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Before King of the Dwarves

After King of the Dwarves

After Birthright of the Dwarves

With Drunken Dwarf III as king

  • Meike: Hello again, Player.
    • Player: What do you think of the new king?
      • Meike: He *is* the new king. I was there when they went through the records, and there really is no doubt this time.
      • Meike: I suppose one of the strengths of a monarchy is that each heir is trained for their role from a young age. You're not going to get that with a restored monarchy.
      • Meike: But even so, I wish it had turned out to be someone who hadn't spent their whole youth wandering the world in a drunken daze!
    • Player: I'm sorry about Veldaban's death.
      • Meike: It's sad...but I know if there had been a way for you to save him, you would have done it.
    • Player: Goodbye.

With Veldaban as king

  • Meike: Hello again, Player.
    • Player: How do you think Veldaban is doing as king now?
      • Meike: He seems to be governing more responsibly now that the Red Axe is off his mind. He's implementing reforms, but he's moving slowly and not antagonising the Consortium. Being king is a heavy responsibility, but he's rising to it.

With the Consortium in power

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