This transcript involves dialogue with Cook, Gypsy Aris, Mogre Guard, Murphy, and Nung.

Your Nautical Neighbour

Inspecting Pete

  • Player: How would I go about protecting this nautical fellow from the curse of the culinaromancer then?
  • Gypsy Aris: Hmmm... Wait a moment, my gypsy-sense is tingling...
  • Player: Erm... okay...
  • Gypsy Aris: Ah yes. To immunise him from the culinaromancer's attack, you will need to feed him fishcakes.
  • Player: Fishcakes? What, like chocolate cake with fish instead of chocolate?
  • Gypsy Aris: No... Like small bread crumbed fishy delicacies.
  • Player: Um... So how would I make those then?
  • Gypsy Aris: I don't know. I am a gypsy, not a cook.
  • Gypsy Aris: I don't suppose it occurred to you to ask the actual cook in the room right next door to us?
  • Player: Ooooh yeah... I'll be right back!

Seafood Special

Asking the Cook about protecting the Pirate
  • Player: I can't quite remember how I managed to save that pirate...
  • Cook: The pirate? Yes, you used fishcakes didn't you?
  • Player: I did? Er... I mean I did.
  • Player: Out of interest, could you just help me quickly with that?
  • Player: Can you tell me how to make fishcakes?
  • Cook: Fishcakes? As in with fish eggs and fish milk?
  • Player: Don't be silly, that would never work.
  • Player: Can you check to see if there is a recipe for them?
  • Cook: Of course.
  • The Chef checks one of his cookbooks.
  • Cook: Found it!
  • Cook: Apparently you need Ground Cod, Ground Kelp, Ground Giant Crab Meat and Breadcrumbs.
    • Player: Where do I get Ground Cod?
      • Cook: Well, if you use a pestle and mortar on a raw cod that will grind it up nicely.
    • Player: Where do I get Ground Kelp?
      • Cook: There are apparently some kelp patches off the coast near Rimmington. Murphy knows more about that.
      • Cook: As for the grinding part, all you have to do is use a pestle and mortar on it, that ought to get it sorted.
      • Cook: Murphy also used to bring in Giant Crabs occasionally. He hasn't had any of them in for a while though.
      • Cook: You had best go and have a word with him to see if he can tell you what happened.
    • Player: Where do I get Ground Giant Crab Meat?
      • Cook: Well, Murphy used to bring in Giant Crabs occasionally. He hasn't had any of them for a while though.
      • Cook: You had best go and have a word with him to see if he can tell you what happened.
      • Cook: Oh, and there are apparently some kelp patches off the coast near Rimmington. Murphy knows about that too.
      • Cook: As for the grinding part, all you have to do is use a pestle and mortar on it, that ought to get it sorted.
    • Player: Where do I get Breadcrumbs?
      • Cook: That's easy, all you do is use a knife to slice the bread up into tiny, tiny chunks.
    • Player: What do I do with all of it?
      • Player: What did I do with all of it?
      • Cook: I'm not entirely sure. What am I, an encyclopedia?
      • Cook: I'll have a look through my cookbook while I wait for the ingredients.
      • Player: Ok, I'll go out and get all of the stuff and bring it to you.
      • Cook: Ok.
      • Cook: Is there anything else you need to know?
    • Player: Thanks! [If you have select an option]
      • Cook: No problem!

Deep-Sea Diving

Murphy Ahoy

  • Player: Murphy, what can you tell me about giant crabs?
  • Murphy: Giant Crabs? Why, I used to haul up a few of those whenever I set my nets around Rimmington.
  • Murphy: Why the interest?
  • Player: I need to get some Giant Crab Meat and Kelp. Can you tell me where I can get some?
  • Murphy: Well, the only thing I can think to do is to go down there and look to see if there are any left.
  • Player: Go down there? What do you mean?
  • Murphy: As in under the water!
  • Murphy: Tell me, can you get your hands on a fishbowl?
  • Player: I'm sure I will be able to if I put my mind to it, why do you ask?
  • Murphy: Well, I know how to ring up a handy set of breathing gear that can allow you to keep air inside the fishbowl.
  • Murphy: You just put the barrel of air on your back, with the fishbowl over your head, and then dive over the side.
  • Murphy: It should hold enough air to keep you alive for quite some time.
  • Player: That sounds pretty dangerous.
  • Murphy: Not at all. I'll even weigh anchor with the chain somewhere easy to reach so you can climb out easily enough if you run into trouble.
  • Player: I'm still not happy about this...
  • Murphy: Well, I can't think of any other way to check if you come up with a better plan then feel free to tell me.
  • Murphy: In the meantime I'll wait, and if you want me to take you diving I'll be ready.
  • Murphy: By the way, why are you so interested in crabs all of a sudden?
  • Player: I can't tell you I'm afraid. The very fabric of space and time could collapse!
  • Murphy: O...k...
  • Murphy: Well, I guess some people will do anything for a bit of fresh seafood.

All Geared Up

  • Murphy: Ahoy there! Up for a bit of a swim?
  • Player: I certainly am.
  • Murphy: Great! I'll sort that fishbowl out for you.
  • Murphy attaches some tubes to the backpack and the fishbowl and puts a rubber hood inside.
  • Murphy: There you go.
  • Player: Are you sure this is safe?
  • Murphy: Sure! It's as sound as my ship!
  • Murphy: Want me to take you out now?
    • Player: Yes. Let's go diving.
      • If you don't have the items equipped
        • Murphy: Well I can't take you out until you are properly geared up.
        • Murphy: We lost three diving parties that way!
        • Player: Ok, well I'll just put my diving helmet and diving backpack on.
      • If you have the items equipped
        • Murphy: Ok, let's be off then.
        • Player: Ok, see you soon Murphy!
        • Murphy: Good luck, I'll weigh anchor. Climb up the chain to get aboard.
    • Player: Not just yet.

Under the Sea

Mogre Madness

  • Nung: Hey, silly fishy wit da round head!
  • Player: Me?
  • Nung: Ya! What kinda fishy you's tinkin you are?
  • Player: I'm not any kind of fishy, err, fish.
  • Nung: Well what you doin' here if you's no a fishy?
  • Player: Well I'm trying to get some Giant Crab meat.
  • Nung: Dis fishy is a funny fishy!
  • Nung: Whats this fishy wanting?
  • Player: You see those big crabs? I want one of those.
  • Nung: You's here to stealin' my big crunchy claws?
  • Nung: Nung should smash your stooped round head!
  • Nung: Always the big nettings was taking my big crunchy claws, I put them in the cages, and now you's come to get them.
  • Nung: Swim away little fishy or I eat you till you's dead!
  • Player: Wait, could I buy some of the crab meat?
  • Nung: Silly round head fishy want to swaps big crunchy claws?
  • Nung: Naaah... you no real deal. I bet you no do Nung big favour.
  • Player: Seriously, I need to get that meat. I'll do your big favour if you want.
  • Nung: Hah! Silly round head fishy! If you get Nung 5 big skippy skins, den maybe Nung thinking you ok.
  • Player: Big skippy skins?
  • Nung: Ya, da big skippies live over dere.
  • Nung: You need lotsa big stones to get down dere. Den you kill da big skippies and bring da skins to Nung.
  • Nung: You do dis, den maybe Nung let you swaps da big crunchy claws.
Speaking to Nung again
  • Nung: Hey fishy! You gots da skippy skins?
  • Player: Not yet.
  • Nung: Den no crunchy claws for you!

Dangerous for a Fishy

  • Player: Nung, I have your giant Mudskipper Skins.
  • Nung: What you say? Has da silly round headed fishy got da big skippy skins?
  • Player: Sigh...
  • Player: Yes, I have the big skippy skins.
  • Nung: Silly round head fishy done good! Gimme!
  • You hand over all the mudskipper hides.
  • Nung: Ya, da round head fishy does a good big favour for Nung.
  • Nung: I am thinkin you's ok enough to swaps the giant crunchy claws now.
  • Player: Great! How much do you want for them?
  • Nung: You's gotta get me somefing to make dese hides to a cloak and flippers and hat, den I lets you have all the big crunchy claws you can get.
  • Nung: But it not be easy.
  • Player: Well I'll do it. What do I need? An item of ancient power? Something from the deepest, darkest dungeon in the world?
  • Player: What sort of monsters will I need to fight? I'd best grab myself some potions too.
  • Player: Will there be traps? Should I bring cakes?
  • Nung: Ya, it real dangerous for a fishy.
  • Nung: You's gotta go up to da topsides, and your gotta get a needly-thing and some wirey stuff.
  • Player: A needle.
  • Nung: Ya.
  • Player: And bronze wire.
  • Nung: Ya. Tree wirey stuffs.
  • Player: So, all I have to do is bring you three rolls of bronze wire and a needle, and I can have all the Giant Crabs I can kill?
  • Nung: Ya, but be a sneaky round head fishy. Da topsides has not water for a little fishy like you to breathing.
  • Nung: It REAL dangerous.
  • Player: Yeah, sounds it.
Speaking to Nung again
  • Nung: Has da fish brung Nung the wiry stuff and the needly thing?
  • Player: Not yet.
  • Nung: Nung not supprised, the upsies is real scaredy for da little fishies like you.

Good Little Fishy

  • Player: Nung, I have the needle and wire.
  • Nung: Nung thinks this is a useful fishy he finds. Gimme!
  • Nung: Nung have all da wiry stuff and needly things he needs to make da biggestest skippy skin hat ever!
  • Nung: You's a good little fishy, you eat as many big crunchy claws as you want.
  • Nung: Maybe you get big and strong like Nung!
  • Player: Thanks!
Speaking to Nung again
  • Nung: Hey fishy. If you's a good fishy I might sell yous bitses of skippy skin clothes.
  • Nung: But Nung needs time to makes them first.

Da Big Crunchy Claws

Opening the gate
  • Mogre Guard: Hey! Nung says no fishies...
  • Player: I just spoke to Nung, he said it was ok.
  • Mogre Guard: Well... if Nung say it ok, den go ahead.
  • With the rocks in your pocket you can quite easily land on the sea bed.
  • It is a little slippery, but you should be able to fight normally.

Freeing Pirate Pete

Creating the Fishcake

Speaking to the Cook about fishcakes again
  • Player: Out of interest, could you just help me quickly with that?
  • Player: I have all the ingredients for fishcakes!
  • Cook: Great! Just like before! I've been reading the recipe and I know how to make the fishcakes now.
  • Cook: It's pretty simple actually. All you have to do is use the ingredients on each other and then cook the fishcakes on a range.
  • Player: That's it?
  • Cook: Yes. I thought that there was a page missing from the cookbook because it seemed so easy, but it turns out it really IS that easy!

Perfect for a Pirate

Inspecting Pirate Pete when holding the fishcake
  • Gypsy Aris: Stop messing about and use the fishcakes on him!
Freeing Pirate Pete
  • Gypsy Aris: Good work adventurer, I've teleported them away to safety! You only have [number] council members left to protect!
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