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A Simple Favour

Event message

  • The Black Marketeer had a little trouble with some assassins. Speak to him to relive the event.

Talking to the Black Marketeer

  • Play 'A Simple Favour'?
    • Yes.
      • A Simple Favour begins.
    • No.
      • (Non-event dialogue)

Starting the event

  • Screen fades out and then back in. You are now in control of The Black Marketeer.
  • Death Lotus Assassin: Hello again old friend.
  • Black Marketeer: You! I've told you, I want nothing to do with you.
  • Death Lotus Assassin: Hardly our concern. You borrowed a lot of coin from us, Felix.
  • Black Marketeer: I owe you nothing. I've repaid my debt five times over.
  • Death Lotus Assassin: Then perhaps we should talk to your friends here at this port; let them know what you've done...
  • Black Marketeer: No, wait! Fine. I'll help you out, but I'm not killing anyone. Not this time.
  • Death Lotus Assassin: Don't worry, we don't need you to kill anyone, we just need you to look out for our targets. There are five of us around the port, hidden in barrels. All you have to do is find us and then locate our targets for us. We'll take care of the rest.
  • Black Marketeer: Fine, if it gets you out of this port, I'll help.


Help the Black Marketeer work off his debt to the Death Lotus Assassins.
Find the assassins hidden in barrels around the port, each assassin will give you clues as to who their victim is. The victim is one of the Wandering Strangers. When you think you have found their victim, Identify the victim.
If you have selected the right person, the assassin will turn up to "remove" them from the port, otherwise the assassin will give you additional information to help you narrow your search.
Help 3 assassins. There are 5 assassins in total.

Talking to a Death Lotus Assassin

  • If Death Lotus Assassin has not yet given a character description:
    • Death Lotus Assassin may give any one of the following character descriptions:
      • Death Lotus Assassin: My target is a murderer, deserving of this fate.
      • Death Lotus Assassin: My target tried to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy baron, and will pay the price.
      • Death Lotus Assassin: My target was once a dangerous bandit. I'll show no mercy.
  • After Death Lotus Assassin has given a character description:
    • Death Lotus Assassin may give any one of the following appearance descriptions:
      • Death Lotus Assassin: Blue trousers should set my target apart from the crowd.
      • Death Lotus Assassin: The target is wearing red trousers. Can't imagine there are too many of those around the place.

Identifying an incorrect Wandering Stranger

  • Death Lotus Assassin may give any one of the following clues, based on the given target's description:
    • Death Lotus Assassin: No, the target's hat is a different colour.
    • Death Lotus Assassin: Our target is wearing a different style of hat.
    • Death Lotus Assassin: Well, that's not right. Completely the wrong gender, for a start.

Identifying the correct Wandering Stranger

Upon identifying each target

  • Assassin teleports next to the target and strikes the target with a weapon. Target falls. Assassin teleports away.

After identifying the third target

  • Screen fades out and then back in. You are now in control of yourself.

Upon successful event completion

Event Completed
The Death Lotus assassins, their contracts fulfilled, left the port. The Black Marketeer was able to return to the warehouse.

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