: Okay, thanks.

Paterdomus Temple

Drezel's Discovery

  • Drezel: Greetings again adventurer. How go your travels in Morytania? Is it as evil as I have heard?
  • Player: Hey, Drezel. I was just talking to an adventurer waiting for a guide down to Burgh de Rott; he said he saw some suspicious people near the entrance of Paterdomus. Do you know anything about it?
  • Drezel: I'm very sorry, [Player], I've been busy with some of the restoration work that has been going on in the underground section of the temple. I really wouldn't have noticed anything else going on because it's all so exciting!
  • Player: Restoration work? How is that exciting?
  • Drezel: There's no need for that tone, [Player], please try to have some respect for my work here. I was shoring up some supports for the north-most wall in the well antechamber, when I realised that there was something strange about one section of wall.
  • Player: Strange?
  • Drezel: I did some investigation of the wall facade and found some stairs. I just had to go down and, in so doing, discovered the most amazing thing. It looks like some sort of secret columbarium is down there.
  • Player: A columbarium, what's that?
  • Drezel: It's a specialised form of burial chamber, where the remains of those that have passed away are stored in coffins which are placed in the walls. It's unique.
  • Player: Wow, that sounds really weird. I should go and check it out.
  • Drezel: I think that's a good idea, [Player], but now I'm a bit worried about those suspicious people the adventurer saw going into the main temple. Can you also check that out and report back to me what you discover? I'd really appreciate it.
    • Player: Can you explain a bit about the columbarium?
      • Drezel: Sure! The columbarium is a specialised form of burial chamber. Usually, the remains of those that have passed away are stored in coffins which are placed in recepticles in the walls. It's unique. There is something strange, though: a few of the coffins have been broken open, and the only things inside are some personal effects, not the bones or ashes you would expect to see.
      • Player: Sounds a bit creepy.
      • Drezel: It is a bit odd, to be sure. There is also some writing on the coffins which is written in the old tongue. My translation isn't spot on, but essentially it goes, '...these worldy gains do I leave to whomever saves me from the dread service of Drakan, the fate worse than death'. What does that mean, 'the dread service of Drakan'? And what about 'the fate worse than death'?
      • Player: Hmm, I think I have some ideas.
    • Player: Who do you think these suspicious people are?
      • Drezel: I'm sorry, remind me what you said about them again?
      • Player: Well, I only know what the mercenary adventurer told me. Apparently, there were some Zamorakian and Saradominist figures seen going into the temple. Based on what the adventurer told me, they were all making an effort to hide their appearance. I'm not sure what it's all about.
      • Drezel: Well, it certainly sounds a bit strange - almost like they're working together, which is a bizarre notion. Perhaps it's a good idea for you to check it out. Be careful when going into the temple, but make sure you search all the floors and try to find out what's going on. It could just be an effort by the local authorities to take the temple back from the Zamorakians, though.
    • Player: How are things here?
      • Drezel: Well, I'm very excited about the research I'm doing on the columbarium. There are some strange slab-like structures, which I believe are funeral pyres. There is a sombre but dignified aura within the room. It's a little sad, but a sense of calm pervades the place.
      • Player: And how is Ivan getting along?
      • Drezel: Well, he's seemed quite distant recently and keeps himself to himself. I'm afraid there is very little that I can teach him now. To be honest, I fear that he disagrees with some of the teachings of Saradomin, or at least the interpretation of his teachings. I haven't seen him for a while now, but no doubt he's around here somewhere.
    • Player: Okay, thanks.

Drezel again

  • Player: Hey, Drezel, what should I do again?
  • Drezel: Well, I think you initially wanted to check out the columbarium. But I was also anxious for you to report back to me on the suspicious people that were seen entering the main temple.
  • Same options as previously

The Columbarium

Attempt to open the wall storage
"You search the wall recess, and see something interesting behind."
A blood talisman is shown
  • Player: Blimey, A blood talisman!

The Top of the Temple

Cutscene starts
  • Player: Eh, strangers? That's suspicious! I'd better get out of sight!
  • Mysterious person [1]: ...so these Guthixian Edicts will soon be removed...
  • Mysterious person [2]: ...and not before time...
  • Mysterious person [1]: ...silence, dog! I didn't give you leave to speak...
  • Player: Looks nasty - better get ready for trouble!
Mysterious person 2 notices the adventurer
  • Mysterious person [2]: Intruder! Everyone teleport now!
  • Mysterious person [1]: Guards! Kill this intruder then clean the room! Leave nothing behind!
Battle with Fistandantilus and Zamorak Sliver
  • Fistandantilus: Kill! Kill!
  • Zaromark Sliver: Prepare to die!
Battle with Fistandantilus and Zamorak after leaving initially
  • Fistandantilus: Maim...death!
  • Zaromark Sliver: Kill!
Player almost kills the other of the enemies
  • Player: Oh no! They're teleporting away! This isn't over! I'm going to rid the world of you for good!
Enemies teleport
  • Player: Okay, I'd better have a look for some clues so I can convince Drazel of what I saw. I can scarcely belive it myself!
Search a table
"You find a page from a book and a white glove and put them to your inventory."
Inspect a glove
"It looks like a plain white glove with a small Saradomin symbol stitched into it."
Inspect a page
"A page torn from a book. The page depicts a map of Misthalin and highlights specific religious centers. It has a faint outline of the symbol of Zamorak on it."

Reporting to Drezel

  • Player: Well met, Drazel. I'm back from the temple and have something to report.
  • Drezel: Go ahead, [Player], I'm listening.
  • Player: I investigated the temple and found that there were some Saradominist and Zamorakian conspirators in there, who seems to be working together. Unfortunately, they spotted me and most of them teleported away, but I managed to defeat two of the Zamorakian bodyguards and I found some clues.
  • Drezel: Oh? What did you find?
  • Player: I found this Saradominist glove and this map, which seems to come from a Zamorakian map book. I know it's circumstantial, but I really think there may be some symphathisers in both camps who are working together. I remember that they were discussing Guthixian Edicts as well.
  • Drezel: Well it all sounds a bit strange. In the meantime, I'm going to take the evidence off your hands for safekeeping. We never know when it may come in useful to uncover the true identities of our enemies. Now, [Player], I think you owe a certain adventurer a guided trip down to Burgh de Rott - he was certainly helpful in spotting this incident.
    • Player: What do you think this means?
      • Drezel: This is quite troubling, [Player]. Bless Saradomin's beard that you discovered this and survived your ordeal. This information may help us to figure out the larger struggle - if we're given sufficient time, of course.
    • Player: Do you think this has anything to do with the Guthixian Edicts?
      • Drezel: Hmm, what makes you ask that, [Player]? I know you well enough now, you usually have some ideas before asking your questions.
      • Player: Well, it just seems a bit strange that although Saradominist and Zamorakian agent were working together, not one of group seemed to represent Guthix. If the group you were trying to find a way to live together, trying to ease old aggressions, surely some sort of Guthixian meditation would have been helpful.
      • Drezel: A good point. Guthixian druids have usually been at the forefront of easing tensions between warring factions, especially between the Zamorakian and Saradominist camps.
      • Player: So perhaps the reason Guthixians weren't involved is because they might have interfered with their plans...or maybe the conspirators were planning some joint venture against the Guthixians?
      • Drezel: Saradominists and Zamorakians working together against the followers of Guthix? Sounds a little strange, don't you think? But, then again...it certainly seems, in some strange way, to make some sense...
      • Player: This is all getting a little bit scary!
    • Player: What should I do now?
      • Drezel: Good question [Player], and I have the perfect answer! Take that mercenary adventurer down to Burgh de Rott! He's very keen to get down there and he did you a favour by tipping you off about those people going into Paterdomus.
      • Player: Well, I suppose he did give me some useful information, so I guess I owe him that much.
      • Drezel: Indeed, [Player], he certainly was observant to have noticed such slight details. I'll be that Veliaf and the Myreque movement in Burgh de Rott and Meiyerditch will be pleased to have your continued assistance, too.
      • Player: Oh yes, I'll stop in and see Veliaf as well. I'll bet the Myreque are still holed up in that dirty old inn basement. It was a filthy job having to clean that place up, I remember.
    • Player: Can you explain a bit about the columbarium?
      • Same as before
    • Player: I've forgotten where Veliaf is!
      • Drezel: Oh, come now, [Player]. I'm sure you must remember. I certainly do because you told me all about it.
      • Player: Well, stop being all smug and tell me!
      • Drezel: Oh, very well, but your manners are deteriorating all the time. You explained that, when you got to Burgh de Rott, you cleaned up the basement of an inn for the Myreque to have a base.
      • Player: Ah, yes. The inn basement. Thanks, Drezel.
    • Player: Okay, thanks.

Without the evidence

  • Player: Well met, Drazel. I'm back from the temple and have something to report.
  • Drezel: Go ahead, [Player], I'm listening.
  • Player: I investigated the temple and found that there were some Saradominist and Zamorakian conspirators in there, who seems to be working together. Unfortunately, they spotted me and most of them teleported away, but I managed to defeat two of the Zamorakian bodyguards and I found some clues.
  • Drezel: Oh? What did you find?
  • Player: I found a Saradominist glove and a page from a Zamorakian map book, but unfortunately I don't have them with me.
  • Drezel: Well, I think I'd really need to see them before I can take all this in. Some proof would go a long way, you know.
  • Player: Okay, I think I'll go back to the temple to see if I can find them again. I'm sure they'll still be there.
Drezel again
  • Player: Hi, Drezel, what was I doing?
  • Drezel: Tut, tut; forgetful! Well, to begin with, I asked to you take that mercenary adventurer down to Burgh de Rott. He keeps asking when you're going to guide him down there! You should also visit Veliaf when you get there. You also told me about a secret meeting you spied upon, on the top floor of Paterdomus. You managed to find some clues and I have them in safekeeping.
  • Player: Ah, yes, that's right. Those agents in the temple were talking about Guthixian Edicts and it seemed that they were Saradominist and Zamorakian sympathisers.
  • Same options as before

Outside of Paterdomus Temple

  • Mercenary adventurer: Hey again, did you check out Paterdomus like I suggested? Are you ready to take me to Burgh de Rott now?
    • Player: Yes, I checked out Paterdomus.
      • Mercenary adventurer: And what did you find?
      • Player: It's strange actually: it looked like Saradominist and Zamorakian agents were working together. I don't know how should I react. They were talking about Guthixian Edicts. Strange.
      • Mercenary adventurer: Yes, it's a bit odd, isn't it...I wouldn't worry about it too much just now, especially since I really ought to be travelling down to Burgh de Rott.
    • Player: You still want to go to Burgh de Rott?
      • Mercenary adventurer: Yes, and sooner the better - are you ready to go?
        • Player: I can take you to Burgh de Rott
          • Mercenary adventurer: Oh really? That would be great! I'll give you a small reward once we reach our destination.
          • Burgh de Rott Ramble begins
        • Player: No, I have other stuff to do first.
          • Player: Sorry, chum, no can do at the moment!
    • Player: Okay, thanks.

While trekking

  • Mercenary Adventurer: Hello friend. How can I be of assistance?
    • Player: Where are we?
      • Mercenary Adventurer: This is the swamp. We'll probably find many places like this here; it's like a maze. From the looks of it, West will be the easiest route, North will be moderately difficult and East will be the hardest.
      • Mercenary Adventurer: I see. Anything else?
      • Mercenary Adventurer: Umm...can we go? I'm not familiar enough with the area to help more here.
    • Player: How are you doing?
      • Mercenary Adventurer: I've not got as many supplies as I'd like, so I guess I'll just have to trust you.
    • Player: Don't worry about it.
      • Mercenary Adventurer: Ok, I'll just follow you and hope for the best.

Burgh de Rott

A Familiar Face

"Stranger removes his helmet..."
  • Ivan Strom: Hey thanks for getting me to Burgh de Rott, [Player]. Now I can go and see my friends.
  • Player: What? Ivan! You tricked me!
  • Ivan Strom: Don't be angry, [Player], I didn't mean to trick you. But I have to visit my friend the Myreque and continue the fight against Drakan!
Ivan walks off towards the dilapidated inn.

The Inn's Basement


  • Ivan Strom: Hey, thanks for helping get back down to Burgh de Rott. I'm pleased to be back with my brothers of the Myreque!
  • Player: You're gonna get me into a lot of trouble one of these days! If not already!
  • Ivan Strom: Ah, don't worry, Veliaf will mellow with age!
  • Player: I'm not sure how much longer he's got... he's already ancient!


  • Player: Well met, Veliaf, it's good to see you again.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Likewise, [Player], what news is there from your many travels?
  • Player: I'm sorry to say that Ivan tricked me into bringing him down to Burgh de Rott...
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I'm quite angry about that! I know it's not really your fault, but he just doesn't realise dangers down here and I'd have expected you to check a bit more before setting off with someone so young.
  • Player: There's no need to take it out on me! Anyway, he's not so young. It's dangerous for all of us, but he's a part of this group. He accepts the danger like everyone else in the Myreque. Why are you so concerned anyway?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: It's complicated. Ivan is our special charge. I don't want to go into details, but we need to ensure his safety and this isn't really a safe place.
  • Player: Well, ten out of ten for secrecy. You should talk to Drezel about keeping the things under your hat. You'd get on like a house on fire. Anyway, let's not argue. There's a plenty of other more useful things for me to be doing, I'm sure.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: You're right, [Player], and I do have a job for you when you've finished with being impertinent to your direct superior! But maybe you've got some news for me as well. Remember, you're our connection to the outside world. What have you got to tell me?
    • Player: Saradominist and Zamorakian forces may be working together.
      • Veliaf Hurtz: What?
      • Player: It's not certain, but I really feel that something strange is going on.
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Okay, start from the top...what happened?
      • Player: Well, actually, it was Ivan who gave me the tip-off. He saw some suspicious sorts going into Paterdomus, so I checked it out. I went up to the top floor and there were six guys in there, plotting away. Two Zamorakian bodyguards had a go, and they were tough: switching prayers, changing attack styles...
      • Veliaf Hurtz: They sound like experienced fighters...but you defeated them – good job. I've come to rely on you, it would have been a shame to lose you. Six guys, you say?
      • Player: Yeah, I reckon three Zamorakians and three Saradominists.
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Working together? No, it couldn't be...
      • Player: I saw it with my own eyes.
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Hmm, I never would have considered that. Very strange. The only thing I can think of is that they're part of some splinter group.
      • Player: Well, I guess we won't properly know through speculation, best to keep our eyes peeled and our ears to the ground.
    • Player: Do you have a job for me?
      • Veliaf Hurtz: I do indeed. The letter you brought back from Safalaan mentioned that they needed some basic provisions. I've got them all stored in a crate, I just need you to deliver it for me.
      • Player: Is that it? I'm a delivery [boy/girl]?
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Well, I have an inkling that Safalaan will have some task for you. Word has reached us that a researcher is working on a new weapon to try and defeat the Vyrewatch. My guess is that they could probably get a bit further if you're on hand. You certainly came up with the goods when discovering the Rod of Ivandis.
      • Player: Okay, then...let's have the crate of provisions.
      • Veliaf gives you a crate stacked with provisions.
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Of course, I'm assuming you remember the way!
      • Player: Hey, I know that route like the back of my hand. Take the boat around to the Sanguinesti region, then follow the sickle signs to the base. How hard can it be? Anyway, if I get stuck, I can still talk to Old Man Ral, he'll set me straight.
        • Player: What should I do now?
          • Veliaf Hurtz: I need you to take that provisions crate to the Sanguinesti Myreque base.
          • Player: Is that it?
          • Veliaf Hurtz: Well, I have an inkling that Safalaan will have some task for you. Word has reached us that a researcher is working on a new weapon to try and defeat the Vyrewatch. My guess is that they could probably get a bit further if you're on hand. You certainly came up with the goods when discovering the Rod of Ivandis.
          • Player: Okay, then, I'd better get on with the job.
    • Player: What's been going on down here?
      • Veliaf Hurtz: The influx of mercenaries is certainly helping, although we've not been able to make any impact on the Vyrewatch yet. We are managing to reduce the impact of the juvinates, though. Blood tithes in outlying settlements seem to have been reduced.
      • Player: Sounds good.
      • Veliaf Hurtz: It's a start, but there's so much more we need to do. I don't need to tell you how people are suffering in Meiyerditch. The stories I hear coming out of that place chill my blood. I wish we could just find some way to take those Vyrewatch down, then we'd have a real chance of bloodying Drakan's nose.
    • Player: Okay, thanks.

Back to Drezel

  • Player: What should I do now?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: You were on a mission for Veliaf in the Sanguinesti region of Morytania, weren't you? I'm afraid I've been a bit too busy with my research on the columbarium to really keep abreast of your travels, my friend. It was remiss of me, but it's not every day you get the chance to research such a fascinating find.
    • Player: Can you explain a bit more about the columbarium?
      • Same as before
    • Player: Can you explain a bit about what's going on in Morytania?
      • Drezel: Hmm, that's a big subject, but since you came, the Myreque have managed to get a foothold in the small village of Burgh de Rott in the south of Morytania. Also, you started helping the local refugees in Burgh de Rott get out of Morytania. You also persuaded King Roald to enact a Mercenary Protocol so that soldiers of fortune can reap rewards by fighting the vampyres.
      • Player: Wow, that actually sounds like a lot.
      • Drezel: You also found an area of Morytania called the Sanguinesti region, which has a city called Meiyerditch. It's a huge ghetto city where people are farmed like cattle by the Vyrewatch who claim a blood tithe from them on a regular basis. So far, there has been limited success in finding ways of fighting back against the vampyres, and the people in the city consider death a pleasant release compared to their lives of near constant tithing.
      • Player: Hmm, it sounds like there's still a lot to do.
      • Drezel: It certainly does, [Player], it certainly does.
    • Player: What should I do now?
      • Drezel: I think you were on a mission for Veliaf, or perhaps you were working with the Meiyerditch Myreque. Either way, I think you made some notes in your Quest Journal regarding what you should do next. If you're really stuck, I would go and talk to Veliaf in Burgh de Rott. You could also make your way to the Sanguinesti region and talk to your contacts in Meiyerditch.
      • Player: Okay, thanks, Drezel.
    • Player: Okay, thanks.

Flaygian's Research

Visiting Old Friends

Myreque Members

  • Player: What do you do here?
  • Andiess Juip/Kael Forshaw: I'm helpin' ta protect the base camp. How about you, what are you doing here?
  • Player: Oh, I'm trying to help out around here.
  • Andiess Juip/Kael Forshaw: Good, we can always use extra help – just make sure you don't go getting into any trouble or you'll have me to deal with!


  • Vertida Sefalatis: Congratulations on your promotion! You should be very proud!
  • Player: Oh I am, believe me!


  • Player: Well met, Safalaan!
  • Safalaan: Well met, friend! I'm very sorry, but you've caught me at a bit of a busy time. Could you discuss any issues with Flaygian, our researcher, I'm sure he'll have plenty of things for you to do.
  • Andiess Juip: Anyway, boss, we reckon that door in the laboratory...
  • Player: Oh, sorry if I interrupted.


  • Player: Hey there. I've brought you some provisions from the Burgh de Rott base.
  • Flaygian Screwte: Fantastic, these things'll help out a lot.
    • Player: What things were in the crate?
      • Flaygian Screwte: Oh, just some handy items which we'll need for our research. Some food and potions for the local fighters and sick folk.
    • Player: How are things going here?
      • Flaygian Screwte: It's still a terrible existence living every day living in fear, but there's a sense of hope since you turned up on the scene. Personally, I've been researching the book on haemalchemy. It's been a tricky task requiring a lot of pattern-matching and extensive research into old lore and languages.
      • Player: Wow, that sounds pretty complicated, do you have a lot of knowledge in that area?
      • Flaygian Screwte: I am rather experienced, but I don't like to blow my own trumpet. In fact, it's a terrible thing to admit, but the majority of my knowledge is purely theoretical, I'm afraid I'm all thumbs when it comes to doing something practical.
      • Player: Well, I don't think you need to worry about that, that's something I seem to have a knack for!
      • Flaygian Screwte: Well, it sounds like we might make a pretty good team, then.
    • Player: How's the research going?
      • Flaygian Screwte: Quite interesting, in fact. I'm trying to deduce what weapon we should use to fight the Vyrewatch.
      • Player: How so? Did you find something out from the book on haemalchemy?
      • Flaygian Screwte: As a matter of fact we did, young [Player]. Of course, we have to interpret quite a bit, but my research indicated something quite startling.
      • Player: Oh? What sort of thing?
      • Flaygian Screwte: It's always been difficult to damage vampyres, right? They seem to have an excellent defence against our weapons. It seems they have protection against normal metallic weapons.
      • Player: Yes, we know this already.
      • Flaygian Screwte: But they also seem to defend well against the silvthril weapons – the Vyrewatch aren't even damaged by it. From the haemalchemy book, I believe I've found some evidence to support the idea that vampyres, especially Vyrewatch, have a limited mind-reading ability, sort of like an 'imminent danger' sensory perception.
      • Player: How does this affect us?
      • Flaygian Screwte: Well, they can sort of 'predict' the next attack manoeuvre, so they can then defend against it or simply move out of its way in time to take no damage at all. It seems to come naturally to them.
      • Player: Well, that's terrible! We'll never have a chance against them in hand-to-hand combat if this is true!
      • Flaygian Screwte: Well, I wouldn't be so sure of that, there's more than one way to skin a cat. I've been thinking about it, and the world of hand-to-hand combat isn't always as predictable as you'd think. I hear from many warriors that the tide of a battle has switched over some small, seemingly random detail.
    • Player: Okay, thanks.
  • (New dialogue option after asking about research)
    • Player: Can I help in some way?
      • Flaygian Screwte: Certainly, that would be great. My research indicates that a weapon which is difficult to master would be a great design for taking down the Vyrewatch. Something raw recruits fear to use and experienced warriors tend to shy away from.
      • Player: How could I find out about that weapon?
      • Flaygian Screwte: Well, you could start with some of the local fighters in the Myreque, they possibly have some insight into such matters.
Flaygian again
  • Player: What should I do now?
  • Flaygian Screwte: Talk to local fighters, work out which weapon is least predictable, the hardest to handle.
  • Player: But surely an unpredictable weapon on its own isn't going to be sufficient to damage the Vyrewatch - we'd know about it already.
  • Flaygian Screwte: Of course not. I believe it's a combination of unpredictability and the special properties of silvthril which will make this weapon succeed where others have failed.
  • Player: Ah yes, silvthril, that makes sense. Okay, I'll see if I can find a suitably unpredictable weapon for you!
  • Flaygian Screwte: Now, before you go, I don't want to have to do all the research myself, so look for a way to back up your argument.
  • Flaygian Screwte: It's no use unless you can find some secondary source as part of your claim. Let's follow some proper scientific evidence-gathering methods here.
  • Player: Scientific evidence? That sounds complicated.
  • Flaygian Screwte: Well, it is somewhat tricky, but I feel certain that with years of practice, like me, you'll prove very useful in the theoretical application of your studies.
    • Same options as before

Research & Development

Asking for Advice

  • Player: Hi there, I was wondering if I could ask some questions?
  • Andiess Juip: It depends, what sort of questions?
  • Player: Well, you look like a fighter type, perhaps you have some experience with weapons? I need to learn about them.
  • Andiess Juip: Well, I'll try. What do you want to know?
  • Player: Flaygian is looking for a weapon we can use to fight against the Vyrewatch.
  • Andiess Juip: Oh yes, okay...
  • Player: ... the weapon has to be quite difficult to master, and a little bit unpredictable...
  • Andiess Juip: Flail!
  • Player: Flail?
  • Andiess Juip: Aye, a flail. That'll do ya, although I doubt anyone I know would use such a weapon. It's the bane of any fighter: difficult to use, hard to predict – you can end up hitting yourself if you're not careful!
  • Player: You're sure it's a flail? Has anyone used a flail against the Vyrewatch and damaged them?
  • Andiess Juip: Well, a mercenary came down with Verac's flail, and that didn't do anything. I expect that's because it's not made of silver or some such reason. Aye, if I'm not very much mistaken, a flail is what you need for an unpredictable fight. If you don't believe me, you can probably find a book around here which'll tell you exactly the same thing. I think some new recruit was using it for a bit of late-night reading.
  • Player: Right, okay...that was simple enough.

After asking someone

{{incomplete|missing original}]

  • Flaygian Screwte: Got any other wild ideas about a weapon which is less predictable?
  • Player: Can't you just make a flail and try it?
  • Flaygian Screwte: Not really, no! We just don't ahve the resources! I need some authoritive[sic] text which asserts quite plainly that the flail has this level of unpredictability.

Back to Flaygian

  • Player: Hey there, I've found a book which backs up what a fighter said, both reckon that flails are the most unpredictable weapon. I think this is what you should try to make.
  • Flaygian Screwte: Interesting, so far so good...but did you do your own research? Which page do I need to read from, I'm a busy man, remember, and I don't want to have to read the entire book!
  • Player: Oh, okay, the page number is:-
The number is given

You hand the book over to the researcher. He quickly flicks through the pages and expertly summarises the information at hand.

  • Incorrect Page:
    • Flaygian Screwte: That's not the right page! I'm not sure you're really helping me here, just getting in my way!
  • Correct Page:
    • Flaygian Screwte: Excellent research, my budding young understudy. Your diligent and observant efforts may be rewarded with another opportunity to prove yourself!
    • Player: Oh, so there's something else you'd like me to do?
    • Flaygian gives you a hammer and some nails.
    • Flaygian Screwte: Indeed, young [Player], and this will require a bit of 'field' work, which Safalaan tells me you're quite accomplished at.
    • Player: He flatters me. I just hope I've proven useful to the Myreque cause.
    • Flaygian Screwte: As we all do. Anyway, in order to develop this new weapon we'll need to use the Rod of Ivandis as a base and design a way to make it more powerful. Within the development stage we'll certainly need to use a furnace.
    • Player: Okay, well there's one in Burgh de Rott, but it's a bit of a trek. Perhaps we should consider building one here in Meiyerditch?
    • Flaygian Screwte: I'm hoping that won't be necessary. I've learnt through Meiyerditch folklore that there is a building in the north which used to house a furnace. The story goes that the locals complained about its smoke going into their shops and houses, so the owner was forced to move it upstairs to let the smoke blow over the roof tops.
    • Player: Okay, interesting story. But if you heard this through folklore, surely the furnace won't be functional anymore even if I do manage to find it!
    • Flaygian Screwte: I think it's worth checking out. I'd like you to head north through the ghetto of Meiyerditch, pas the laboratory you found previously. I believe the furnace is near to the northern brick wall. You may need to use a nearby building to help you enter the house with the furnace. Take the nails I gave you: you may be able to make a crude ladder as some of use do when traversing the ghetto. If you find the furnace, see if it's serviceable, otherwise just report back. Good luck.

Talking to a fighter

    • Player: Thanks for the help earlier with the weapons info.
    • Andiess/Kael/Mekritus: No problems, hope it helped out. I reckon that Flaygian would be lost without you. He's alright with the mental stuff, just not so good with practicalities!
    • Player: Yeah, well, I guess we all have our strengths and weaknesses.
    • Andiess/Kael/Mekritus: Yes, of course...I mean, we'd be lost without him, I don't know anyone else who could've deciphered what he did out of that haemalchemy book.

Designing the Weapon

A dysfunctional furnace

  • Player: Hey, Flaygian, well met!
    • Player: What did we discuss last time?
      • Flaygian Screwte: We discussed the making of a new weapon to defeat the Vyrewatch. In order to develop this new weapon we'll need to use the Rod of Ivandis as a base and design a way to make it more powerful. Within the development stage we'll certainly need to use a furnace.
      • Rest of the dialogue same as previously
    • Player: I've found the furnace!
      • Flaygian Screwte: Great, what sort of condition is it in?
      • Player: Well, it's not working, if that's what you want to know.
      • Flaygian Screwte: Do you think we can get it to work?
      • Player: I'm not sure, but I'll see if I can give it a go.
      • Flaygian Screwte: That would be most appreciated, [Player].
    • Player: What should I do now?
      • Flaygian Screwte: I'd like you to head north through the ghetto of Meiyerditch, past the laboratory you found earlier. From the stories, I believe the house with the furnace is near to the northern brick wall. You may need to use a nearby building to help you enter the house and the furnace should be on the top level. Take the nails I gave you, you may be able to make a crude ladder from a post.
      • Player: Any other distinguishing features of the house?
      • Flaygian Screwte: From the local rumours, the house is two buildings north of the laboratory building. It possibly also has a mass of debris in the ground floor. If you find the furnace, see if it's serviceable, otherwise just report back. Good luck and be careful!
    • Player: Okay, thanks.

A functional furnace

  • Player: Well met, Flaygian, I've returned!
  • Flaygian Screwte: Did you manage to find the furnace at all?
  • Player: I did, but sad news, my friend: it was damaged and in very poor condition.
  • Flaygian Screwte: Oh, as I feared...
  • Player: But I fixed it! It's working!
  • Flaygian Screwte: Oh, oh, wonderful, wonderful, [Player]! This really is great news!
  • Player: Okay, Flaygian, do you have anything else for me to do? I think I'm on a roll here! What else do we need to do in order to get this Vyrewatch weapon into production?
  • Flaygian Screwte: Okay, in order to make a flail from the Rod of Ivandis, we'll need to get a length of silvthril chain. There's a mould for creating the silvthril chain in a crate near the ladders. I'll also need something we can use as the flail-head to attach to the chain, so have a think about that while you're on your journey.
  • Player: Okay, so you need a length of silvthril chain? I guess I'll need some raw materials to make that. And you also want me to have a think about a flail-head to go on the end of the chain to complete the flail. Okay, I think I may have some ideas.
  • Flaygian Screwte: If you need some resources, you may find some around here, help yourself, but within reason, okay.

The Chain

Search the crate

You find a mould with what looks like many ring-shaped impressions. You feel certain that this is used to make a short length of chain.

After the chain is created
  • Player: Hey, good news. I've made some silvthril chain.
  • Flaygian Screwte: That's really great! You seem to have a knack for this stuff! Oh...but...flaming demonikins! I've still got to have something to use as the flail-head! I just can't think of one! If you can find me something, please show it to me and be sure to have the silvthril chain to hand. I'll take both at the same time!
  • Player: What about some of these things in my inventory?
  • Flaygian Screwte: I don't have time to go through all the junk you happen to be carrying around! From my studies, I believe that Vyrewatch, much like vampyre juvinates and juveniles, can only be affected by mithril and silver. If you think you've got an item that would be useful, please show it to me. But make sure you have the silvthril chain on you as well!

The Head

You show the researcher your blessed silver sickle.

  • Player: Do you think my blessed silver sickle needs sharpening?
    • Flaygian Screwte: Sorry, friend, I have no time for such considerations.
  • Player: How about using this as the head for the flail?
    • Flaygian Screwte: Hmm, I'm not sure... Hmmmmm.
    • Player: Okay, consider it this way: it's the very symbol of Myreque resistance against these vampyres.
    • Flaygian Screwte: You know what, you're right! It's the absolutely perfect thing. With its strange shape it'll be even more unpredictable in combat. Not only will the flail be difficult to wield and use, but the strange shape of the sickle will also add to its unpredictable behaviour.
    • You hand the blessed silver sickle and the silvthril chain to the researcher.
    • Player: Yes, I'm sure you're right, most fighters should get used to using it with time!
    • Flaygian Screwte: That's the great and most noble thing about us mortals: with effort and determination we can adapt to our environment and take on the most difficult of challenges. Great idea, [Player]. I'm going to work on this right away! I reckon I can get 30 stun charges out of the 'Flail of Ivandis' if I add an emerald into the sickle. I just need to find a way to do this. Oh, well, a researcher's work is never done. Now, I think you should go and let Safalaan know the good news about this, I'm sure he'll be more than pleased.
  • Player: Sorry, didn't mean to do that.
  • Player: What should I do now?
  • Flaygian Screwte: Go and chat with Safalaan! Let him know that development of the Ivandis Flail should be smooth sailing from now on. I'm sure he'll be pleased.

A Little Expedition

Safalaan's Proposition

  • Player: Flaygian says to report that the development of the Ivandis Flail is well underway. It should be smooth sailing!
  • Safalaan: It's nice to see you again, [Player]. And that's great news. Hopefully, Flaygian will come up with a solution to the Vyrewatch problem. But onto other matters. I have a proposition for you, [Player], please allow me to introduce you to Andiess Juip.
  • Andiess Juip: Well met, nice to meet you.
  • Safalaan: ... and Kael Forshaw.
  • Kael Forshaw: Well met, friend.
  • Player: Well met, both of you!
  • Safalaan: The three of us are thinking about exploring the laboratory.
  • Andiess Juip: It would be great to have someone with your skill and experience, just in case we run into trouble.
  • Player: What do you hope to do in the room?
  • Safalaan: Well, we really want to see if the room leads anywhere. There's a very solid door in the laboratory, but we can't seem to get it open.
  • Kael Forshaw: The cavern in that part of the room is quite weak. We reckon it will fall down if we try to force the doors, so we're going to see if there's another way through.
  • Player: Okay, I'm going to think about it.
  • Safalaan: Fair enough, if you decide to come along, meet us there!
  • Kael Forshaw: Safalaan, do you think we should take anything us? You know, to try and get through the door?
  • Andiess Juip: I say we just get there, do a good recon, then come back for anything else we need.
  • Safalaan: Kael, what sort of things do you think we'll need?
  • Kael Forshaw: Hmm, good question, the door has a really solid construction.
  • Andiess Juip: That's a good point: it's a very solid and well-made door, good quality construction.
  • Safalaan: Okay, well, I think we'll head off in a bit – see you there, [Player].

Safalaan again

  • Player: What should I do now?
  • Safalaan: I've already told you once! We're heading off to the laboratory soon to find out where the door leads. Meet us there, okay?
  • Player: Will I need to bring anything?
  • Safalaan: Well, Kael and Andiess were just discussing that.
  • Andiess: Yeah, the door is very well constructed, I'm not sure how we'll get through it.
  • Kael Forshaw: That's a good point: it's a very solid and well-made door, good quality construction - especially considering the roof is almost entirely supported by the door.
  • Safalaan: Well, I think we're gonna make a decision and then just head off - we'll meet you there, okay?
  • Player: Okay.

Meiyerditch Laboratory

Meiyerditch Murders?!

  • Player: Hmm, something doesn't seem quite right... it's a bit dark down here, and it's too quiet! Hello? Is anyone there? Oh, no! Safalaan and the Myreque fighters!
Examine one of the Myreque members
  • Player: [Andiess/Kael/Safalaan]! Are you okay?
The members spring up
  • Andiess Juip: Raaarrrghhhh!
  • Kael Forshaw: Raaarrrghhhh!
  • Safalaan: Arrrgh! Ha ha ha!
  • Kael Forshaw: He he he! Did you see [him/her] jump?
  • Safalaan: Ha ha ha! We scared you, didn't we!
  • Player: That wasn't funny!
  • Safalaan: Oh, come on, you jumped out of your skin!
  • Player: Well. Guess I did a bit!
  • Safalaan: I knew it! Have to keep the spirits up, you know! Nothing like a bit of a fright to make you feel human again!
    • Player: What are we doing down here?
      • Safalaan: Well, we came to check this door out, the one in the south corner. It's really very solid, and we're just not sure what to do.
      • Player: What are our options?
      • Safalaan: Not many, I'm afraid. Both Andiess and Kael say that the door is very well constructed. It's very solid and apparently that's just as well, because the cavern roof above the door is quite weak. None of us have any experience with things like this. We just build makeshift shelters and clear out old ruined basements to make somewhere to live.
    • Player: Is there anything I can do?
      • Safalaan: We really hope that we can find a way to get through this big door. It's frustrating not being able to properly explore the tunnel on the other side of the door.
      • Player: Okay, well, I can see that the door is very solidly built, and it also looks as if the ceiling above the door is quite weak, so we can't go trying to force it. What we need is a more sophisticated solution.
      • Safalaan: Oh, that sounds good...if you come up with something, please go ahead and try it.
    • Player: Okay, thanks.
Searching the door

The door seems to be well-made, good construction, but there is a thin gap between the doors into which a bladed tool might be inserted.

Using a sickle or knife

The knife/blessed silver sickle doesn't seem to have the edge required to get through the well-constructed door.


  • Player: How's it going?
  • Andiess Juip: Sorry, sir, I'm a bit busy with orders from Safalaan at the moment.


  • Player: Hey there!
  • Kael Forshaw: Sir! Yes sir! What orders would sir like me to carry out, sir?
  • Player: Blimy! No need to shout!
  • Kael Forshaw: Oh, sorry, sir!
  • Player: So you should be, soldier, so you should be. Carry on!


  • Player: I've sawn through the door and kicked out a hole, we should be able to get through now.
  • Safalaan: Okay, you get through the hole and we'll follow behind.

Meiyerditch Dungeon

Breaking Down the Door

  • Safalaan: Okay, good work getting us through that door! We're going to go on ahead, catch up with us later.

Meeting Up

  • Safalaan: Hey there, [Player], I'm glad you caught up with us!
  • Player: These tunnels are long!
  • Safalaan: Indeed, and did you see those odd rooms filled with strange creatures back there?
  • Player: Yeah! Strange! Anyway, what's this room about?
  • Safalaan: I'm not sure, but I sense a strange magical aura about it; can you sense it? You can search that section of rocks in the north of the room, Andiess, Kael and myself are going to search the rest of the room.
  • Player: Okay, fair enough.


Looking at the corpse

It seems like he just died here and fell on top of his pack of supplies.

Searching the corpse

You find a selection of runes in a pack under the corpse.

Search the rock

You search the strange, skull-shaped rock. It seems familiar to you, but at the same time somehow strange. You can certainly sense a foreboding magical energy. After some time, you think you've discovered all you can about this thing.

  • Player: What does this thing remind me of? Somehow familiar? Hmm, I should probably report back to Safalaan.

Fight or Flight

  • Player: Hi, Safalaan, I've checked out those stones, they do seem magical, I'm sure I've experienced something similar to this before... but I can't quite place it.
  • Safalaan: Okay, [Player], good work. We ought to get out of here pretty soon. I sense our expedition might be in some danger.
Cutscene begins
  • Vyrewatch [1]: Slurp! Meat sacks!
  • Vyrewatch [2]: No! Spear practice!
  • Andiess Juip: [Player], attack the Vyres! We'll get Safalaan out!
Andiess gets killed
  • Kael Forshaw: LET'S GO!
Kael runs
The Player and Safalaan attack the Vyres

Safalaan seems to be getting weaker. Safalaan seems quite busy at the moment.

  • Player: Oh, my! What's happening to Safalaan?
Safalaan's power activates and sends the Vyrewatch packing
  • Player: Safalaan! Are you okay?
  • Safalaan: [Player], I'm very weak, help me back to base!
  • Player: What happened? Are you okay?
  • Safalaan: Please, let's just get back to base, we'll talk then.

The Prototype

Back to Base

  • Player: Hi, Safalaan, how are you?
  • Safalaan: Oh, I'm okay, you know me! Listen, about what happened back in the tunnels, I want you to keep that quiet, okay? At some point we'll talk about it, but not now – we have other things to do.
  • Player: Err, okay, if that's what you want...But I am very curious.
  • Safalaan: I understand, but there's just no time for this. I don't really understand it myself. Anyway, it looks like my researcher Flaygian has had enough of trying to make this 'Flail of Ivandis'. He left a bunch of stuff on my desk. Do you think that you could sort it all out for me?
  • Player: Sure, I can look into it!
    • If not enough inventory space
      • Safalaan: He's left quite a bit of stuff here. You'll need four empty inventory slots for me to give you all this stuff. Come back when you have four empty slots.
    • If enough inventory space
      • Safalaan: Great, here...take this stuff off me.
      • Safalaan gives you some items.
      • Player: Blimey!
Speaking to Safalaan again
  • Player: Hi, Safalaan, what should I do now?
  • Safalaan: Hi, [Player]. I gave you some items that my researcher, Flaygian, left on my desk. I asked if you could sort them out. I think Flaygian was trying to make something useful to us – the 'Flail of Ivandis' – when he left.
    • Player: Why can't Flaygian do this?
      • Safalaan: I think he's already tried as hard as he can. I have the feeling he's very angry and frustrated at not being able to finish it himself, so he's probably popped outside for some fresh air. To be honest, I think he's more of a theoretical researcher, not as hands-on as you seem to be. Hopefully he'll calm down and come back soon.
      • Player: Well. He may be frustrated and angry, but he should still have persevered, like you and I do. Seems like a bit of an easy way out to me.
      • Safalaan: Well, I think some people have greater reserves of patience than others. Flaygian is certainly very clever and I doubt we would have discovered much from the book on haemalchemy if it wasn't for him. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, [Player].
    • Player: Remind me what things you gave me?
      • Safalaan: Oh, let me think now... yes, I think it was a ten-charge 'Rod of Ivandis', a length of silvthril chain and a blessed silver sickle.
    • Player: What should I do now?
      • Safalaan: I'd really appreciate it if you could look into the work that Flaygian was doing with the Flail of Ivandis and complete that.
      • Player: But I'm not sure how to do that!
      • Safalaan: Hmm, maybe he left some information lying around that would help him? Just check and see if there are any notes you can use.
      • Player: Okay, I'll go and check.
    • Player: Okay, thanks.

Constructing the Flail

Creating the top of the flail

You carefully and skillfully construct an emerald-adorned blessed silver sickle.

Finishing the flail

You construct a wonderfully attractive Ivandis Flail.

Field Testing

  • Player: Hi, Safalaan, I've made the Ivandis Flail!
  • Safalaan: Incredible! There seems to be no end to your talents, [Player]!
  • Player: Do you really think this can damage Vyrewatch?
  • Safalaan: We really hope so, [Player], the survival of the Myreque may actually rest on this weapon! In fact, I think this should be your next mission!
  • Player: Mission? What do you mean?
  • Safalaan: I know it sounds dangerous, but go and test that flail on a Vyrewatch in hand-to-hand combat. If you're able to destroy the thing, all well and good! But don't risk anything! If there are any remains, bring them here so we can research them!
  • Player: Okay, then! Here I go! One dead Vyrewatch coming right up!


  • Player: Good news, Safalaan: the Ivandis Flail is a Vyrewatch killer!
  • Safalaan: What great news, [Player]! Okay, well, as Flaygian still hasn't returned, it seems as if we can't really do any research on the remains.
  • Player: Oh, that's a bit annoying! I came all the way back...
  • Safalaan: [Player]! You're a private in the Myreque, we each have to bear some hardships! Now, report to Veliaf and brief him on what happened here.
  • Player: Yes, sir!
  • Safalaan: Then take some Vyrewatch remains to Drezel to see what his thoughts are: see if he can get any useful information on more effective ways of killing these beasts. Report any findings to Veliaf!
  • Player: Yes, sir!
  • Safalaan: Well, those are your orders, private: move out!
Talking to Safalaan again
  • Player: Sorry, sir, what was it I should be doing again?
  • Safalaan: [Player]! You're a private in the Myreque, you should not be forgetting your orders!
  • Player: No, sir! Sorry, sir!
  • Safalaan: Report to Veliaf and brief him on what happened here regarding our expedition of the tunnels, the development of the Flail of Ivandis, and the killing of a Vyrewatch!
  • Player: Yes, sir!
  • Safalaan: Then take some Vyrewatch remains to Drezel to see what his thoughts are: see if he can get any useful information on more effective ways of killing these beasts. Report any findings to Veliaf!
  • Player: Yes, sir!
  • Safalaan: Well, those are your orders, private: move out!

A Blessed Release

Briefing Veliaf

  • Player: Well met, Veliaf. It's good to see you again.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Likewise, [Player], what news is there from your travels?
  • Player: Hey, Veliaf, well met. Great news: we've created an artefact that actually harms the Vyrewatch!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: May Saradomin be praised! Tell me all about it.
    • Player: The Flail of Ivandis kills Vyrewatch! The researcher at the Sanguinesti Myreque base had some ideas about improving the Rod of Ivandis. I did some research with the local fighters within the Myreque, they were great.
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Hmm, the struggle against the vampyres requires everyone's efforts, from the most experienced fighter to the most wizened old maid. But tell me of its construction, that's what I am most interested to hear about.
      • Player: Yes, it's a fascinating subject. Essentially, the researcher discovered that the vampyres have a limited mind-reading ability allowing them to comprehend which combat move we're likely to make next, so they can defend against it and reduce damage. Well, we worked out that the flail is the least predictable weapon to fight with, so even if the vampyres did understand our intention, we may not have the experience to pull that attack off and land a rather unexpected hit which the vampyres couldn't defend against.
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Bless Saradomin's beard!
      • Player: The flail itself is constructed from a Rod of Ivandis with 10 charges, a length of silvthril chain and a blessed silver sickle, which has had an emerald placed into it which is then enchanted.
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Great story, [Player].
    • Player: Something strange happened with Safalaan!
      • Veliaf Hurtz: I'm not sure I want to hear this...
      • Player: Safalaan, myself and two other Myreque fighters had gone into the tunnels under the Meiyerditch ghetto. We ran into a couple of Vyrewatch who killed one of the Myreque fighters immediately, the other simply ran away petrified. Safalaan and myself tried to keep them at bay, looking for an opportunity to get away, but it seemed impossible. Safalaan was getting beaten up pretty badly. Suddenly, he got knocked unconscious...
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Oh, no!
      • Player: I thought we were done for, I really did. Then, slowly, but also very naturally, his unconscious body lifted up from ground...
      • Veliaf Hurtz: No!
      • Player: It happened...it levitated there, and a sense of power, a shimmering blue light, came from his battered and unconscious body until suddenly... Pow!
      • Veliaf Hurtz: What? He exploded?
      • Player: No! Of course not! A burst of supernatural power exploded from his body, knocking the stuffing out of the Vyrewatch – they flapped away weakly, barely able to stay aloft. When their wits returned they beat a hasty – and cowardly – retreat!
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Bravo! What an excellent story! Of course, it must be utter fiction. But your imagination seems as lively as a playful kitten in a warehouse full of balls of wool.
      • Player: It's true, I tell you! Not a word of a lie!
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Of course, [Player], of course...whatever you say.
    • Player: I killed a Vyrewatch!
      • Veliaf Hurtz: With the Flail of Ivandis?
      • Player: Yes! Safalaan says we should study its corpse to see if it reveals any details about better ways to kill them. The corpse has become hard like iron, but is as light as wood. Safalaan reckons that Drezel might have some ideas about what it means.
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Well, as a priest, Drezel is well versed in the burial rites that have been observed for many years. His knowledge and intuition should serve you well in this matter.
      • Player: So, you think I should show this corpse to Drezel?
      • Veliaf Hurtz: That's what I'd do, friend. At the worst, he'll probably tell you who can help with the corpse.
    • Player: What should I do now?
      • Veliaf Hurtz: My best suggestion is to take a Vyrewatch corpse to Drezel and see what he makes of it. Report back to me when you get some answers.
      • Player: Okay, that seems like a good plan.
    • Player: Okay, thanks.

Drezel's Suggestion

  • Drezel: Greetings again adventurer. How go your travels in Morytania? Is it as evil as I have heard?
  • Player: Well met, Drezel. I have much news for you. I've been on a mission in the Sanguinesti region and, with the help of some researchers in Meiyerditch, we've been able to create a magical flail that actually harms the Vyrewatch! I managed to destroy one and I have brought you the remains to investigate.
  • Drezel: Hmm, this is good news, [Player]. It's very odd how the corpse has adopted a strange quality to the touch, rather like heavy but well-weathered wood. Oh, my!
  • Player: What is it, Drezel? What's wrong?
  • Drezel: I sense a terrible turmoil within a soul lost in oblivion, wracked with guilt and tortured by the lure of evil demonic pleasures. Oh, we must find some way to release this poor soul!
  • Player: It's strange you should say that, it sounds very similar to something I've heard before somewhere. Where was it? I'm sure it was in Morytania somewhere, near a temple... in a small village.
  • Drezel: I hope you remember soon, [Player]. Every second this poor being is tortured seems to age me by a month. I pray to Saradomin that you remember and set this poor soul to rest.
    • Player: How is your research of the columbarium going?
      • Drezel: It's going very well, thanks. I'm quite convinced that the funeral pyres are in some way connected with the columbarium recesses. There are trappings within that some sort of intense religious ceremony took place prior to the coffins being placed into the recesses. And this was followed by the writing that appears on the coffins.
      • Player: Remind me again, what did the writing on the coffins say?
      • Drezel: Well, the translation isn't perfect, you understand, but my general understanding of the translation is, '..these worldy[sic] gains do I leave to whomever saves me from the dread service of Drakan, the fate worse than death'.
    • Player: Veliaf asked me to bring this Vyrewatch corpse to you.
      • Drezel: Well, I've already told you we should try to find someway to sanctify its remains and lay the poor creature's tortured soul to rest.
    • Player: What should I do now?
      • Drezel: Well, if your mission for Veliaf is over, I would focus on finding a way to lay the remains of that Vyrewatch to rest. Go visit the columbarium, perhaps some peace in that sepulchral atmosphere will allow you to see a way to do that.
    • Player: Okay, thanks.


Cremating the Vyrewatch corpse in the columbarium

A very special key appears on the pedestal.

  • Player: Hi, Drezel, good news: I've managed to cremate those Vyrewatch remains, I saw the spirit of the creature released, I think it's probably in a better place now.
  • Drezel: That is really great news, [Player]. Saradomin praise you! I had a sense that something else happened down there as well?
  • Player: Well, I found an interesting key down there. Look, here it is.
  • You show the key to Drezel.
  • Drezel: Hmm, that looks really ornate, a little like some of the detailing on the recesses down in the columbarium. You should see if you can use it down there.
  • Player: Good idea, I'll go and check it out.
Opening a locker with the key

You find a blood talisman in the locker.

Drezel enters columbarium
  • Drezel: Oh, well done... you seem to have cracked the puzzle of the columbarium! Perhaps there are more riches to be had with more cremations!
  • Player: Drezel! You made me jump! This talisman looks great though!
  • Drezel: Ah yes, but you'll need protection before you can use it. Prepare for the blessings of Saradomin!
  • Player: What? Oh! Ok.
  • Drezel: Ashustru, blessidium, adverturasi, fidum!
  • Drezel heads back upstairs.
  • You admire your newly found blood rune talisman.

Finishing Up

In Times of Olde...

  • Player: Well met, Drezel. I managed to lay that poor Vyrewatch corpse to rest.
  • Drezel: I know, [Player], it was a really great insight to work out what to do. The columbarium seems to be filled with a sense of peace, tranquility and the blessings of a gratefully departed soul.
    • Player: Why did I get a columbarium key when I cremated the Vyrewatch?
      • Drezel: Yes, it seemed a little odd to me as well. My research has shed some light on this, and I think I know what happened. But, it's a long story...
      • Player: Okay, go on.
      • Drezel: Anyway, my research indicates that the land of Morytania was known as Hallowvale before Drakan and his vampyric kin took over. Apparently, not everyone who lived in Hallowvale was able to escape to Misthalin before Drakan's forces had taken over the realm.
      • Player: I think I told you all that, didn't I?
      • Drezel: It seems to me that those people who couldn't escape to Misthalin engaged in a special religious ceremony. Petrified of losing their eternal souls to Drakan, they knew they couldn't avoid being taken over by him, so they made a special sort of deal with Saradomin. If someone was to come and save them from Drakan, 'the fate worse than death', and their eternal soul is sent to Saradomin, the saviour will gain the key to their worldly possessions.
      • Player: Oh, I see! That makes sense, it must have been a very special ceremony.
      • Drezel: Indeed, [Player], and this you see the power and might that is Saradomin.
    • Player: What should I do now?
      • Drezel: I recommend reporting what you've discovered to Veliaf. He may be able to use the information somehow.
      • Player: Oh, I hope not, I'm bushed!
    • Player: Okay, thanks.

Mission Complete

  • Player: Well met, Veliaf, it's good to see you again.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Likewise, [Player], what news is there from your many travels?
  • Player: I visited Drezel like you asked, Veliaf, and had great success. I was able to find a way to bring peace at last to the spirit inside the dead Vyrewatch.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Tell me all about it, [Player].
  • Player: Well, I was able to place the Vyrewatch on a pyre in the Paterdomus Columbarium with some pyre logs. I then set fire to it. The remains burned and the spirit was released, leaving a special key on a nearby pedestal.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: A key, you say? What does it do?
  • Player: The key opened a special receptacle in one of the walls of the columbarium and I found an unbelievable treasure.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: What was it? I have to know!
  • Player: I found a blood talisman!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Saradomin's beard!
  • Player: I know, I nearly fainted! I believe there is plenty more treasure locked up in that columbarium ready for anyone who can release the spirits of the terrible Vyrewatch that patrol Meiyerditch.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: As if you'd need treasure to motivate you to kill those terrible beasts!
  • Player: Well, I'm not primarily motivated by the treasure, though it certainly does help to fund my adventuring and, of course, lending a hand to worthy causes. But think about it, Veliaf: it should motivate the mercenaries like never before!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Oh yes, I hadn't thought of that. Good thinking! Anyway, [Player], I think you've completed a very worthwhile mission. Congratulations! I'd like to give you something as a token of appreciation! And, once again, congratulations on a job well done.

Veliaf gives you a three-charge Tome of Experience, 2nd Edition.


Post-Quest Dialogue


  • Player: I've completed your orders, sir!
    • Safalaan: Good, at ease, private! Now, see if you can't help the Myreque by taking down some of those Vyrewatch. I've heard they're now plaguing the swamps!
    • Player: Oh? What did you hear?
    • Safalaan: We've heard that some mercenaries from Paterdomus were attacked on the way down and that some Burgh de Rott refugees were attacked on the trip to Paterdomus. You need to take care when you do those treks from now on, friend!
    • Player: You don't need to worry about that, sir! In fact, it may be time to start warning the Vyrewatch about us!
    • Safalaan: You might be right, [Player], you just might be right!
  • Player: Sir, have you recovered from your earlier ordeal?
    • Safalaan: Ah, [Player], you mean with the Vyrewatch in that cavern? Remind me of it again would you? But quietly, we don't want everyone to hear.
    • Player: Well, Sir, you started floating in the air and an effervescent blue glow appeared around you. It slowly increased in intensity and finally a surge of power coursed through your unconscious body and the attacking Vyrewatch were instantly weakened and fled. It was quite a display and probably saved both of our lives.
    • Safalaan: Oh dear, that certainly sounds quite odd, and I'm still not entirely sure what happened myself.
      • Player: Has it ever happened before?
        • Safalaan: I'm told it has, at least some of my men have told me about it, but I can't really be sure. It's very strange, you know. I have these blank spots in my memory, and I can only assume that something like this must have happened at those times.
        • Player: You can still remember this time, though, right? Maybe you just bumped your head the other times.
        • Safalaan: Well, that is possible, but even now I can feel my memory of it fading. I am sure that vampyres were involved the other times, though. Of course, they rather enjoy bumping our heads into things – usually their spears.
      • Player: Do you know why it happened?
        • Safalaan: Not at all, [Player]. It did feel very strange – as if I was drawing power from somewhere outside myself. Listen to me, I sound like an old fool in love with fantasy.
        • Player: Cheer up, Safalaain! That doesn't sound so odd to me – then again, I've heard some very strange stuff in my time...
      • Player: Do you think we can use this 'power' against the vampyres?
        • Safalaan: Well, I suppose it's possible, [Player]. Unfortunately, I don't know how or why it happened. IF only I could remember the whole event...
        • Player: I'm sure it'll come back to you in time.
        • Safalaan: Well, I hope so. It would definitely be useful if I could call upon it at will. If I could learn how to use it – imagine! We could take back Meiyerditch and keep the vampyres out forever...
        • Player: That's a very interesting suggestion, it certainly would help the Myreque movement.
      • Player: Okay, thanks.
  • Player: Okay, thanks.


  • Player: Hey, Drezel, how are things?
  • Drezel: Everything seems to be going okay, [Player], but I hear from the Burgh de Rott refugees that incidents of Vyrewatch activities are increasing on the Temple Trek and Burgh de Rott Ramble routes.
  • Player: Yes, it's quite disturbing, but with the Ivandis Flail, we're soon going to teach them the error of their ways. At last, Drezel, the Myreque are fighting back!
This dialogue only takes place when the requirements for The Branches of Darkmeyer are already met.


  • Player: Hi, Safalaan.
  • Safalaan: Hm? Oh, [Player]. Good to see you again.
  • Player: Is there anything I can help with here?
  • Safalaan: Always, [Player]! I hear word from Veliaf that he may need you in Burgh de Rott, however. You should speak with him.


  • Ivan Strom: [Player]! Good to see you again.
  • Player: You too, Ivan. How are things going?
  • Ivan Strom: Well, the vampyres are certainly increasing the pressure, but I'm confident that we will be victorious. I'm being allowed to help out more and more, now I'm getting older.
  • Player: Glad to hear it!


  • Radigad Ponfit: Hi, [Player]. I am glad to see you are here again. The vampyres seem to become fiercer by the day.
  • Player: Then we must keep up the fight against them!
  • Radigad Ponfit: Of course, we must. It is just disheartening that we can do so little against such a terrible enemy. But we must fight on. Myreque prevail!


  • Polmafi Fredygris: You chose a good time to return, [Player]. I fear we are struggling in these dark days.
  • Player: I'm sure we'll pull through, Polmafi. Don't lose hope!
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