Dear Acolyte,

It is with great regret that I write this letter. You have been with us now for a number of years, and your service to our cause has been greatly appreciated, however your time with us must come to a close. We hope this decision will not sway your faith, or upset your memories of this place you called home.

We wish you every success on the road ahead, for we know it will not be easy. Please know that we will be thinking of you and praying that you find purpose in this world and the next.


Your brothers and sisters.

When used on the Smuggler

  • Player: Can you tell me what this is used for?
  • Smuggler: Where did you find that? Give it here! You didn't read it did you?
    • Player: Yes. What does it have to do with you?
      • Smuggler: That's none of your business! Let's just forget this happened, okay?
      • Player: Sheesh, alright!
    • Player: No, I didn't. It seemed personal, so I didn't look.
      • Smuggler: Well, uh, thanks, I guess. Let's just not talk about this, shall we?
      • Player: You can count on me.
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