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This transcript involves dialogue with Mosol Rei, Nazastarool, Rashiliyia, Spirit of Zadimus, and Trufitus.

Siege of Shilo

  • Mosol seems to be looking around very cautiously. He jumps a little when you approach and talk to him.
  • Mosol Rei: Run! Run for your life! Save yourself! I'll keep them back as long as I can...
    • Player: Why do I need to run?
      • Mosol Rei: Your very life is in danger! Rashiliyia has returned and we are all doomed.
        • Player: Rashiliyia? Who is she?
          • Mosol Rei: Rashiliyia is the Queen of the dead. She has returned and has brought a plague of undead with her. They now occupy our village and we have them trapped. I warn people like yourself to stay away.
            • Player: What can we do?
              • Mosol Rei: We're doing all we can to keep the undead at bay. The village is covered in a deadly green mist. If you go into the village, a terrible sickness will befall you.
              • Mosol Rei: And the undead are even stronger beyond the gates. My guess is that it has something to do with the Legend of Rashiliyia.
              • Mosol Rei: But you would need to talk to the Shaman in Tai Bwo Wannai village to get more details about that. I really have to go now and fight these undead.
                • Player: Why are the undead here?
                  • Mosol Rei: Rashiliyia! The Queen of the dead has risen! She is the mother of the undead creatures that roam this land. But alas I know nothing of the legend that surrounds her.
                    • Player: Legend you say?
                      • Mosol Rei: Yes... I said it is a legend that I know nothing about.
                        • Player: Oh, ok, sorry for bothering you.
                        • Player: Oh come on, you must know something?
                          • Mosol lowers his head in deep concentration.
                          • Mosol Rei: Well, let me think now...
                          • He scratches his head...
                          • Mosol Rei: Hmmm, there was something I think that might help...
                          • Mosol strains to remember something...
                          • Mosol Rei: Nope, sorry. It's gone.
                        • Player: Maybe you know someone who does know something?
                          • Mosol Rei: My guess is that this has something to do with the legend of Rashiliyia. But you need to speak to the Shaman in 'Tai Bwo Wannai' village to get more details about that.
                          • Mosol Rei: I really have to fight these undead now Bwana, before they take over the world!
                            • Player: Oh, ok, sorry for bothering you.
                            • Player: I'll go to see the Shaman.
                              • [Same as below]
                            • Player: Ok. Thanks for your help.
                        • Player: Ok. Thanks for your help.
                    • Player: I don't think this is something I can help with at the moment.
                    • Player: Ok. Thanks for your help.
                • Player: What can we do?
                • Player: Can I help in any way?
                • Player: I'll go to see the Shaman.
                  • Mosol Rei: Well, that would be helpful Bwana. If you're sure you want to go, you can take a Wampum belt to him for me. It will give the Shaman, Trufitus the story of our problems down here. Are you sure you want to go?
                    • Player: Errr, I'm having second thoughts now.
                    • Player: Yes, I'm sure and I'll take the Wampum belt to Trufitus.
                      • Mosol Rei: I would be very grateful if you did. Here take this...
                      • Mosol gives you a Wampum belt.
                      • Mosol Rei: Please can you give it to Trufitus. He may be able to give you extra details on the legend surrounding Rashiliyia. Good luck!
                    • Player: Ok. Thanks for your help.
                • Player: Ok. Thanks for your help.
            • Player: Uh, it sounds nasty, just the kind of thing I want to avoid.
            • Player: Ok. Thanks for your help.
        • Player: What danger is there around here?
        • Player: Ok. Thanks for your help.
    • Player: Yeah... Ok, I'm running!
    • Player: Who are you?
      • Mosol Rei: I am Mosol Rei. I am a Jungle Warrior. I used to live in this village, but it is too dangerous for you to stay around here.
        • Player: Mosol Rei, that's a nice name.
          • Mosol looks at you and shakes his head in bewilderment.
          • Mosol Rei: Thanks, but you really should leave.
        • Player: What danger is there around here?
        • Player: Ok. Thanks for your help.
    • Player: Ok. Thanks for your help.
Talking to Mosol again
  • Mosol Rei: Hey there Bwana, have you delivered that Wampum Belt to Trufitus yet?
    • Player: Yes, of course!
      • Mosol Rei: Well hopefully Trufitus will come up with some good ideas on how to resolve this problem with Rashiliyia. You should talk to him if you really want to help.
        • Player: Ok. Thanks for your help.
          • Mosol Rei: You're welcome Bwana, good luck.
        • Player: Why are the undead here?
    • Player: Not yet, I've been busy.

Help from a Shaman

  • You show Trufitus the Wampum belt, he studies it for a long time.
  • Trufitus: Hello Bwana, this message from Mosol Rei bears bad news... Yes, things do look very bad indeed.
    • Player: What do you know about Rashiliyia?
      • Trufitus: Hmmm, it's been a long time since I heard that name. Rashiliyia is the Queen of the Undead. And a more fearsome enemy you will be unlikely to find.
      • Trufitus: I fear that you bring me news that she has returned to plague us once again? Alas I know of no weakness that she has.
        • Player: So there is nothing we can do?
        • Player: Should I start to evacuate the island?
        • Player: Mosol Rei said something about a legend?
    • Player: Mosol Rei said something about a legend?
      • Trufitus: Ah, yes, there is a legend, but it is lost in the midst of antiquity...
      • Trufitus: The last place to hold any details regarding this mystery was in the temple of Ah Za Rhoon... and that has long since vanished... it crumbled into dust...
        • Player: Why was it called Ah Za Rhoon?
          • Trufitus: It is from an ancient language. The direct translation is... 'Magnificence floating on water'. But my research makes me believe that the temple was built on land.
          • Trufitus: And most likely between large bodies of water, for example large lakes. However, many people have searched for the temple... and have failed. I would hate to see you waste your time on a pointless search like that.
            • Player: Thanks for the information!
            • Player: Do you know anything more about the temple?
              • Trufitus: Not much... I would say that is about it...
              • Trufitus: Even the great priest Zadimus who built the temple did not survive. Some say that Rashiliyia caused the temple to collapse.
              • Trufitus: She was angry at Zadimus for not returning her affections. She was a great sorceress even before they met.
                • Player: Tell me more.
                  • Trufitus: I don't know anymore. You're very demanding aren't you!
                • Player: Are there any traps there?
                • Player: Thanks for the information!
            • Player: I am going to search for Ah Za Rhoon!
              • Trufitus: What?! You must be crazy! That place has passed into myth and legend. It has been buried under rubble for years. It's most likely buried 20 men deep, and that's if you can actually find it.
              • Trufitus: Are you sure you're going to go and look for it? I may be able to do some research into this if you agree. Only I don't want to waste my time if you're not serious about this!
                • Player: Yes, I will seriously look for Ah Za Rhoon and I'd appreciate your help.
                  • Trufitus: Ok then Bwana, good luck with your quest, and remember to stock up well with adventuring supplies before setting off. You never know how useful some fairly ordinary things might be when you're adventuring.
                  • Trufitus: I'll hold on to this Wampum belt for you for the time being. I'll give it back to you when we have completed this quest.
                • Player: Actually, now it comes to it, I'm having second thoughts.
            • Player: It's a pity that I can't search for Ah Za Rhoon now.
        • Player: Do you know anything more about the temple?
Talking to Trufitus again
  • Trufitus: Hello Bwana, how goes your quest to find Ah Za Rhoon?
    • Player: Well, thanks...
      • Trufitus: Well that's very good news. Let me know if you find anything useful. I may be able to help out.
    • Player: Erm, I don't know where to look.
      • Trufitus: Hmm, that doesn't surprise me. The only information I have refers to its name. Ah Za Rhoon, its name means 'Magnificence Floating on Water'.
        • Player: Do you think it was floating on water?
          • Trufitus: It's very doubtful. I suspect it was built to 'appear' as if it was floating on water. Perhaps on an island or between large bodies of water.
          • Trufitus: If you search for somewhere like this, you may find something worth investigating.
        • Player: Ok, thanks for your help.

Ah Za Rhoon

The Fissure

Talking to Trufitus after excavating the mound
  • Player: Greetings...
  • Trufitus: Greetings Bwana, you have been away! The situation with Rashiliyia is worsening! I pray that you have some good news for me.
  • Player: I think I have found the temple of Ah Za Rhoon.
  • Player: I excavated a hole and found a fissure. Should I go through it?
  • Trufitus: Well, I would certainly investigate it...
    • Player: What's a fissure?
      • Trufitus: A fissure is a long, narrow crack, usually in rock. Just the kind of thing that adventurers love to find and explore.
    • Player: Are fissures dangerous?
      • Trufitus: It most likely is, but that isn't normally a barrier to most adventurers! And it may very well lead to something very interesting.
    • Player: Ok, thanks! [After selecting one of the previous options]
      • Trufitus: You are quite welcome Bwana.

In-Depth Entrance

Searching the mound of earth
  • It looks as if something is buried here. You may need some tools to excavate further.
  • What do you want to do with the mound?
    • Try and excavate the mound.
      • You start digging...
      • You dig a small hole and almost immediately hit granite.
      • You excavate the hole a bit more...
      • And see that there is a small fissure...
      • You might just be able to crawl through it...
    • Leave the mound alone.
Searching the fissure
  • You see a small fissure in the granite that you might just be able to crawl through. Beyond the fissure is a long fall. Do you want to try to crawl through the fissure?
  • Climb into the fissure?
    • Yes, I'll give it a go!
      • The fissure looks very dark, you're not sure what lies beyond.
    • No thanks, I'm having second thoughts.
Using a bullseye lantern on the fissure
  • You drop the bullseye lantern into the fissure and see that there is quite a large drop after you get through the hole. There is a good anchor point nearby onto which you could tie a rope.
  • The bullseye lantern burns out.
  • Some rope might help here.
Using a rope on the fissure
  • You see where to attach the rope very clearly. You secure the rope well.
Searching the fissure again
  • You see a small fissure in the granite that you might just be able to crawl through. You can see that a rope is attached nearby, would you like to climb down?
  • Climb into the fissure?
    • Yes, I'll give it a go!
      • You start to contort your body...
      • With some difficulty you manage to push yourself through the small crack in the rock.
      • You cleverly use the rope to slowly lower yourself to the floor.
    • No thanks, I'm having second thoughts.

Salvaging History

Investigating the strange stone
  • This stone seems to have strange markings on it. Maybe Trufitus can decipher them. The stone is too heavy to carry, but the letters stand proud on a plaque. Maybe you could separate the plaque from the rock.
  • You cleanly cut the plaque of letters away from the rock. You place it carefully into your inventory.
Searching old sacks
  • You find a tattered but very ornate scroll, which you place carefully in your inventory.
Searching the cave in
  • You see that there is a narrow gap through into the darkness. You could try to wriggle through and see where it takes you.
  • Wriggle through the rubble?
    • Yes, I'll wriggle through.
      • You manage to wriggle through the rubble.
    • No, I'll stay here.
Searching the loose rocks
  • You can see that there is something hidden behind some rocks. Do you want to have a look? It looks a bit dangerous as the ceiling doesn't look all that safe.
    • Yes, I'll carefully move the rocks to see what's behind them.
      • You start to slowly move the rocks to one side.
      • You carefully manage to remove enough rocks to see a book shelf. You gingerly remove a delicate scroll from the shelf and place it in your inventory.
    • No, I'll leave them alone. I don't like the look of that ceiling.
Searching the gallows
  • You search the gallows...
  • You find a human corpse hanging in the noose. It looks as if the corpse can be removed easily. Would you like to remove the corpse from the noose?
    • I don't think so, it might animate and attack me!
    • Yes, I may find something else on the corpse.
      • You gently support the frame of the skeleton and lift the skull through the noose.
      • You find an old sack and place the skeleton in it. Maybe Trufitus can give you some tips on what to do with it.
      • You sense that there is a spirit that needs to be put to rest.

Dramatic Exit

Looking at the waterfall rocks
  • There is a huge cascading waterfall in front of you, the roar of the water is quite loud. To the east you can see what looks like a trecherous[sic] pathway, it might lead outside.
Searching the waterfall rocks
  • You see a huge waterfall blocking your path. The path leads on through the cascading waterfall, but it looks quite dangerous. Would you like to try and follow the path?
  • Follow the path?
    • Yes, I'll follow the path.
    • No, I'll look for another exit.
      • You decide to have another look around. And see if you can find a better way to get out.
Crafting the smashed table
  • You may be able to turn this dilapidated table into something that could help you to get out of this place. What would you like to try and turn this table into?
    • A ladder
    • A crude raft
      • You see that this table already looks very sea worthy! It takes virtually no time at all to help fix it into a crude raft.
      • You place it carefully on the water!
      • You board the raft!
      • You push off!
      • Player: Weeeeeee!
      • Player: Weeeeeee!
      • You come to a huge waterfall...
      • Player: * Uh oh! *
      • ...And plough through it!
      • The raft soon breaks up.
    • A pole vault

The Spirit of Zadimus

Show and Tell

  • Player: Greetings...
  • Trufitus: Greetings Bwana, you have been away! The situation with Rashiliyia is worsening! I pray that you have some good news for me.
  • Player: I think I found the temple of Ah Za Rhoon.
  • Trufitus: Well that sounds great Bwana. Tell me what did you find?
    • Player: I need help with Bervirius.
      • Trufitus: Bervirius is the son of Rashiliyia. His tomb may hold some clues as to how Rashiliyia may be defeated.
    • Player: I have some items that I need help with.
      • Trufitus: Well, just let me see the item and I'll help as much as I can.
      • Trufitus: We need to identify that the place you have found is indeed Ah Za Rhoon.
      • Trufitus: Any scrolls or information about Rashiliyia's kin would be helpful.
      • Trufitus: Have you got any items concerning Rashiliyia? If so, please show me them.
      • Trufitus: There must be something relating to Zadimus at the temple. Did you find anything? If so, let me see it.
      • Trufitus: And best of luck!
    • Player: I need help with Zadimus.
      • Trufitus: Zadimus is a spirit yearning for freedom. Bury him in a sacred place to release his spirit.
    • Player: Is there any sacred ground around here? [After asking for help with Zadimus]
      • Trufitus: The ground in the centre of the village is very sacred to us. Maybe you could try there?
    • Player: I need help with Rashiliyia.
      • Trufitus: We need to find Rashiliyia's resting place and learn how to put her spirit to rest. You may find some clues to her resting place in Ah Za Rhoon or Bervirius' Tomb.
    • Player: I need some help with the Temple of Ah Za Rhoon.
      • Trufitus: If you have found the temple, you should search it thoroughly and see if there are any clues about Rashiliyia.
      • Trufitus: We need to identify that the place you have found is indeed Ah Za Rhoon.
      • [Same following dialogue as when asking about items]
Showing the tattered scroll to Trufitis
  • You had the tattered scroll to Trufitus.
  • Player: What do you make of this?
  • Trufitus: Truly amazing Bwana, this scroll must be ancient. I'm not sure if I get more meaning from it than you though. Perhaps Bervirius' tomb is still accessible?
  • Trufitus hands the tattered scroll back to you.
Showing Trufitus the crumpled scroll
  • You hand the crumpled scroll to Trufitus.
  • Player: Have a look at this, tell me what you think.
  • Trufitus: I am speechless Bwana, this is truly ancient. Where did you find it?
  • Player: In an underground building of some sort.
  • Trufitus: You must truly have found the temple of Ah Za Rhoon! The scroll gives some interesting details about Rashiliyia, some things I didn't know before.
  • Trufitus gives back the scroll.
    • Player: Anything that can help?
      • Trufitus: Hmmm, well just that part about the wards...
      • Trufitus seems to drift off in thought.
      • Trufitus: It may be possible to make a ward like that... But what is the best thing to make it from? Perhaps something close to Bervirius, an item of some significance to him.
    • Player: Ok, thanks!
Showing Zadimus' corpse to Trufitus
  • You show Trufitus the corpse.
  • Player: What do you make of this?
  • Trufitus: ! GASP ! That's incredible, where did you find it?
  • Player: I found the corpse in a decomposing gallows. I get a very strange feeling every time I try to bury the body.
  • Trufitus: Hmmm, that sounds very strange. I sense a spirit in torment, you should try to bury the remains.
    • Player: Is there any sacred ground around here?
      • [Same as before]
    • Player: Can you dispose of this for me?

Grateful Release

Attempting to bury the corpse in a random place
  • You hear a ghostly wailing sound coming from the corpse and a whispering voice says, 'Let me rest in a sacred place and assist you I will'
  • You feel an unearthly compunction to bury this corpse!
Burying the corpse in front of the tribal statue
  • You dig a hole for the remains.
  • You lay the remains of Zadimus to rest.
  • You hear an unearthly moaning sound as you see an apparition materialise right in front of you.
  • Spirit of Zadimus: You have released me from my torture, and now I shall aid you. You seek to dispell[sic] the one who tortured and killed me. Remember this... 'I am the key, but only kin may approach her.'
  • The apparition disappears into the ground where you buried the corpse. You see the ground in front of you shake as a shard of bone forces its way to the surface. You take the bone shard and place it in your inventory.

All the Pieces

Showing Trufitus the bone shard
  • Player: Could you have a look at this please?
  • Trufitus looks at the object for a moment.
  • Trufitus: It looks like a simple shard of bone. Why do you think it is significant?
    • Player: It appeared when I buried Zadimus' corpse.
      • Trufitus: Ah, interesting, so you think that Zadimus gave you the bone? What makes you say that?
        • Player: He said something after he gave it to me.
          • Trufitus: What did he say?
            • Player: The spirit said something about keys and kin?
              • Trufitus: Hmmm, maybe it's a clue of some kind?
              • Trufitus: Rashiliyia's only kin was a son, 'Bervirius'. His remains were entombed on a small island which lies to the South West. I will do some research into this to see if I can find any other details.
              • Trufitus: But I think we must take Zadimus' clue literally and get some item that belonged to Bervirius as it may be the only way to approach Rashiliyia. Perhaps something like this exists in his tomb?
            • Player: The spirit rambled on about some nonsense.
              • Trufitus: Oh, so it most likely was not very important then.
        • Player: I'm not sure.
    • Player: No reason really.
Telling Trufitus about burying Zadimus' corpse
  • Player: I have just buried Zadimus' corpse.
  • Trufitus: Something seems different about you. You look like you have seen a ghost?
  • Player: It just so happens that I have!
  • Trufitus: Oh! So you managed to bury Zadimus's corpse?
  • Player: Yes. It was pretty grisly!
  • [Same choice between keys or nonsense]

The Tomb of Bervirius

Cairn Isle

Investigating the well-stacked rocks
  • These rocks look like they have been stacked uniformly.
Searching the well-stacked rocks
  • You investigate the rocks and find a dark, narrow crawl-way. Do you want to crawl into this dark, narrow, possibly dangerous hole?
    • Player: Yes please. I can think of nothing nicer!
      • You contort your body and prepare to squirm worm like into the hole.
      • You struggle through the narrow crevice in the rocks.
      • And drop to your feet into a narrow underground corridor.
    • Player: No way could you get me to go in there!

Second Delve

Inspecting the tomb dolmen
  • The dolmen is intricately decorated with the symbol of two crossed palm trees. It might be the family crest? You can see that there are some items on the dolmen.
Searching the dolmen
  • The dolmen is intricately decorated with the symbol of two crossed palm trees. It might be the family crest? You can see that there are some items on the dolmen.
  • You find a rusty sword with an ivory pommel. You take the ivory pommel and place it in your inventory.
  • You find a Crystal Sphere. You take the crystal and place it carefully into your inventory.
  • You find some writing on the dolmen, you grab some nearby scraps of delicate paper together and copy the text as best you can and collect them together as a scroll.

The Tomb of the Queen of the Dead

Another Haul

  • Player: Greetings...
  • Trufitus: Greetings Bwana, did you find Bervirius' Tomb?
    • Player: I think I found Bervirius' Tomb.
      • Trufitus: Congratulations Bwana, show me any items you have found though. I may be able to help.
        • Player: I actually need help with something else.
        • Player: I didn't find anything in the tomb.
    • Player: I have some items that I need help with.
    • Player: I need some help with the Temple of Ah Za Rhoon.
    • Player: No, I didn't find a thing.
Showing Trufitus the notes
  • You hand the notes over to Trufitus.
  • Trufitus: Hmm, these notes are quite extraordinary Bwana. They give location details of Rashiliyia's tomb, and some information on how to use the crystal.
  • Trufitus: The information is quite specific. North of Ah Za Rhoon!! That's a great place to start looking!
Showing Trufitus the crystal
  • You show Trufitus the Locating Crystal.
  • Trufitus: This is incredible Bwana.
  • Player: It is?
  • Trufitus: Absolutely! This will help you to locate the entrance to Rashiliyia's tomb. Simply activate it when you think you are near, and it should glow different colours to show how near you are.
Showing Trufitus the pommel
  • You show Trufitus the sword pommel.
  • Trufitus: It is a very nice iteme Bwana. It may be just what you need to gain access to Rashiliyia's tomb. While you were away, I did some research.
  • Trufitus: Rashiliyia would spare the lives of those who wore bronze necklaces. This pommel may have some significance to Bervirius. Perhaps you can craft something from it that can help?
  • Trufitus: My guess is that you will need some protection from Rashiliyia if you intend to enter her tomb!
    • Player: How do I make a bronze necklace?
      • Trufitus: Well, Bwana. I would guess that you would need to get some bronze metal and work it into something that could be turned into a necklace?
    • Player: What should I put on the necklace?
      • Trufitus: Perhaps Zadimus' clue has the answer? Now, what was it that he said again? Something about kin and keys? That sword pommel belonged to Bervirius didn't it?
    • Player: Thanks! [After selecting an option]
      • Trufitus: You're more than welcome Bwana! Good luck for the rest of your quest.

Crafting an Entrance

Crafting beads
  • You prepare the ivory pommel and the chisel to start crafting...
  • You successfully craft some of the ivory into beads. They may look good as part of a necklace.
Creating the necklace
  • You successfully craft the beads and bronze wire into a necklace which you name 'Beads of the Dead'.
Creating the key
  • Remembering Zadimus' words and the strange bone lock, you start to craft the bone. You successfully make a key out of the bone shard.

Rashiliyia's Tomb

Stuck Forever

  • The doors close behind you with the sound of crunching bone. Before you stretches a winding tunnel blocked by an ancient gate.
Attempting to open the exit door
  • The door seems to be locked!
  • Player: Oh no, I'm going to be stuck in here forever!
  • Player: How will I ever get out!
  • Player: I'm too young to die!

Undead Porters

Searching the double doors
  • The door is ornately carved with depictions of skeletal warriors. You notice that some of the skeletal warriors' depictions are not complete. Instead, they are recesses where some of the bones should be. There are three recesses.
After putting all the bones in
  • The door seems to change slightly. Two depictions of skeletal warriors turn their heads towards you. They are alive! The Skeletons wrench themselves free of the door. Stepping out of the door, with grinning teeth they push the huge doors open.


Touching the dolmen
  • You touch the dolmen, and the ground starts to shake. You hear an unearthly voice booming and you step away from the dolmen in anticipation.
  • Nazastarool: Who dares disturb Rashiliyia's rest?
  • Nazastarool: I am Nazastarool! Prepare to die!
After defeating Nazastarool
  • You defeat Nazastarool and the corpse falls to the ground. The bones start to move again and soon they reform into a grisly giant skeleton.
  • Nazastarool: Quake in fear, for I am reborn!
  • Nazastarool: Your death will be swift.
Defeating Nazastarool again
  • You defeat Nazastarool and the skeleton falls to the ground. An ethereal form starts taking shape above the bones and you soon face the vengeful ghost of Nazastarool.
  • Nazastarool: Nazastarool returns with vengeance!
  • Nazastarool: Soon you will serve Rashiliyia.
Finally defeating Nazastarool for the last time
  • You hear a disembodied voice fading away into the distance: May you perish in the first of Zamorak's furnace! Rashiliyia's curse is upon you!
  • You see something appear on the dolmen.
Taking the remains
  • You take the mummified remains of a human female. You feel certain that these are Rashiliyia's remains. You carefully place the remains in your inventory.

Eternal Rest

Final Advice

  • Player: Hello.
  • Trufitus: Greetings again Bwana. I hope that you have managed to locate Rashiliyia's Tomb. Again, if you found anything interesting, please show it to me.
    • Player: What should I do now?
      • Trufitus: Trufitus scratches his head.
      • Trufitus: Well Bwana, if you have Rashiliyia's remains, you need to find a way to put her spirit to rest. Perhaps there was a clue with one of the artefacts that you have?
      • Trufitus: Why not have a look through the artifacts that you have found and see if there is some clue that might help? If you do not have her remains, you will need to find them.
    • Player: Thanks!
Showing Trufitus the remains
  • Player: Could you have a look at this...
  • Trufitus: This is truly incredible bwana... So these are the remains of the dread Queen Rashiliyia?
  • Player: Yes, I think so.
    • Player: What should I do with them?
      • Trufitus: Hmm, I'm not exactly sure... Perhaps there is a clue in one of the artefacts you have found?
    • Player: Can you take them off my hands?
      • Trufitus: I dare not take them, I may be taken over by the evil spirit of Rashiliyia!
    • Player: Thanks! [After choosing an option]
      • Trufitus: You're more than welcome Bwana! Good luck for the rest of your quest.

Moving On

Placing the remains on the dolmen
  • You carefully place Rashiliyia's remains on the dolmen. You feel a strange vibration in the air.
  • Rashiliyia: You have my gratitude for releasing my spirit. I have suffered a vengeful and evil existence. I was tricked by Zamorak. He returned my son to me as an undead creature.
  • Rashiliyia: My hatred and bitterness corrupted me. I tried to destroy all life... now I am released. And I am grateful to contemplate eternal rest...

Post-Quest Dialogue


  • Player: Greetings.
  • Trufitus: Hello Bwana. I conclude that you have been successful. Mosol sent word that the village is clearing of zombies. You have done us all a great deed!
  • Trufitus: Why not go and visit him and have a look around Shilo village. You may find some interesting things there!

Mosol Rei

  • Player: Greetings!
  • Mosol Rei: Greetings Bwana! We've removed the threat of Rashiliyia and though there are still some random outbreaks of undead activity we are more than able to deal with it.
  • Mosol Rei: You're welcome to enter the village now Bwana, shall I show you the way?
  • You can now enter Shilo Village
    • Player: Yes. Ok, I'll go into the village!
      • Mosol leads you into the village.
      • Mosol leaves you by the gate and walks back out into the jungle.
    • Player: I think I'll see it some other time.
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