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* '''First mate 'Davey-boy':''' Not that I could see, no. And I do recall I spent some good time looking for him.
* '''First mate 'Davey-boy':''' Not that I could see, no. And I do recall I spent some good time looking for him.
* '''Player:''' So the cabin boy wasn't at the feast at all? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME EARLIER?!?!
* '''Player:''' So the cabin boy wasn't at the feast at all? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME EARLIER?!?!
* '''First mate 'Davey-boy':''' I suppose it slipped my mid. Surely it can't be of any importance, a runt like that?
* '''First mate 'Davey-boy':''' I suppose it slipped my mind. Surely it can't be of any importance, a runt like that?
* '''Player:''' It's only the single most important thing you've said to me since I've met you!
* '''Player:''' It's only the single most important thing you've said to me since I've met you!
* '''First mate 'Davey-boy':''' If you say so.
* '''First mate 'Davey-boy':''' If you say so.

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To the Lunar Isle

Scourge of the Seas

  • Player: Hello there.
  • Lokar Searunner: Don't talk to me outerlander! I don't have time for the likes of you!
  • Player: Hey! Don't call me outerlander! I'm known as the mighty [Fremennik Name]!
  • Lokar Searunner: Can't say I've heard of you. So they let your sort into the clan nowadays? Wow. Things have really changed since I've been gone...
    • Player: You don't look like a Fremennik yourself...
    • Player: You've been away from these parts a while?
      • Lokar Searunner: Oh, you haven't heard of the infamous Lokar, scourge of the northern seas?
      • Player: Erm... no... That's you then, is it?
      • Lokar Searunner: Forgotten already? Tch! I have no regrets about why I left!
        • Player: Why did you leave?
          • Lokar Searunner: As a young man, I learnt that the Fremennik way of life was too slow for me... Oh, sure, every so often we got to go on big raiding parties, looting and pillaging the weaker islands around here for food and profit, but... Well, after a while, that was all I looked forward to doing. Growing crops, milking cows, catching and cooking food, the day to day activities of our life... THEY'RE SO BORING! No, I knew what I wanted to do, and that was attack innocent people going about their daily business, steal all their money, then spend it on wine, women and song!
          • Player: Oh..... Kaaaaay.....
          • Lokar Searunner: So I ran away from Rellekka to become a PIRATE! It's way more fun. Plus you get to see the world.
          • Player: Was the world good then? Only, you seem to have returned to Rellekka after all.
          • Lokar Searunner: Yes, I have returned here, but that's only because we're short on supplies.
          • Player: I see. So where are you and your scurvy seadogs headed to next? Arrr shiver-me timbers!
          • Lokar Searunner: You're trying my patience...
          • Player: Sorry, got caught up in the moment.
          • Lokar Searunner: Indeed. Well, the rest of the group are at Lunar Isle at the moment. It's where the Moon Clan live.
          • Player: The Moon Clan... I think I've heard of them...
          • Lokar Searunner: I'd be surprised if you hadn't, they're the Fremenniks' most hated enemy! They've been at war with them for hundreds of years! Hmmm. Actually, that might be a problem for you then.
          • Player: A problem?
          • Lokar Searunner: Yeah, they're a really powerful race of mages. They'd read your mind and see that you're a Fremennik straight away, then probably turn you inside out and feed you to the birds.
          • Player: Cosmic. But you went there okay?
          • Lokar Searunner: Yeah, but I think the Fremenniks are a bunch of losers. They probably picked up on that. Look, I know a way you'll be able to travel there without, you know, getting killed and that, if you fancy a trip!
            • Player: Why not, I've always wondered what the state of my innards are!
              • Lokar Searunner: That's the spirit! Well, what you want to do is go and talk to Brundt the Chieftain and get a Seal of Passage from him.
              • Player: A Seal of Passage? What's that?
              • Lokar Searunner: Well, it shows that you're a diplomat for the Fremennik, so you'll have immunity from being killed and stuff. It's an ancient tradition not to attack anyone bearing a Seal of Passage, because they're probably on a diplomatic mission. Or well connected with powerful allies. Either way, killing them is usually a bad idea.
              • Player: So I have to try and bring peace to two warring nations who have been fighting for centuries?!?!
              • Lokar Searunner: What? I never said you had to bother trying to do that, you just have to pretend like you might. No skin off my nose if those losers want to get slaughtered by the Moon Clan, just more stuff for me to loot when they're all dead.
              • Player: Well, I will try. I am the mighty [Fremennik Name], after all!
              • Lokar Searunner: Yes.....
              • Player: So I just have to go talk to Brundt the Chieftain and tell him I want a Seal of Passage? That's it? Because in my experience simple tasks like that always seem to take longer than I expect...
              • Lokar Searunner: Yeah, just go over and talk to the chief loser. You might have to tell him some rubbish he wants to hear, but that's it. Come back here when you got it, my supplies are loaded and I'm good to head back to our ship.
              • Player: Okay, I'll be right back.
            • Player: No thanks, I'd like to live.
        • Player: 'Bye then.
    • Player: 'Bye then.

Ambassador Again

  • Player: Hi there, Brundt. Could you help me out with a seal of passage?
  • Brundt the Chieftain: A seal of passage? Whatever for?
  • Player: Well, I've heard that there have been great troubles between your people and those of the Moon Clan. I was hoping to help, so I need a seal of passage to show my intentions.
  • Brundt the Chieftain: Ah, [Fremennik Name], many have tried, but the Moon Clan are by no means a sharing group of people. They do everything by magic, which is something we never use. But they are so secretive about it – if only they would share, we wouldn't have to kill them all the time!
  • Player: I will see what I can do. Can I have the seal then?
  • Brundt the Chieftain: If you are to bring peace to our two warring clans, then perhaps it is best that you do...

Setting Sail

  • Lokar Searunner: So you got that seal yet from Brundt the Chieftain? Can I leave this dump of a town?
  • Player: Yup, I've got it right here!
  • Lokar Searunner: Great! Then let's head back to my ship! You ready to go now?
    • Player: Arrr! Yar! Let's be on our way, yar!
      • Lokar Searunner: ...Why are you talking like that?
      • Player: Um... isn't that how pirates talk?
      • Lokar Searunner: Only the very stupid ones... I suggest you DON'T talk like that to my crew. They will probably assume you are mocking them and kill you. So let's start again: Are you ready to go?
      • Player: Why yes! Tally-ho!
      • Lokar Searunner: I suppose that will have to do.
    • Player: Not just yet...
After travelling to the Pirates' Cove
  • Lokar Searunner: Here we are at the Pirates' Cove! You'll find the captain already on board.

A Pirate's Life


  • Player: Aye-aye cap'n!
  • Captain Bentley: Hmmmm? I don't recognise you as one of my men, what are you doing aboard by ship?
  • Parrot: Stowaway! Stowaway! *Squark*
  • Player: Oh, Lokar offered me a journey. He said you could take me to the island of the Moon Clan.
  • Captain Bentley: Oh he DID, did he? (sigh) I sometimes regret ever allowing that vagabond to join the crew. He has a very bad work ethic, and I have to say his attitude can be very confrontational.
  • Parrot: Lokar's a loser! *Brakawk*!
  • Player: So... You won't take me to Lunar Isle?
  • Captain Bentley: Well now, I didn't say that. We are returning there again soon anyway, as our last visit was most profitable. In fact as soon as our boys are finished loading stocks we should be ready to depart! Now, as captain of this ship I feel I must play host, even if you aren't exactly a welcome guest, so was there anything you wished to know?
    • Player: So... What can you tell me something about this 'Moon Clan'? It all seems very mysterious I must say...
      • Captain Bentley: The Moon Clan? Oh, very fine people. Very hospitable. We had heard that they are very wary of strangers, and dislike people just showing up on their island, but when we sent a landing party aboard they all seemed more than happy to see us. Well, they even threw a big festival in our honour! Anyway, they had a large supply of items that we felt we could use on the high seas, so we made a few trades with them, and were on our way.
      • Player: What kinds of items?
      • Captain Bentley: Well, I'm not sure how much you've heard about them, but they are magical experts. They sold us many runestones, as well as a few good luck charms and talismans and such to help us on our voyage. Yes, they might have been a little secretive about that strange temple, and the old lodge of their in town, and I must say they certainly have the strangest house I have ever seen in my life in their little village, but it was a pleasant trip all round, and I look forward to trading there again in the future. After all, it's not everywhere that a pirate captain and his crew can rest ashore without having to worry about the authorities catching them, is it?
      • Parrot: Fight the law! *Squawk*
      • Player: No, I guess it isn't.
      • Captain Bentley: Was there anything else you wished to ask me about while I'm not busy?
    • Player: What were you doing at Lunar Isle?
    • Player: I was hoping you could tell me a bit about your ship. I must say, it's really very impressive.
      • Captain Bentley: Ah, a connoisseur! Yes, she's named the Lady Zay, and I may say, is one of the finest ships to ever sail the seas! It was a steal from the Karamjan shipyards. And when I say it was a steal, I mean to say that myself and some of the lads broke in and stole it one night. I don't know who they were building these warships for, but whoever it was seemed to be a little on the short side. We had to do a little remodelling of the doors and rooms so that we didn't have to crouch around everywhere, but I've finally got here just how I want her, and we have enough cannons down below decks to bombard a small town I'd wager!
      • Parrot: *Brawwwwwwk* I want guns, lots of guns! I want guns, lots of guns!
      • Player: I used to own my own ship you know... It was called the Lady Lumbridge if I remember correctly... I wonder what happened to it...
      • Captain Bentley: Interesting. You never struck me as being Captain material, but I guess there's a ship out there for everyone... The Lady Zay is certainly a big step up from my last ship anyway.
      • Player: Your last ship? Why, what was wrong with it?
      • Captain Bentley: Well, it just wasn't sturdy enough! I was on a perfectly routine raiding expedition to the east of here, when we ran into a squall, that pushed us towards the rocky shore. A few select men and myself managed to escape with our lives intact on a small row boat, but the rest of my crew were washed ashore as the ship was wrecked on those jagged rocks. Ah yes, it was a tragedy... To lose such a fine ship in such an insulting manner...
      • Player: And of course the rest of your crew...
      • Captain Bentley: Who? Oh. Yes. The crew. Yes, it was a tragedy. I'd paid them in advance you know, I'll never see that money again!
      • Player: Um... no, I actually meant it was a shame that so many of your crew must have died in the shipwreck.
      • Captain Bentley: Was it? Well, if you say so. Actually, the last I had heard quite a few of them had survived, and had set up a little hideaway next to the remains of the shipwreck. If you're particularly worried about them, perhaps you might like to go and pay them a visit someday, and make sure to bring a lot of easily transferable wealth with you. They love people visiting with easily transferable wealth. Now, was there something you wished to talk to me about? Time is pressing on and we really need to set sail soon if we want to make the most of the winds.
      • Parrot: *Squawk* Move it or lose it, move it or lose it.
    • Player: Can we sail to Lunar Isle now? I must say, it all sounds very intriguing over there...
      • Captain Bentley: As long as you keep your Seal of Passage with you at all times while you are on the island you should be okay, even if you are a Fremennik. I'm not kidding, they are a very dangerous people, and it would NOT be wise for you to travel there without your Seal Of Passage marking you as a diplomat.
      • Player: Okay, keep my Seal with me at all times, check. Can we go now?
      • Captain Bentley: Ah, yes indeed! The winds seem good, so let's make a move!
      • Parrot: She's blowing a storm, cap'n! *Brarrrrrrk*
      • (Animation of the ship sailing in a circle around the cove)
      • Captain Bentley: Well... THAT was deduced strange!
      • Player: Um... Way to sail a boat?
      • Parrot: *Squawk* Way to sail a boat! Way to sail a boat! *Brarrrk*
      • Captain Bentley: This... This is VERY strange!
    • Player: No, actually. I don't really want to know anything that you can tell me.

Something Fishy...

Going in Circles

  • Captain Bentley: I... I don't understand... This is all very strange...
  • Player: That was possibly the most pointless journey I have ever taken in my life.
  • Captain Bentley: That course was plotted, we had a fair tailwind the whole journey... BUT WE HAVEN'T BUDGED AN INCH! I just don't understand it... Maybe you should speak with Jack.
  • Player: Who?
  • Captain Bentley: Our navigator. He's at the rear of the ship, one floor below deck.
  • Parrot: Below deck, below deck.
  • Player: Can we try again?
  • Captain Bentley: Yes, you're right, perhaps it was just a freak wind. Off we go!
  • (Sailing animation)
  • Player: Are we there yet?
  • Captain Bentley: In all my years as a captain... I... I just don't understand what's going on...

The Navigator

  • Player: Hey, are you the navigator?
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: That I am. Why?
  • Player: Think you can navigate us a course on this ship that isn't a BIG STUPID CIRCLE?
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: I'm SURE I don't know what you mean!
  • Player: C'mon now... If you're the navigator, then it stands to reason it's your fault we didn't sail anywhere!
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: Now listen here bucko, my course was true, like all my others, and if you have a problem with how I do my job, then you'd better go and speak to the Captain about it, because I don't appreciate a stowaway wandering in here and criticising me!
  • Player: Well maybe I will go and talk to the Captain about you.
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: You'd better do that then.
  • Player: Fine, I will.
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: Well do it.
  • Player: I am, watch, here I go.
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: Oh, I'm sooooo scared now.
  • Player: Yeah, you'd better be.
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: But you're still here.
  • Player: Yeah, but not for long.
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: Well you better go then.
  • Player: Fine, I'm gone.

Captain Bentley

  • Captain Bentley: Hello again.
  • Player: Hey there captain.
  • Captain Bentley: What are you wanting now?
    • Player: Can we try again?
    • Player: Perhaps the navigator made a mistake when he plotted the course?
      • Captain Bentley: Hmmm, you think so? Perhaps I'd better ask him about that... But... His course looked true... I just don't understand...
      • Player: I'll go ask him what happened for you, Captain.
      • Captain Bentley: You will? Well, thank you! You're very helpful for a stowaway! He's one floor below deck. To the rear of the ship.
      • Parrot: Stowaway! Stowaway! *Squark*
      • Player: I'M NOT A STOWAWAY! GAH!

Back to Jack

  • Player: So... Call yourself a navigator huh? Way to plot a course that's a big circle!
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: Frankly sirrah your rudeness is quite appalling! My calculations and plotted course were expertly calculated, and there can be only one reason why the ship has failed to arrive at its expected destination.
  • Player: Oh really? What's that then? Wrong kind of waves? Your steering wheel got stuck?
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: I do not have to take this kind of abuse from a common stowaway.
  • Player: I'll have you know that I am a personal friend of the Captain, and he himself invited me aboard for a small cruise around Lunar Isle along with a variety of local delicacies and beverages!
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: Really? You don't seem like the type he would make friends with.
  • Player: Oh, absolutely. Me and him go way back. Waaaaaay back. We're like... apples and custard. Everybody says so. Yup, me and Captain Renney, we're a team.
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: You mean Captain Bentley?
  • Player: Right. Bentley. That's what I said.
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: No you didn't. You called him Captain Renney.
  • Player: Oh, yeah, it's like a nickname. Only his friends are allowed to call him that.
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: Yet I have known him for over 20 years and he has never asked to be referred to as anything except Captain Bentley.
  • Player: Wow, he must hate you.
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: And indeed, he has never mentioned any stowaway looking vagabonds as friends.
  • Player: Well, that's all beside the point. It's all your fault and I'm going to make sure the Captain fizzles your gizzard, or whatever it is you pirate types do to each other.
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: But it wasn't my fault! Look, see for yourself! All co-ordinates for the journey are carefully plotted to all visible waypoints and landmasses! There can be only one POSSIBLE explanation why the ship hasn't reached its destination, as I mentioned before!
  • Player: Oh really? And what would that be then? And you had better be good, or Captain Renney is going to shiver your timbers for good!
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: You mean Captain Bentley?
  • Player: Right. Whatever. Carry on.
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: Magic. It must be magic. Somebody must have jinxed our ship, but I have no idea who would have done that or why. Although your highly suspicious behaviour towards me, and the mysterious sudden appearance on board at the *exact time* that this jinx appears to have been brought upon us would seem to make you the obvious candidate. And we all know what we do to someone who is a jinx.
  • Player: Uh... We do?
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: Oh, I'm sure your good friend Captain Bentley has told you all about the last jinx we had on board.
  • Player: Oh, absolutely he did, yes. I just uh, have these lapses in memory occasionally.
  • "Bird's-Eye" Jack: Oh, it was horrible. I never knew the human body could contain so many mackerel. And then that thing they did with the tinderbox and the cheese... I still wake up with nightmares about that sometimes...
  • Player: Er... Right. I'd better go find that jinx before someone else accuses me of this being my fault.

High-Seas Hijinx

  • Player: Oh captain, my captain.
  • Captain Bentley: So you've spoken to my navigator again, yes? What does he have to say for himself?
  • Player: Oh yes. He tried to hide his incompetence by blaming the ships' problems on a jinx of some sort.
  • Captain Bentley: A JINX you say??? Aye, I have to admit that does sound like a logical explanation...
  • Player: No, I'm still pretty sure it's just the navigator being really rubbish at his job...
  • Captain Bentley: No, no, a jinx, that makes all too much sense I'm afraid... Well, the solution is obvious. We need to find out who or what has been jinxed and remove it from the ship immediately.
  • Player: Right. And when you say 'we' need to find you actually mean...?
  • Parrot: *brakawk* He means you dummy! You dummy! *Squawk*
  • Captain Bentley: Well, as Captain I have certain responsibilities that must be fulfilled, so I would greatly appreciate a little assistance in tracking down this jinx...
  • Player: Yeah, I was afraid you were going to say that... Okay, I'll try and track down this jinx for you.
  • Captain Bentley: Good girl! Let me know if you find out anything important.
  • Player: (sigh) Yes, Captain.

'Eagle-eye' Shultz

  • Player: Hello there. So, I'm wondering if you know anything about a jinx at all?
  • "Eagle-eye" Shultz: A jinx you say? Argh, those are evil things!
  • Player: Quick question: What exactly is a jinx anyway?
  • "Eagle-eye" Shultz: Ah, well they take many forms. Sometimes it just be a person with such staggeringly bad luck that everything they do or say invariably leads them into trouble and commotion, through no fault of their own. Everything they touch will always bring them misery, and everything they think they have achieved will always end in disaster.
  • Player: Hmmm.
  • "Eagle-eye" Shultz: But then there is the other kind of jinx, the even worse kind. It is a curse put upon someone, often attached to an object of some kind, and is done deliberately, so that misfortune will always follow the owner of that object.
  • Player: So why is it such a big deal to sailors?
  • "Eagle-eye" Shultz: Ah, well now. When you're on land, bad luck can be an annoyance, and possibly even bring you grief, but is rarely deadly. A jinx on land may fall over tree roots, or lose their coins down a drain, or some other irritation. But at sea! With nothing saving you from the cold murky death of drowning except the wood below your feet? Why, jinxes can kill not just you, but the entire crew of a ship! They are an evil thing indeed, and the only thing you can do to save yourself and your crew is to forcibly remove the jinx from the ship as soon as possible. Dead or alive. Or casting some kind of anti-curse magic upon the jinxed item might work, but to be honest, throwing them over board is quicker.
  • Player: Wait, so someone with magical powers can deliberately place a jinx upon someone or something?
  • "Eagle-eye" Shultz: Oh, yes. But they would have to be a very magical and very evil person to risk the lives of an entire ship over some trivial matter.
  • Player: Someone highly magical like, oh, let's say for the sake of argument, the inhabitants of Lunar Isle, a.k.a. the Moon Clan?
  • "Eagle-eye" Shultz: Well, I suppose so... But for them to curse our entire boat? Someone from the landing party must have done something highly offensive to them at the feast for them to place such an evil enchantment that risks the lives of the entire crew.
  • Player: So somebody from the landing party must have gotten themselves jinxed... Thanks a lot 'Eagle-eye', you've been extremely helpful.

'Beefy' Burns

  • Player: Hello there!
  • "Beefy" Burns: Sorry, the galley's closed for restockings! Yer'll hafta come back later if'n ye be wanting food!
  • Player: Actually, I'm not after food, I'm after information...
  • "Beefy" Burns: Wussat? Some kind of alkyhol? If'n it ain't grog I don't be stocking it!
  • Player: ...Can I just ask you a few questions?
  • "Beefy" Burns: Aye, that yer may, long'n as yer don't mind me carrying on with me restockings while we talk.
  • Player: No, that's fine. I appreciate your time. So... I have reason to believe that a jinx has befallen the ship due to someone offending the Moon Clan somehow... I was wondering if you knew anything about that...
  • "Beefy" Burns: The Moon Clan yer say? Ah, well I dinna know much about them folks, when everyone else went to that there big old feast I stayed aboard the ship... I gots ter be honest, I never trust any food I ain't prepared meself!
  • Player: Wait... So the whole crew except yourself were at a big feast on Lunar Isle? Was there drink involved at this feast?
  • "Beefy" Burns: Aye, ter be sure!
  • Player: So a bunch of drunk pirates feasting on Lunar Isle. I think I have my suspect for when the Moon Clan were offended. Thanks for the help there, Beefy!

'Lecherous' Lee

  • Player: I have a couple of question to ask you about the big feast on Lunar Isle you went to last time you went there.
  • "Lecherous" Lee: Aaaahhhh yes... I was quite taken with their hospitality!
  • Player: Did you see anyone being rude to the Moon Clan at all?
  • "Lecherous" Lee: Well, we were all in high spirits, but I certainly didn't see anything like that going on.
  • Player: And I don't suppose you saw anyone slip away in the middle of the festival or anything?
  • "Lecherous" Lee: Other than the First Mate, no I didn't see anyone slip away from the feast.
  • Player: Okay, tha- Wait, you say you saw the First Mate slip away in the middle of the feast?
  • "Lecherous" Lee: That I did. I don't think he saw me see him leave, but it was definitely him. I watched him head towards our ship, and he came back, oh, I don't know, twenty minutes later or so. I doubt anyone else saw it, he just slipped away in the midst of the festivities.
  • Player: Thank you, you've been very helpful.
  • "Lecherous" Lee: No problem.

First mate 'Davey-boy'

  • Player: So... Finally we get to the truth... MISTER Davey-boy. IF that's even your REAL name.
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': Hmmm? You're finally confessing to being a stowaway and a jinx?
  • Player: What? NO. No, Davey, this is about YOU! This is about your LIES and your BAD behaviour!
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': Oh, what on Gielinor are you on about now?
  • Player: I know your SECRET Mr first mate! I know that you are a PHONY! I know that you were NOT where you claimed to be on the night in question!
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': Night in question? Phony? Secret? What ARE you blathering about now?
  • Player: Oh, come come, Davey-boy! It is too late to weasel your way out of this one!
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': I have absolutely no idea what on earth you are talking about.
  • Player: Oh, you know... your ALIBI?!?!
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': Alibi?
  • Player: YOU know. How you told me that you were at that feast on Lunar Isle ALL night? Well, let me tell YOU that you are a LIAR! I have an eyewitness that SAW you leave the feast, and go off and do who-know-what for a good TWENTY MINUTES! I think it is time to come clean, Davey-boy. I think we should hear the truth.
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': What? Well of COURSE I was at that feast all ni... Hmmmm. You know, now that you come to mention it, you are correct, I did leave the feast.
  • Player: AH-HA! I KNEW IT!
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': Oh, do calm down, it was nothing particularly interesting. I merely had to inspect the rigging was secure before the ship was docked securely for the night. It's one of those things you have to do, in case a storm blows up while we're asleep and yanks the ship off to sea unattended.
  • Player: So why didn't you tell me this before?
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': Well, clearly it slipped my mind. It's not one of my usual responsibilities, so obviously I didn't think much of it.
  • Player: Wait, what do you mean it's not one of your usual responsibilities?
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': It's the cabin boys' job to make sure that the rigging and sails have been safely secured before disembarking the ship. Pirates Regulation #445-328.
  • Player: So why didn't he?
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': I have no idea. I couldn't find him at the feast, so I left to secure them myself.
  • Player: Wait, so he wasn't even at the feast?
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': Not that I could see, no. And I do recall I spent some good time looking for him.
  • Player: So the cabin boy wasn't at the feast at all? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME EARLIER?!?!
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': I suppose it slipped my mind. Surely it can't be of any importance, a runt like that?
  • Player: It's only the single most important thing you've said to me since I've met you!
  • First mate 'Davey-boy': If you say so.
  • Player: Well, I guess this explains why the Cabin Boy's been acting so suspiciously... I'd better go and have a word with him!

Cabin boy

  • Player: It was you!
  • Cabin boy: Me?
  • Player: Yes, you left in the middle of the feast, what did you do? You're a spy for the Moon Clan aren't you.
  • Cabin boy: No!
  • Player: Admit it!
  • Cabin boy: But...
  • Player: I'll go get the captain, a plank and a hungry shark!
  • Cabin boy: Ok, OK! I confess.
  • Player: Yes! 1-nil to the [Player]!
  • Cabin boy: There's no need to brag! Yes, I left the feast. I was lured by a girl from the Moon Clan, she promised me control of the ship if I did this simple task for her. I couldn't resist. Have you any idea how hard it is being a boy on a ship full of pirates?! I had no idea it would turn out how it has.
  • Player: What did you ask her to do?
  • Cabin boy: She showed me some symbols, she then asked me to draw five of them throughout the ship. Some kind of magic jinx. Please don't tell the Captain! He'll kill me! If I ever get to that island again, I'm going to see what she has to say for herself.
  • Player: I dunno. Some people! I will see what I can do.
  • Cabin boy: You'll need a special kind of lantern to see them, there are five symbols in total I think. I vaguely remember what I put them on. One was up on a wall. One was on a container. One was on a box of some sort. One was on a support. The last one is hazy, all I remember is that it was big and metal.
  • Player: You best not be lying!
  • Cabin boy: I'm not! Honest. Look, I have a lantern and lens here, put them together then light it with a tinderbox. Then you can use it to search the ship for the symbols.

All Purpose Jinx-Remover

  • Player: Ah-ha! I've found one!
  • Rub out symbol?
    • Option 1: Rub away!
  • Player: One down, four more to go!
  • Player: Two down, three more to go!
  • Player: Three down, only two more to go!
  • Player: Four down, only one more to go!
  • Player: That's it, I've removed all the symbols, and hopefully the jinx.
    • Option 2: I'm no cleaner!

Good to Go

  • Player: The jinx should be gone now!
  • Captain Bentley: Really? Good work, landlubber!
  • Player: No worries. It was all down to the cabin boy, it seems.
  • Captain Bentley: Pesky kid. Ah, but I remember when I was a cabin boy. Many years ago, I started off as...
  • Player: Spare me the life story, can we go now?
  • Captain Bentley: No need to be rude.
  • Player: Sorry.
  • Captain Bentley: Very well. It's off we go!
  • (Sailing animation again; success this time!)
  • Captain Bentley: Here we are! Lunar Isle!
  • Player: Thanks Cap'n.

Lunar Diplomacy

In the Town

  • Player: Take me to your leader.
  • Meteora: Wot?
  • Player: Isn't that what you're supposed to say when you meet a new race of people?
  • Meteora: Well, mate, we don't av no leader, so I ain't gonna take ya to um. We au wav eqwuv rights's un stuff, yeah? But if ya wont an intro go live it up wiv da Onerimancer.
  • Player: OK. Is he rich and powerful?
  • Meteora: No man, SHE, is dead-wise yeah? She is responsible for initiation rituals an stuff.
  • Player: Great. Thanks. And where is she?
  • Meteora: She angs out in souf east of ouw island.
  • Player: Okey dokey... yeah.
  • Meteora: Huh?

The Oneiromancer

  • Player: Hello.
  • Oneiromancer: Why hello, how are you today?
  • Player: I'm...
  • Oneiromancer: Fine. Yes I know.
  • Player: What? How'd you...
  • Oneiromancer: By reading your mind. But that's not important. We have some important things to discuss.
  • Player: We do? This is going to take some getting used to.
  • Oneiromancer: Of course! I can see that you come bearing great promise.
  • Player: Great promise?
  • Oneiromancer: Please. Just tell me why you have come to our island.
  • Player: Well, I'm seeking some kind of settlement between your clan and the Fremenniks. I understand there has been a dispute for a great many years and being a member of the Fremennik clan I wanted to come as a representative to see if something couldn't be sorted out.
  • Oneiromancer: A very honourable objective, but how do you suppose this will be possible.
  • Player: That's what I was hoping you may be able to help me with. Can you tell me more of why you don't feel your people get on with the Fremenniks?
  • Oneiromancer: We are very in tune with magic as you have no doubt observed, but we have yet to meet one Fremennik with the perspective that this is of any value. They are always picking at us to reveal our secrets, but why should we when they view us so.
  • Player: I think you'd be quite surprised at how flexible they could be. I think they just feel like you put yourselves on a higher pedestal to look down at them. They don't like that and can't see what is so special about you and your ways.
  • Oneiromancer: Hmmm. Well you are one of them. Perhaps if you can understand our ways, that will at least be a start. How does that sound to you?
  • Player: Fine. I am always eager to learn. What sort of thing had you in mind?
  • Oneiromancer: well, we have a ritual called 'The View of Self Dream'. It is a ritual that we all have to go through. You see the path to understanding magic is through understanding ourselves. It is a power innate to every living creature, but it takes a great understanding of self to tap into. One of the best ways to understand ourselves is through our dreams. These are a demonstration of our subconscious, our subconscious being raw and true. But it takes many years to get into a situation where you are ready to attempt it.
  • Player: I'm not so sure I want to wait years to solve this... Is there any way I can just attempt this ritual now?
  • Oneiromancer: I don't mind you trying, but I really doubt you'll achieve anything. There are also a fair few preparations you'll have to make first too.
  • Player: That's OK. What do I have to do?
  • Oneiromancer: You are going to need to do a few things. You'll need a waking sleep potion, a Lunar staff, and ceremonial travelling clothes. Start with the potion, I suggest you go have a word with Babab Yaga in her chicken house, she will be able to help you with the making of the potion.
  • Player: Chicken?
  • Oneiromancer: Yes, you can't miss it, it's walking around the north of the town.

Baba Yaga

  • Player: Hi.
  • Baba Yaga: Ah! A visitor from a distant land! How can I help?
    • Player: Have you got anything to trade?
    • Player: The Oneiromancer told me you may be able to help...
      • Baba Yaga: With a potion?
      • Player: I don't think I'll ever get used to you people reading my mind. Yes, a potion of Waking Sleep? I need it to go to the...
      • Baba Yaga: Dreamland?
      • Player: You know that's really quite rude!
      • Baba Yaga: Sorry. Carry on.
      • Player: Well, I was hoping you could tell me how to make one?
      • Baba Yaga: Of course. Are you sure you're ready to take on the dream land?
      • Player: There's no harm in trying. Right...?
      • Baba Yaga: Well, some people have gone mad from visiting their dreams.
      • Player: You really know how to instil discomfort don't you?! How do you make...
      • Baba Yaga: You'll need 1 guam leaf, 1 Marrentil leaf and a Suqah tooth ground using a pestle and mortar. Combine these in a vial with water and BAM! You've got your potion! You should be able to get the ingredients from the Suqah monsters. You'll also need a special vial. I have one here.
      • Player: Thanks.
    • Player: It's a very interesting house you have here.
    • Player: I'm good thanks, bye.

The Lunar Staff

  • Player: Hello again.
  • Oneiromancer: Have you got the potion to give me?
  • Player: I have indeed.
  • Oneiromancer: Well done, I'll take that for safe keeping.
  • Player: So what next?
  • Oneiromancer: Next we will sort you out with the staff before the clothes. You are going to have to get hold of a Dramen staff first. You will need to take it to the air, fire, water and earth altars to imbue it with power to convert it into a Lunar staff. Bring that back to me and then we can get on with the next stage. And don't worry, you'll be able to do anything you can with the new enchanted version of the Dramen Staff as you could with its ordinary form! Including visiting the lost city!
  • Player: OK.

Magic Wardrobe

Lunar Laundry List

  • Player: Hi.
  • Oneiromancer: Managed to get the Dramen staff enchanted?
  • Player: I have indeed!
  • Oneiromancer: Well done, pass it here. Now we can get on with the next stage – your suit! There are 8 parts to this. Which would you like to hear about?
    • Player: The helm.
      • Oneiromancer: The helm needs to be made from an ore you can only get from the mine on this island. You'll see some stalagmites that you can mine from.
    • Player: The cape.
      • Oneiromancer: There should be one of these floating around somewhere. Talk to some of the people in the village and I am sure one of them will be able to help you.
    • Player: The amulet.
      • Oneiromancer: You should go and speak with Meteora, she always seems to be wearing one on her head for some reason. She might give that to you.
    • Player: The torso.
      • Oneiromancer: You'll find a monster called the Suqah that is indigenous to this island. You'll need one of their hides to make your own torso, which you can tan only in this town.
    • Player: The gloves.
      • Oneiromancer: You'll find a monster called the Suqah that is indigenous to this island. You'll need one of their hides to make your gloves, which you can tan only in this town.
    • Player: The boots.
      • Oneiromancer: You'll find a monster called the Suqah that is indigenous to this island. You'll need one of their hides to make your boots, which you can tan only in this town.
    • Player: The trousers.
      • Oneiromancer: You'll find a monster called the Suqah that is indigenous to this island. You'll need one of their hides to make your trousers, which you can tan only in this town.
    • Player: The ring.
      • Oneiromancer: You should probably go and speak to Selene, she will be able to help you as she always seems to have bits and pieces like that hanging around.

The Lunar Clothes

  • Player: Hello there.
  • Rimae Sirsalis: Welcome to the clothes store. How might I help?
    • Player: What can you sell me?
    • Player: You know the ceremonial clothes?
      • Rimae Sirsalis: I certainly do! A real tricky set of garments to make.
      • Player: Well that's unfortunate, because I was going to ask how I might go about getting some.
      • Rimae Sirsalis: All I can really help you out with is the tanning of the hides.
      • Player: Sorry?
      • Rimae Sirsalis: The ceremonial clothes are made from the hides of the suqah. Bring them to me and I will tan them for you. You can craft them into the top, trousers, gloves and boots.
      • Player: Okay.
      • Rimae Sirsalis: It's an interesting creature, the suqah. You see, they have been indigenous to this island since we arrived. They seem to thrive on eating the minerals that exist in the mines below the town. We try our best to live in harmony with them, becaue they provide us with a great many materials when they die, and, in turn, we have given them magic to help protect themselves.
      • Player: Interesting.
      • (Choosing this option again)
      • Player: You know the ceremonial clothes?
      • Rimae Sirsalis: Got any suqah hides you want me to tan?
      • Player: Yes please!
      • Rimae Sirsalis: At 100 gold pieces per hide, that'll cost you... [#] gp.
        • Player: That seems like a fair deal.

Rimae Sirsalis: A pleasure doing business with you!

        • Player: No thanks.
    • Player: It's a very interesting island you have here.
    • Player: I'm good thanks, bye.

The Lunar Cape

  • Player: I'm on the lookout for ceremonial clothing so I can visit my dreams. I don't suppose you could help me out?
  • Pauline Polaris: Ah, I know the ceremony very well. Maybe I can help. I do have a cape, but why would I want to give it to some random person off the streets?
  • Player: Because you're a kind person and like helping people in need?
  • Pauline Polaris: Nice try. But I am always glad to help a person in need, if they can demonstrate some insight.
  • Player: I'm listening...
  • Pauline Polaris: How about you try to guess my name!
  • Player: Hmmm.
    • Player: Bob?
    • Player: Pauline?
      • Pauline Polaris: Ah, you'd think so, but no. That is my alias. I want you to tell me my REAL name! I have one first name, and a triple barred surname!
      • Player: Oh no. Can't you give me some kind of clue?
      • Pauline Polaris: Let's see... Okay. Change a letter from the word Dane to get my first name. The first part of my surname rhymes with wood, the third part rhymes with spade and the second rhymes with magic.
        • Player: Dave Floob-Raid-Traid
        • Player: Jave Nag-Brabik-Faide
        • Player: Jane Blud-Hagic-Maid
          • Pauline Polaris: That's it! Well done.
          • Player: Woo hoo! Not the most normal name is it?
          • Pauline Polaris: It's not my fault my parents had an over active imagination.
          • Player: Sounds like they were totally insane.
          • Pauline Polaris: Do you want this cape or not?
          • Player: Sorry, yes please.
        • Player: June Slagit-Magic-Aade
    • Player: Tina?

The Lunar Amulet

  • Player: Hi. Say, that's a nice amulet you're wearing.
  • Meteora: Wot?
  • Player: On your head.
  • Meteora: I ain't gat no amulet on me ed.
  • Player: You have, I can see it.
  • Meteora: Oh ah, is a replacmant for me lucky tiara, yeah?
  • Player: Your lucky tiara? What happened to it?
  • Meteora: Ah, is bad, yeah? One o doews Suqah did nick it. Wish I ad it back, yeah.
  • Player: I see wot I cen do, yeah? I mean, I'll see what I can do.
  • Meteora: Gud.
After retrieving the tiara
  • Player: Hi.
  • Meteora: Yo yo yo! You got me tiara yet?
  • Player: I have indeed, want to trade?
  • Meteora: Sure, yeah, gimmie it yo.

The Lunar Ring

  • Player: Hello there.
  • Selene: Greetings sweetie. How can I help?
    • Player: Can you tell me a bit about your people?
      • Selene: Ok. Like what?
      • Player: How about the values of the Moon clan?
      • Selene: Let me see... We value knowledge of self because it is this that gives us our strength! It is most important!
      • Player: Well... I know things about myself. I know I like hot chocolate!
      • Selene: I was meaning something a little deeper than that. We also like to see someone listen. You know how they say a wise man listens?
      • Player: ...
      • Selene: Did you hear me?
      • Player: ... I'm listening.
      • Selene: Most wise.
      • Player: Huh?
    • Player: I'm looking for a ring.
      • Selene: Well there are a great many rings darling, try to be more specific.
      • Player: It's to go with the ceremonial clothes I need for visiting the dream land.
      • Selene: Ah, I see. I'm afraid to say I don't have one of those. But... I do know that my grandfather hid such a ring, but he passed away a long time ago. There is a chance he buried it though.
      • Player: Buried it? Why would he do a thing like that?
      • Selene: He was an archaeologist. Well, more of a treasure hunter. When I was little he always used to bury items around the island and give me clues and maps to find them. If you're lucky you might find one of those rings.
      • Player: It's worth a shot.
      • Selene: I remember those days fondly, hours of digging around, dodging boulders, pits of snakes...
      • Player: About that ring...
      • Selene: Ah, yes. The clue I have written down here says: From water's source you should follow, crossing the western-most bridge and travelling further south-westerly to a bloom of blue.
      • Player: Thanks... I hope.
    • Player: I'm not going to talk to someone that calls me 'sweetie'?

Handing It All In

  • Player: Hi, could you refresh my memory: what am I supposed to be doing?
  • Oneiromancer: Well you need to be making your Lunar clothes.
  • Player: I've got the Lunar helm!
  • Oneiromancer: Well done, I'll take that for safe keeping.
  • Player: I've got the Lunar torso!
  • Oneiromancer: Well done, I'll take that for safe keeping.
  • Player: I've got the Lunar trousers!
  • Oneiromancer: Well done, I'll take that for safe keeping.
  • Player: I've got the Lunar gloves!
  • Oneiromancer: Well done, I'll take that for safe keeping.
  • Player: I've got the Lunar boots!
  • Oneiromancer: Well done, I'll take that for safe keeping.
  • Player: I've got the Lunar cape!
  • Oneiromancer: Well done, I'll take that for safe keeping.
  • Player: I've got the Lunar amulet!
  • Oneiromancer: Well done, I'll take that for safe keeping.
  • Player: I've got the Lunar ring!
  • Oneiromancer: Well done, I'll take that for safe keeping. Ah you have everything! Good work! Now, I'm going to give you some magic kindling from the first magic tree that ever grew. I shall also give you back your ceremonial clothes which I want you to put on, take hold of the Lunar staff, pour your potion on this kindling and burn it on the giant brazier in the centre of town. If you've done all this correctly, you'll be transported to the land of dreams. I can't help you from there on, that all depends upon your understanding of your self. Good luck!
  • Player: Thanks!

The Dream Realm

Dream Denizens

  • Player: What's going on?
  • Ethereal Man: Don't you know, you're in the land of your own dreams!
  • Player: But you can't know you're in a dream whilst dreaming, you'd wake up!
  • Ethereal Man: Well, this is a waking sleep.
  • Player: Ok. So how do I wake up?
  • Ethereal Man: Just use this lecturn – it's the book of your life, all that has been, all that is and blank pages for all that will be. In reading this you will return your mind to reality and the continuous world.
  • Player: This all seems very deep. What am I supposed to do now?
  • Ethereal Man: That is totally up to you. This is a test, it wouldn't be fair if I gave you the answers now would it? But I can tell you that there is a selection of tasks that you can choose from. I like to call them, 'A game of chance', 'Communicating in numbers', 'Chop, chop, chop away', 'Where am I?', 'The race is on!', and 'Anything you can do...'.
  • Player: This is the strangest place I have ever been.
  • Ethereal Man: Then you don't know your mind too well, do you!
  • Player: Good point.

'The race is on!'

Ethereal Expert

  • Player: This looks like an interesting island.
  • Ethereal Expert: Oh it is. Fancy a race!?!
  • Player: What? That's a but sudden. What kind of race?
  • Ethereal Expert: I bet I can beat you to the other end of this island, I'll take the left route and you can take the right.
  • Player: That doesn't seem fair – mine's all curvy and yours is straight.
  • Ethereal Expert: Well, that's life I'm afraid, it's never as easy as you would like, you have to take the path that's dealt!
  • Player: If you insist.
  • Ethereal Expert: You'll see, so how about it?
    • Player: Ok.
    • Player: No thanks.
After winning the race
  • Player: I won!
  • Ethereal Expert: Noooo! How could you beat me? Very well.
  • Player: I'm just making the most of the abilities I worked hard to develop. That's all!
  • Ethereal Expert: True. A very important thing to remember! Now be gone!

Ethereal Man

  • Player: Hi.
  • Ethereal Man: Have you learnt anything?
  • Player: Well... I found myself on a sort of race course, facing an opponent. He had a straight route to travel, but mine was weaving and littered with obstacles. He has it easy and I seemed to have the hard route. But I still beat him.
  • Ethereal Man: And what lesson do you suppose that teaches?
  • Player: I had the more difficult path to travel, but I was faster and wanted it more – I hurried through it while he just walked. That shows a few things, not all paths are easy to take, but if you want to succeed, and are willing to put in the effort you can come out successful.
  • Ethereal Man: Very, very good!

'Chop, chop, chop away'

Ethereal Perceptive

  • Player: Hello.
  • Ethereal Perceptive: Why ello young sir. Do yow like me troys?
  • Player: Troys? Oh trees?
  • Ethereal Perceptive: Ya, troys.
  • Player: They're very nice, but you seem to have been chopping some down.
  • Ethereal Perceptive: Well, ya. Hey, bet you canna chop dem troys.
  • Player: I dunno.
  • Ethereal Perceptive: Ya dunno? Wew you godda know what yow can dow. Ow can you judge wot you need ta practice or learn?
  • Player: Fine. I can chop down trees.
  • Ethereal Perceptive: Ok, chop longs and pile e mint centar. First ta twenty wins.
  • Player: So I have to chop down trees and place twenty logs in the center, first to do so wins.
  • Ethereal Perceptive: Wew ya.
    • Player: Ok, let's go!
      • Ethereal Perceptive: You got a hatchet?
        • (If not)
          • Player: Not on me, no.
          • Ethereal Perceptive: We ow you gonna chop dem troys? I can give yow a bronze hatchet, but nowt more.
          • Player: Thanks.
    • Player: Not just yet.
After winning the competition
  • Ethereal Perceptive: Wew done. I can see you do have a good command ov yur abilitoys.
  • Player: Thanks.
  • Ethereal Perceptive: Remember this, yow need to know wot you can do so ya know what to learn. Now off ya go!

Ethereal Man

  • Player: Hi.
  • Ethereal Man: Have you learnt anything?
  • Player: Well... I went to an area where I had to cut down trees as fast as I could! I had to do it against another man, and he kept asking me questions on what I could achieve.
  • Ethereal Man: And your thoughts on its meaning?
  • Player: This is tricky. I think it was showing the importance of being able to know your own abilities and having confidence in them. You need this to beat opposition in whatever form that might present itself.
  • Ethereal Man: I am very impressed.

'Where am I?'

Ethereal Guide

  • Player: Hello there.
  • Ethereal Guide: You know everything is a journey!
  • Player: A journey? Don't talk to me about journeys! I'm surprised I have any feet left with all the walking I have to do!
  • Ethereal Guide: I know. I know. But at every step, it was important that you knew where you had been, where you were and where you were headed.
  • Player: To be honest, I spend a lot of my time not knowing a single one of those things!
  • Ethereal Guide: Let's see how you fare in here. Try and get to the other side and you'll see what I mean.
  • Player: Very well.
After making it across
  • Ethereal Guide: Well done! So tell me, what have you learned?
  • Player: I think I understand better now: it is very useful to be able to remember where you have been, where you are and where you are headed. I need all three to progress, unless I worked with trial and error, which you do sometimes have to do I suppose when looking into the future as the future is undecided.
  • Ethereal Guide: Very deep! Excellent, I'm glad you learnt something. I shall send you back!

Ethereal Man

  • Player: Hi.
  • Ethereal Man: Have you learnt anything?
  • Player: Well... I went to this place with loads of platforms. I had to jump across them, but some of them weren't real and I fell away as I stepped on them. I had to remember where I was on the grid and recall the route I was taking.
  • Ethereal Man: Interesting. Do you have any interpretations?
  • Player: I suppose there is a great deal of importance in knowing where you are and where you are going. Having goals and remembering your past. It helps you make the right decisions!
  • Ethereal Man: Bingo!

'A game of chance'

Ethereal Fluke

  • Player: Hello.
  • Ethereal Fluke: Let's have a game, [Player]! It's a game of luck! Or is it... Hahaha!
  • Player: Erm... I'm scared. What?
  • Ethereal Fluke: Look around and you'll see a selection of dice. I will call out a number. You must then roll over the dice to get the top faces adding up to create that number. For example. If I said '15', you'd have to turn over the dice to get the following numbers at the top: 6 + 4 + 2 + 1 +1 +1 = 15, but the dice are perhaps not all that random!
  • Player: Ok...
  • Ethereal Fluke: The number you want is: [Number].
After winning
  • Ethereal Fluke: You've done it! Good work. Remember: It is important to respect that luck plays a part in things, but that doesn't mean there is not a reason and logic behind your surroundings. If you look hard enough you can see the reason.
  • Player: Ok. Thanks!
  • Ethereal Fluke: Ok, back you go!

Ethereal Man

  • Player: Hi.
  • Ethereal Man: Have you learnt anything?
  • Player: Well... I visited this strange platform covered in dice. I was then challenged to turn over selected dice in what seemed like a game of chance. But I think there was some logic behind it all.
  • Ethereal Man: What do you suppose that means then?
  • Player: Got it! You have to appreciate that there is always a certain level of the unknown in life, but there is always an answer, you just have to play the game and hope that you'll succeed.
  • Ethereal Man: Spot on.

'Anything you can do...'

Ethereal Mimic

  • Player: Hello there. What's going on?
  • Ethereal Mimic: Follow my lead!
  • Player: Huh, wait a sec, who are...
  • Ethereal Mimic: See what you will learn! Tee hee hee.
  • Player: You're not all there are you?
  • Ethereal Mimic: Hey! This is your dream! So what do you say?
    • Player: Suppose I may as well have a go.
      • Ethereal Mimic: Follow!
    • Player: I think I'll pass.
After winning
  • Ethereal Mimic: Yep, you've got it! You soon picked that up! Can you see how important it is to be able to communicate and relate with others? You can gain a lot of knowledge from it.
  • Player: I see. There's a lot more to communication than words. Thank you.
  • Ethereal Mimic: Ok, back you go!

Ethereal Man

  • Player: Hi.
  • Ethereal Man: Have you learnt anything?
  • Player: Well... I found myself meeting a man that only seemed to interact using body language. I basically mimicked what he was doing and before I knew what was happening, it felt like we were friends. It was very strange.
  • Ethereal Man: That's dreams for you. But there must have been some logic behind it!
  • Player: Yeah, I think it was illustrating the importance of being able to relate to others, and that a great deal of thoughts and emotions are shared between people. We can learn a lot from each other, so I suppose friend relations are important.
  • Ethereal Man: That seems about right to me.

'Communicating in numbers'

Ethereal Numerator

  • Player: Hello there. What's going on here?
  • Ethereal Numerator: 127369186!
  • Player: Huh?
  • Ethereal Numerator: 879732749 31764 762 908723089?
  • Player: This is too weird. I...caaannooot...uuunnnnderstaaaand...youuuu!
  • Ethereal Numerator: Oh sorry. I'm not 7676908 used 768 to speaking 1324719 like this. It's not 90181 easy 901823 890 to talk 13127 without 90809 saying 90789 numbers.
  • Player: That's ok. So what is the point of this place?
  • Ethereal Numerator: I dunno. Fancy a 4354353 game? Try and 353 complete these 43553 43543 sequences using 56367 the numbers around 24757 27 you! You will have to tell me the next two numbers in the sequence.
  • Player: Erm, ok, I can't turn down an offer in this place.
After winning
  • Ethereal Numerator: That's it! I think 34132421 you've got 12341 the hang of 124151 this now!
  • Player: Phew!
  • Ethereal Numerator: Please remember this: You must 23235 be able to 23526 communicate and understand 26243 others, they 2627422 have wisdom and 4363472 experience to 235725 share!
  • Player: Yeah, yeah. What now?
  • Ethereal Numerator: Off you go!

Ethereal Man

  • Player: Hi.
  • Ethereal Man: Have you learned anything?
  • Player: Well... I went to this area where I had to play this strange game involving numbers. I had to understand what this guy was saying, but he was mainly talking in numbers. It was most weird.
  • Ethereal Man: And did you learn anything from this? What do you suppose this part of your dream was trying to tell you?
  • Player: To me it was about trying to understand someone else to proceed I suppose.
  • Ethereal Man: Exactly. By understanding others around you and through communication with your surroundings you can in turn learn a great deal about yourself.

One Last Trial

The Six Core Lessons

  • Ethereal Man: That's it! You've learnt the 6 core lessons: Make sense of others to understand yourself, you must be able to relate to others, you must use your abilities to progress, you must be aware of your past and present to help you in the future, you must harness your confidence, and you must appreciate the unknown.
  • Player: Excellent. Now what?
  • Ethereal Man: There is one more challenge you must face. I can't tell you what to expect, you are still being tested. Would you like to face your final challenge?
    • Player: Of course, I'm ready.
    • Player: I'm not ready yet, give me some time.

Me, Myself, and I

(Possible phrases - incomplete)

  • Me: Are you me? Am I you?
  • Me: You do know those clothes make you look fat!
  • Me: Call that an attack? Try this one on for size!
  • Me: Oooo. Get you! Strong words from such a weed!
  • Player: Leave me alone... Me...

Back to Reality

  • Player: I did it! I confronted myself!
  • Ethereal Man: Well done, I think your lesson is complete, best you wake yourself up! Go read the book on the lecturn.
Reading the book
  • Are you sure you want to read and return to reality?
    • Option 1: Yes
      • Player: Let's see what this says... It seems to be my life story... 'It was in the age of the fifth that a child was born of simple beginnings. Even though [he/she] started [his/her] life with little money to [his/her] name, and nothing but a dream of adventure, [he/she] began [his/her] career by...'
    • Option 2: No
After 'waking up'
  • Player: Huh? Was it all a dream?

An Open Mind

  • Player: I've done it! I understand now!
  • Oneiromancer: You do, I'm not sure I believe you. Tell me what you've learnt.
  • Player: To start with, six very important things I needed to know of myself: Make sense of others to understand yourself, you must be able to relate to others, you must use your abilities to progress, you must be aware of your past and present to help you in the future, you must harness your confidence, and you must appreciate the unknown.
  • Oneiromancer: That's great! I would never have imagined someone from mainland could have had such an open mind to learn such things! I shall spread the word among our people. After this I can't see why we can't start to get along.
  • Player: Excellent. I think if you make contact with the Fremennik, and tell them your willingness to communicate and share, you'll find plenty of eager ears.
  • Oneiromancer: Well done! You must be rewarded for this great deed. You're now more than welcome to use the altar behind me to craft the astral runes that we use here on the island. These runes will allow you to use a new set of spells. Simply pray at the altar behind me to gain the knowledge.
  • Player: Thanks!
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