This transcript involves dialogue with Blanin, Droalak, Dron, Jorral, King Lathas, Melina, and Silver Merchant.

The Outpost

  • Player: Hi there.
  • Jorral: All is lost!
  • Player: Sorry?
  • Jorral: Just look around you! This great building will soon be in ruin.
  • Player: Great building?
  • Jorral: Of course! This building has a history spanning generations!
  • Player: Ah, I see, a great history. But why will it be in ruin?
  • Jorral: It's to be ripped apart to make way for King Lathas' new alchemists' lab.
  • Player: Does the king not respect the outpost's G R E A T history?
  • Jorral: Well, actually nobody knows what the history is. But there must be something. Wait a minute. You could help me!
  • Player: Me?
  • Jorral: Yes! Uncover the history of this building to convince King Lathas to leave it alone. Do you want to know more?
    • Player: Tell me more.
      • Jorral: That's what I like to hear.
      • (Cutscene - Viewing the outpost)
      • Jorral: With many occupants over the years, the building has seen much action. It started life as an outpost. Its sole purpose: to see incoming armies before they saw the city of Ardougne.
      • (Cutscene ends)
      • Jorral: If all goes well, I hope to be able to turn it into a museum as a monument to the area's history. What do you think?
        • Player: OK – I will make a stand for history!
          • Jorral: Oh, thank you so much, you really are my saviour!
          • Player: But where should I start? What do I need to do now?
          • Jorral: There are three people that may be able to help:
            • Option 1: A trader in Ardougne
              • Jorral: There is a silver trader in East Ardougne called Erin, who I believe can help.
              • Player: In what way can he help?
              • Jorral: His Great Grandfather lived in this outpost according to the records. He must know something!
              • Player: OK, I'll see what he has to say.
            • Option 2: A ghost in Port Phasmatys
              • Jorral: I've been told that there's a ghost far off in Port Phasmatys that moans of losing his life to this place.
              • Player: Sounds ominous. Does he have a name?
              • Jorral: He does indeed. It's Droalak.
              • Player: I'll track him down.
              • Jorral: It might not be so simple! You'll need an amulet of ghostspeak to talk to him!
              • Player: I've conversed with the undead before, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.
            • Option 3: A warrior in Rellekka
              • Jorral: Up near the mountains, in Rellekka there is a warrior called Dron whom I have spoken to in the past. He is always on the lookout for information that can improve his fighting and commanding skills.
              • Player: And how's he related to this outpost?
              • Jorral: He isn't directly, but he's studied many wars, and as this used to be an outpost it should have been involved in some war.
              • Player: That sounds simple enough.
              • Jorral: He isn't the easiest person to talk to so you may need to speak to his brother, Blanin, first.
        • Player: I don't care about some dusty building.
    • Player: I don't care about some dusty building.
    • Jorral It's doomed. DOOMED!
Speak to Jorral again
  • Player: What's the story so far?
    • Jorral: What do you mean? You've discovered nothing!
  • Player: What do I need to do now?
  • Player: Got to go, bye!
Speak to Jorral again with the journal but none other parts completed
  • Player: What's the story so far?
    • Jorral: From the journal you received detailing the experiences of a follower of Zamorak, we know that Zamorak followers were living in the outpost at some point, and that they were being a nuisance to Ardougne but the[sic]
    • Jorral: Journal ends abruptly, I think they were halted by someone, some force.
Speak to Jorral again with the journal and barbarian done but not the ghost
  • Player: What's the story so far?
    • Jorral: From the two pieces of evidence, we know that the outpost was occupied by followers of Zamorak who caused havoc to the nearby city of Ardougne. Ardougne called in some Saradomin followers to deal with the problem. The two sides were led by ex-friends who settled their differences and decided to worship Guthix. But who survived and what happened to them?

Making History

Silver Merchant

  • Silver Merchant: Silver! Silver! Best prices for buying and selling in all Kandarin!
    • Player: Yes please.
    • Player: No, thank you.
    • Player: Are you Erin?
      • Silver Merchant: That I am. What do you want? You realise I'm working here.
      • Player: This shouldn't take too long. I just wanted to ask you a bit about your great Grandfather, the one who lived in the outpost?
      • Silver Merchant: What's it to you?
      • Player: I'm doing some research for a man called Jorral. Apparently the King is going to make the outpost into his very own alchemists' lab.
      • Silver Merchant: That can only cause chaos! Well, my great-grandfather lived and died there according to my mother, but even she knows very little about him.
      • Player: I see.
      • Silver Merchant: The only thing I have of his is a key. It's a strange key, it changes temperature by itself as you walk around. I'm afraid I don't know what it's for, though.
      • Player: No idea at all?
      • Silver Merchant: Well, I imagine it's to some sort of chest of his belongings as it's too small for a door. Perhaps if you find some of his belongings you will discover some clues amongst them.
      • Player: It's better than nothing. Will you lend it to me then?
      • Silver Merchant: Why not, I can't use it anyway. Try feeling its change in temperature as you walk around.
Speaking to the Silver Merchant again
  • Player: I haven't found anything yet.
  • Silver Merchant: Keep trying. Have you noticed that the key changes temperature as you walk around?
  • If the player loses the key, continue
  • Player: That's kind of hard because I lost the key.
  • Silver Merchant: I was waiting for you to say that...because I just found it! Take it and don't lose it!
Speaking to the Silver Merchant again with the chest
  • Player: I found a chest!
  • Silver Merchant: I wonder what is inside.
Speaking to the Silver Merchant again with the journal
  • Player: Would you like to see the journal I have found?
  • Silver Merchant: Let's have a look.
  • Erin reads the journal.
  • Silver Merchant: Very interesting. Best you show it to Jorral at the outpost.
  • Player: I was just about to. Do you want the key back?
  • Silver Merchant: Keep it, it may come in handy.

The Enchanted Key

Use the Enchanted Key to locate the correct spot

You use the spade and find a chest. Wonder what's inside?

Open the chest

You look in the chest and find a journal, and then you throw away the chest.

Port Phasmatys

Marital Problems

  • Player: Hello. Are you Droalak?
  • Droalak: Wow. I haven't spoken to the living for... for... I don't remember how long.
  • Player: So your name I S Droalak?
  • Droalak: Sorry, yes. I am he.
  • Player: Great. Do you know anything about the outpost north of Ardougne?
  • Droalak: I don't really like to talk about it, but I died there.
  • Player: Oh dear.
  • Droalak: I do have a scroll which might interest you that describes the timeline of the outpost. But first I wonder if I could ask you to tie up a problem?
  • Player: Like what?
  • Droalak: Well, I left to go to the outpost against the wishes of my wife. I promised I would return to her, but obviously I did not as I died there. She's a ghost nearby, but won't listen to my apologies.
  • Player: You want me to patch things up?
  • Droalak: Yes, how'd you guess?
  • Player: Call it "traveller's intuition".
  • Droalak: OK, well perhaps you could give her a strung sapphire amulet, because this is what I gave her the day I left. Her name is Melina by the way.
  • Player: No problem.
Talking to Droalak again
  • Player: What do you want me to do again?
  • Droalak: Make a strung sapphire amulet and give it to Melina!
  • Player: Ok. Ok.
Talking to Droalak again with a Sapphire amulet
  • Player: I have a sapphire amulet!
  • Droalak: Good work. Just give it to Melina, who's wandering somewhere nearby.

Patching Things Up

If the player doesn't have an amulet
  • Player: Hi
  • Melina: Oh why did he leave me? Did he truly love me?
  • Player: Erm. I think you're talking about Droalak. I believe he did love you and he's very sorry for leaving you!
  • Melina: You're giving me empty words. That is all.
If the player has an amulet
  • Player: Are you Melina?
  • Melina: That I am. What's it to you?
  • Player: I've been talking to Droalak. I believe he left you but never returned.
  • Melina: He did. I suppose he has asked you to tell me he's sorry. What an empty gesture!
  • Player: Well actually he told me to give you this amulet.
  • Melina: A sapphire amulet! He remembers! It's just like the one he gave me before he left.
  • Player: I honestly believe he's sorry.
  • Melina: I'm so glad. Please, tell him I forgive him!
  • Player: I will.
  • Melina: At last I feel complete. Farewell.
  • Player: Goodbye.

Ancient History

  • Player: I've given her the amulet. She was very pleased and said she just wanted to know you still cared.
  • Droalak: Excellent! I am so glad she believes me. I can finally rest in peace.
  • Player: Could I have that scroll you mentioned first?
  • Droalak: Of course. Let me know if it was of any use and then I can be forever free.
  • Player: Thank you.
If you talk to Droalak again
  • Droalak: Take that scroll to Jorral in the outpost.
If you talk to Droalak again without the scroll
  • Player: Thanks for the scroll, but I seem to have lost it.
  • Droalak: It's a good job I stuck around then, isn't it! Have another copy.


A Rude Welcome

  • Player: Excuse me.
  • Dron: Look, I don't have time for weaklings, if you want conversation, talk to my brother Blanin!

Study Session

  • Player: Hello there. Are you the brother of Dron?
  • Blanin: That I am. Why? Has he killed one of your family?
  • Player: Not that I know of...
  • Blanin: Oh good, how can I help you?
  • Player: Well I'd like to talk to your brother Dron about the outpost north of Ardougne.
  • Blanin: I'm afraid he's not easy to talk to, so it's good that you came to see me. You'll need to remember a few things when talking to him.
  • Player: Like?
  • Blanin: You must be firm with him and don't mention that I sent you. In case he asks, he wields an iron mace in battle, eats rats for breakfast, kittens for lunch, and bunnies for tea! His favourite drink is red spider blood, he's 36 years, 8 months and 21 days old, studies famous battles of the Fourth and Fifth Ages, lives on the northeast side of town, and his, erm... pet cat is called Fluffy.
  • Player: O... kay...
  • Blanin: I know this sounds strange, but Dron won't talk to anyone unless they know him well – he's a secretive guy.

Pop Quiz

  • Player: I need to talk to you.
  • Dron: Why should I?
    • Option 1:
    • Player: Erm, sorry. I don't mean to cause offence.
      • Dron: Don't waste my time!/You know nothing!/Wrong, wrong, wrong!
    • Option 2:
    • Player: Please don't hurt me.
      • Dron: Don't waste my time!/You know nothing!/Wrong, wrong, wrong!
    • Option 3:
    • Player: I'm after important answers.
      • Dron: But how do you know me?
      • Option 1:
        • Player: I just talked to your brother.
        • Dron: Don't talk of my brother. He's not on my good side at the moment.
      • Option 2:
        • Player: Why, you're the famous warrior Dron!
        • Dron: If so, what weapon do I use?
          • Player: An iron axe.
          • Player: An iron mace.
            • (Correct Option)
          • Player: A steel mace.
        • Dron: When do I like to eat rats?
          • Player: Breakfast.
            • (Correct Option)
          • Player: Tea.
          • Player: Lunch.
        • Dron: When are kittens best devoured?
          • Player: Tea.
          • Player: Lunch.
            • (Correct Option)
        • Dron: What do I usually eat for tea?
          • Player: Bunnies.
            • (Correct Option)
          • Player: Kittens.
          • Player: Puppies.
        • Dron: What colour spider blood tastes the best?
          • Player: Green.
          • Player: Red.
            • (Correct Option)
          • Player: Blue.
        • Dron: How many years old am I?
          • Player: 38.
          • Player: 36.
            • (Correct Option)
        • Dron: and months?
          • Player: 8.
            • (Correct Option)
          • Player: 21.
          • Player: 5.
        • Dron: What are the most interesting ages for battles?
          • Player: Fourth.
          • Player: Third and Fourth.
          • Player: Fifth and Fourth.
            • (Correct Option)
        • Dron: And my house is situated where?
          • Player: North side of the town.
          • Player: Northwest side of the town.
          • Player: North East side of town.
            • (Correct Option)
        • Dron: What is my brother's name?
          • Player: Blanin.
            • (Correct Option)
          • Player: Dave.
          • Player: Blanon.
        • Dron: And my pet cat is called?
          • Player: Fluffy.
            • (Correct Option)
          • Player: Snowy.
        • Dron: What's 5 plus 7?
          • Player: 12, but what does that have to do with anything?
            • Dron: Everything! Besides, it's 13!
            • Player: Er, I think you'll find it's 12.
            • Dron: ... .......... Very well, you seem to know me quite well, I'll answer your questions best I can.
            • Player: Phew!
            • Dron: Well, what are they then?
            • Player: I'm trying to find out the history of the outpost near Ardougne. I was hoping you could help me.
            • Dron: Let me see. Ah yes, I remember reading of a battle that took place at the outpost many years ago. Two ex-friends led forces in a small battle that ended with them pitted against each other at the top of the outpost as the sole survivors because of their superior strength.
            • Player: Ex-friends?
            • Dron: They were once friends but a difference in their beliefs meant they fell out. One chose to follow the god Zamorak, whilst the other chose Saradomin. But finding themselves in this extreme situation at the top of the outpost caused them to see the errors of their ways, like the waste of life, the lost friendship and wasted time. They both then decided to unite under Guthix.
            • Player: Ah, I like happy endings.
            • Dron: You would.
            • Player: Thank you, I can report this back to Jorral now.
            • Dron: Anything else?
            • Player: Well, I was wondering how you get the blood stains out of your clothes?
            • Dron: BE GONE!
          • Player: 14.

Any wrong answer results in him saying "Don't waste my time!/You know nothing!/Wrong, wrong, wrong!"

Returning to Jorral

  • Player: Hi there.
  • Jorral: How's it going?
  • Player: I found a journal!
  • Jorral: Good work. Let's see what it says.

Jorral reads through the journal

  • Jorral: The person who wrote the journal spent time living in the outpost, following the order of Zamorak.
  • Player: I see.
  • Jorral: He talks of all the nasty things they did to the people of Ardougne, which I don't care to mention! It looks like they were stopped by someone. But it doesn't say who.
  • Player: Interesting.
  • Player: I've talked to the warrior.
  • Jorral: Excellent! What did he say?
  • Player: Well...


  • Player: And then I asked him about getting the blood stains out of his clothes, but he didn't like that!
  • Jorral: It seems you're lucky he didn't beat you up! Well done, that's another piece of the puzzle.
  • Player: I have been in contact with the ghost you suggested, and I've recovered this.

Jorral skims over the contents of the scroll.

  • Jorral: Very interesting. So there was a great battle at the outpost Then one of the survivors became king, and the other started the market place. Good work. It all makes sense now, I never realized there was quite so much history to this place, it was more than I could have hoped.
  • Player: I'm glad to hear. What's the whole story?
  • Jorral: Many years ago, there were two friends who fell out over their difference of opinion in religion. One decided to dedicate his life to Saradomin, the other to Zamorak. Years passed and the follower of Zamorak moved into this outpost with a group of others to cause havoc for the city of Ardougne. The people of the city called upon some Saradomin followers, who happened to be led by the other friend. A battle ensued that ended with the two ex-friends at the top of the outpost as the sole survivors. Realising their mistakes they made friends again. One decided to become King and spread the word of equality, and the other chose to start up a market where all could trade their wares equally and fairly. The one that became king is the great grandfather of the King Lathas that we know!
  • Player: So what should I do now?
  • Jorral: Well, what I'll do is write down the details you have provided in a more easy to digest manner, along with my plans for using this building as a museum.
  • Player: Then I suppose you want M E to deliver it to the king?
  • Jorral: You've got that right!
Speaking to Jorral again
  • Jorral: Have you taken that letter to King Lathas in Ardougne yet?
  • Player: No, sorry.
  • Jorral: Any time soon would be great.
Speaking to Jorral again without the letter
  • Player: Don't suppose you could give me the letter again?
  • Jorral: Ok. Just don't lose it again!

Saving the Outpost

King Lathas

  • Player: Excuse me. I have been asked to hand you this from Jorral at the outpost.
  • King Lathas: I see.

The King reads the letter.

  • King Lathas: I had no idea that place had any value at all! All this about my great-grandfather and Jorral's plans to make it into a museum makes for a convincing case.
  • Player: I am sure he only wants what is best.
  • King Lathas: Very well, I will comply with his request. Take this letter back to him with my kind regards.
  • Player: Thank you.
Talking to King Lathas again
  • King Lathas: Have you taken that letter to Jorral yet?
  • Player: I'm working on it!
Talking to King Lathas again without the letter
  • Player: Excuse me sire, but I seem to have lost that letter you gave me.
  • King Lathas: Very well, take another.

Delivering the Good News

  • Player: I've been to see the king and he gave me this letter.
  • Jorral: Quick, let me see.

Jorral reads the letter

  • Jorral: Hurrah! Good work, you've done it. You've saved the outpost!
  • Player: My pleasure.
  • Jorral: I can now continue with my plans for this place. Thank you.


  • Jorral: Take a look at the artefacts in the new museum room. You may find something of interest.

Post-Quest Dialogue


  • Player: How's the outpost?
    • Jorral: It's perfectly good. Thanks for the help again. Feel free to browse the room next door.
  • Player: Anything else I can help you with?

The Outpost

South Display Case

Inside the case are three items, the first is a helmet, and its card reads: 'The helm worn by Wally in his defeat of Delrith the Demon 150 years ago.'

Next is a battle axe, its card reads: 'The axe of Arrav, left behind by accident before he journeyed for the shield to save the people of Avarrocka.'

Lastly are a pair of old boots, their card reads: 'These boots were worn by Randas before he was corrupted by Zamorak`s promises of glory.'

The Bookcase

There`s a great variety of books. Which shall you choose?

The East Display Case

Inside the case is a giant shield, the place reads: 'This shield comes from the Fourth age, when people were fighting to become more settled and less nomadic'.

The Roof Display Case

Inside the case are three items. The first is a flag of Saradomin, and its card reads: 'This flag was held high by an incoming Saradominist force that did battle in the outpost 68 years after the start of the Fifth age. Its good condition is a testament to the importance of such items to warriors of those times.'

Next is an iron mace and its card reads: 'The mace comes from the Fourth age. A time when people were first mining metals and putting them to use. Historians suspect this was one of the first uses for the metal.'

The last object is a flag of Zamorak and its card reads: 'The symbol of Zamorak has made its mark on many items, but none so important as the flag borne into battle. This flag was not only carried into battle, but also had pride of place at the top of this outpost in the years known as The Dread Years of Tragedy'.


  • Player: I have delivered the scroll, you can rest in peace now.
  • Droalak: Thanks for telling me! I've been waiting for ages!
  • Player: Goodbye.
  • Droalak: Bye!
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