• *Gasp* I've been spotted!
  • What are these strange beings?
  • There are others in this world!
  • These must be the humans Guthix spoke of.
  • We are not alone in these lands; I must report.

Fate of the Gods/Seren's Memoriam Crystals

  • Mother
    • Seren: I would do anything for my companion to prove my devotion, as he would to show his adoration. When we are apart, however, I am more coherent; can think and feel more clearly. He thinks this is some form of control forced upon us by Mah, so that we will always strive to remain close to each other and to her. I urge him to stay with us, but he intends to leave. He does not see - or does not care - that Mah acted not out of malice; only fear of being alone. Without her we would not exist. I owe it to her to stay, to soothe my creator. I cannot leave her alone...she needs me.
  • Dreams
    • Seren: Whenever lucid, Mah cries out for Zaros. I do what I can to comfort her, but that is not much. What Zaros saw as her controlling us, I see as her protecting us...and now it is my turn to protect her. She sleeps more than anything these days, and her dreams manifest - they are pale imitations of Zaros and myself, their bodies not even formed entirely of crystal. They are a waste of what little energy she clings to. Perhaps I can find some way to return their power back to her, if only to keep her lucid. Some make pilgrimages up the volcano to Mah, calling themselves her children. I pose as her to warn them off. I intend to visit them in this guise. If they are so in awe of her, then they might sacrifice their own energy to restore her.
  • Nightmares
    • Seren: Her dreams have become violent nightmares. The beings she manifests are now grotesque and purely instinctual. At least these muspah keep the tribes at bay. Mah is comatose now, and there is nothing more I can do for her. This planet's anima is all but depleted, and the rituals only manage to quell her nightmares for a time. Even when she does lapse back into semi-consciousness, all she does is wail and scream and hurt herself. For such times, I taught the tribes how to drain some of her energy and use it create more of their kind. It broke my heart to do this, but without some equilibrium, Mah will likely rip this planet apart. For all the power she instilled in me, I am powerless to help. Once she is stable, I plan to leave. Perhaps, out there, I can find Mah's sisters - maybe they can do something for her, if only to ease her passing.
  • Peace
    • Seren: Until now, my search has been fruitless and mournful, but I have finally discovered a world with life - a beautiful race of creatures, filled with joy, who live in harmony with their verdant world. There is a strong sign here of a creator's hand - perhaps the indigenous life knows something of that creator's whereabouts. I shaped myself in their image and revealed myself to them, fearful of what effect I might have on them, but hopeful that they could point the way. They loved me from the first, but I did not cause it - they chose to do so! It was not a result of the control Mah instilled in me; at least, I do not believe that to be the case. It feels even more intoxicating, but I remain cogent. I can only surmise that what Mah created artificially has been manifested naturally with these beings. I see now that what Mah did to us was wrong, but this feels so right! Could it be as simple as the right to choose? Never shall I leave their side.
  • [First chapter]


Seren's Memoriam Crystals

  • Devotion.
    • Seren: It has been many years since I found my beloved elves and still each day feels like a gift. The world is vibrant with anima and there are no signs of the Creators to diminish it. Is this what it feels like to be home? I have shown my elves the rudimentary tools to improve their civilisation. Simple things, agriculture and just a little magic. They already live in harmony with their world. All I have done is to give them the tools to intensify their connection with it. I have become the focus of a religion. Ceidwad, one of the elven mystics, has spread 'the word of Seren' via a great book called the Cerddi and the elves have embraced it. It is gratifying, but I think of myself less as a god and more as a protector. I still sometimes ponder whether they love me of their own volition or they are enamoured by my divine status. I choose to believe the former. I have almost forgotten the harshness of Freneskae. It was a cold, dead world, but this world teams with life and warmth.
  • Longevity.
    • Seren: I wept for so long when my beloved Ceidwad died. It had been mere decades, but her body had grown decrepit and failed her. How is this fair, that Zaros and I get to live forever, but these noble creatures do not? Why must they wither and die, simply because of the passage of time? Their lives are so brief; they deserve more. I must fix this. I shall give them the gift of time. Music sits at the heart of elven culture. I have devised a method to share my essence with them through sound. In this way, they will accept and embrace my gift. Just enough to give them a measure of my longevity. Their lives will be measured in centuries, not decades. My priests have spread the song and already I can see them growing healthier. They are calling it the 'Song of Creation' - not quite apt, but it has a nice ring to it. Now my elves will live the long lives they deserve.
  • Need.
    • Seren: I have done something terrible. I hope my children can forgive me. The song that was to bless them with long, happy lives has inextricably tied them to me. Our souls have become harmonised. Though I believe they love me by choice, the part of me that instils a feeling of love in others became a great hook in their souls. Barbed kindness, a love that literally breaks their heart if they are apart from me for too long. If they leave my side for more than a few days, they become sick and feverish and will do anything in their power to return to me again. Forsaking duty, forsaking family and friendship. All that matters to them is that they return to my presence. Kept apart from me for too long and their fever becomes worse, their heart stops and I lose them forever. I have done a terrible thing. I am so sorry, my children.
  • Companionship.
    • Seren: He visited again, a young god empowered through accident rather than design. Gifted with divinity, yet he neither craves nor desires it. It must be strange to acquire such a mantle. I cannot empathise for I have always been thus. Like my elves he was a gentle soul and I grew fond of his visits. I find myself impatiently awaiting him; our conversations have become the highlight of decades. He told me of his people and the tragedy that befell them and in doing so he warned me against the dangers of the young gods. Perhaps he would be able to help me, but I am too ashamed to share my burden with him, lest he see me in the same light as those who destroyed his kind. For an entire race to be lost to the whims of a god is unforgivable. I must correct my mistake alone.
  • [Next Chapter]
    • Change.
      • Seren: Guthix is different, stronger somehow. He has grown in potential to a power that rivals my own, perhaps even surpasses it. I have shared my knowledge of the anima with him, and he has gradually grown in power, but this change is sudden and disturbing. With it he has grown in confidence. Were it not tempered by the gentle nature that has always been at his core, this growth would be frightening to see. He has told me of a world that he has discovered - a perfect world. He has already taken some races there, and now he invites me and my elves. The newfound strength emanating from him has a familiar feel. Not Mah... This is one of the others. I shall accept his invitation. I must see this world and discover the cause of his gain in power.
    • Exploration.
      • Seren: Knowing I could not leave my elves alone for any length of time, I removed a shard of my being and breathed life into it. I shaped it to look like one of my elves and named it Haluned, then sent it to explore this world of Guthix's. She would be my eyes and ears. This world's abundance of anima struck me immediately, but I could also feel a drain on it. There was no doubt; my suspicions had been confirmed - the creators were here. Haluned explored this world as my proxy. Guthix's humans were there, attuned with nature but in a manner different from my elves. One of them was different from the others, out of flux somehow as though misplaced in time. I shall inform Guthix of this. If magic such as this existed here, then I knew there must be a way to fix what I had done to the elves. The elves will be sad to leave their home, but they must come here with me. This new world could be their salvation.
    • Exodus.
      • Seren: I asked them to give up the world of their birth, to travel with me to a brand new world. They wanted to please me, but were reluctant to leave. They did not understand why they must, but to tell them would have shattered their innocence and their trust in me. The only way I could convince them was to withdraw from them for a while, to deprive them of my presence. It was a cruel tactic - one that I regret even now - but it was a necessity. When I returned, their sickness had made them so desperate to be near me that they forgot all about their concerns of abandoning Tarddiad and agreed to come with me. It's for the best, I kept telling myself. I know what is best for them.
    • Magic.
      • Seren: Thankfully, upon our arrival, my elves embraced Gielinor, recognising its perfect beauty. The elves chose a lush forest as their new home, and I instructed them to build a new city. I left Haluned with them so they would not suffer while I set out to explore this world with Guthix. Guthix showed me much of what he had discovered and done. All the while I was looking for signs of the elders, but to no avail. But then Guthix showed me how their magic was all around us. He had wrought strange stones, infused with the world's latent power, that could be used to wield the strange elements and work wonders. It was a magic far beneath anything Guthix or I could muster, but it was magic nonetheless, and its origin was clear. My elves came to understand magic through their connection with me, but Guthix's humans literally plucked magic from the ground. As I cannot find the elders, then these runes are my best chance. I must study the source of their power, for within it I feel will be found a solution.
    • [Next Chapter]
      • Exploration.
        • Seren: Guthix has gone to slumber in order to mitigate the drain on this world as best he can, but also to leave his humans to their own devices. He invited me to join him, and I wished to go. But if I were to do so, it would leave my elves to their fate. I care for them, and I must try to set them free. The magic of the creators woven into stone is the key, I feel it. I must find a way to use it to break my link, so that I may assist Guthix. Prifddinas's population has boomed since our arrival, and Haluned's presence alone is no longer enough to sustain them. Thus, I must remain, and Haluned can once again be my proxy in the world. Although I feel like I already know every corner of Isafdar, I shall begin my search anew, with fresh eyes. Haluned is a capable mage in her own right, but I have asked her to travel as a human would, to view this world from their perspective. This will require her to traverse beneath the mountains to the east into human lands. I hope it is safe.
      • Emanation.
        • Seren: If only I had viewed the world from the perspective of mortals sooner! During her traversal of the secret pass beneath the mountains, Haluned felt a strange emanation. It brought to me memories of my time with Zaros back on Freneskae. I felt its draw through her. At the point of this emanation we discovered a rift through which poured a near-limitless supply of deathly energy. My own energy derives from the light end of the spectrum, but this energy type sits at the opposite end of the scale, much like my old companion did. Could such energy counteract my own, and break my link with the elves? If I can find a way to safely tap this energy, then the elves might be free of me. They would regain their diminished mortality, but such is how it should be.
      • Enervation.
        • Seren: The Iorwerth seem best suited for my initial tests with this death energy. They were willing volunteers, of course, for they both loved and trusted me. Together we developed a range of spells, rituals and blessings, and infused this energy with crystal to explore its effects. To begin with, nothing happened, but slowly the elves grew more accustomed to the energy and grew more confident in its use. From this, we learned a great many things that would be of value to elven society. Unfortunately, it did not have the desired effect of negating my influence over them. There was something about this energy, though. It made me feel something I had not felt for a long time. And while I enjoyed this sensation - which I can only describe as a memory of euphoria - it was only ever temporary. And while away from the energy, negative thoughts found their way into my mind. Depression over my lack of progress, guilt over what I had done to the elves, anxiety of what might become of them, longing for our old home on Tarddiad. I aborted the tests and sealed away the energy - it was not the answer I had been seeking.
      • Expectation.
        • Seren: I have been so enrapt in my goal of freeing my elves from their unseen enslavement to me, and so focussed on my efforts under the mountains, that I have failed to notice events occurring in the wider world. Word of an ever-expanding empire has reached our borders. My first thoughts were of fear for the safety of my people, and so I endeavoured to learn as much as I could of this new potential threat. And it was not long before I discovered that its emperor was none other than Zaros. Knowing this, my concern dissipated. I wondered what could have led him to such, but after reflecting upon my own experiences with mortality I wondered no more. I reached out to him, in hopes that he might hold the answers I sought. I was apprehensive, considering how we affect one another, but upon his arrival I noted that our connection had waned, and within that I saw the truth. Magic could not undo what I had done to my elves, only separation from the source. From me. As divine beings, Zaros and I could withstand such separation, but the frailty of the elves leads them to sickness and death. My separation from them must be gradual. It was as well that I figured this for myself, for Zaros did not come with solutions, only problems of his own. I would have helped if I could, but my elves must come first. All I could do was tell him of my own journey through Guthix's gate, in hopes that he could find his answers elsewhere. My elves and I would not be requiring a way to return home to Tarddiad for a very long time...
      • [Next Chapter]
        • Denial.
          • Seren: He is dead! How can he be dead? How is this possible? We are the divine offspring of the creators of this universe - how could it be possible for us to die at the hands of mortals? And if he can die...can I? His energy was derived from darkness and death, but mine springs from light and life. Surely that means I cannot die, even though he could. And I must not, for if I do, then what will happen to those under my care? Though Zaros is gone, his legacy - at least - will remain. Those who followed him are left with all that he gave them, all that he taught them. Yet my sudden departure would soon see the elves follow me into oblivion. I must ensure that I will have time enough to undo what I have done, and wean the elves off their dependency on me.
        • Anger.
          • Seren: I was wrong about Zaros's legacy. Even now, his empire crumbles, beset on all sides by the followers of other gods. His life's work is being undone by fear and jealousy, and in time will be forgotten entirely. The peace that his empire brought to the world is broken - and now the vultures picking at his corpse seek to encroach upon Tirranwn. I shan't allow it! I have tasked Clan Cadarn with the protection of all the clans and these lands we call home. Baxtorian holds the eastern entrance to the hidden pass with a cadre of elven mages and scouts, and a small force of Iorwerth. While Zaros held the reigns of his empire we were safe - he ensured our lands were left untouched - but that can no longer be relied upon. I shall attune the anima of Tirranwn to erect a barrier around us, which should keep us isolated from the others of this world. All elves must retreat into the forests. If Zaros can be forgotten, then so can we. Hopefully, it will buy the time I require. We shall leave the rest of the world to their wars. I have been wrong about so much. I hope that I am not wrong about this.
        • Melancholy.
          • Seren: As the elves have withdrawn from the world, I have withdrawn from them; I have cloistered myself within the Tower of Voices. Only the lords and ladies of the eight largest families are permitted entry, so that I might instruct them. Their clans remain healthy - it is starting to work. I must prepare the elves to live in this world without me - once they are weaned, I intend to leave. Each of the clans must find their own place within a new elven society, becoming more reliant on each other for their survival, and less on my guidance. The family I find myself most concerned with is the Iorwerth. Their talents for hunting and killing are necessary for the survival of all clans. They keep the dark beasts at bay, and provide fish and meat to the other clans. As such, they have more need to venture beyond the safety of the city, and for longer and longer stints. Perhaps they are becoming less dependent on my presence - more so than the other clans. Their lady, when she visits, second guesses me at every turn. Though I desire revenge upon Zaros's murderer, it is not something I would act upon. But she has picked up on this desire, and though she cannot understand the source of it, her thoughts run dark with it. It is perhaps an encouraging sign to see such free thought, but it worries me all the same. I cannot finally free the elves of me only to leave them with an imprint of my darker impulses. I can control them, but they cannot.
        • Acceptance.
          • Seren: So much has happened since Guthix removed himself from this world. I thought if I were ever to see him again it would bring joy to both our hearts, but we have found nothing but sadness. The petty squabbling of the young gods has awoken him. He has taken the example of my barrier around Tirranwn and applied it to the world as a whole, to stop the evicted gods from returning. I am glad he has returned and put a stop to them. I am glad that he returned to me too, but he no longer asks me to leave this place...he demands it. In that moment, I confessed to him what I had done to the elves and hence why I could not...why I still cannot. There was only one course of action. I would be leaving, just not with Guthix. He tried to convince me otherwise, but upon realising my resolve he conceded, and with no words left to speak, he bowed his head, then turned and left. Before I could do what must be done, I recalled my proxy, and into it poured all of my negativity, my darkest thoughts, my fears and regrets, and then sent it away from elven lands where it could do no harm. I had to be rid of it for what was to come next. Prifddinas now lies temporarily evacuated - it shall be regrown once I am gone, with the crystals I have handed to the lords and ladies. By expelling my energy, this area will be forever infused with it, and small fragments of my body, when carried, will allow elves to journey far beyond these city walls. In time, even these shall no longer be needed. I have encouraged Baxorian to do just this, and to journey east once more. Now that the wars have ended, it is time for my elves to rejoin this world. I accept now that even divine beings can die, and that my time has come. At least I go knowing that the harm I have caused this gentle people can and will eventually be undone, and that my death will not lead to theirs.
        • [First Chapter]
          • See above

Using Shard of Zaros on Seren

[Seren]: No! You left me! You left me all alone! Get away from me! GET AWAY FROM ME! You left her alone as well, just when she needed you most. Get away from me! Abandoner, monster, ungrateful child. We have no more to say to one another.

Using any divination energy (besides elder energy) on Seren

Unlocks "the Fractured" title

[Seren]: Is it really you? I can feel your presence, that familiar energy! No...wait...diminished...shattered...gone. Not gone...taken away, ripped from life. Gone... Alone... Broken... I can never be whole again.

Using corrupted ore on Seren

Unlocks "the Corrupted" title

[Seren]: Unclean! It cloys, clinging to my soul as it does the crystal.

Using Dragon Rider amulet on Seren

[Seren]: Iaia, poor Iaia. Did you fix the illujanka, brother? Or was that another empty promise?

Using the Measure on Seren

[Seren]: That...that is one of their instruments. It should not be in the hands of a mortal.

Using Armadyl Godsword on Seren

[Seren]: Naive. He was too trusting of other gods and joined their wars too readily. So ready to shout about the atrocities of the other gods. If only he could learn to listen.

Using Bandos Godsword on Seren

[Seren]: He would have reduced Gielinor to rubble given half the chance. I felt his destruction, it echoed out through the anima mundi. I am not saddened by his death, we are all better for it.

Using Saradomin Godsword on Seren

[Seren]: Saradomin. So self-righteous, believing that he alone should rule a world. Arrogant. No god should rule. We should protect and nurture. Those who desire power almost never deserve it and he is no different.

Using Zamorak Godsword on Seren

[Seren]: The sword of the betrayer! Usurper! You killed my sibling! To use Their tools for such selfish goals... Unthinkable. Unforgivable! Ambition like his is a danger to all of us. Yet...I should not have risen against him. He was not worth breaking my promise over.

Using Enchanted Key on Seren

[Seren]: You! You gave me hope...that I could fix...but I couldn't.

Using Seren's symbol (incomplete) on Seren

[Seren]: The amulet... A simple challenge, still unfulfilled. Bring the clans together, and it shall be complete.

Using Seren's symbol on Seren

[Seren]: Together...At last.

Random lines

The fragmented form of Seren occasionally says one of a number of lines of speech. The line is picked out of the following randomly.

  • Broken...shattered...lost.
  • But is it really love?
  • Can't set them free... What have I done?
  • Dreams...just dreams. Am I real?
  • Freneskae was a barren place, but I had Mah to watch over. (A new fragment of Seren apppears above the next elven clan's symbol clockwise and says the following line. This continues until the monologue is over, except for the last line which is said in the beginning position.)
    • My companion had left me alone. There was only her.
    • In time there came other children of Mah.
    • But she was asleep and unable to raise them herself.
    • I lied to them, pretended I was Mah and taught them of their world.
    • I went wrong somewhere along the way and they became violent.
    • I was ashamed for the bloodshed I helped to cause and so I withdrew from them.
    • In time I left, for a new world.
    • A world full of life, and my beautiful, noble elves.
    • A home at last.
  • Guthix told me about this world that he had discovered, a place filled with anima. (Seren divides into a new fragment over another elven clan's symbol and says the following line. This continues until the monologue is over.)
    • He invited me to take my elves there and, while I trusted him, I was not so willing to risk them without seeing it for myself.
    • I disguised myself as one of my most faithful scouts and travelled through the World Gate to see this new world.
    • The world was brimming with anima, just as Guthix had promised, but there was something else. A familiar presence.
    • I knew Guthix could not see it, but I could see those familiar patterns in the anima's glow.
    • They were here.
    • Under Guthix's careful minstrations [sic] the Anima Mundi was calm, but strong. I wondered - could he keep them asleep indefinitely?
    • I knew that were it possible, then it would be through him. So I decided, there and then, that I would bring the elves to Gielinor.
    • Perhaps together we would be able to keep them asleep.
  • He's gone, isn't he? I can't feel his presence anymore.
  • His plan...always his plan...must stay strong...
  • I am in so many pieces, so many places. (Seren shatters into five fragments around the original one and they say random lines selected out of the following.)
    • Baxtorian...
    • GET IT OFF ME!
    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    • I hear them stirring.
    • Mah...
    • So alone...
    • Such beautiful music...
    • What is happening?
    • Why, Guthix, why?
    • Zaros...
  • I am...we are...cannot feel my soul.
  • I betrayed ashamed.
  • I can feel them...stirring...
  • I love my elves and they love me. (Seren divides into a new fragment over another elven clan's symbol and says the following line. This continues until the monologue is over.)
    • It was too late that I realised that all must love me, such was Mah's decree.
    • At first I distanced myself from them, in the hope that they would find their own path.
    • But as I distanced myself, I watched as they suffered in my absence.
    • It was more that emotional, I saw them become ill, weak, fevered with their need for my presence.
    • When some began dying I knew I couldn't leave them any more and so I returned.
    • I had been with them so long that my power had changed them on a physiological level.
    • I knew then that I could not leave them, whatever the reason.
    • So when Guthix bid me leave, though it broke my heart to hear him say so, I knew I could not leave my elves.
    • I took that feeling of heartbreak and I filled it with my desire to protect my children.
    • The strain grew so great that I fractured, shattering into fragments.
    • My people collected the pieces and kept them close to themselves, seemingly safe from the pain they suffered before.
    • Now they sing such sweet music to me. Perhaps it was worth it.
  • I was trying to help. I'm so sorry!
  • Lost him...lost...
  • Loved him
  • Mah had become too much. (Seren divides into a new fragment over another elven clan's symbol and says the following line. This continues until the monologue is over.)
    • With my companion gone, I was all she had and she clung to me with terrifying strength.
    • I found myself glad when she fell into her slumber. Finally, I could do what I wanted.
    • When the time came for me to leave, I hesitated, but not nearly as much as I should.
    • Mah was - is - my maker, but she felt more like my child.
    • I could not bear it anymore; could no longer devote my life to her care. I had to escape...and I did.
    • The guilt was overwhelming at first. There were several moments where I almost stepped back through the World Gate to find her again.
    • But the elves needed me more and as I made them happy, they too made me happy. I had found my place, my purpose.
    • By the time I had discovered what my presence had done to my beloved children, it was too late.
  • Mah. I'm sorry I left you...had to...
  • My proud.
  • Oh, shiny!
  • On Tarddiad I found such beauty and wonder. (A new fragment of Seren appears above the next elven clan's symbol counter-clockwise and says the following line. This continues until the monologue is over.)
    • Whereas Mah's children had turned violent, the elves were graceful and peaceful.
    • I met him there as well. Another god, powerful, but with a gentleness that radiated from him.
    • He was new to his power, almost innocent in his divinity. I found it strangely charming.
    • I taught him of anima; of the way that nature can empower us. He became enamoured with this and left for another world.
    • When he returned, he was stronger than before. In him, I sensed a power that equalled my own.
    • For a time I was concerned, as power can corrupt even the purest of hearts.
    • My concern was misplaced, however, for in him remained that same gentle soul, the same god who wanted the world to be for the mortals.
    • It was in that moment, that I knew that I loved him.
  • Though shattered, we watch over. (Seren shatters into eight fragments, each hovering over an elven clan's symbol.)
  • What have I done to you? My children...

The Light Within

Post-quest dialogue

  • Seren: Greetings, World Guardian.
  • World Guardian is a bit formal.
    • Player: World Guardian is a bit formal. Don't you think?
    • Seren: Perhaps. But Guthix does not bestow his turst lightly and so the title must be well earned. Humility is a worthy virtue. But we should be willing to embrace our achievements rather than obfuscate them out of some false sense of modesty. For good or ill, you are the World Guardian now. To some that makes you a beacon of hope and to others a threat to destroy
    • Player: And which am I to you?
    • Seren: Now now, that would be telling wouldn't it [Player]?
  • I'd like to ask about you.
    • Seren: What would you know?
      • What was it like, shattering yourself into pieces?
        • Player: What was it like, shattering yourself into pieces?
        • Seren: A difficult question to answer. Take a knife and cut off your toes. Then cut off your fingers. Then your ears and your nose. Your lips, then gouge out your eyes.
        • Player: I'd really rather not.
        • Seren: Of course not. But you asked what it was like. It was like ripping myself apart. Cutting off my limbs and tearing off my skin. It was a horrible experience. But a necessary one. As the shards I was only passingly aware of the world around me. Time was meaningless and I had little grasp on events around me. Given all that has happened, it was probably for the best.
      • I'd like to talk about Haluned, the Dark Lord.
        • Player: I'd like to talk about Haluned, the Dark Lord.
        • Seren: Ah, very well, let us dig up painful memories once more.
          • What was Haluned?
            • Player: What was Haluned?
            • Seren: She was a part of me that I allowed to live its own life. It is not a concept I can explain easily. She was me and yet she was not me. Writers talk of characters living their own lives, but lives created from the imagination and experiences of the author. I suppose that best describes what she was. When I shattered myself, she took on the burden of my darker aspects. She became the Dark Lord out of a noble sacrifice. She would be corrupted, so that the rest of my would remain free.
          • Were you aware of what it was doing?
            • Player: Were you aware of what it was doing?
            • Seren: Yes. But only dimly. Like it was happening out of the corner of my eye. I could not stop it, please believe me on that.
          • How do you feel about the Dark Lord?
            • Player: How do you feel about the Dark Lord?
            • Seren: Guilty. Ashamed. Are these the words you want to hear? That a god can admit they made mistakes? Had I known what she would have become ... how the Iorwerth would have used her ... I would have done it differently. But then we are all saints when looking through hindsight.
          • How are you going to atone?
            • Player: How are you going to atone?
            • Seren: You pass judgement so quickly. Have I not already atoned? To save my people I tore myself to pieces and scattered myself in the wind. Yes the Dark Lord was a travesty, an abomination, but it was sealed away. It was the Iorwerth and the greed of mortal men that empowered that creature, not I. But to ensure that there will not be another Dark Lord, I will pull myself away from the elves. In time they will no longer need my presence and I can leave them, to be forgotten.
      • I'd like to talk about Eluned.
        • Player: I'd like to talk about Eluned.
        • Seren: What would you like to know?
          • What was Eluned?
            • Player: What was Eluned?
            • Seren: Your friend, or at least she thought so. This is how I would remember her, were I you. Before I shattered myself, just after I created Haluned, I created another. Eluned. Whereas Haluned was intended to be a permanent extension of myself, Eluned was my way of seeing through the eyes of the elves, rather than from above them. She showed me the wonder of my people in a way I never could have imagined. Then she returned to me. The Eluned you remember is as unique a creation as the Dark Lord. A fragment of myself with a memory of a person. A single crystal that remembered how to sing itself into being. It became Eluned. Until I started to reform, she had no idea what she was. She was just an elf, as far as she knew.
          • Can I bring her back?
            • Player: Can I bring her back?
            • Seren: No. The Eluned you know is gone. I could no more separate her from myself than you could separate rainwater from a river. I could create a new Eluned, who looked and acted like the old one, but it would not be her. All I can do is to strive to live up to her sacrifice. To give it meaning.
          • How do you feel about her?
            • Player: How do you feel about her?
            • Seren: This is a strange question [Player]. She is a part of me now, so I cannot feel her loss. I lament the loss of her potential, what she could have been could have been beautiful. But she is a part of me. And a piece I welcome.
  • I'd like to talk about the other gods.
    • I'd like to ask about Zaros.
      • Player: I'd like to ask about Zaros.
      • Seren: I would rather not discuss my brother, but if we must. What do you want to know?
        • Did you know that he's returned?
          • Player: Did you know that he's returned?
          • Seren: I felt his influence earlier, so yes, I know he's back. My brother and I are made of hardier stuff than the lesser gods, so I was not convinced at his earlier demise. Perhaps 'death' has taught him a little humility. Though I doubt it.
        • What is your relationship with Zaros?
          • Player: What is your relationship with Zaros?
          • Seren: He is my brother. The darkness to my light. My polar opposite and the only person ... living ... that can truly understand me. It's complicated really. We were both forged from the dreams of a half-formed elder god. We rather defy the traditional concepts of family that you might be used to.
          • Player: Are you two on good terms with each other?
          • Seren: Zaros always has an agenda. He must always be in control. I believe that everyone should govern their own actions. So, no, I suppose we are not on the best of terms.
        • Should I trust Zaros?
          • Player: Should I trust Zaros?
          • Seren: Only you can make that choice [Player]. But ask yourself, what is he after? Would he be approaching you if you weren't the World Guardian? Zaros always has an agenda. Think carefully about where you might sit within it.
    • I'd like to ask about Guthix.
      • Player: I'd like to ask about Guthix.
      • Seren: No ... please. To me it was like he died yesterday. It's still too painful to discuss.
        • I'm sorry, let me ask something else.
        • Did you love him?
          • Player: Did you love him?
          • Seren: That word is too small to describe what we had ... I left Tarddiad for him ... I shattered myself rather than bare his disappointment in me. Love is a mortal word, with mortal restrictions. We were more.
          • Player: I'm sorry, let me ask you something else.
    • I'd like to ask about the Elder Gods.
      • Player: I'd like to ask about the Elder Gods.
      • Seren: What would you like to know?
        • What are they?
          • Player: What are they?
          • Seren: They are the driving force of creation. The origins of all the worlds and the life that dwells amongst them. They feed on the anima mundi of a world and become reborn, cycle after cycle. All the younger gods owe their power to these beings. Even Zaros and myself are born from Mah's restless sleep. To attempt to define them further is to fundamentally fail to understand them and to overthink your position in creation. It would be like describing a dragon to an amoeba. So utterly beyond its understanding.
        • Where are they?
          • Player: Where are they?
          • Seren: Come now, you know this answer as well as I do. Gielinor. Yes. Beneath the very ground we stand on, in the heart of this world, sleeps the living engines of creation. It is, in part, why this world is so interesting to the younger gods and the other races. Gielinor is a perfect world. A perfect magical crucible of limitless potential. This, of course, their doing.
        • How can they be stopped?
          • Player: How can they be stopped?
          • Seren: In the past I would have said they couldn't, but now ... Guthix felt that if he could carefully control the flow of Anima Mundi, he could keep the elder gods docile and the world thriving. It wasn't until the younger gods interfered with his plans that this changed. I have no answer now, but perhaps I can find one. Come see me when you learn more about the elder gods, perhaps together we can find a solution.
            • I shall.'
            • But Zaros already has a plan.'
              • Player: But Zaros already has a plan
              • Seren: Oh, of that I have little doubt. But Zaros always has a plan. A plan to see just how much power he can gather. How much control he can wield over the world. My brother cannot be trusted, remember that.
    • I'd like to ask about the Dragonkin.
      • Player: I'd like to ask about the Dragonkin.
      • Seren: I'm afraid I can be of little help there. I have precious little knowledge of the Dragonkin. My brother, on the other hand, was studying them quite carefully.
    • I'd like to ask about Armadyl.
      • Player: I'd like to ask about Armadyl.
      • Seren: You forget, my consciousness has been shattered and spread apart from itself. The Armadyl I remember is a naive idealist who is easily led astray by the machinations of older gods. But time is the ultimate catalyst for change and the Armadyl of today is likely quite different.
    • I'd like to ask about Bandos.
      • Player: I'd like to ask about Bandos.
      • Seren: A dead god and one who's death I do not mourn. He was a tyrant and a monster, who only wished to see everything bloodied and burnt. He would have burned countless worlds to ash in his pursuit of mindless 'glory'.
    • I'd like to ask about Saradomin.
      • Player: I'd like to ask about Saradomin.
      • Seren: Saradomin means well. Even back in the time of the god wars, he genuinely believed he was doing what was best for Gielinor. Misguided, perhaps. Arrogant, certainly. But there is a genuine sense of duty in his actions. That said, his zeal and inability to recognise the wisdom of others, has meant that he has fallen more and more from his path. He can be redeemed, I believe, but that is more your choice than mine.
    • I'd like to ask about Zamorak.
      • Player: I'd like to ask about Zamorak.
      • Seren: He who tried to kill my brother. I have no positive words for him.
      • Player: But I thought you and Zaros didn't get along?
      • Seren: I distrust, despise and sometimes even hate my brother Zaros. But I also love him. Whatever comes between us, whatever trails we face, he is the only brother I will ever have. So forgive me if I dislike someone trying to take him from me.
    • I'd like to ask about Sliske.
      • Player: I'd like to talk about Sliske.
      • Seren: I will not discuss the man who murdered my ... my Guthix. I have been a pacifist. Refusing to turn my power to destruction ... But if I meet him ... I will remind him how light can burn.
    • I'd like to ask about Brassica Prime.
      • Player: I'd like to ask about Brassica Prime.
      • Seren: Ah yes. The god of cabbage. I must say I'm please he's still around. The younger gods are so full of fury, duty and a stoic seriousness, it is nice to see one who lives in a world of whimsey.
      • Player: But what does he even do? I mean he just seems ... well nuts.
      • Seren: Yes, I suppose he does. But remember that he sees the world through the eyes of a cabbage. Plants have different priorities to the rest of us. In his own way he tends to the anima mundi, helping to keep it healthy and bountiful.
      • Player: So he helps the anima mundi?
      • Seren: In his own, insane, little way. It's why we remain friends. I have memories of him chatting away to the pieces of me across the world. Of course he didn't understand that I was incomplete and took my silence to be deep rapture in his bizarre monologue. There are only so many different ways to hear about how delicious a cabbage is before you start going mad from boredom.
  • I'd like to talk about the future.
    • Player: I'd like to talk about the future. What will you do now?
    • Seren: Now, I shall withdraw from the elves. It is time that I found a way to remove their dependence on me. I shall remain here, in this tower, out of the way and reflect on the choices that has led to this situation. Since the danger of the elder gods is here and ever present, I shall consider them too.
    • Player: So that's it, you'll just sit here and think?
    • Seren: You trivialise it quite well there. Thought is useless without action, this is true, but action without thought can be a dangerous thing. I have made that mistake before, I shall not do so again.
  • I'd like to talk about your history.
    • Player: I'd like to talk about your histor
    • Seren: So like mortals, dwelling on what was rather than focus on what is to come. Very well, what do you want to know?
      • What was your role in the god wars?
        • Player: What was your role in the god wars?
        • Seren: For the most part I stayed well away from it. I knew that Zamorak had not truly destroyed Zaros, so I curtailed my wrath. I had promised Guthix a peaceful world, after all. As the fighting grew more widespread, I sent a few scouts to investigate. Some were discovered and fought to survive. They did not. Some of my people screamed for vengeance, but I forbade it. A few went anyway, but their impact on the war was negligible.
      • I'd like to ask about your history with the elves.
        • Player: I'd like to ask about your history with the elves.
        • Seren: What would you like to know?
          • What was Tarddiad like?
            • Player: What was Tarddiad like?
            • Seren: Stunning. A world of trees and beautiful crystalline structures. The elves lived in harmony with it, growing their houses from seeds. They lived as part of the ecosystem, rather than exploiting it. I often think that I should never have left it.
          • Tell me about elven longevity
            • Player: Tell me about elven longevity
            • Seren: My greatest mistake. The lifespan of my elves was so short. A few decades, barely a century, and then they were gone. Understand, World Guardian, that to me these were my children. Each one that died was a grief I could barely contain. It was out of love for them that I tried to share with them some of my longevity. My immortality. It worked ... but at a price. They were bound to me. Unable to leave my presence without growing sick and dying. It was why I had to shatter myself, rather than leave them. I am not proud of this mistake, [Player]. If I could undo it, I would.
          • How do you feel about the clans?
            • Player: How do you feel about the clans?
            • Seren: When I first discovered the nine clans on Tarddiad, I was enamoured with their society. Everyone took their place within the clan and worked for the betterment of the elven people. The Cadarn were the scouts and mages who soured the many forests for potential danger. The Iorwerth were great warriors who fought the dangerous beasts that hid amongst the trees. The Meilyr and Crwys both worked in harmony with nature to find medicines and grow food. The Ithell and Trahaearn worked tirelessly to create houses, tools and anything else that was needed. And the Hefin and Amlodd focused on more spiritual pursuits. Seeking ways of enlightenment for their people.
            • Player: You said nine clans?
            • Seren: Yes. There was also the Cywir. A clan dedicated to elven traditions. They kept the lore of the old people and they maintained the shrines to the elven spirits. They ... Would not come with me to Gielinor.
      • I'd like to ask about your life on Freneskae.
        • Player: I'd like to ask about your life on Freneskae.
        • Seren: Mah was, in many ways, both my mother and my child. She dreamed me into existence so that Zaros would not leave her. I believe she felt that a companion, an equal, would keep Zaros happy. But we were the creation of a child. One who could not understand the complexity of sentient emotion. In me she created an ... ability. It would impose upon others a twisted sense of what she understood as love. Zaros was compelled to be in love with me, just as his nature compelled loyalty in me. But it was a hollow feeling and to each of us it felt like chains holding us against our will. Love is as deadly an emotion as it is a wondrous one. Just as it can bring people together, it can also lead to unbearable pain and a complete loss of self. I do not blame him for wanting to escape that. But he wanted more than escape, he wanted to ascend. Zaros tries to control everything around him. He tried to control me, even as I unconsciously controlled him. Power as great as he wishes to attain, should not go to someone like that.
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