Crystal saw (Prifddinas)
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Meeting Vanescula

  • Player: Vanescula, what are you doing here in Burgh de Rott?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Urgh, I've been asking myself that same question. I loathe being this near the water, and this place smells disgustng - like desperation.
  • Player: What do you know of the recent disappearances? Burgh de Rott's villagers have been going missing.
  • Vanescula Drakan: I don't know what you're talking about and, honestly, I don't care. I have other concerns. Though your disappearances may be connected to the reason I AM here.
  • Player: Which is?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Which is something I need to tell you Myreque all at once. I don't like having to repeat myself. I need you to return Safalaan to Meiyerditch. I find that he is more willing to see things from my perspective that you humans.
  • Player: You're referring to his icyenic heritage, aren't you?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Obviously. I gave him some information about his ancestry. You'll find him around the coast at an old icyene graveyard. It's not somewhere I can go. Tell him his trip must be cut short - I have an urgent matter to discuss with you all. One that requires immediate attention or we're all dead. Well, hurry along - in the boat! I don't like to be kept waiting.

The Icyene Graveyard

  • Safalaan: Player, how did you find me here? No one knew I was coming here save for...
  • Player: Vanescula. She sought me out in Burgh de Rott, asked me to come find you - she said it's a matter of some urgency. Since the deaths of Ranis and Vanstrom, Meiyerditch has gotten worse. A lot has happened since you left.
  • Safalaan: Clearly! It sounds as if you have fared better without me than with! I'm sorry I left as I did, but coming here was important - IS important - to me. Whatever Vanescula's urgent matter is will have to wait. I can't leave until I've found what I'm looking for. Perhaps, if you would help me, we can both return to the Sanguinesti base sooner?
  • Player: Okay, what do you need?
  • Safalaan: This place is an old graveyard, in use during the time Queen Efaritay ruled these lands - the crypt here is hers, along with King Ascertes. What Vanescula showed me - I'm their son! I'm still not sure how that's possible, but it feels true.
  • Player: Not that impossible - you are half-icyene.
  • Safalaan: You know?
  • Player: Both Vanstrom and Vanescula have revealed as much to me.
  • Safalaan: I have to open this crypt, to pay my respects. From what I've pieced together thus far, there's something interred with them that will aid the Myreque. Yet it seems Lord Drakan thought the same, hence why there's this blasted vampyric seal barring my entrance. I've not been able to open it.
  • Player: Let me take a look at it...

After finishing the puzzle

  • Player: That seems to have done it!

Talking to Safalaan

  • Safalaan: Thank you for unlocking the seal. Let's search the crypt.

Inspecting Queen Efaritay's statue

  • You take a pendant that was held in the statue's hands.

Inspecting the statue again

  • You've already taken the pendant from the statue.
  • Player: Safalaan, I've found this...
  • Safalaan: My mother's pendant? I can feel her strength flowing through it.

You give Safalaan the pendant, and a ball of energy briefly surrounds him

  • Player: What was that? I feel a bit dizzy.
  • Safalaan: I'm not entirely sure. I think it was... understanding? I felt a connection with my icyene side, with my mother, like I've never felt before. I feel protected. You have reconnected me with my heritage. Thank you. You are a true friend. Now, you say Vanescula had urgent business with the Myreque? Allow me to return to the Sanguinesti base to catch up with them. Please, join us there when you are ready.

Safalaan teleports away

  • Player:: Whoa, that was some teleport! I guess he's in a hurry... I should catch up with him.

The Myreque base in Meiyerditch

  • Player: Vyres! Vyres in the base!
  • Sarius Guile: Wait! They're here with my lady. You're not in any danger.
  • Player: Vanescula is here? You led her here?
  • Sarius Guile: I'm sorry. If it wasn't so urgent, I... Please don't be mad at me. She's with Safalaan and Veliaf in the operations room.
  • Player: Veliaf is here too?
  • Sarius Guile: They've been waiting for you to arrive.

Speaking with Sarius Guile

  • Sarius Guile: Please trust my lady. She may be brash, but she has always treated me well.
  • Player:
    • A vyre's a vyre.
    • Sarius Guile: She's not like other vyres - I've seen her at her best.
    • I can't afford to trust her.
    • Sarius Guile: I'm sorry you feel that way, but you must at least try.
    • I'll give her a chance.
    • Sarius Guile: That's all I could ask.
    • I do trust her.
    • Sarius Guile: Good, I am glad at least one of the Myreque does.
    • [Say nothing.]
    • Sarius Guile: Please, at least give her a chance.

Talking to Polmafi Ferdygris

  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Oh, hello, Player. You know, it's good to be 'out in the field' for a change... even if just to another Myreque base.

Talking to Merkitus A'hara, Kael Forshaw or Vertida Sefalatis

  • Player: Vertida, what's going on here? Why are there vyres in the base?
  • Vertida Sefalatis: They're Vanescula's lackeys - she's in the operations room with Veliaf. Sarius led them here.
  • Overwatch Mornid: Show some respect, human. We are Lady Vanescula's personal guard and, Myreque that you are, you're all under her protection. Our loyalty is to her; we're not here to eat you.
  • Merkitus A'hara: A vyre's a vyre - try anything an' tha only thing you'll be eatin' is silver.
  • Overwatch Mornid: Save that zeal for your real enemies. Let's not start something here.
  • Kael Forshaw: Wow, could it be the vyres are actually scared of us for a change?
  • Overwatch Mornid: Do not confuse restraint with fear. You, the human just arrived - you are wanted with the other leaders. Do not keep my lady waiting. The sooner she is done here, the sooner we can leave you in peace.

Talking to Overwatch Mornid

  • Overwatch Mornid: So you're the one they call Player? Was it really you that killed Vanstrom?
  • Player: It was. What's it to you?
  • Overwatch Mornid: He was my mentor. He trained me up personally when I joined the vyrewatch. It's thanks to him that I'm the residing overwatch.
  • Player: Oh, I didn't know. I'm sorry, but he had it coming.
  • Overwatch Mornid: That he did, and the only thing you should be sorry for is killing him before I got the chance to do so myself. He relished in his cruelty towards humans. I suspect he grew to despise his own human beginnings. But I am not like him. Vyres need blood to survive, and humans are food to use, but what this kingdom has devolved into sickens me as much as it does you. Vyrewatch have become undisciplined since Vanstrom's death, but I intend to reign them in, to cease their cruelty towards humans and their random tithings. Vanescula has not shared her entire plan with me, but she assures me that humans will benefit from it as much as us vyres, that we can all learn to live together peacefully. So don't worry yourself with my vyrewatch here - you're under Lady Vanescula's protection, and my loyalty to her is unwavering. When the fighting starts, we'll be at your side.
  • Player: Fighting? What fighting?
  • Overwatch Mornid: That is for my lady to inform you of. She's waiting for you.

Talking to Radigad Ponfit

  • Player: Radigad, what are you doing here?
  • Radigad Ponfit: Guarding the entrance.
  • Player: No, I mean in the Sanguinesti base.
  • Radigad Ponfit: Oh, you'd better talk to Veliaf. He's in operations.

Talking to Ivan Strom

  • Player: Ivan, what are you doing here?
  • Ivan Strom: We came with Veliaf, all of us.
  • Player: I'm surprised he let you tag along here.
  • Ivan Strom: Heh, yeah, I've worn him down. He says if I won't stay put as he says, then I might as well stick close to him. Besides, what's the point of me being in the Myreque if he always keeps me out of the fight? Anyway, you should go in - they're waiting for you inside.

Speaking with Safalaan, Veliaf Hurtz, or Vanescula Drakan

  • Safalaan: Ah, good. Perfect timing, Player.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Yes, maybe you can talk some sense into this one.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Let's not drag this out. Hurry up with your little ceremony - we've more pressing matters to discuss.
  • Player: What's going on?
  • Safalaan: Veliaf and I have been corresponding about this for some time now, and, well... With all you've done for the cause, we thought it was about time...
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Spit it out, man!
  • Safalaan: We were wondering what you'd think to becoming...
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I'm making you my lieutenant, lad/lass. There, done. Now, can we get back to why this vyre 'lady' is in your base?
  • You've been promoted to the rank of lieutenant in the Myreque and have unlocked the 'of the Myreque' title.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Now you've finished congratulating yourselves, can we get back to why I'm here?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Why we're BOTH here!
  • Safalaan: I've apologised already, Veliaf. I had to go, but you coming here risks the entire movement!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: As does you NOT being here - someone had to take charge, you were gone so long.
  • Safalaan: And Vertida was a good choice - you were right to promote him too.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Enough! This childish bickering won't protect you from my brother's wrath!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Drakan is returning?
  • Vanescula Drakan: All of your 'successes' have angered him. Ranis's death was the tipping point.
  • Player: Yes, but you killed Ranis, not us.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Yes, and don't you dare forget that. I killed my own brother to protect you - you owe me!
  • Safalaan: So you're here to warn us? You could have sent word through Sarius.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Don't pretend you're not pleased to see me. But I'm not here just to warn you. I want you to kill him!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: We're not assassins working through your personal hit list, woman!
  • Safalaan: Vanescula has proven herself an ally. Helping her helps us all.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I'd hardly say 'proven'.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Ally or not, you must know that Lowerniel Drakan is an enemy to us all, and he's worse than any vyre you've ever faced. Vanstrom was a worm compared to him.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Yet you still think we can take him out?
  • Vanescula Drakan: No. But if you ever have a hope to, now is your best opportunity. He's called for a gathering of the true-borns of Vampyrium - but he's unaware of the details of Ranis and Vanstrom's deaths.
  • Safalaan: So if we combine forces now, spring a trap, we can take him unawares?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Ha! Where will you be in all of this, 'ally'?
  • Vanescula Drakan: If I openly oppose him, with humans at my side no less, there's no way I'll be accepted as his replacement. I can ensure the vyrewatch don't interfere - Overwatch Mornid is loyal to me, and I've installed her as their new commander.
  • Safalaan: Plus he doesn't know we have the blisterwood tree... my mother's tree. The Sanguinesti order at least will back your plan, Vanescula.
  • Vanescula Drakan: And what of you, Veliaf?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: This is a mistake, Safalaan. This vyre's not to be trusted... The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy, it just means I'm surrounded. But I can't very well let you go in alone, can I, you damn fool? My cell will go in, but only to cover the retreat when this all goes to Infernus.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Good, so we're agreed - my retinue will await you in Darkmeyer, outside the castle gate. Make your preparations and meet us there.

Vanescula and her vyrewatch teleport away

  • Player: Shouldn't we run this past Calsidiu first - the Myreque leader?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Oh, I think this plan is most definitely right up his alley, wouldn't you say, Safalaan?
  • Safalaan: Indeed. He'll be with us all in spirit, no doubt.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: If we're really doing this, let's at least be smart about it. I'll have Polmafi prepare an exit strategy.
  • Safalaan: We should use the arboretum as a staging area to prepare, stock up on blisterwood weaponry. I'll be able to teleport us there now, thanks to my mother's pendant.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Yes, and we'll have to pass as vyres. Disguises will be in order.
  • Safalaan: Well, it looks like we have our first order for you as lieutenant, Player.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Let's all just get to the arboretum in one piece first, shall we? Player, scout ahead and we'll meet you there.

Talking to Veliaf Hurtz or Safalaan again

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Go on ahead to Darkmeyer arboretum, Player. We'll meet you there after briefing the rest of the Myreque.

Talking to Polmafi Ferdygris again

  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Well, it looks like my little excursion is going to unexpected places. I feel queasy - is that normal?
  • Player: Don't worry, you'll be fine. It's just nerves.

Talking to Kael Forshaw again

  • Kael Forshaw: I'm scared, but I hope I don't let everyone down.

Talking to Mekritus A'hara again

  • Mekritus A'hara: I'm worried about tha plan.
  • Player: Well, try not to.
  • Mekritus A'hara: I can't 'elp it - I'm a worrier. It's kinda what I do.

Talking to Radigad Ponfit again

  • Radigad Ponfit: It's about time we got a crack at a Drakan ourselves. Can't leave all the fun to you.

Talking to Vertida Sefalatis again

  • Vertida Sefalatis: We'll meet you at the arboretum.

Talking to Ivan Strom again

  • Ivan Strom: It wasn't long ago Veliaf wanted me safe at Paterdomus, yet now he wants me to be part of the team going into Castle Drakan!


Talking to Veliaf Hurtz

  • Veliaf Hurtz: So, this tree is our deliverance? I'm glad I got to see it at least once before I died.
  • You can now use blisterwood logs to make dual-wield sickles, a wand and orb, and a stake-thrower crossbow and ammo.
  • Player: Do you still think this plan is a bad idea?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Yes, and I don't care if you trust Vanescula or not - I don't. The way Safalaan defends her, you'd think him a love-struck teenager. I'm worried about him too. He's different since he got back - he seems more reckless.
  • Player: So, maybe the Burgh de Rott order should stay behind, or at least hang back here.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: And let Safalaan go in alone? No chance. Look, we'll play it safe. Safalaan's team will be the ones to spring the trap. My team will hang back from the fight in case things go wrong.
  • Player: And if it does go wrong?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: We'll cover their retreat. Polmafi has crafted some teleport tablets to give us a quick escape should we need one.
  • Player: What do you need me to do?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Right now? Well, we're going to need some vampyre disguises so we can get in unnoticed. I don't think your Darkmeyer outfit is going to cut it with the nobles. We'll need something more prominent, like House Drakan personal guard uniforms. Posing as vyrewatch, the nobles should mostly ignore us, but we can't look out of place.
  • Player: Any suggestion of where to find some?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: That overwatch vyre - Mornid - she's in charge of the vyrewatch now, she should know. She should be waiting for us at the castle gate by now.

Talking to Safalaan

  • Safalaan: This tree. I think I remember it. Finding my parents' shrine, that pendant... It's like it's unlocked a door in my mind. Efaritay and Ascertes planted the first of these trees together, and I think I was with them when they did, even helped them. I must have been very young, the memory is so vague and fuzzy, but being near it makes me feel safe. I've instructed everyone to make sure they're well-armed. This tree can protect us still when we make our move. Lord Drakan murdered my family and turned their kingdom into a nightmare. It gives me comfort to know my mother's tree will soon end him. I shall avenge their deaths.

Talking to Polmafi Ferdygris

  • Polmafi Ferdygris: This arboretum is truly remarkable. It must take a lot of maintenance to keep intact, with the tree constantly poking holes in it. Fascinating!
  • Player: How are you finding being out in the field?
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: It's and eye-opener, I can tell you that. I'm more used to staying back at base and offering strategic insight. Seeing all the suffering here first-hand paints everything in a new light. That being said, I did initially advise Veliaf against this course of action. We exist in cells for a reason - to commit all of us to this one action is risky. But that lady vyre isn't wrong - strategically speaking, this is our best opportunity to defeat arguably the most dangerous vampyre in recorded history. With him gone, we've won! So this is our final push - and us all going improves our odds of success.
  • Player: But it hinges on Vanescula upholding her end of the bargain - to free humans and find a new source of blood.
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: True, but whatever her intentions, it makes strategic sense for us all the be rid of Lord Drakan first.

Talking to Kael Forshaw

  • Kael Forshaw: You've been here before, right? In Darkmeyer, I mean - surrounded by all these vyres?
  • Player: More than once. Don't worry, they don't come in here. Doubly so since Vanescula warned them away.
  • Kael Forshaw: I'm scared.
  • Player: Of the vyres? Of Drakan?
  • Kael Forshaw: Well, yes, obviously those. But I'm more scared of letting everyone down. Like I did before when Andiess...
  • Player: Just keep that in mind when we're up against Drakan. You'll do okay - we're all in this together, try to remember that.
  • Kael Forshaw: Okay, I'll try. Thank you.

Talking to Mekritus A'hara

  • Mekritus A'hara: Do ya think this plan is gonna work? We only recently found a way to even kill normal vyres, but Lord Drakan? It's all 'appened so fast.
  • Player: Vyrewatch, Vanstrom, Ranis... We've got some good momentum going here, and Vanescula's with us.
  • Mekritus A'hara: Yeah, but... it's Lord Drakan!
  • Player: What do you actually know about him?
  • Mekritus A'hara: Um, well, nothing really. No one has seen of 'eard of him fer centuries - not even Vanescula.
  • Player: We've got enough to worry about with what we can see in front of us. Don't waste energy worrying about the unknown.
  • Mekritus A'hara: I guess...

Talking to Radigad Ponfit

  • Radigad Ponfit: Player.
  • Player: Radigad.
  • Radigad Ponfit: I made these - the sickles - think they'll do the job?
  • Player: Let's see. Blessed silver... nice and sharp... and are those blisterwood handles?
  • Radigad Ponfit: They are indeed. I made one of these beauties for Veliaf too... but I'm going in swinging.
  • Player: What's the carving on the blades?
  • Radigad Ponfit: 'H' and 'S' - it's for Harold and Sani, so they'll be with us in spirit too.

Talking to Vertida Sefalatis

  • Player: What are you making there?
  • Vertida Sefalatis: Before he, uh, disappeared, Flaygian designed a new crossbow for me - repeating, fires blisterwood stakes.
  • Player:
    • Did you ever find out what happened to Flaygian?
    • Vertida Sefalatis: Not for certain. We looked into some rumours about an over-tithing, who'd been sent to the mines... all sorts. Didn't find anything concrete. That's what it's like here.
    • So you think he's dead?
    • Vertida Sefalatis: He's not the type for a triumphant, heroic return. If he's not dead, I doubt we'll ever see him again. I find it more comforting to think of him as dead rather than a coward. And I'll honour his memory with this new crossbow - I've named it Screwte, because that's what any vyre I find with its sights is.
    • How can I make a blisterwood stake-thrower crossbow?
    • Vertida Sefalatis: Well, first fletch a blisterwood stock, from this tree here. Then combine the blisterwood stock with silvthril limbs. You craft sivthril crossbow limbs much like a silvril chain - in a furnace from a silver bar and mithril bar. The nearest furnace is in north-east Darkmeyer. Add a crossbow string, and you'll be ready to Screwte these vyres to the wall.
    • Farewell.

Talking to Ivan Strom

  • Ivan Strom: This tree is amazing, miraculous even! That it's the very thing we need to defeat the vyres - surely thats's a sign.
  • Player: How do you feel chopping off parts of it?
  • Ivan Strom: It feels, not right - righteous. The tree recovers, given time, and it provides us with protection from evil.
  • Player: You think all vyres are evil?
  • Ivan Strom: Um, well, I used to. It's what Drezel always taught me. If they weren't, why would Saradomin have blessed the entire Salve to imprison them? Plus, seeing the state of Meiyerditch and everything we've been through, it's hard to NOT think of them as evil. But hearing about how the Columbarium is freeing those poor human souls trapped in vampyric bodies... And that we wouldn't have made it anywhere near this far without the help of Lady Vanescula. Lord Drakan hasn't been seen for so long. What if he's not as bad as everyone's made out. Are we doing the right thing here?
  • Player: When the time comes, Ivan, you'll know what's the right thing to do.
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