Player-owned port

  • The Architect: Hello. Can I assist you?
    • Player: How are things?
      • Before Meet the Architect:
        • The Architect: These lands are filled with many examples of fine architecture. Hopefully I can glean some insights here.
      • After Research Continues:
        • The Architect: I am here to see if there has been any news from my town. So far, my studies have brought no new information to light.
      • After Promising Sample:
        • The Architect: Varrock Museum contains information which I have been investigating. I have returned here to collect any messages from my town.
      • After Miracle Material:
        • The Architect: Time is running out for my town. We do not have long.
      • After Strange Properties:
        • The Architect: This new mineral has bought us a chance. Let us hope that it has come to us in time to save my town.
      • After Foundations:
        • The Architect: I have come seeking further aid and information. Mining has not been going as smoothly as we hoped.
      • After Reinforcement
        • The Architect: Thank you for arranging help for me with the creatures. With the aid of the team, I was able to acquire more of the mineral.
      • After Once More into the Breach
        • The Architect: There is something more to these creatures. It is a shame we have discovered them under these circumstances.
      • Recipe Number 132: Fresh Idea
        • The Architect: I still cannot believe that we managed to make a deal with the creatures. However, it has allowed them and my town to survive.
    • Player: I wonder if you could help me?
      • The Architect: If you ever need help, do not hesitate to ask.
      • Voyage screen opens
    • Player: Do you prefer to work alone?
      • With the Missionary not unlocked:
      • With the Missionary unlocked and not present:
        • The Architect: I would love to have a conversation about something other than killing things or boats.
        • If both the Missionary and Architect are in port at the same time, additional joint voyages will be made available.
      • With the Missionary unlocked and present:'
        • The Architect: I would love to have a conversation about something other than killing things or boats.
    • Player: How's the life of an architect?
      • The Architect: An architect has to consider both function and aesthetics: we have to balance strength with beauty; form with function. Each building is a new puzzle.
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      • Meet the Architect
      • Research Continues
      • Promising Sample
      • Miracle Material
      • More
        • Strange Properties
        • Foundations
        • Reinforcement
        • One More into the Breach
        • Recipe Number 132: Fresh Idea

Random events

A Simple Favour

  • The Architect: Leave me be. You have nothing of interest to me.

Last Orders

  • The Architect: Drink clouds the mind, barmaid. I am not interested.


Meet the Architect

  • The Architect: I must thank you and your crew for answering my call.
  • Player: Not a problem. How can we help?
  • The Architect: My name is Lidylla. I am an architect, and my hometown is in need of assistance. We are suffering from seismic disturbances, and the epicentre is below our settlement. The tremors are causing major structural damage, and the land has began to subside into the ocean.
  • Player: I'm not sure how we can help you.
  • The Architect: I have come here to study your building techniques and materials. Your Lumbridge Castle withstood a blast of some force.
  • Player: Now I understand. When you're ready to return to the Eastern Lands, let me know.
  • The Architect: Thank you, Portmaster.
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Architect adventurer, Lidylla! The Architect now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.

Research Continues

Before Voyage

  • Player: You wanted to speak to me, Lidylla?
  • The Architect: Yes. I have gathered some building techniques from engineers in your langs. I can return to strengthen our structures.
  • Player: Do you need to head back now?
  • The Architect: I might stop off briefly to update the elders, but my main aim is to scout other islands.
  • Player: What for?
  • The Architect: We cannot be the only island to have faced such earthquakes. Others must have survived, and I want to learn how.
  • Player: We have a ship about to head out. You are welcome to join the crew.

After Voyage

  • Player: Hellow Lidylla. how is your town doing?
  • The Architect: For too long we have focused on aesthetics over resilience. Construction is ongoing in my absence, but the tremors continue. I believe that the tremors will stop eventually, but not before it is too late. No island has managed to survive similar earthquakes.
  • Player: What is your plan?
  • The Architect: To return to Varrock Museum, to study. It is possible that a nation has endured such earthquakes in the West.

Promising Sample

Before Voyage

  • The Architect: I require your assistance. I need to travel immediately.
  • Player: May I ask why?
  • The Architect: I have heard rumors of a new material that could save my town. It is immensely strong, and resists lateral force when it is applied-
  • Player: Slow down, Lidylla. I get the idea. You can join the crew of the next ship out.
  • The Architect: Time is not on my side.

After Voyage

  • Player: Was the voyage worth it, Lidylla?
  • The Architect: It was not. I found the material and it looked promising. However, on the voyage back, it was doused in salt water.
  • Player: Why is that a problem?
  • The Architect: It reacted with the material and weakened it significantly. It is completely useless.
  • Player: I'm sorry.
  • The Architect: I will return to my studies. This is a major setback.

Miracle Material

Before Voyage

  • The Architect: You wish to see me?
  • Player: We have received a request from your hometown. They have asked for you to go home immediately.
  • The Architect: No. I have a lot of work to do.
  • Player: New information has come to light and they want you back there as soon as possible.
  • The Architect: Did you hear any other details?
  • Player: It seems there has been a discovery. A sample has been brought back for study. It has all the properties you require.
  • The Architect: This is wonderful news! I will prepare right away.

After Voyage

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