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  • The Chef: Woah! Don't sneak up on me like that!
  • Player: How are you doing, Carlos?
    • Before Perfect Flavour
      • The Chef: I would go and explore more of the port, but I am already in my apron.
    • After Perfect Flavour
      • The Chef: I wonder if someone around here will let me use them as a taste tester. I'm almost certain I won't poison them.
    • After Toxins
      • The Chef: Barrel here, barrel there. I'd better label them. Don't want to cook the wrong stuff!
    • After Boiling Over
      • The Chef: I'm glad the villagers are okay. I would hate to have made them all ill. Still a bit of a mystery, though!
    • After To The Ship
      • The Chef: Just the thought of what happened to those poor hunters... Sends shivers down my spine!
    • After Barrels of Mystery
      • The Chef: I need to master the spoon-lasso-trap. It worked flawlessly against that cactus I tested it on!
    • After Reinforcement
      • The Chef: First I was determined to cook the creature, but I changed my mind after seeing that goop!
    • After Once More Into the Breach
      • The Chef: Next time I am out at the mine, I bet I can find some nice fungi to cook up. I tried some...didn't make me feel funny or anything.
    • After Recipe Number 132: Fresh Idea
      • The Chef: I wonder if I can cook those rocks. If the creatures can eat them, why can't I?
  • Player: I could use your help.
    • The Chef: You need something sliced, diced and cooked? I'm on my way!
      • Voyage screen opens
  • Player: Do you prefer to work alone?
    • Without the Biologist unlocked
      • The Chef: I like to work with people who study nature and can point me at the tastiest stuff.
      • Unlock the Biologist (90 Herblore required) to unlock additional joint voyages.
    • With the Biologist unlocked and not present
      • The Chef: I need to absorb information about herbs and such. There's a biologist around here who might just have what I need.
      • If the Biologist and Chef are in port at the same time, additional joint voyages will be made available.
    • With the Biologist unlocked and present
      • missing
  • Player: Do you like cooking, Carlos?
    • The Chef: I love to cook. You get to work with a big pot and stir things in without being accused of witchcraft and cursing people!
  • Player: I have to go.
    • The Chef: Oh, I'll see you around port then. Farewell!
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Random events

A Simple Favour

  • The Chef: Do you deal in spices? I could do with something with a bit more POW!

Last Orders

  • The Chef: Thanks for the offer, but my alcohol goes in the sauce for that extra kick.

Story voyages

Meet The Chef

  • The Chef: Thank you for rescuing me! I'd have gone mad if I was there another day.
  • Player: No problem, Mister...
  • The Chef: Oh! My name? Right... uh, Carlos. Carlos Napp.
  • Player: Welcome to port, Mr. Napp.
  • The Chef: Carlos will do fine! I'd be happy to thank you and your staff by cooking you a banquet.
  • Player: It would be good to sample your cooking. The crew said your dishes were unique.
  • The Chef: YES! Yes, exactly! That's why I went out there: to find new, unknown flavours and ingredients.
  • Player: Seems like you succeeded. I'll inform the crew of the banquet.
  • The Chef: You're having a banquet? I'll cook something up for it as a thank you!
  • Agree... again.
    • Player: Okay... sure. Sounds like a good idea.
    • The Chef: I won't take no for an answer!
  • Keep quiet.
    • The Chef: I won't take no for an answer!
  • Player: I hope he doesn't poison anyone.
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Chef adventurer, Carlos Napp! The Chef now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.

Perfect Flavour

Before voyage

  • Player: Hello, Carlos. How can I help you?
  • The Chef: Ah, yes. I'm running low on my more exotic ingredients. I'd like to join the crew of a ship heading east.
  • Player: What do you mean by 'exotic' ingredients?
  • The Chef: No need to be alarmed! There's nothing dangerous about the herbs I use. They come from an island surrounded by sharks and covered with toxic berries.
  • Player: That doesn't sound safe at all.
  • The Chef: Indeed! Why would you even go there?
  • Player: To find the exotic herb?
  • The Chef: What a coincidence! I'm looking for a herb from that very island! And I know a safe way to get there.
  • Confirm Carlos hasn't gone mad.
    • Player: Are you sure you know what you're doing?
    • The Chef: Probably. But I assure you. I'll not endanger your crew. I'll even get you supplies for the port. How's that sound
    • Player: Okay, you can join the crew. But the captain's word is final on any decision.
  • Go along with the idea
    • Player: I'm going to regret this, aren't I?
    • The Chef: Probably. But I assure you, I'll not endanger your crew. I'll even get you supplies for the port. How's that sound?
    • Player: Okay, you can join the crew. But the captain's word is final on any decision.

After completion

  • The Chef: We did it! We stocked up the galleys with supplies!
  • Player: I thought you were getting supplies for the port.
  • The Chef: Yes, supplies that I can cook for you and your staff! You're welcome!
  • Player: I guess the crew works better with decent food in their bellies.
  • The Chef: That's the spirit! All I ask is that I may personally unload certain barrels from the galley.
  • Player: I don't suppose you'd like to tell me what's in the barrels.
  • The Chef: Don't worry, I'm not smuggling something suspicious Now I must take my leave of you: the barrels won't move themselves. At least, I don't think they will.
  • Player: I'd better arrange a search of those barrels.


Before Voyage

  • The Chef: You asked to see me?
  • Player: The crew reported odd symptoms. Some are seriously ill - particularly the crew from your last voyage.
  • The Chef: Ah, yes...that. The herbs can be ever-so-slightly toxic if not prepared correctly. The crew are snacking on them raw.
  • Player: Eve-so-slightly toxic? Some of the men are near death!
  • The Chef: Oh, fuff! They're only near-death, not actually dead. They'll get better.
  • Player: You'd better hope so. I want you to return the plants and put up warnings signs. If we're lucky, no one else has been exposed to them.

After completion

  • The Chef: The plant... it's all gone
  • Player: I know it is - I told you to get rid of it!
  • The Chef: No, no, no. Not the stuff in the barrels. The plants on the island.
  • Player: Is it possible someone else found them?
  • The Chef: It's possible, though there's no sign that they were harvested. It's like they vanished.
  • Player: My crew will look out for sightings of the plant. If it gets into food, we could have a lot of sick people on our hands.
  • The Chef: A prudent decision.

Boiling Over

Before Voyage

  • Player: Carlow, thank you for seeing me.
  • The Chef: I hope this is good news.
  • Player: It's not good news at all! My crew have heard of a village that made a miraculous discovery - a stash of harvested herbs
  • The Chef: Ah, I see where this is going.
  • Player: Yes, indeed.
  • The Chef: Someone has found a plant that harvests itself!
  • Player: No, Carlos. They found the barrels that you returned to the island.
  • The Chef: Oh, yes. That makes more sense.
  • Player: You need to make sure that the villagers don't eat the plant. Is there anything that could act as an antidote?
  • The Chef: I'm not sure. I can try some recipes that settle fever and sickness. Those might help.
  • Player: Anything you can do. The ship is waiting. Please go now.

After Voyage

  • Player: Carlos, welcome back. Did you manage to help the villagers?
  • The Chef: We found the village, but now barrels. A party had taken them to another village, to trade for weapons.
  • Player: Did you find the party?
  • The Chef: We had to return for supplies. We looked for as long as we could.
  • Player: Let's hope they don't trade the barrels before we find them. If I get any more news, I'll let you know.
  • The Chef: I've given your crew the anti-fever recipe, just in case they find the party while I'm not there.
  • Player: Thank you.

To The Ship!

Before Voyage

  • The Chef: I heard the party's been spotted! Quick! To the ship!
  • Player: Agreed. I've already informed the crew. Try to find them if you can, but don't endanger the crew.
  • The Chef: Understood! To the ship!

After Voyage

  • Player: Did you locate them, Carlos?
  • The Chef: We did.
  • Player: Excellent!
  • The Chef: It wasn't all excellent.
  • Player: Why?
  • The Chef: They're all dead, save one. It was a gruesome sight. Either they killed each other, or something ambushed them and did some serious damage.
  • Player: What did the survivor say?
  • The Chef: Not much. Still in shock. She said some madness about the jungle coming at them, which apparently drove them into a frenzy. She wasn't making much sense.
  • Player: I'll get further information from the crew. It seems like the plant is no longer a threat, at least.
  • The Chef: Perhaps. The barrels of plants are still missing. Something fishy is going on.

Barrels of Mystery

Before Voyage

  • Player: You wanted to speak to me, Carlos?
  • The Chef: I want to go back to do some research.
  • Player: What are you hoping to discover?
  • The Chef: It's curious that the barrels of plants just disappeared. There must have five or six barrels, but no...poof! All gone!
  • Player: You're not a detective Carlos. Why are you even interested?
  • The Chef: I think there's a link between the plant and the creature that attacked the party.
  • Player: But the island's dangerous! What are you going to do? Fend the creature off with your wooden spoon? Are you insane?
  • The Chef: I survived the weeks with my trusty spoon. This doesn't sound like any creature I know about, and I want to study about it.
  • Player: You mean, you want to be the first to cook it.
  • The Chef: Er, no...
  • Player: Carlos...
  • The Chef: Oh okay, I want to cook it! People are finding new delicacies every day. There's word that someone's even cooked pig. Pig, I tell you! Who knows that this thing could taste like?
  • Player: Okay, Carlos. I'll arrange for a crew to drop you off en-route, but they'll not endanger themselves. Take care out there.

After Voyage

  • The Chef: Portmaster!
  • Player: Carlos, I see you made it back in one piece.
  • The Chef: Yes, yes. I have news. I was right about the sneaky plants! It was them all along!
  • Player: Slow down, explain yourself. What is this about the plants?
  • The Chef: There are no plants!
  • Player: Okay Carlos, I think you've been out in the sun too long.
  • The Chef: I'm telling the truth! The plants and the beast are one and the same!
  • Player: You're telling me that the plants turned into the creature?
  • The Chef: Yes! Or the creature can turn into a plant. Either way, it explains everything!
  • Player: Do you have evidence? Scholars will want to know about this.
  • The Chef: No, not as such. But I saw a plant change with my own eyes! It's just like the fellow from the party said - the jungle came alive.
  • Player: What are you going to do?
  • The Chef: Until I can kill the creature, I can't get close enough to eat it. My spoon-lasso-trap wasn't particularly effective.
  • Player: Are you giving up?
  • The Chef: No no! I'm going to cook up some tasty bait! Then we'll see if we learn more about it. We don't want a potentially tasty animal going extinct, do we?
  • Player: Will you need transport?
  • The Chef: I have already arranged travel. Thank you for your help. I'll return if more information comes to light.

Celebration of Fire

Before eating the strange lobster

  • The Chef: Greetings adventurer! Carlos. Carlos Napp - that's my name - cooking's my game! Haha!
  • Player: What are you doing here?
  • The Chef: I've recently been exploring the Eastern lands - very easterny, I have to say...
  • Player: Right...
  • The Chef: Rumours had it of a fantastically large lobster around these parts. I naturally rushed to see what the fuss was about.
  • Player: Oh, you mean Clawdia?
  • The Chef: Yes, Clawdia was it's name! A friend of mine called Shuma came along. He's a great whaler! Wait, no... his name's Hubbub.. he's hunting something called Shuma. A whale. Wait, is that right? Come on Carlos, keep it together!
  • Player: What did Hubbub find here?
  • The Chef: You know Hubbub? No way - me too! He just left after helping me find a claw of a giant lobster called Clawdia! I cooked it up right away. Care to try a piece?
  • Player: Sure, I'll try anything once.
  • The Chef: There you go, enjoy!

After eating the strange lobster

  • The Chef: Greetings adventurer! Carlos. Carlos Napp - that's my name - cooking's my game! Haha!
  • The Chef: How was the lobster?
  • Player: It was erm... delicious.
  • The Chef: Well, I think it needed more heat!
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