Baby and adult penguin

Conversation 1

  • Penguin: Awk Awk! (This is fun!)
  • Player: What's fun?
  • Penguin: Awk! (This!)
  • Player: I'm glad someone's enjoying themself...

Conversation 2

  • Penguin: Awkawk awk awk. (Dis place is rather dull.)
  • Player: It'll liven up in a while, I'm sure.
  • Penguin: Awkawk awk awk! (I know, let's go visit the zoo!)
  • Player: Hmm, I dunno, the penguins there are a bit shifty. You shouldn't mix with them.

Conversation 3

  • Penguin: Awwk... (I'm much too warm here...)
  • Player: Well, just give me a little while longer and maybe we'll go find some ice for you.
  • Penguin: Awk! Awkawk awk awk. (Yay! Don't be too long.)

Conversation 4

  • Penguin: Awwwwwwwwk? (Are we gonna be here much longer?)
  • Player: Why? Is there some place else where you'd rather be?
  • Penguin: Awk awk awk! (For sure. Somewhere colder! Like the Motherland...)

Conversation 5

This conversation only occurs in snowy areas.

  • Penguin: Awk! (Slide!)
  • Player: You want me to slide?
  • Penguin: Awwwwwwwwwwwwk! (Sliiiiiiide!)
  • Player: I can't; I don't know how. You have fun with it though.
  • Penguin: Awk! (Slide!)
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