At Port Sarim Jail

Talking to Rick Turpentine

  • Rick Turpentine: Stand and deliver?
    • What are you doing?
      • Player: What are you doing?
      • Rick Turpentine: I used to roam the lands robbing travellers and giving the loot to anyone I liked. It was such a happy life, and I didn't really do much harm. Suddenly they've decided that wealth redistribution is a crime, so they've stuck me in here with a stupid mugger. We even have to take turns using the bed! I still shout 'Stand and deliver' at people, but it doesn't really work so well from in here.
      • Player: That's really sad.
      • Rick Turpentine: You could cheer me up by shooting the mugger. I like it when people shoot the mugger. I like it when people shoot the mugger, even though he always comes back.
        • (Shows other options)
    • Hahaha, you're locked up.
      • Player: Hahaha, you're locked up.
      • Rick Turpentine: No need to rub it in!
    • I'm leaving now.
      • Player: I'm leaving now.
      • Rick Turpentine: I guess I'll be here next time you come by.
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