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This transcript involves dialogue with Cook, Emily, Gypsy Aris, and Rohak.

A Friend from the North

Inspecting the Mountain Dwarf

  • Player: How do I protect you I wonder...
  • Gypsy Aris: To protect our short angry friend from the culinaromancer's magics, I suggest that you seek out his father within the mountain tunnel that he guards.
  • Gypsy Aris: His fondness for rock cakes could prove key in freeing him.

Easy as (Rock) Cake

  • Player: That dwarf... I somehow can't remember how I managed to save him...
  • Cook: The dwarf? Oh, yeah, I think that was an easy one, didn't you say?
  • Player: I did? Er, I did.
  • Cook: You went to see his dad in the tunnels under white wolf mountain, and then got some rock cakes, if I remember rightly.
  • Player: Oh yeah... I remember now...
  • Cook: Did you want a reminder on any other of your brave exploits?
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Under the Mountain

Grouchy Old Dwarf

  • Player: ...son...time bubble...culinaromancer...freeze...rockcakes!
  • Old Dwarf: ...
  • Old Dwarf: I have absolutely no clue what you are on about. Sit down, catch your breath and explain please!
  • Player: Ok. Your son, the one who guards the tunnel entrance?
  • Old Dwarf: Oh aye. Good lad he is.
  • Player: Well he's at a special meeting and he's been frozen by the culinaromancer!
  • Old Dwarf: Ok... you lost me again. I just got back from visitin' him up top, he's fine.
  • Player: He's in a TIME BUBBLE!
  • Old Dwarf: Oh that. No no, he's quite ok. That was last week.
  • Player: I need your rock cakes to free him from it.
  • Old Dwarf: You're delusional. Never would old Rohak give away his special recipe, not for all the golden nectar from the Rising Sun!
Talking to Rohak again
  • Rohak: I would never give away me special rock cake recipe, not for all the golden nectar from the Rising Sun!

A Little Persuasion

Talking to Emily about dwarves and ale
  • Player: What can you tell me about dwarves and ale?
  • Emily: Erm... they like it?
  • Player: No no no... I mean what kind of ale do they drink?
  • Emily: Well I know for sure that they enjoy my special recipe.
  • Player: Oh? Would you tell me?
  • Emily: And lose money? I think not!
    • Player: I could offer you some in return, how about 100 gold?
    • Player: I could offer you some in return, how about 200 gold?
    • Player: (Persuade) I'm really quite trustworthy once you get to know me.
      • Player: Oh go on, I'm really quite trustworthy once you get to know me.
      • Emily: Mmmmm... the secret is in the gold. Drop a gold coin into asgarnian ale and you'll get this weird golden ale that the dwarves seem to love. I think they're genetically attracted to gold.
      • Player: Thanks.
      • Emily: Wait... what am I saying? I just gave you the secret!

Asgoldian Ales

  • Player: Here, have a drink.
  • You hand the ale to the dwarf who slurps with a noise of a thousand seals celebrating a rain of fish.
  • Rohak: Is that what I think it is?
  • Player: Maybe!
  • Rohak: That's from the Rising Sun, the barmaid there will never tell me the recipe she uses. It's divine!
  • Player: Thinking of recipes...
  • Rohak: No! I shwears I'll never tell...
  • The dwarf nurses the very last drops of the pint as if he'd really like more.
Handing Rohak a second ale
  • Player: Here, have another.
  • Rohak: Don't mind if I do!
  • Rohak the dwarf looks a bit drunk.
Handing Rohak a third ale
  • Player: I think you deserve another pint.
  • Rohak: Don't mind if I do!
  • Rohak the dwarf looks a little more drunk.
Handing Rohak a fourth ale
  • Player: I'm sure another pint will go down nicely.
  • Rohak: Don't mind if I do!
  • Several beers later...
  • Rohak the dwarf looks very drunk.

Do a Mate a Favour

  • Rohak: Ahhh, yer me besht mate... mate.
  • Player: You're a good friend Rohak, do you think you could do me a favour?
  • Rohak: Fer you [Player]? Fer you I'd... Id... shlide down a shlope of thishtlesh wif no 'elmet on!
  • Player: I don't need you to do that... friend. Just something as simple as baking me some of your wonderful rock cakes. Hmm? For your good friend?
  • Rohak: Fer you! Anyfin'! Fer a price of course!
  • Player: Good. I'm sure I have some gold somewhere!
Talking to Rohak further
  • Player: How much gold do you want to make the cake?
  • Rohak: WHAT?! That wasn't a dream? Oh my aching head...
  • Player: No, not a dream, you agreed to make me your special rock cake, for a fee.
  • Rohak: Oh.
  • Rohak: 100 gold, no less!
  • Rohak: Also, you'll need to get the ingredients too. Milk, flour, egg and bowl of water, mind it's a bowl and not a dirty bucket.
  • You hand over 100 gold.
  • Player: You didn't say I'd have to run around... but ok! Milk, flour, egg, bowl of water... I'll be back!

Hot Off the Stove

  • Player: I have all the items you asked for... is that it? I could make these!
  • Rohak: No you couldn't, there's a special ingredient, but I'm not going to tell you what it is!
  • Player: Well... here's the ingredients anyway.
  • You hand over the ingredients and watch the dwarf make the cake.
  • Rohak places the cake on the table.
  • Rohak: There, as good as my word. Hot rock cakes to my special recipe.
Talking to Rohak after picking up the cake
  • Rohak: Hot any use out of that rock cake I made you [Player]?
  • Player: Not yet but I will. I'm going to save your son.
  • Rohak: I keep tellin you, he's fine!

Freeing the Mountain Dwarf

Cool It

Attempting to free the dwarf with a hot rock cake
  • Gypsy Aris: STOP! What do you think you're doing!
  • Gypsy Aris: You can't feed him red hot rock cakes! You'll kill him! Find a way to cool them down.
  • Player: Oh, ok, I'll find a way to cool them down then.
  • Gypsy Aris: I hear there's a rather chilly reception on top of a rather icey mountain.

Save from the Father

  • Gypsy Aris: Good work adventurer, I've teleported them away to safety! You only have [number] council members left to protect!