In your Player-owned house

Talking to the Prawnbroker

  • What can I do here?
    • Prawnbroker: Every time you catch a golden fish egg, you get a prawn point. You can trade prawn points for prawn perks right here!
    • Prawnbroker: You can also get prawn points from prawn balls. You'll get a prawn perk once you collect 1, 20, 100 and 200 prawn balls in total.
    • Prawnbroker: After handing in a prawn point, I'll give you a choice of prawn perks. These range from baitless fishing to floating shark pets.
    • Prawnbroker: Some perks are locked behind others. You'll have to purchase all of the perks in one tier before you can access the perks in the next tier.
  • I would like to select my perks.
    • You have X prawn points to spend.
      • If you are eligible for a Tier-1 Prawn Perk
        • Gain prawn balls more frequently.
          • You can now gain prawn balls at a greater rate.
        • Rod-fish without using fishing bait.
          • You no longer need bait while rod fishing.
        • Gain a landmark of your choice for your aquarium.
          • (Select an option interface opens)
            • You are now able to place the [Landmark name] decoration in your aquarium!
        • Gain 10 prawn pennies.
          • You are handed 10 prawn pennies.
        • Cancel.
      • Upon unlocking the ability to access the next tier of Prawn Perks
        • You are handed a mystery golden fish egg. You now have access to the next tier of perks.
  • I would like to change some settings.
    • What do you want to change?
      • Settings
      • Fishing Animation
        • I want to turn off my prestige barehanded fishing.
          • Prawnbroker: Fish caught using your bare hands will look like their normal selves.
        • Cancel.
          • (Returns to previous options)
      • Back
        • (Returns to previous options)
  • I would like to claim my bonus Prawn Balls please!
    • If you are not yet eligible to claim bonus Prawn Balls
      • ​Prawnbroker: Come back to me when you have mastered fishing. Then I will honour your achievement with 50 prawn balls.
  • Cancel.
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