Nearby NPC dialogue

When an obelisk spawns

  • Apmeken help us!
  • Argh! A weird obelisk!
  • Be on your guard.
  • Has someone reported this to Commander Akhomet?
  • Holy Tumeken... What is that thing?
  • I can't... move.
  • I'm scared!
  • Is that obelisk another one of the Pharaoh's ventures?
  • Is this the Pharaoh's doing?
  • My old bones can't handle this... Help...
  • My soul...hurts. Guards, help!
  • Ouch! Is it...draining our energy?
  • What is that thing? What is it doing?

When an obelisk disappears

  • Ah thank the sands...
  • Phew. Glad that's over.
  • What are those obelisks doing!?
  • Where did it go!?


When beginning to touch an obelisk

  • Your connection to the realm of the living weakens.

While touching an obelisk

  • You hear an angry voice muttering something unintelligible.
  • An angry voice echoes around Menaphos. It is cursing your name.
  • The soul obelisk feels alive. It seems displeased with your presence.
  • You feel a familiar connection. The Magister is fighting back.

After touching an obelisk

  • You return to the realm of the living.
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