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*'''Drezel:''' Greetings again adventurer. How go your travels in Morytania? Is it as evil as I have heard?
*'''Drezel:''' Greetings again adventurer. How go your travels in Morytania? Is it as evil as I have heard?
*'''Player:''' King Roald sent me to talk to you. Aeonsig is on his way. Have you two figured out anything we can do to strengthen the Salve?
*'''Player:''' King Roald sent me to talk to you. Aeonsig is on his way. Have you two figured out anything we can do to strengthen the Salve?
*'''Ivan Strom:''' Unfortunately not.
*'''Ivan Strom:''' Unfortunately not. If only we knew more about how the barrier was created in the first place.
*'''Drezel:''' yes, well, we don't have Saradomin here to do it for us this time.
*'''Ivan Strom:''' Is there nothing in the library that might help?
*'''Drezel:''' If there were I'd know of it, I'm sure.
*'''Player:''' This isn't looking good. Keep thinking - I'll go see if Aeonsig has arrived. No doubt he'll need help with something.
==Post-Quest Dialogue==
==Post-Quest Dialogue==

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Talking to King Roald

First time

  • Talk about River of Blood.
    • Player: How go your preparations?
    • King Roald: How indeed. Have troops been sent to Paterdomus yet, Aeonisig?
    • Aeonisig Raispher: Captain Roven has a small scouting force ready for travel, my liege.
    • King Roald: Good man! Then let's get to it, shall we? What do you say, Player?
      • (Quest noticeboard opens)
        • Accept Quest
          • King Roald: Splendid.
          • Player: Do you want me to lead Captain Rovin and his scouts to Paterdomus?
          • King Roald: No, I need you to visit the temple's caretakers and see how you can help them. Aeonisig here will be my eyes on the frontline - pack your bags, you're going on a little field trip.
          • Aeonisig Raispher: M-my liege? You want ME to go to Paterdomus? B-but I'm of more use to you here. I'm not a soldier.
          • King Roald: You're going, and that's final, unless you wish to start advising my wife on delphiniums?
          • Aeonisig Raispher: I... No, of course not, my liege. I'll inform Captain Rovin.
          • King Roald: I need to be here to oversee preparations for the army. When I arrive, I expect a FULL report this time - do you understand?
          • Aeonisig Raispher: Y-yes, my liege. I understand.
          • King Roald: Now, please, Player, go ahead and meet with Drezel and your friend. Aeonisig shall join you there shortly, at the old watchtower by the start of the beacon network.
        • Not Right Now
          • [missing]
  • Talk about the beacons.
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
  • Ask about the kingdom.
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
  • Ask about the protected tree.
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
  • Greet the king.
    • (Non-quest dialogue)

Before accepting the quest

  • King Roald: Do not let me down now, Player. Your expertise in this matter is required.
    • Talk about River of Blood.
      • (Same as above)
    • Talk about the beacons.
      • (Non-quest dialogue)
    • Ask about the kingdom.
      • (Non-quest dialogue)
    • Ask about the protected tree.
      • (Non-quest dialogue)
    • Greet the king.
      • (Non-quest dialogue)


  • Drezel: Greetings again adventurer. How go your travels in Morytania? Is it as evil as I have heard?
  • Player: King Roald sent me to talk to you. Aeonsig is on his way. Have you two figured out anything we can do to strengthen the Salve?
  • Ivan Strom: Unfortunately not. If only we knew more about how the barrier was created in the first place.
  • Drezel: yes, well, we don't have Saradomin here to do it for us this time.
  • Ivan Strom: Is there nothing in the library that might help?
  • Drezel: If there were I'd know of it, I'm sure.
  • Player: This isn't looking good. Keep thinking - I'll go see if Aeonsig has arrived. No doubt he'll need help with something.

Post-Quest Dialogue

Aeonisig Raispher

  • Player: How are you finding your new role as an ambassador for Varrock?
  • Aeonisig Raispher: My new role? This is a punishment, not a promotion! I hate it here.
  • Player: Perhaps it will give you a new perspective on the issues Morytania now faces.
  • Aeonisig Raispher: Indeed. Though I may not be happy, I shall do my utmost to make this situation work...if for no other reason to get back into the king's good graces. Maybe then he'll let me go back home.


  • Efaritay: Things have been such a whirlwind since my escape that I have not had chance to thank you. You defeated Drakan and gave me back my freedom, you returned my son to me and you've been pivotal in bringing about this alliance. I am forever in your debt. Though I shall be needed here to advise Safalaan and help to rebuild this place, should you ever need my assistance you need only ask.
  • Player: I'll keep that in mind. Thank you, Queen Efaritay.
  • Efaritay: No, still not queen. I dare not assume that mantle again. This is not the kingdom I used to rule. It is something new.


  • Player: I still can't believe you agreed to this, to being turned into the very thing we were fighting.
  • Safalaan: I've made a lot of bad decisions, I can see that now. I've been selfish and reckless. I wanted to try to help everyone, but in doing so I've lost many friends.
    • Well, I forgive you.
      • Safalaan: Thank you, I appreciate that. It gives me hope that others will too.
      • (Continues below)
    • I'm not sure I can forgive you.
      • Safalaan: That is a shame, but I understand. I have a lot to make up for. I'll never stop trying to do so.
      • Efaritay: Please, don't be too harsh on him. Icyene emotions often run hot. If he'd had a parent there to teach him these things when he was young, he might have had more control over himself. That is my fault.
      • Safalaan: It is true that I am uniquely positioned to empathise with human, vampyre and icyene alike. In time, I hope both populations will grow to trust me. The blood stores that Vanescula retrieved from Vampyrium are already half depleted.
      • Vanescula: Yes, well, like they say, an army marches on its stomach.
      • Safalaan: Thankfully, many of the younger convertees are willingly taking the cure, so the stores should suffice to keep the trueborns fed.
      • Vanescula: Getting THEM to take the cure is a bigger ask. The very idea that vampyrism is a disease is offensive to us.
      • Safalaan: Still, it has meant we've been able to completely stop blood tithings in the short term. Our hope is that down the road we can set up voluntary tithing stations.
      • Vanescula: Rewarding any citizens that choose to donate, as opposed to punishing slaves that resist.
      • Efaritay: It will take much for the humans of this region to stop hating the vyres. Trust is further off sitll. My hope is to rebuild my old castle. If the citizens see that the queen of old has returned, it will help.
      • Player: It sounds like you've got a lot ahead of you. I hope you can make this alliance work.

Vanescula Drakan

Castle Drakan

  • Player: So, er, how goes the truce?
  • Vanescula: Oh, it's a shambles. I'm going to have to assassinate Efaritay, of course.
  • Safalaan: Vanescula, please! You shouldn't even joke about that sort of thing.
  • Efaritay: She's a sharp one, isn't she? She's certainly a breath of fresh air, compared to her brother.
  • Vanescula: Oh, fine, it's going about as well as you'd expect.
  • Player: So, it's good, then?
  • Vanescula: I have always appreciated Safalaan's willingness to empathise with my kind, in spite of the troubles here. Yet I would have expected Efaritay to despise me. Instead, we've found a common bond in our loathing of Lord Drakan.
  • Efaritay: You are not your brother. It's true I'd rather you hadn't turned my son into a vyre, but he's explained that the decision was his.
  • Player: How is the vyre population responding to all of this?
  • Vanescula: So long as I keep the trueborns happy, the rest of them will keep in line. The younger vyres are actually proving eager to take the serum.
  • Safalaan: It doesn't hurt that they're more than a little afraid of me, and that I'm in support of Vanescula.
  • Vanescula: It may not be how I envisaged things, but upon reflection things could never return to how they were in ages past. I relish the challenge. But at the first sign of anyone trying to take advantage of this new alliance to wipe out my kind, this will all fall apart.
  • Player: Well, okay then.


  • Player: Why are all the vyres here still shocked to see a human? Why do I still need a disguise?
  • Vanescula: These are the elite of the vampyre nation - they are true-born lords and ladies. Our new alliance is a difficult concept for them to grasp. To them, this is still very much their home, and you are still an interloper. Many of them are still refusing to take the serum, but that will change in time, even if I have to force the issue.
  • Player: Can't you just tell them to, you know, stop attacking humans?
  • Vanescula: This is a delicate time for my kind. Change will come slower to us that it will to the humans of Meiyerditch. Until that day, I won't begrudge you killing a few of them. I still have rivals, you know - best to keep them in their place if you want this alliance to work.
  • Player: Are you suggesting you can't control them or that you won't?
  • Vanescula: I have about as much control over them as I do over you.
  • Player: So, none then?
  • Vanescula: Sure, if that's how you choose to interpret my statement.

Veliaf Hurtz

Castle Drakan

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Well met, Player.
  • Player: You seem to be a bit more cheerful.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I thought I'd lost my friend here - first to death, then to vampyrism - but no, that's Safalaan right there, just as he's always been.
  • Safalaan: That bad, huh?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Ha! Actually, this one's got a LOT better at making decisions! Maybe because he's more willing to listen to me these days. Efaritay is a good influence on him too.
  • Vanescula: I wish he'd listen to ME more and just eat the lot of you.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I'm even starting to get used to THAT one. Plus someone has to keep an eye on her.
  • Vanescula: Aww, dear, sweet Veliaf. Are you sure you're not just developing a crush on me?
  • Player: How are the citizens of Meiyerditch taking to this new...arrangement?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: It's tough going, but they trust me. They know I was with the Myreque. We have a number of projects in the works to renovate the slums, though it will be years before we see any real progress. In the meantime we're working to reunite families, treat the sick and wounded, and ensure everyone has enough food and water.
  • Player: It sounds like you've a lot on your plate. Good luck with it all.

Sentinel Plaguemanst

  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: The nobles are all still talking about how Vanescula was defeated at the Salve...though, er, not out loud. So don't tell her I said anything...
  • Player: Why not?
  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: I don't know, maybe because I enjoy being alive. Vanescula REALLY doesn't like to lose. To suggest as much in the open is a good way to wind up a corpse.
  • Player: Really?
  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: That's what I've heard, anyway. Best not to tempt fate, though, so really, don't tell her I said anything.

Burgh de Rott Refugee

  • Refugee: Hey it's the hero! Wow, you're amazing! How did you manage to return all the villagers? Things feel so much safer around here now too - great job!
  • Player: You're more than welcome.
    • What do you do here?
      • (same as before)
    • How do you like your town?
      • (same as before)
    • What's happening around here?
      • Refugee: Oh, not much really, we're all just trying to eke out a living in this place. Some of us still want to head for the Salve and into Misthalin, but honestly, it's not so bad here spite of how it might look.
    • Is there anything I can do to help out?
      • (same as before)
    • Okay, thanks.

Meiyerditch Citizen

  • Player: Hi, how are things in Meiyerditch now?
  • Meiyerditch citizen: Better than they were, that's for sure. The vyrewatch have all cleared out and we're not tithed anymore. It's still a slum, though. Life is still pretty hard here. At least, whoever's in charge now is trying to improve things, though. Food and water are still pretty scarce, but it feels like it's getting better on that front too. And then there's the people being returned. Family members long thought to be lost are coming home.
  • Player: Do you know much about the new leaders?
  • Meiyerditch citizen: Not much, really. Apparently, one of the Drakans is still in charge, but with all these improvements around here, I find that hard to believe. There's a rumour going around that the fabled Queen Efaritay has returned to kick the vampyres out. And yet others that the Myreque won and now they're in charge.
  • Player: The truth is somewhere between all of those things.
  • Meiyerditch citizen: Good to know, thanks.

Meiyerditch Miner

  • Player: Hello there.
  • Meiyerditch miner: Oh, hello.
    • Where are we?
      • (same as before)
    • What do you do here?
      • Meiyerditch miner: We're miners. We used to be forced to mine here for the vyres, but now we choose to. Turns out this stuff we're mining makes them less hungry. Who knew, right? So, anyway, we need a lot of this stuff.
    • How do you get out of here?
      • Meiyerditch miner: Here, I'll show you the way out...
    • What is it that you're mining?
      • Meiyerditch miner: We're mining for daeyalt. The new leaders are saying it even turns vyres who used to be human back to normal. And for those that've always been vyres, it apparently makes them less hungry, so they don't need to feed on us anymore, or less often, or something. So we're gladly mining cart-loads of this stuff now. It all helps, right?
    • Okay, thanks.

Ivan Strom

  • Player: How goes things, Ivan?
  • Ivan Strom: It's all so overwhelming, but I'm learning new things all the time. Drezel left his own journal for me. I think I'm going to start off by planning a renovation for Paterdomus temple. How is Safalaan doing?
  • Player: I think he's as overwhelmed as you are, but I get the impression he's going to be fine. He's certainly got plenty of support, what with Vanescula and Efaritay...and Aeonisg too, for whatever that's worth.

Captain Rovin

  • Captain Rovin: First you helped us defeat Zemouregal's zombie army, and now you've saved all of Misthalin from invasion by Morytanian bloodsuckers. You're a veritable scourge of the undead.
  • Player: Vampyres aren't undead. They're living creatures, originally from Vampyrium. It's a common misconception. Regardless, you're welcome. Any news on where Zemouregal and Arrav went?
  • Captain Rovin: Nope, not yet. There's still a whole bunch of zombies in Zemouregal's old Wilderness base, but we've not seen hide nor hair of the individuals we're truly interested in apprehending.

King Roald

  • Talk about River of Blood.
    • King Roald: Varrock has survived many attacks since its founding, but I'm thankful this vampyre situation was resolved peacefully.
    • Player: For now, at least. The brokered peace may not hold.
    • King Roald: And if it doesn't, we shall deal with the situation. I am taking steps that, should it not hold, Varrock will be in a much stronger position to deal with it. For example, Aeonisig is offering aid to the citizens of Meiyerditch in exchange for shipments of blisterwood. Truth be told, my worries have moved on to other matters. If it's not one thing, it's another, so they say.
    • Player: Such as?
    • King Roald: It appears that your intervention at the Salve targets only vampyres. Werewolves, on the other hand, are free to cross. The reports state that they have effectively declare independence from the vampyres. We shall need to keep a close watch on what they do with this newfound freedom.
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