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This transcript involves dialogue with Awusah, Garai, Genie (Spirits of the Elid), Ghaslor, Hallak, Nirrie, Rokuh, Shiratti, Tirrie, Usi, and Zahra.

Nardah's Curse

  • Awusah the Mayor: Many salutations to you [sir/madam], what brings you to our little town?
    • Player: I am an adventurer in search of quests.
      • Awusah the Mayor: Hmm, well that could be quite fortuitous. We really could do with some help here. Our town seems to have come under a curse, and we are desperate to get it removed.
      • Player: A curse? What sort of curse?
      • Awusah the Mayor: Well first of all our fountain, which has served us for many years, suddenly dried up. We then started transporting water from the river, but what we carried would always have completely dried up by the time we got it back to the village.
        • Player: So what do you do for water now?
          • Awusah the Mayor: Well it's tough. There is a guy who calls himself Ali the carter down in the market. He's from Pollnivneach, so the curse doesn't seem to have affected him. He's got a cart full of water which he's selling to the people here. Unfortunately in typical Pollnivneach style he's taking the opportunity to sell the water at outrageous prices because he knows we are desperate. Oh and Rokuh has developed something quite remarkable called a choc ice which is helping people stay cool.
        • Player: Any idea how you got this curse?
          • Awusah the Mayor: Well we think it was because we were negligent in our duty to protect a priest of Saradomin. He came to use a few weeks ago from the north and we welcomed him into our town. He taught us much of the wisdom of Saradomin. Then about a week ago, we found him dead by the river. It seems unlikely that it is coincidence we were then cursed. If you look around the town you might be able to find out more.
        • Player: Ok I will have a look around and see what I can do. [After choosing the previous option]
          • Awusah the Mayor: Good luck to you.
        • Player: I'm sorry to hear of your plight, but I must be going.
    • Player: I'm just looking around.
      • Awusah the Mayor: Well we've not fallen on the best of times here, but there are a few shops to look around and we have someone selling a marvelous new invention called a choc ice.. [sic] Oh, and there's an old temple if you're interested in a bit of history.
    • Player: I'm just passing through on my way to Menaphos.
      • Awusah the Mayor: Oh you don't want to go there at the moment. I hear rumours of plagues and the like down there, I think they've closed off the city anyway.
      • Player: Thanks for the warnings, though I may go investigate there anyway.
Speaking to him again
  • Awusah the Mayor: Many salutations to you [sir/madam], have you made any progress in uncovering the reasons for our curse yet?
    • Player: I am working on it.
      • Awusah the Mayor: Please try your best, that water salesman is not doing much good for the economy of our town.
    • Player: What was I meant to do again?
      • Awusah the Mayor: Look around this town, see if you can uncover any information to why we were cursed and how the curse might be lifted. I suspect that it might be because a priest of Saradomin died while staying at our town, but that isn't much help in getting the curse lifted and it is possible I'm wrong anyway.
    • Player: I haven't really had the time to investigate.
      • Awusah the Mayor: Well I hope somebody can find the time soon, the despair of the people of this town increases daily.

Touring the Town


  • Rokuh: Come one, come all, buy my amazing choc ice invention here! Chocolate on the outside, iced cream on the inside. Oh I also have some chocolate left over from making choc ices which I'm selling too.
  • Player: I'm trying to find out the cause of the town's curse. [all other options are normal character dialogue]
  • Rokuh: I really have no idea. It's most regrettable. Fortunately my innovation with my choc ice invention is helping people stay at least slightly cool.

Ali the Carter

  • Ali the Carter: Water, water get your fresh water here, 1000 coins a waterskin, a bargain in these difficult times.
  • Player: That's extortionate! Why so much? [all other options are normal character dialogue]
  • Ali the Carter: Well it's the cheapest water you'll find in this town.
  • Player: Would you happen to know anything about the curse?
  • Ali the Carter: Yes the people round here can't seem to get the water themselves. It's an ideal business opportunity for one such as myself.
  • Player: It does seem to be slightly exploiting their unfortunate situation.
  • Ali the Carter: I don't see it like that. Without me they'd be in even more of a mess. I'm doing them a favour and in true Pollnivneachian spirit making a profit along the way.

The Shrine

  • Player: I am trying to find out the cause of the town's curse.
    • Shiratti the Custodian: Well with the moral standards of this town lately, I'm hardly surprised.
    • Player: Why, what have they been up to?
    • Shiratti the Custodian: Nothing someone like you would understand.
  • Player: Good day to you.
    • Shiratti the Custodian: Be Careful in here and don't touch anything! There's some old and valuable artefacts around here. Careless outsiders... you're always coming in and making a mess of things!
    • Player: Ok calm down. I'm not going to touch anything.
    • Shiratti the Custodian: Yes, good don't.
  • Player: What is this building?
    • Shiratti the Custodian: This is our local shrine to She.
    • Player: What do you mean by She?
    • Shiratti the Custodian: Such ignorance! I suppose I should come to expect it. People are forgetting the old ways of the desert around here. But then... What do those bureaucratic fools in Menaphos expect if they're going to take so long to send us a new priestess of She. Do you know we haven't had one for five years now!
    • Player: Errm you still haven't told me what you mean by She.
    • Shiratti the Custodian: She! Otherwise known as Elidinis. Goddess of growth and fertility. Lady of the river. Wife of Tumeken. Flower of the desert. Mother of Icthlarin.
    • Player: That all sounds very confusing. I might just call her Elidinis for short.
  • Player: What is that key on display?
    • Shiratti the Custodian: That's a very valuable artefact. Keep your hands off it.
    • Player: I just wanted to know what it did.
    • Shiratti the Custodian: That's the key to the holy chambers of the great and mighty Spirits of the Elid and it's staying right there. There are other holy items about this building and keep your hands off them too. But most definitely keep your hands off the key. People already meddle too much with the affairs of the shrine.

Ghaslor the Elder

  • Ghaslor the Elder: Good day to you, young [man/lady].
    • Player: I am trying to find out the cause of this town's curse.
      • Ghaslor the Elder: Oh that's something which no one but the gods and the river spirits seem to know.
        • Player: River spirits, what are they?
          • Ghaslor the Elder: They're the guardians of the source of the river Elid, they'll know about the curse, seeing it's related to water we bring from the river. It's said that nothing happens on the river that they don't know about.
          • Player: So would it be possible for me to find these spirits and ask them what is going on?
          • Ghaslor the Elder: Ahh now the spirits are something which no one from here have seen in a good long time, certainly not my lifetime, I don't think even my own grandfather's lifetime.
          • Ghaslor the Elder: Most the younger people of this town doesn't even remember that the spirits exist.
          • Ghaslor the Elder: Here I have something around here somewhere which may be of interest to you.
          • Ghaslor the Elder: Aha here it is, the ballad of Jareesh. This tells of a previous quest to try and find the spirits.
          • Ghaslor hands you a scroll.
          • Player: Thank you very much for your help.
        • Player: Thanks for your help.
    • Player: How are things?
      • Ghaslor the Elder: Lousy, young people have no respect for their elders, there's too many confusing newfangled magic carpets and snake charmers around these days and now we don't even have any water.
      • Player: Well I hope things pick up for you.

The Spirits of the Elid

Guardian Golem

  • Golem: You may not pass!
Once defeated
  • The Golem disappears, but will be back to defend his door.

The Elid's Source

  • Nirrie: What brings thee to our domain? It has been a long time since
  • Tirrie: we have seen any of your kind. Thou art not even
  • Hallak: one of the desert peoples!
    • Player: Wow, how do you finish each other's sentences like that?
      • Nirrie: We are a gestalt entity. We each have our own body, but our minds
      • Tirrie: are united and we all think as one. Well, except when Hallak doth leaveth
      • Nirrie: the toilet seat up.
      • Hallak: That's the way it's meant to be!
      • Nirrie: Okay, we're a mostly gestalt entity. We each have our own body, but
      • Hallak: our minds are united, except for some little parts which aren't. We mostly
      • Tirrie: think as one.
      • Player: That doesn't really have the same ring to it.
    • Player: Give Nardah its water back!
      • Nirrie: This little one doth come blundering into our abode making demands, with no thought for diplomacy or decorum.
        • Player: Who are you calling little?
          • Nirrie: You are little in power compared to us.
        • Player: Just tell me what it takes to get Nardah some water.
          • Tirrie: Thou shouldst calm down. Getting worked up like that will not help thee.
            • Player: Tell me what I need and I'll leave.
              • Nirrie: Well, maybe we're not that desperate for thee to leave.
                • Player: Look, you don't want me to get annoyed.
                  • Nirrie: That's a shame, because thou art annoyed already.
                    • Player: Okay, yes, I'm annoyed. Now give them their water.
                      • Nirrie: You know thou art really not skilled at diplomacy.
            • Player: I haven't time for this nonsense.
              • Nirrie: Well, we know ye mortals are always in a rush with
              • Tirrie: your very busy little lives. We'd better let thee get on. We
              • Hallak: enjoyed thy visit.
    • Player: Yes, it wasn't so easy getting in here. Why have you made it so tough? You must really not like guests.
      • Nirrie: We are powerful spirits with direct contact to the great goddess Elidinis. We do not need to be bothered by the trifles of
      • Tirrie: each and every human. This way, only those of much resource and intellect may gain audience with us.
    • Player: I come as a emissary from the people of Nardah.
      • Player: I come as a emissary from the people of Nardah. Their fountain has dried up and water they bring from the river dries up. What advice can you give on that matter?
      • Nirrie: How unusual that the one who would come unto us on this issue isn't even from Nardah. Yes it was indeed we
      • Hallak: who have withheld their water from them.
      • Player: Was this due the death of the Saradominist priest, as the townspeople think?
      • Nirrie: No that was also our doing!
      • Hallak: He did not respect our ways and the ways of the desert! He did not respect the way of Elidinis!
      • Nirrie: He came preaching the ways of Saradomin, which is all well and good, but he also did turneth them from the path of the dessert gods, especially from Elidinis. Elidinis is happy to share the worship of followers, indeed Elidinis
      • Nirrie: was allied with Saradomin many ages past. Saradominist mages even gave us these golems you met as a diplomatic gesture, so you can see we are on good terms; however, this is a outrage.
        • Player: Is there anything I can do to get their fountain working again?
          • Nirrie: I don't know. The Saradominist priest persuaded the people of Nardah to throw away the statuette of Elidinis which was in her temple. As long as they do not have that image of Elidinis to pray to, then we must consider them
          • Nirrie: turned away from her and the curse shalt stand.
          • Player: Well, that's all very interesting. I wonder what the people of Nardah will think of this.
        • Player: Hey, you've stopped finishing each other's sentences.
          • Nirrie: That seems to be something that happens when we get emotional.
          • Hallak: We are
          • Tirrie: calmer now, though.
        • Player: There are other desert settlements that don't worship Elidinis. Why pick on Nardah specifically?
          • Tirrie: It is true many do not follow Elidinis, but there is more to the story than that. The answers
          • Hallak: lie in the story of Nardarine. Wouldn't thou likest to hear the telling of this tale? It is not a short one.
            • Player: Yes. I would like to hear this story.
              • Tirrie: Nardarine came from a town towards the north side of the desert, which does not exist today. This was in the Third Age in the time thou callest the
              • Hallak: God Wars. Her town was once controlled by Saradomin, but there was a great battle there between Saradominist and Zamorakian forces, which pretty much
              • Nirrie: levelled the town. Most of the human citizens perished. Nardarine had the wisdom to escape into the desert before the fighting got really serious, and thus survived; however, she found herself wandering lost and alone in
              • Tirrie: the desert. She prayed to Saradomin for help, but Saradomin was too concerned with the loss of a strategic outpost to worry about the fate of one small human. Nardarine had wandered towards the realm of
              • Hallak: the Menaphite Pantheon. Elidinis heard the prayers of Nardarine. She took pity on the wandering human and came unto her with water. 'Oh great goddess.' exclaimed Nardarine 'I wish not to be involved more in
              • Nirrie: the wars of the gods. For they have caused me so much hardship already. I wish only for a quiet life somewhere.' Elidinis replied, 'I will grant this unto thee on the condition that thou swearest to forever pay fealty and homage to me, and I grant this also unto thy descendants for as long as they too will pay an oath of fealty and homage to me.' Nardarine said, 'If you would grant me a safe home, with a supply of food and water, then I would surely do this, for it is more than any other god would seem to do for me.' Then Elidinis made a spring of water appear at Nardarine's feet and brought stone from below the sand so that she
              • Tirrie: might have something to build with. She called forth camels, which have many uses and taste good in kebabs. She then provided Nardarine with a statuette in her image to worship. Nardarine built up her home. Over
              • Hallak: time, more refugees from the God Wars found Nardarine's home. Nardarine let them stay with her as long as they did make the same oath as her. Hence the town of Nardah was born and Nardarine lived the rest
              • Nirrie: of her days in the peacefulness that she craved. The oath was passed down the generations for many ages, but now seemeth to be forgotten. Now maybe thou canst see why we are not best pleased.
              • Player: That does make some sense.
              • [Goes to fountain option]
            • Player: Is there anything I can do to get their fountain working again?
              • [Goes to fountain option]
    • Player: What manner of beings are you?
      • Nirrie: We are the spirits of the River Elid. Many ages ago, we used to be mindless wandering spirits, with little mind or purpose. We were here even in the First Age. Then, great Elidinis came to the desert and bound us to her river. We've
      • Tirrie: become one with the river, and over the centuries become full of the power of Elidinis that was in her river. We are now her trusted guardians of the Elid. We can control the river and anything that happens near the river we know about.
      • Player: Tell me more of Elidinis.
        • Nirrie: Elidinis is one of a group of gods known as the Menaphite Pantheon. She is the wife of the leader, Tumeken. She is the Menaphire goddess of growth and fertility and goddess of the river.
Speaking to them again
  • Hallak: Thou art back already?
    • Player: Give Nardah its water back!
      • Hallak: I thought we had been through this already. You are not in any position to make such demands. As long as they do not have their statuette of Elidinis to pray to, then we
      • Tirrie: must consider them turned away from her and the curse shalt stand.
    • Player: Yes, it's nice and cool here.
      • Hallak: That it is. Praise the power of Elidinis.
    • Player: What did the townspeople need to do again?
      • Nirrie: As long as they do not have their statuette of Elidinis to pray to, then we
      • Tirrie: must consider them turned away from her and the curse shalt stand.

The Peoples' Mistake


  • Awusah the Mayor: Many salutations to you [sir/madam], have you made any progress in uncovering the reasons for our curse yet?
  • Player: Yes I have made some progress. It is the doing of the water spirits at the source of the river.
  • Awusah the Mayor: The Spirits of the Elid? I wasn't even sure if they weren't some old wives tale. Why would they do such a thing?
  • Player: Did you by any chance throw away a statuette of the goddess Elidinis recently?
  • Awusah the Mayor: Oh that old thing. Yeah, the priest of Saradomin said we should get rid of that. He said we should become followers of Saradomin, and therefore we wouldn't need it.
  • Player: Well the spirits killed him for imparting that piece of advice about the statuette.
  • Awusah the Mayor: Gasps!
  • Player: Apparently this town was brought about by Elidinis on the promise that its people would follow her. People here have been waning in their belief of Elidinis for a while now. It seems the casting away of the statue was the final straw.
  • Awusah the Mayor: Ohh that's not so good if only we hadn't thrown the statue away, we wouldn't have this water problem then. He was a very convincing priest though. He worked many wonders, for example if he prayed hard enough he became impervious to arrows. The way of Saradomin did seem very appealing.
  • Player: [if you have at least 40 Prayer] Oh but that's easy. I can pray to protect myself from arrows too.
    • Awusah the Mayor: Then truly you are very powerful too! [continue below]
  • Player: [if you don't have 40 Prayer] [Transcript incomplete]
  • Player: Where did you throw the statuette?
  • Awusah the Mayor: Ohh there's a strange deep crevice in the desert to the west of here. We threw it down there. I don't know if it's lost forever or not.
  • Player: Well it's worth a look anyway.
  • Awusah the Mayor: If you could retrieve it for us we'll be very grateful. Even if it doesn't give us our water back, maybe it'll calm Shiratti down, she was not pleased at it being thrown away and she's been grumpy ever since.


  • Player: I've been told that a statuette was removed from this temple.
  • Shiratti the Custodian: Yes, that Saradominist priest brought a group of the villagers in here. Took it by force as far as I'm concerned. I'm not at all happy, standards have been slipping here for a while, but that was going too far. It's an insult to She!
  • Player: Who?
  • Shiratti the Custodian: She! Elidinis! Goddess of growth and fertility! Lady of the river. Wife of Tumeken. Flower of the desert. Mother of Icthlarin!
  • Player: ...Ah yes, that She. Well you're right, that would be an insult to Elidinis. In fact it seems that affront is what has brought the curse upon this village.
  • Shiratti the Custodian: Well you know I suspected that all along, but does anyone listen to me anymore? No! Well I'm impressed you've come to the same conclusion as me, maybe I underestimated you.
  • Player: Er, why didn't you tell me about your suspicions when I was asking around about the curse then?
  • Shiratti the Custodian: I have to apologise. We've already had one outsider around stirring trouble, which caused this whole mess in the first place. I feared that you were coming to force your ways on us.
  • Player: No I'm here to help.
  • Shiratti the Custodian: Well I'm grateful, anything you can to do to find the statuette would be appreciated.

Ghaslor the Elder

  • Ghaslor the Elder: Good day to you young [man/lady]. Any progress on uncovering the town's curse yet?
  • Player: Yes some actually. I managed to speak to the river spirits you told me about.
  • Ghaslor the Elder: You actually managed to find them? I'm impressed. As I say – no one has seen them in many many years.
  • Player: Yes the spirits told me that the town is cursed because you guys have thrown away a statuette to the goddess Elidinis.
  • Ghaslor the Elder: Ah yes I heard a group led by that Saradominist priest went into the shrine and removed the Statuette, it all seemed a bit unnecessary to me. Didn't realise it would curse us though. I have no idea what they did with it afterwards.


  • Player: I heard the people of Nardah threw their statue of Elidinis away.
  • Usi: Yep we did. Bit of spring cleaning.
  • Player: Where did it go?
  • Usi: I don't remember exactly now. Awusah might know.


  • Player: I heard the people of Nardah threw their statue of Elidinis away.
  • Garai: did they? What did they want to go and do a thing like that for?
  • Player: A Saradominist priest who was staying here told them to.
  • Garai: There was a Saradominist priest here?
  • Player: You don't seem to notice much. Do you even live here?
  • Garai: Yes. I just don't get out that much.


  • Player: I heard the people of Nardah threw their statue of Elidinis away.
  • Zahra: Yes that's correct. Why do you ask?
  • Player: I've found out that action seems to have caused this town's curse.
  • Zahra: Well, I guess that would be logical conclusion. I don't really know where the statue was thrown. Awusah might know.

Making Amends

The Genie

  • Genie: I am a mighty and powerfull genie. Why do you come here? Speak now or I'll have something exceeding nasty to do to you.
    • I'm after a statue that was thrown down here.
      • Player: I'm after a statue that was thrown down here.
      • Genie: Ahh yes, someone did drop a statue on my head recently. Very nice workmanship, looks quite old and valuable too. I'm surprised someone threw it away!
      • Genie: I have accepted it as a gift as they clearly respect my terrible powers. They seek to keep me on bay by giving me valuables.
        • Maybe I can make a deal for it?
          • Player: Maybe I can make a deal for the statuette?
          • Genie: Hmm a deal eh? I think we can come to a sort of arrangement. I'll give you the valuable statuette in return for, let me think...
          • Genie: How about I give you the statue in exchange for the sole of the major of Nardah?
            • Player: Isn't that a little harsh?
              • Genie: I wouldn't have said so. It seems a perfectly reasonable thing to request to me. I can think of many things a lot worse I could have asked for.
            • How am I meant to remove someone's soul?
              • Player: How am I meant to remove someone's soul?
              • Genie: Oh that's easy. In my experience soles are very easy to remove with just a knife.
              • Returns to the previous menu.
            • Ok I agree to the deal.
              • Player: Ok I agree to the deal.
              • Dialogue end's.
            • Player: No way am I agreeing to that.
              • Genie: Ah well it's your loss. No sole, then no statuette.
        • Player: I'm not sure they know you're down here.
          • Genie: Silence cur! They fear and respect me and that's an end to it.
          • [Goes to the dialogue about the deal]
    • Player: You're a genie, grant me a wish.
      • Genie: Not all genies are goody two shoes who go round granting wishes. It's something that my pathetic brother does to make people like him, but that's not my style. I like to think of myself more as an evil and scary sort of genie, who people talk about in hushed and fearful tones.
        • Player: Well you seem quite scary.
          • Genie: Why thank you. I put a lot of effort into my terrifyingness. Wait! Did you say quite scary? I'll have you know I am VERY scary!
          • Player: Erm yes that's what I meant.
    • Player: Why are you sitting here in the dark?
      • Genie: Two reasons really. Firstly, I can see in the dark, so light or dark makes little difference to me. Lastly, I gather it's normal for powerful terrifying creatures to lurk in dark caves, so I found this one to lurk in myself, nice isn't it?
        • Player: Very pleasant, the snakes are a nice touch.
          • Genie: Why do I get the sense that I'm not being taken seriously here? Please try to remember I am very dangerous and not to be trifled with.
        • Player: Well, I must be off now.
          • Genie: Yes, run. Ruuuun in fear of.. [sic] The crevice genie of Nardah! Muhahaha!
    • Player: I'm just looking around.
      • Genie: I don't know about that. I can't have just anybody traipsing in here. I have a reputation to keep you see. Actually I'll tell you what, you can hang around here for a bit, but be sure to spread the word about what a terrifying experience you had when you ran into... The crevice genie of Nardah!
      • Player: ...Ok I think I can manage that.
Speaking to the Genie again
  • Genie: Do you have the sole of Awusah, so that we can make our trade?
    • Player: How am I meant to remove someone's soul?
      • [same as above]
    • Player: I'm still working on it.
      • Genie: Well no rush. I quiet like the statuette too.
    • Player: No, it's not an easy thing to get.
      • Genie: Haha, even a pathetic human could be able to manage to get another human's sole.
Attempting to take the lamp
  • Genie: Hey get your hands off my house.

The Sole Solution

  • Awusah the Mayor: Have you had any luck retrieving our statuette yet?
  • Player: Err, well I have made some progress. I met a genie down the crevice. He told me that he would give me the statuette in exchange for your soul.
  • Awusah the Mayor: What! That's just asking too much. So he wants to have my soul when my time to die comes?
  • Player: Well not exactly, he sort of basically said I should remove it with a knife.
  • Awusah the Mayor: That's barbaric! I simply refuse. The price is too high. We'll just have to find other ways to get the town a good supply of water. Don't go bringing any knives near me.
Using a knife on the Mayor
  • Awusah the Mayor: What do you think you are doing?
  • Player: Erm, I'm trying to remove your soul.
  • Awusah the Mayor: What, have you lost your mind?
  • Player: It's for the good of the village. I met a genie down the crevice. He told me that he would give me the statuette in exchange for your sole.
  • Awusah the Mayor: That's barbaric! We'll just have to find other ways to get the town a good supply of water. Keep your knife away from me please.
Attempting to cut the Mayor's shoes while in his house
  • Awusah the Mayor: Hey, leave my shoes alone!

Making the Trade

  • Genie: Do you have the sole of Awusah, so that we can make our trade?
  • Player: Yes I have it here.
  • Genie: Ah excellent, here, take the statuette.
  • You trade the sole for the statuette.
  • Player: So um, why do you need part of Awusah's footwear anyway? I hope you're not going to do some nasty magic on his feet or something.
  • Genie: I hadn't thought of that. I just read that a lot of the most powerful beings are collecting soles these days. I haven't really got many yet though. You provided me with an opportunity to expand my collection.

Revitalising Nardah

A Small Price to Pay

  • Awusah the Mayor: Have you had any luck retrieving our statuette yet?
  • Player: Yes I finally got it. I had to destroy a pair of your shoes though. A crazy genie wanted a sole off your shoe in return for the statuette. I think he got souls and soles confused.
  • Awusah the Mayor: I suppose sacrificing a pair of shoes for the greater good of the town is reasonable. I don't begin to understand the ways of genies.
  • Player: Yes I thought it best not to correct him. He's somewhat less dangerous than he might be if he's a collector of shoe soles.
  • Awusah the Mayor: Anyway thanks for getting the statue back. You should take it to our temple and then we can see if our fountain starts working again.

Returning the Statuette

  • Player: I have got the statuette.
  • Shiratti the Custodian: That is great news! I could kiss you, but they don't allow shrine custodians to engage in that sort of behaviour. You should put the statuette back on its plinth.
Placing the statuette on the plinth
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