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Becoming a Fremennik

  • Brundt the Chieftain: Greetings outerlander!
    • Player: What is this place?
    • Player: Why will no-one talk to me?
    • Player: Do you have any quests?
      • Brundt the Chieftain: Quests, you say outerlander? Well, I would not call it a quest as such, but if you are brave of heart and strong of body, perhaps.... No, you would not be interested. Forget I said anything, outlander.
        • Player: Actually, I would be very interested to hear what you have to offer.
          • Brundt the Chieftain: You would? These are unusual sentiments to hear from an outerlander! My suggestion was going to be that if you crave adventure and battle, and your heart sings for glory, then perhaps you would be interested in joining our clan, and becoming a Fremennik yourself?
          • Player: What would that involve exactly?
          • Brundt the Chieftain: Well, there are two ways to become a member of our clan and call yourself a Fremennik: be born a Fremennik, or be voted in by our council of elders.
          • Player: Well, I think I've missed the first way, but how can I get the council of elders to vote to let me join your clan?
          • Brundt the Chieftain: Well, that I cannot answer myself. You will need to speak to each of them and see what they require of you as proof of your dedication. There are twelve council members around this village; you will need to gain a majority vote of at least seven councillors in your favour. So what say you? Give me the word, and I will tell all of my tribe of your intentions, be they yea or nay.
            • Player: I think I would enjoy the challenge of becoming an honorary Fremennik. Where and how do I start?
              • Brundt the Chieftain: As I say, outerlander, you must find and speak to the twelve members of the council of elders, and see what tasks they might set you. If you can gain the support of seven of the twelve, then you will be accepted as one of us without question.
        • Player: No, I'm not interested.
    • Player: Nice hat!

The Revellers' Trial

A First Attempt

  • Player: Hello there!
  • Manni the Reveller: Hello outerlander. I overheard your conversation with Brundt just now. You wish to become a member of the Fremennik?
  • Player: That's right! Why, are you on the council?
  • Manni the Reveller: Do not let my drink-soused appearance fool you, I earnt my place on the council many years past. I am always glad to see new blood enter our tribe, and will happily vote for you.
  • Player: Great!
  • Manni the Reveller: ... Providing you can pass a little test for me. As a Fremennik, you will need to show cunning, stamina, fortitude, and an iron constitution. I know of only one way to test all of these.
  • Player: And what's that?
  • Manni the Reveller: Why, a drinking contest! The task is simple enough! You versus me, a stiff drink each, last man standing wins the trial. So what say you?
    • Player: A drinking contest? Easy. Set them up, and I'll knock them back.
      • Manni the Reveller: When you are ready to begin, go and pick up a keg from that table over there, and come back. We start when you have your keg of beer with you, and finish when one of us can drink no more and yields.
Pick up a keg of beer from the table
  • Manni the Reveller: Ah, I see you have your keg of beer. Are we ready to drink against each other?
  • Player: Yes, let's start this drinking contest!
  • Manni the Reveller: As you wish outerlander; I will drink first, then you will drink.

The Fremennik drinks his tankard first. He staggers a little bit.

You drink from your keg. You feel extremely drunk.

  • Player: Ish no' fair! (hic) I canna drink another drop! I alsho feel veddy, veddy ill...
  • Manni the Reveller: I guessh I win then ouddaladder! (hic) Niche try, anyway! Come back if'n you fanshy a rematch! (hic) Jusht let me have a coffee firsht...

An Alternate Strategy

Council Workman

  • Player: So you fixed the bridge?
  • Council workman: Aye, that I did. 'Twas real thirsty work too. If only some kind stranger would buy us a bit of beer to sup, eh? What with that inn at Seers' Village so close by and all, eh?

The workman winks at you.

  • Council workman: Just make sure yer don't get me none of that non alcoholic rubbish from that poison salesman guy at the tavern!

At the Forester's Arms

  • Player: Hello.
  • Poison Salesman: Howdy! You seem like someone with discerning taste! Howsabout you try my brand new range of alcohol?
  • Player: So you don't sell poison any more?
  • Poison Salesman: That I did, indeed! Peter Potters Patented Multipurpose poison! A miracle of modern apothecarys! My exclusive concoction has been tested on...
  • Player: Uh, yeah, I've already heard the sales pitch.
  • Poison Salesman: Sorry stranger, old habits die hard I guess.
  • Player: So you don't sell poison any more?
  • Poison Salesman: Well, I would, but I ran out of stock. Business wasn't helped with that stuff that happened up at the Sinclair Mansion much either. I'll be honest. So, being the man of enterprise that I am I decided to branch out a little bit!
  • Player: Into alcohol?
  • Poison Salesman: Absolutely! The basic premise between alcohol and poison is pretty much the same, after all! The difference is that my alcohol has a unique property others do not!
  • Player: And what is that?

The salesman takes a deep breath.

  • Poison Salesman: Ever been too drunk to find your own home? Ever wished that you could party away all night long, and still wake up fresh as a dairy the next morning? Thanks to the miracles of modern magic we have come up with just the solution you need! Peter Potters Patented Party Potions! It looks just like beer! It tastes just like beer! It smells just like beer! But... it's not beer! Our mages have mused for many moments to bring you this miracle of modern magic! It has all the great tastes you'd expect, but contains absolutely no alcohol! That's right! You can drink Peter Potters Patented Party Potion as much as you want, and suffer absolutely no ill effects whatsoever! The clean fresh taste you know you can trust, form the people who brought you: Peter Potters Patented multipurpose poison, Peter Potters peculiar paint packs and Peter Potters paralysing panic pins. Available now from all good stockists! Ask your local bartender now, and experience the taste revolution of the century!

He seems to have finished for the time being.

  • Player: So... when you say 'all good stockists'...
  • Poison Salesman: Yes?
  • Player: How many inns actually sell this stuff?
  • Poison Salesman: Well... nobody has actually bought any yet. Everyone I try and sell it to always asks me what exactly the point of beer that has absolutely no effect on you is.
  • Player: So what is the point?
  • Poison Salesman: Well... Um... Er... Hmmm. You, er, don't get drunk.
  • Player: I see.
  • Poison Salesman: Aw man... You don't want any now do you? I've really tried to push this product, but I just don't think the world is ready for beer that doesn't get you drunk. I'm a man ahead of my time I tell you! It's not that my products are bad, it's that they're too good for the market!
  • Player: Actually, I would like some. How much do you want for it?
  • Poison Salesman: Y-you would??? Um, okay! I knew I still had the old salesmans skills going on! I'll sell you a keg of it for only 250 gold pieces! So what do you say?
  • Player: Yes please!
  • Player: No.

A Strange Object

Give a beer to the Council workman
  • Council workman: Ta very much, like. That'll hit the spot nicely. Here, you can have this. I picked it up as a souvenir on me last hols.
  • Player: What is it?
  • Council workman: I dunno rightly, but if you use a tinderbox on it, it don't half make a loud noise!

Round Two

Setting Up a Diversion

Travel to the right side of the Longhall

You light the string of the strange object. It starts to hiss slightly.

You put the lit strange object in the pipe.

  • Player: That is going to make a really loud bang when it goes off! It would be a perfect distraction to help me cheat in the drinking contest!

The Ol' Switcheroo

You hear a loud bang from outside. It echoes through the drain.

  • (Everyone): What was THAT?

You empty the keg and refill it with low alcohol beer.


Talk to Manni and start the drinking contest
  • Manni the Reveller: As you wish outerlander; I will drink first, then you will drink.

The Fremennik drinks his tankard first. He staggers a little bit.

You drink from your keg. You don't feel at all drunk.

  • Player: Aaah, lovely stuff. So you want to get the next round in, or shall I? You don't look so good there!
  • Manni the Reveller: Wassha? Guh? You drank that whole keg! But it dinna affect you at all! I conshede! You can probably outdrink me! I jusht can't (hic) believe it! Thatsh shome mighty fine drinking legs you got! Anyone who can drink like THAT getsh my vote atta consh... counsh... gets my vote!

Congratulations! You have completed the Revellers' trial.

The Bard's Trial

Receiving the Challenge

  • Olaf the Bard: Hello? Yes? You want something, outerlander?
  • Player: Are you a member of the council?
  • Olaf the Bard: Why, indeed I am, outerlander! My talents as an exemplary musician made it difficult for them not to accept me! Why do you wish to know this?
  • Player: Well, I ask because I am currently doing the Fremennik trials so as join your clan. I need seven of the twelve council of elders to vote for me.
  • Olaf the Bard: Ahhh... and you wish to earn my vote? I will gladly accept you as a Fremennik should you be able to prove yourself to have a little musical ability!
  • Player: So how would I do that?
  • Olaf the Bard: Why, by playing in our long hall! All you need to do is impress the revellers there with a few verses of an epic of your own creation! What say you, outerlander? Are you up for the challenge?
    • Player: Sure! This certainly sounds pretty easy to accomplish – I'll have your vote in no time!
      • Olaf the Bard: That is great news outerlander! We always need more music lovers here!
    • Player: No.
Speak to Olaf again
  • Player: So how would I go about writing this epic?
  • Olaf the Bard: Well, first of all you are going to need an instrument. Like all true bards you are going to have to make this yourself.
  • Player: How do I make an instrument?
  • Olaf the Bard: Well, it is a long and drawn-out process. Just east of this village there is an unusually musical tree that can be used to make very high quality instruments. Cut a piece from it, and then carve it into a special shape that will allow you to string it. Using a knife as you would craft any other wooden object would be best for this.
  • Player: Then what do I need to do?
  • Olaf the Bard: Next you will need to string your lyre. There is a troll to the South-east who has some golden wool. I would not recommend using anything else to string your lyre with.
  • Player: Anything else?
  • Olaf the Bard: Well, when you have crafted your lyre you will need the blessing of the Fossegrimen to tune your lyre to perfection before you even consider a public performance.
  • Player: Who or what is the Fossegrimen?
  • Olaf the Bard: Fossegrimen is a lake spirit that lives just a little way South-west of this village. Make her an offering of fish, and you will then be ready for your performance. Make sure you give her a suitable offering however. If the offering is found to be unworthy, then you may find yourself unable to play your lyre with any skill at all!
  • Player: So what would be a worthy offering?
  • Olaf the Bard: A raw shark, manta ray, or sea turtle should be sufficient as an offering.
  • Player: Okay, what else do I need to do?
  • Olaf the Bard: When you have crafted your lyre and been blessed by the Fossegrimen, then you will finally be ready to make your performance to the revellers at the long hall. Head past the bouncers and onto the stage, then begin to play. If all goes well, you should find the music spring to your mind and sing your own epic on the spot. I will observe both you and the audience and, if you show enough talent, I will happily vote in your favour at the council of elders. Is that clear enough, outerlander? Would you like me to repeat anything?
  • Player: Remind me about crafting a lyre
  • Player: Remind me about Fossegrimen
  • Player: Remind me about playing on stage
  • Player: No thanks, I think that's all pretty straight forward. I'll go and make my lyre now.

Crafting a Lyre

The Swaying Tree

You cut a branch from the strangely musical tree.

You craft an unstrung lyre out of the branch.


  • Player: Hello there.
  • Lalli: Bah! Puny humans always try steal Lallis' golden apples! You go away now!
  • Player: Actually, I'm not after your golden apples. I was wondering if I could have some golden wool; I need it to string a lyre.
  • Lalli: Ha! You not fool me human! Me am smart! Other trolls so jealous of how brainy I are, they kick me out of camp and make me live down here in cave! But me have last funny! ME find golden apples on tree and me build wall to stop anyone who not Lalli eating lovely golden apples! Did me not tell you I are smart?
  • Player: Yes, yes, you are incredibly clever. Now please can I have some golden wool?
  • Lalli: Hmm, me think you not really think I are clever. Me think you is trying to trick Lalli. Me not like you as much as other human. He give me present. I give him wool.
    • Player: Other human? You mean someone else has been there and you gave them wool?
      • Lalli: Human call itself Askeladden! It not trick Lalli, Lalli do good deal with human! Stupid human get some dumb wool, but did not get golden apples!
      • Player: I see... okay, well, bye!
    • Player: No, honest, you're REALLY clever. Why, I could not contemplate a mere chicanery with an advanced intellect such as you currently present.
      • Lalli: Grrr! Why you insult me stupid human? Me knows it are because you jealous of Lalli's huge brain and you try steal apples!
    • Player: Can I give you a present? Or maybe exchange you something for some wool?
      • Lalli: Ha! You stupid human! You think you trick Lalli? Me know you want my golden apples. Well! You not get them! HAHAHA!
      • Player: Erm... okay then.

Askeladden's Advice

  • Player: Hello there. I understand you managed to get some golden wool from Lalli?
  • Askeladden: HAHAHA! Yeah, that Lalli... what a maroon!
  • Player: So how did you manage to get the wool?
  • Askeladden: Well, as you know, I am doing the same trials that you are as part of my test of manhood, and that troll is the only one who can get that wool. You might have noticed he's kind of... messed in the head buddy! He's really paranoid about people stealing his golden apples, isn't he?
  • Player: Indeed he is. So how did you manage to get some golden wool from him?
  • Askeladden: It was easy buddy! I persuaded him he needed a pet to help him guard his apples. A pet that would never sleep! A pet that would never need food, or exercise! A pet that would never need him to clean up its... well, you know, buddy. A pet that will always be loyal to him! A faithful companion for life!
  • Player: What pet is this then?
  • Askeladden: A pet ROCK! Man, can you believe that stupid troll traded me some of his golden wool for a worthless ROCK? Buddy, I hafta say: if brains were explosives, that troll wouldn't have enough to blow his nose!
  • Player: Do you have any spare rocks then?
  • Askeladden: Sure thing buddy, although I have to say, I doubt even that troll is stupid enough to fall for the SAME trick TWICE in a row! You can try anyway thought!

Acquiring the Fleece

  • Player: Hello there.
  • Lalli: Bah! Puny humans always try steal Lallis' golden apples! You go away now! Unless you got tasty food for Lalli. Then I might trade you for it.
  • Player: As a matter of fact I do! So tell me, Lalli. Have you ever tried a human delicacy known as stone soup?
  • Lalli: What? Me am not stupid human! Everyone know cannot make food from stone!
  • Player: Well, that is where you are wrong. I will now put this rock, into your cauldron over there, and make soup from it.
  • Lalli: Why you need other stuff too then?
  • Player: Ah, that is simply seasoning. Stone soup is delicious by itself, but the taste is really brought out if you use onion, potato and cabbage too.
  • Lalli: Me have to try this! Me will swap you your wool if you not trick me and really can make soup out of a stone.
Use an item on Lalli's cauldron
  • Lalli: It am ready now?
  • Player: Not just yet...
Add the rest of the items
  • Lalli: It am ready now?
  • Player: Indeed it is. Try it and see.
  • Lalli: Hmm... YUM That are delicious! Me never know human know to make soup out of stone? It some special stone?
  • Player: Indeed it is. But I'm willing to trade it.
  • Lalli: Let me think about it, me like to think.
Speak to Lalli again
  • Player: Hello there.
  • Lalli: Your soup very tasty, human! But me still not want trade golden apples for your stone. Me think pet rock get jealous.
  • Lalli: Gee, sorry human, all you have do is ask, me not need you to shout. You act like you think Lalli am stupid or something... Here you go. Hah! Me trick you human! All you got is worthless golden fleece! Me got very special soup-making stone!
  • Player: Glad you're happy Lalli!

Finishing the Lyre

You spin the fleece into some golden string.

You attach the golden strings to the lyre.

Fish for Favour

  • Fossegrimen: Many thanks for the offering outerlander. Please accept this gift as your ability to play the lyre...

Fossegrimen has enchanted your lyre so that you may play it.

Musical Performance

The Stage is Set

  • Longhall Bouncer: Yeah, you're good to go through. Olaf tells me you're some kind of outerlander bard here on tour. I doubt you're worse than Olaf is.
Go on-stage

You withdraw your lyre.

(The following are possible ballads, depending on the player's acheivements)

(If you have gained entrance to the Champions Guild)

  • Player: The thought of lots of questing leaves some people unfulfilled, but I have done my simple best in entering the Champions' Guild.

(If you have gained entrance to the Heroes' Guild)

  • Player: When it comes to fighting / I hit my share of zeroes / But I'm well respected at / the Guild reserved for Heroes.

(If you have gained entrance to the Legends' Guild)

  • Player: I cannot even start to list the amount of foes I've killed. I will simply tell you this: I've joined the Legends' Guild!

Exit Stage Left

  • Olaf the Bard: Wow! That was awesome! You are one of the greatest bards I have ever had the pleasure of watching performing! You have certainly earned my vote! I hope we can duet together soon!

Congratulations! You have completed the Bard's Trial!

As you finished playing you felt Fossegrimen's power leave you...

You feel the musical ability from the Fossegrimen leave you...

The Merchant's Trial

  • Player: Hello there!
  • Sigmund the Merchant: Hello outerlander.
  • Player: Are you a member of the council?
  • Sigmund the Merchant: That I am outerlander; it is a position that brings my family and I pride.
  • Player: I was wondering if I can count on your vote at the council of elders?
  • Sigmund the Merchant: You wish to become a Fremennik? I may be persuaded to swing my vote toy your favour, but you will first need to do a little task for me.
  • Player: How did I know it wouldn't be that simple for your vote?
  • Sigmund the Merchant: Calm yourself outerlander. It is but a small task really... I simply require a flower.
  • Player: A flower? What's the catch?
  • Sigmund the Merchant: The catch? Well, it is not just any flower. Someone in this town has an extremely unique flower from a far off land that they picked up on their travels. I would like you to demonstrate your merchanting skills to me by persuading them to part with it, and then give it to me for my vote.
  • Player: Well... I guess that doesn't sound too hard.
  • Sigmund the Merchant: Excellent! You will obtain this flower for me, then?
    • Player: Okay. I don't think this will be too difficult. Any suggestions on where to start looking for this flower?
      • Sigmund the Merchant: Ah, well outerlander, if I knew where to start looking I would simply do it myself!
      • Player: No help at ALL?
      • Sigmund the Merchant: We are a very insular clan, so I would not expect you to have to leave this town to find whatever you need.
    • Player: No.

One Small Favour...

The Sailor

  • Player: I don't suppose you have any idea where I could find a unique flower from across the sea, do you?
  • Sailor: Ah! Even the outerlanders have heard of my mysterious flower! I found it in a country far far away from here!
  • Player: Can I buy it from you?
  • Sailor: I'm afraid not, outerlander. There is a woman in this village whose heart I seek to capture, and I think giving her this strange flower might be my best bet with her.
  • Player: Maybe you could let me have this flower and do something else to impress her?
  • Sailor: Hmm... that is not a totally stupid idea outerlander. I know she is a lover of music, and a romantic ballad might be just the thing with which to woo her. Unfortunately I don't have a musical bone in my entire body, so someone else will have to write it for me.
  • Player: So if I can find someone to write you a romantic ballad, you will give me your flower?
  • Sailor: That sounds like a fair deal to me, outerlander.

Olaf the Bard

  • Player: I don't suppose you have any idea where I could find a love ballad, do you?
  • Olaf the Bard: Well, as official Fremennik bard, it falls within my remit to compose all music for the tribe. I am fully versed in all the various types of romantic music.
  • Player: Great! Can you write me one then?
  • Olaf the Bard: Well... normally I would be thrilled at the chance to show my skill as a poet in composing a seductively romantic ballad...
  • Player: Let me guess: here comes the 'but'.
  • Olaf the Bard: ...but unfortunately I cannot concentrate fully upon my work recently.
  • Player: Why is that then?
  • Olaf the Bard: It is these old worn out shoes of mine... As a bard I am expected to wander the lands, singing of the glorious battles of our warriors. If you can find me a pair of sturdy boots to replace these old worn out ones of mine, I will be happy to spend the time on composing you a romantic ballad.


  • Player: I don't suppose you have any idea where I could find some custom sturdy boots, do you?
  • Yrsa: Well, I don't usually have many shoes in stock here in my little clothes shop... I will be able to make you up a pair if you are really desperate though?
  • Player: They're not for me... I need them for Olaf.
  • Yrsa: Oh, that foolish bard... Why didn't he just ask me to make him some? It is his stupid pride, I believe! I will tell you what I will do outerlander; I know that you must have the ear of the chieftain for him to consider you as worthy of becoming a Fremennik by trial. I will make you a pair of sturdy boots for Olaf if you will persuade him to reduce the sales tax placed upon all Fremennik shopkeepers. It does nothing but hurt my business now.
  • Player: Okay, I will see what I can do.

Brundt the Chieftain

  • Player: I don't suppose you have an idea where I could find a guarantee of a reduction on sales taxes, do you?
  • Brundt the Chieftain: A reduction on sales taxes? Why, I am the only one in the Fremennik who may authorise such a thing. What does an outerlander want with that?
  • Player: Actually, it's not for me. I need to get it as part of my trials.
  • Brundt the Chieftain: Hmmm. Interesting. Your trials seem to be very different to those I took as a young lad. Well, I am not adverse in principle to giving a slight tax break to our shops. There will of course be shortfall in the tribe's income that will need to be made up for elsewhere, however. How about this. For many years Sigli has been the only one in the tribe who knows the locations of the best hunting grounds where game is easiest to catch. If you can persuade him to let the entire tribe know these hunting grounds, then we can increase productivity within the tribe, and any shortfall caused by lowering sales taxes will be covered. I think this is a more than fair arrangement to make, don't you?
  • Player: Yeah, that sounds very fair.
  • Brundt the Chieftain: Speak to Sigli then, and you may have my promise to reduce our sales taxes. And best of luck with the rest of your trials.

Sigli the Huntsman

  • Sigli the Huntsman: Greetings outerlander!
  • Player: I don't suppose you have any idea where I could find a map to unspoiled hunting grounds, do you?
  • Sigli the Huntsman: Well, of course I do. I wouldn't be much of a huntsman if I didn't know where to find my prey now, would I outerlander?
  • Player: No, I guess not. So can I have it?
  • Sigli the Huntsman: Directions to my hunting grounds could mean the end of my livelihood. The only way I would be prepared to give them up would be...
  • Player: What? Power? Money? Women? Wine?
  • Sigli the Huntsman: ... a new custom string for my hunting bow. Not just any bowstring; I need a custom bowstring, balanced for my bow precisely to keep my hunt competitive. Only in this way would I allow the knowledge of my hunting grounds to be passed on to strangers.
  • Player: So where would I get that?
  • Sigli the Huntsman: I have no idea. But then again, I'm happy with my old bowstring and being the only person who knows where my hunting ground is.


  • Player: I don't suppose you have any idea where I could find a finely balanced custom bowstring, do you?
  • Skulgrimen: Aye, I have a few in stock. What would an outerlander be wanting with equipment like that?
  • Player: It's for Sigli. It needs to be weighted precisely to suit his hunting bow.
  • Skulgrimen: For Sigli, eh? Well, I made his bow in the first place, so I'll be able to select the right string for you... just one small problem.
  • Player: What's that?
  • Skulgrimen: This string you'll be wanting... Very special it is. Take a lot of time to recreate. Not sure you have the cash for it.
  • Player: Then maybe you'll accept something else?
  • Skulgrimen: Heh. Good thinking outerlander. Well, it's true, there is more to life than just making money. Making weapons is good money, but it's not why I do it. I'll tell you what. I heard a rumour that one of the fishermen down by the docks caught some weird looking fish as they were fishing the other day. From what I hear this fish is unique. Nobody's ever seen its like before. This intrigues me. I'd like to have it for myself. Make a good trophy. You get me that fish, I give you the bowstring. What do you say? We got a deal?
  • Player: Sounds good to me.

The Fisherman

  • Player: I don't suppose you have any idea where I could find an exotic and extremely odd fish, do you?
  • Fisherman: Ah, so even outerlanders gave heard of my amazing catch the other day!
  • Player: You have it? Can I trade you something for it?
  • Fisherman: As exotic looking as it is, it is bad eating. I will happily trade it if you can find me the secret map of the best fishing spots that the navigator has hidden away.
  • Player: Is that all?
  • Fisherman: Indeed it is, outerlander. The only reason I sit out here in the cold all day long is so I don't have to pay his outrageous prices. By getting me his copy of that map, I will finally be self sufficient. I might even make a profit!
  • Player: I'll see what I can do.

Swensen the Navigator

  • Swensen the Navigator: Greetings outerlander.
  • Player: I don't suppose you have any idea where I could find a map of deep sea fishing spots do you?
  • Swensen the Navigator: Hmmm? Why of course? As the navigator for the Fremennik, I keep all of our maps secure right here.
  • Player: Great! Can I have it?
  • Swensen the Navigator: Have it? Just like that? I think not outerlander. This map shows all of the prime fishing locations nearby. It is very valuable to our clan. I am afraid I can not just give it away.
  • Player: Perhaps I can trade you something for it?
  • Swensen the Navigator: A trade? For a map of the best fishing spots in a hundred leagues? I will trade it for no less than a weather forecast from our Seer. As a navigator, the weather is extremely important for plotting the best course. Unfortunately the Seer is always too busy to help me with a forecast.
  • Player: Where could I get a weather forecast from, then?
  • Swensen the Navigator: I just told you: from the Seer. You will need to persuade him to take the time to make a forecast somehow.

Peer the Seer

  • Player: I don't suppose you have any idea where I could find a weather forecast from the Fremennik Seer do you?
  • Peer the Seer: Er... Yes, because I AM the Fremennik Seer.
  • Player: Can I have a weather forecast then, please?
  • Peer the Seer: You require a divination of the weather? This is a simple matter for me, but I will require something in return from you for this small service.
  • Player: I knew you were going to say that...
  • Peer the Seer: Do not fret, outerlander: it is a fairly simple matter. I require a bodyguard for protection. Find someone willing to offer me this service.
  • Player: That's all?
  • Peer the Seer: That is all.

Thorvald the Warrior

  • Player: I don't suppose you have any idea where I could find a brave and powerful warrior to act as a bodyguard?
  • Thorvald the Warrior: Know you not who I am outerlander? There are none more brave or powerful than me amongst all the Fremennik! However... The role of bodyguard is below me, as a noble warrior. You might as well ask me to babysit the children!
  • Player: Is there no way you would do this for me?
  • Thorvald the Warrior: There is but one way outerlander. Since I was steeled in battle, I have dreamt of earning my place at the Champions Table in the Long Hall. It is a tradition amongst us that the bravest and strongest are honoured with a table of champions to drink and feast all that they can in our Long Hall. Unfortunately, there are only a fixed number of places available at the table, and these places were all filled many moons ago. Although my worthiness is undeniable, the only way I may take my place is if one of those already there die, or give up their place to me voluntarily.
  • Player: So you want me to go kill one of them off for you? Make it look like an accident?
  • Thorvald the Warrior: WHAT? No, no, not at all! I am shocked you would suggest such a thing! If you can persuade one of the Revellers to give up their Champions' Token to you so that I might take their place, you may have my contract as bodyguard.
  • Player: Okay, I will see what I can do.

Manni the Reveller

  • Player: I don't suppose you have any idea where I could find a token to allow a seat at the champion's table, do you?
  • Manni the Reveller: As a matter of fact, I do. I have one right here. I earnt my place here at the longhall for surviving over 5000 battles and raiding parties. Do to my contribution to the tribe, I am now permitted to spend my days here in the longhall listening to the epic tales of the bard, and drinking beer.
  • Player: Cool. That sounds pretty sweet! So I guess you don't want to give it away?
  • Manni the Reveller: I think it sounds better than it actually is outerlander. I miss my glory days of combat on the battlefield. And to tell you the truth, the beer here isn't great, and the bards' music is lousy. I would happily give up my token if it were not for the one thing that keeps me here. Our barkeep is one of the best in the world, and has worked in taverns across the land. When she was younger, she experimented a lot with her drinks, and invented a cocktail so alcoholic and tasty that it has become something of a legend to all who enjoy a drink. Unfortunately, she decided that cocktails were not a suitable drink for Fremennik warriors, and vowed to never again make it. I have been here every day since she returned, hoping that someday she might change her mind and I might try this legendary cocktail for myself. Alas, it has never come to pass... If you can persuade her to make me her legendary cocktail, I will be happy to never let another drop of alcohol pass my lips, and will give you my champions token.
  • Player: That's all?
  • Manni the Reveller: That's all.

Thora the Barkeep

  • Player: I don't suppose you have any idea where I could find the longhall barkeeps' legendary cocktail, do you?
  • Thora the Barkeep: How did you hear about that?!?!? I didn't think anybody knew about that... Well, it is true that in my younger years as a barkeep, I wandered the lands trying various alcoholic delicacies. Did you ever realise just how many different types of alcohol there are here in RuneScape? Lots! Well, anyway, I used a fusion of various drinks from all around the world to create the greatest cocktail ever made! Of course, when my wanderlust was gone, and I returned back to Rellekka to serve as barkeep here, I gave all that up.
  • Player: But you still remember how to make it, right?
  • Thora the Barkeep: Of course.
  • Player: And you have all the ingredients here? I don't need to go chasing round the world for obscure ingredients to make it?
  • Thora the Barkeep: No, I have them all here. Why?
  • Player: Can you make me your legendary cocktail then?
  • Thora the Barkeep: I would rather not; it is a reminder of a life I left behind when I came back.
  • Player: Any way I could change your mind?
  • Thora the Barkeep: You need this to become a Fremennik, right? Well, you seem okay for an outerlander, it would be shame to see you fail. You know Askeladden?
  • Player: That kid outside? Sure.
  • Thora the Barkeep: He is nothing but a pest. He keeps sneaking in and stealing beer. I shudder to think what he will be like when he has passed his trial of manhood and is allowed in here legitimately. If you can get him to sign a contract promising that he will NEVER EVER EVER darken my doorway here again, you get the drink.
  • Player: Any idea how I can get him to do that?
  • Thora the Barkeep: Knowing that little horror, he'll probably be willing to in exchange for some cash. You should go ask him for yourself, though.


  • Player: I don't suppose you have any idea where I could find a written promise from Askeladden to stay out of the Longhall?
  • Askeladden: What? I can't believe she asked you to get a written promise from me to stay out!
  • Player: Yup, she really did.
  • Askeladden: Awwwwwww... but the longhall is just So MUCH FUN! I'd live there if I could! I suppose you really need that promise to help become a Fremennik, huh?
  • Player: Yeah, I really do...
  • Askeladden: Well I'll tell you what buddy. As it's you, I'll give you that written promise. All I ask in return for it is a measly 5000 gold. What do you say?
    • Player: That's all you want in return? Sure thing. Here you go.
      • Askeladden: Done, and done. Let me know if you got any more cash burning a hole in your pocket I can relieve you of, buddy.
    • Player: No.


Talk to Thora
  • Player: Hi! Can I please have one of your legendary cocktails now?
  • Thora the Barkeep: That?!?! I can't believe you... Let me look at that... Askeladden would NEVER... Gosh. It looks legitimate. Here you go, on the house! You have made my life So much easier! Knowing that little monster won't be bugging me in here all the time anymore! That little weasel will have to abide by this written promise that Askeladden can never ever enter the Longhall again! He can't get round this one!
  • Player: Uh... yeah... yeah, you probably won't see someone called Askeladden coming in here...
Talk to Manni
  • Player: Hey. I got your cocktail for you.
  • Manni the Reveller: ...It is true! The legendary cocktail! I have waited for this day ever since I first started drinking! Here outerlander, you may take my token. I will happily give up my place at the longhall's table of champions just for a taste of this exquisite beverage!
  • Player: It's just a drink...
Talk to Thorvald
  • Player: I would like your contract to offer your services as a bodyguard.
  • Thorvald the Warrior: Oh you would, would you outerlander? I have already told you, I will not demean myself with such a baby sitting job until I can sit in the Longhall with pride.
  • Player: It's a good thing I have the Champions' Token right here then, isn't it?
  • Thorvald the Warrior: Ah... well this is a different matter. With that token I can claim my rightful place as a champion in the Long hall! Here outerlander, I can suffer the indignity of playing babysitter if it means that I can then revel with my warrior equals in the Long Hall afterwards! Here outerlander, take this contract; I will fulfill it to my utmost.
Talk to Peer
  • Player: Can I have a weather forecast now please?
  • Peer the Seer: I have already told you outerlander: you may have a reading from me when I have a signed contract from a warrior guaranteeing my protection.
  • Player: Yeah, I know; I have one right here from Thorvald.
  • Peer the Seer: You have not only persuaded one of the Fremennik to act as a servant to me, but you have enlisted the aid of mighty Thorvald himself??? You may take this forecast with my blessing outerlander. You have offered me the greatest security I can imagine.
Talk to Swensen
  • Player: I would like your map of fishing spots.
  • Swensen the Navigator: I have already told you outerlander: I will not exchange it for anything other than a divination on the weather from our seer himself!
  • Player: What, like this one I have here?
  • Swensen the Navigator: W-what...? I don't believe it! How did you...? I suppose it doesn't matter, you have my gratitude outerlander! With this forecast I will be able to plan a safe course for our next raiding expedition! Here, outerlander; you may take my map of local fishing patterns with my gratitude!
Talk to the Fisherman
  • Player: Here. I got you your map.
  • Fisherman: Great work outerlander! With this, I can finally catch enough fish to make an honest living from it! Here, have the stupid fish.
Talk to Skulgrimen
  • Player: Hi there. I got your fish, so can I have that bowstring for Sigli now?
  • Skulgrimen: Ohh... That's a nice fish. Very pleased. Here. Take the bowstring. You fulfilled agreement. Only fair I do same. Good work outerlander.
  • Player: Thanks!
Talk to Sigli
  • Sigli the Huntsman: Greetings outerlander.
  • Player: Here. I have your bowstring. Give me your map to the hunting gronds.
  • Sigli the Huntsman: Well met, outerlander. I see some hunting potential within you. Here, take my map, I was getting too dependent on it for my skill anyway.
Talk to Brundt
  • Player: I got Sigli's hunting map for you.
  • Brundt the Chieftain: Excellent work outerlander! And so quickly, too! Here, you may take my financial report promising reduced sales taxes on all goods.
Talk to Yrsa
  • Player: Hello. Can I have those boots now? Here is a written statement from Brundt outlining future tax burdens upon Fremennik merchants and shopkeepers for the year.
  • Yrsa: Certainly! Let me have a look at what he has written here, just give me a moment... Yes, that all appears in order. Tell Olaf to come to me next time for shoes!
Talk to Olaf
  • Player: Hello Olaf. Do you have a beautiful love song written for me?
  • Olaf the Bard: That depends outerlander... Do you have some new boots for me? My feet get so tired roaming the land...
  • Player: As a matter of fact – I do!
  • Olaf the Bard: Oh! Superb! Those are great! They're just what I was looking for! Here, take this song with my complements! It is one of my finest works yet!
Talk to the Sailor
  • Player: You'll be glad to know I have had a love song written just for you by Olaf. So can I have that flower of yours now?
  • Sailor: Oh. It's by Olaf? Hmm. Well, a deal's a deal. I just hope it's better than the usual rubbish he comes up with, or my chances are worse than ever.

Returning with the Prize

Player: Hello there! Here's that flower you wanted.

Sigmund the Merchant: Incredible! Your merchanting skills might even match my own! I have no choice but to recommend you to the council of elders!

The Huntsman's Trial

Challenge Accepted

  • Sigli the Huntsman: What do you want outerlander?
  • Player: Are you a member of the council?
  • Sigli the Huntsman: The Fremennik council of elders? I am pleased to say that I am. My value as a huntsman is recognised by my position there.
  • Player: I was wondering if I could persuade you to vouch for me as a member of your clan?
  • Sigli the Huntsman: You? ... well... I am not totally against the idea outerlander. If you can demonstrate some hunting skills then perhaps I may offer my vote.
  • Player: How can I prove my hunting skills to you? I can go kill, like, a hundred chickens for you right now!
  • Sigli the Huntsman: Chickens? You think that would impress me?
  • Player: Cows then? I can kill cows until, er, the cows come come.
  • Sigli the Huntsman: No. The prey I have in mind for you to prove your worth to me is something far more dangerous. Far more difficult. Far more deadly.
  • Player: Not... Giant Rats?!?!
  • Sigli the Huntsman: I suspect you are mocking me outerlander. You will need to prove your skill as a hunter to me by tracking and defeating... The Draugen.
    • Player: What's a Draugen? Some kind of cheap barbarian rip-off of a dragon?
      • Sigli the Huntsman: Hmmm. No, the words are slightly similar I suppose, but they are very different creatures. The Draugen is an evil ghost from Fremennik mythology, that devours the souls of those brave warriors who meet their ends at sea. It stalks the coastlines, invisible to all. It brings us bad fortunes, and curses our journeys across the seas. It is also unkillable by normal means.
      • Player: ...Let me get this straight; You want me to hunt an unkillable, invincible, and invisible enemy? How am I supposed to do that?
      • Sigli the Huntsman: Well, outerlander, should you accept my challenge I will show you a special hunter's trick that will help you. Do you accept the challenge?
        • Player: Well, I need every vote I can get in the council of elders, but this certainly sounds impossible to do...
          • Sigli the Huntsman: Not at all outerlander. The Draugen is indeed impossible to kill, but that is not the same as being impossible to fight against. Every time he takes a Fremennik life, he gains in power, so to keep it from becoming too powerful we hunters hunt it and steal its life force. We do this with a special talisman. Here, take it; it will let you track the Draugen while it's invisible and when you defeat it it will absorb its essences. I want you to track the Draugen, defeat it, and store its essence in that talisman for me. If you can do this important task for my clan, I will vote for you. Take care of the talisman, and see me when you have completed this task.
        • Player: No.
  • Player: Forget it.

Hunting the Draugen

After location the Draugen with the talisman

The Draugen is here! Beware!

After killing the Draugen

You absorb the Draugen's essence into your talisman.

Returning Victorious

  • Sigli the Huntsman: I saw the entire hunt. Let me take that talisman from you; I would be honoured to speak out for you to our council of elders after such a hunt, outerlander.
  • Player: Thanks!

The Navigator's Trial

The Maze

  • Player: Hello! I am trying to become a member of the Fremennik clan! The Chieftain told me that I may be able to gain your vote at the council of elders?
  • Swensen the Navigator: You wish to stop being an outerlander? I can understand that! I have no reason why I would prevent you becoming a Fremennik... but you must first pass a little test for me to prove you are worthy.
  • Player: What kind of test?
  • Swensen the Navigator: Well, I serve our clan as a navigator. The seas can be a fearful place when you know not where you are heading. Should something happen to me, all members of our tribe have some basic sense of direction so that they may always return safely home. If you are able to demonstrate to me that you too have a good sense of direction then I will recommend you to the rest of the council of elders immediately.
  • Player: Well, how would I go about showing that?
  • Swensen the Navigator: Ah, a simple task! Below this building I have constructed a maze; should you be able to walk from one side to the other that will be proof to me. You wish to try my challenge?
    • Player: A maze? Is that all? Sure, sounds simple enough.
      • Swensen the Navigator: I will warn you outerlander, this maze was designed by myself, and is of the most fiendish complexity!
      • Player: Oh really? Watch and learn...
    • Player: No.

A-maze-ing Progress

  • Swensen the Navigator: Outerlander! You have finished my maze! I am genuinely impressed!
  • Player: So does that mean I can rely on your vote at the council of elders to allow me into your village?
  • Swensen the Navigator: Of course outerlander! I am nothing if not a man of my word!
  • Player: Thanks!

The Seer's Trial

A Test of Intelligence

  • Peer the Seer: Hello outerlander. What do you want?
  • Player: Hello. I'm looking for members of the council of elders to vote for me to become a Fremennik.
  • Peer the Seer: Are you now? Well that is interesting. Usually outerlanders do not concern themselves with our ways like that. I am one of the members of the council of elders, and should you be able to prove to me that you have something to offer my clan I will vote in your favour at the next meeting.
  • Player: How can I prove that to you?
  • Peer the Seer: Well, I have but a simple test. This building behind me is my house. Inside I have constructed a puzzle. As a Seer to the clan, I value intelligence very highly, so you may think of it as an intelligence test of sorts.
  • Player: An intelligence test? I thought barbarians were stupid!
  • Peer the Seer: That is the opinion that outerlanders usually hold of my people, it is true. But that is because people often confuse knowledge with wisdom. My puzzle tests not what you know, but what you can work out. All members of our clan have been tested when they took their trials.
  • Player: So what exactly does this puzzle consist of, then?
  • Peer the Seer: Well, firstly you must enter my house with no items, weapons or armour. Then it is a simple matter of entering through one door and leaving by the other.
  • Player: I can't take anything in there with me?
  • Peer the Seer: That is correct outerlander. Everything you need to complete the puzzle you will find inside the building. Nothing more. So what say you outerlander? You think you have the wit to earn yourself my vote?
    • Player: Yes, I accept your challenge. I have one small question, however...
      • Peer the Seer: Yes, outerlander?
      • Player: Well... you say I can bring nothing with me when I enter your house...
      • Peer the Seer: Yes, outerlander?
      • Player: Well...
      • Peer the Seer: Yes, outerlander?
      • Player: Where is the nearest bank?
      • Peer the Seer: Ah, I see your problem outerlander. The nearest bank to here is the place known to outerlanders as the Seers Village. It is some way South. I do however have an alternative, should you wish to take it.
      • Player: And what is that?
      • Peer the Seer: I can store all the weapons, armour and items that you have upon you directly into your bank account. This will tax what little magic I possess however, so you will have to travel to the bank to withdraw them again. What say you outerlander? Do you wish me to do this for you?
        • Player: Yes, thank you!
          • Peer the Seer: The task is done. I wish you luck with your test, outerlander.
        • Player: No thanks.
  • Player: No.

The House

Try to open the front door.

There is a combination lock on this door. Above the lock you can see that there is a metal plaque with a riddle on it.

What would you like to do?

  • Option 1: Read the riddle
    • (The following are possible riddles)
My first is in mage, but not in wizard.
My second in goblin, and also in lizard.
My third is in night, but not in the day.
My last is in fields, but not in the hay.
My whole is the most powerful tool you will ever possess. What am I?
(Answer: Mind)
My first is in wizard, but not in a mage.
My second in jail, but not in a cage.
My third is in anger, but not in a rage.
My last in a drawing, but not on a page.
My whole helps to make bread, let birds fly and boats sail. What am I?
(Answer: Wind)
My first is in the well, but not at sea.

My second in 'I', but not in 'me'.

My third is in flies, but insects not found.
My last is in earth, but not in the ground.
My whole when stolen from you, caused you death. What am I?
(Answer: Life)
  • Option 2: Solve the riddle.
  • Option 3: Forget it.
Input the correct response

You have solved the riddle!


  • Peer the Seer: Incredible! To have solved my puzzle so quickly! I have no choice but to vote in your favour!

The Warrior's Trial

A Test of Bravery

  • Player: Hello!
  • Thorvald the Warrior: Hello yourself, outerlander. What brings you to dare speak to a mighty Fremennik warrior such as myself?
  • Player: Erm... are you a member of the council?
  • Thorvald the Warrior: The Fremennik council of elders? Why, of course I am. I am recognised as one of the clans mightiest warriors. What is it to you outerlander?
  • Player: Well, I was wondering if you could vote for me to become a Fremennik.
  • Thorvald the Warrior: An outerlander wishes to become a Fremennik!?!? Ha! That is priceless! Well, let us say that I am not totally against this concept. As a warrior, I appreciate the value of brave and powerful warriors to our clan, and even though you may be an outerlander, I will not hold this against you if you can prove yourself to be fierce of heart in a combat situation to me.
  • Player: So how can I prove that? You want to fight me? Come on then, bring it on! Right here, right now, buddy!
  • Thorvald the Warrior: Hahahahaha! You certainly show some spirit for an outerlander! But spirit does not always make a good warrior. It takes both skill and spirit to be so. I have a test that I give all Fremenniks on their path to be a member of the clan. My test will challenge both your combat prowess and your bravery equally. Should you pass it you will earn my vote at the council, and more importantly my respect for you as a warrior. So what say you, outerlander? Are you prepared for the battle?
    • Player: Am I prepared? I'll show you what combat's all about, you big sissy barbarian type guy!
      • Thorvald the Warrior: Hahahahaha! I'm beginning to like you already outerlander! Then allow me to present you with my challenge. This ladder here will take you to a place of combat. I have placed a special warrior down there to challenge you. Battle him to the death, and you will pass my challenge. If at any point you wish to leave combat, simply climb back up the ladder, to leave that place. If you leave you will of course fail the test. You may retry my test in the future if you fail, but you must stay down there until the death if you wish for my vote at the council. You must defeat him three times to prove that you are worthy. The fourth time that you fight him will be to the death, so do not show cowardice.
      • Player: Is that all? It will be easy!

Thorvald the Warrior: No, there is one more important rule: You may not enter the battleground with any armour or weaponry of any kind. If you need to place your equipment into your bank account, I recommend that you speak to the seer, who knows a spell that will do that for you.

    • Player: No.

Fight to the Death

Enter the arena

Explore this battleground and find your foe...

Defeat Koschei's first form
  • Koschei the deathless: It seems you have some idea of combat after all. Outerlander! I will not hold back so much this time! I will crush your dead bones!
Defeat his second form
  • Koschei the deathless: Impressive start... But now we fight for real! Prepare for my power, outerlander!
Defeat his third form
  • Koschei the deathless: You show some skill at combat... I will hold back no longer!


(If you beat Koschei's final form)

Congratulations! You have completed the warrior's trial!

Speak to Thorvald
  • Player: So can I count on your vote at the council of elders now Thorvald?
  • Thorvald the Warrior: Absolutely! I watched the entire battle, and was extremely impressed with your bravery in combat!

(If defeated on final form)

Oh dear you are...

  • Thorvald the Warrior: Hahaha! Well fought outerlander! Now come down from there, you have passed my trial with flying colours!
  • Player: But... I don't understand... I did not manage to beat Koschei...
  • Thorvald the Warrior: I did not say you had to, outerlander! All I asked was that you fought to the death! And you did! The death was your own! I was not interested in how strong you are! I was interested in how BRAVE you are! You fought a superior enemy to your very last breath – THAT is bravery. I would be honoured to represent you to the council as worthy of being a Fremennik after watching that superb battle!

Congratulations! You have completed the warrior's trial!

Welcome to the Clan

  • Brundt the Chieftain: Greetings again outerlander! How goes your attempts to gain votes with the council of elders?
  • Player: I have seven members of the council prepared to vote in my favour now!
  • Brundt the Chieftain: I know outerlander, for I have been closely monitoring your progress so far! Then let us put the formality aside, and let me personally welcome you into the Fremennik! May you bring us honour!

You are now known to the Fremennik as [Fremennik Name].

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