Meeting Vanescula

  • Player: Vanescula, what are you doing here in Burgh de Rott?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Urgh, I've been asking myself that same question. I loathe being this near the water, and this place smells disgustng - like desperation.
  • Player: What do you know of the recent disappearances? Burgh de Rott's villagers have been going missing.
  • Vanescula Drakan: I don't know what you're talking about and, honestly, I don't care. I have other concerns. Though your disappearances may be connected to the reason I AM here.
  • Player: Which is?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Which is something I need to tell you Myreque all at once. I don't like having to repeat myself. I need you to return Safalaan to Meiyerditch. I find that he is more willing to see things from my perspective that you humans.
  • Player: You're referring to his icyenic heritage, aren't you?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Obviously. I gave him some information about his ancestry. You'll find him around the coast at an old icyene graveyard. It's not somewhere I can go. Tell him his trip must be cut short - I have an urgent matter to discuss with you all. One that requires immediate attention or we're all dead. Well, hurry along - in the boat! I don't like to be kept waiting.

The Icyene Graveyard

  • Safalaan: Player, how did you find me here? No one knew I was coming here save for...
  • Player: Vanescula. She sought me out in Burgh de Rott, asked me to come find you - she said it's a matter of some urgency. Since the deaths of Ranis and Vanstrom, Meiyerditch has gotten worse. A lot has happened since you left.
  • Safalaan: Clearly! It sounds as if you have fared better without me than with! I'm sorry I left as I did, but coming here was important - IS important - to me. Whatever Vanescula's urgent matter is will have to wait. I can't leave until I've found what I'm looking for. Perhaps, if you would help me, we can both return to the Sanguinesti base sooner?
  • Player: Okay, what do you need?
  • Safalaan: This place is an old graveyard, in use during the time Queen Efaritay ruled these lands - the crypt here is hers, along with King Ascertes. What Vanescula showed me - I'm their son! I'm still not sure how that's possible, but it feels true.
  • Player: Not that impossible - you are half-icyene.
  • Safalaan: You know?
  • Player: Both Vanstrom and Vanescula have revealed as much to me.
  • Safalaan: I have to open this crypt, to pay my respects. From what I've pieced together thus far, there's something interred with them that will aid the Myreque. Yet it seems Lord Drakan thought the same, hence why there's this blasted vampyric seal barring my entrance. I've not been able to open it.
  • Player: Let me take a look at it...

Finishing the puzzle

  • Player: That seems to have done it!

Talking to Safalaan

  • Safalaan: Thank you for unlocking the seal. Let's search the crypt.

Inspecting Queen Efaritay's statue

  • You take a pendant that was held in the statue's hands.

Inspecting the statue again

  • You've already taken the pendant from the statue.
  • Player: Safalaan, I've found this...
  • Safalaan: My mother's pendant? I can feel her strength flowing through it.

You give Safalaan the pendant, and a ball of energy briefly surrounds him

  • Player: What was that? I feel a bit dizzy.
  • Safalaan: I'm not entirely sure. I think it was... understanding? I felt a connection with my icyene side, with my mother, like I've never felt before. I feel protected. You have reconnected me with my heritage. Thank you. You are a true friend. Now, you say Vanescula had urgent business with the Myreque? Allow me to return to the Sanguinesti base to catch up with them. Please, join us there when you are ready.

Safalaan teleports away

  • Player: Whoa, that was some teleport! I guess he's in a hurry... I should catch up with him.

The Myreque base in Meiyerditch

  • Player: Vyres! Vyres in the base!
  • Sarius Guile: Wait! They're here with my lady. You're not in any danger.
  • Player: Vanescula is here? You led her here?
  • Sarius Guile: I'm sorry. If it wasn't so urgent, I... Please don't be mad at me. She's with Safalaan and Veliaf in the operations room.
  • Player: Veliaf is here too?
  • Sarius Guile: They've been waiting for you to arrive.

Speaking to NPCs

  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Oh, hello, Player. You know, it's good to be 'out in the field' for a change... even if just to another Myreque base.
  • Sarius Guile: Please trust my lady. She may be brash, but she has always treated me well.
    • Player:
      • A vyre's a vyre.
        • Sarius Guile: She's not like other vyres - I've seen her at her best.
      • I can't afford to trust her.
        • Sarius Guile: I'm sorry you feel that way, but you must at least try.
      • I'll give her a chance.
        • Sarius Guile: That's all I could ask.
      • I do trust her.
        • Sarius Guile: Good, I am glad at least one of the Myreque does.
      • [Say nothing.]
        • Sarius Guile: Please, at least give her a chance.

Talking to Merkitus A'hara, Kael Forshaw or Vertida Sefalatis

  • Player: Vertida, what's going on here? Why are there vyres in the base?
  • Vertida Sefalatis: They're Vanescula's lackeys - she's in the operations room with Veliaf. Sarius led them here.
  • Overwatch Mornid: Show some respect, human. We are Lady Vanescula's personal guard and, Myreque that you are, you're all under her protection. Our loyalty is to her; we're not here to eat you.
  • Merkitus A'hara: A vyre's a vyre - try anything an' tha only thing you'll be eatin' is silver.
  • Overwatch Mornid: Save that zeal for your real enemies. Let's not start something here.
  • Kael Forshaw: Wow, could it be the vyres are actually scared of us for a change?
  • Overwatch Mornid: Do not confuse restraint with fear. You, the human just arrived - you are wanted with the other leaders. Do not keep my lady waiting. The sooner she is done here, the sooner we can leave you in peace.

Speaking to NPCs

  • Overwatch Mornid: So you're the one they call Player? Was it really you that killed Vanstrom?
    • Player: It was. What's it to you?
    • Overwatch Mornid: He was my mentor. He trained me up personally when I joined the vyrewatch. It's thanks to him that I'm the residing overwatch.
    • Player: Oh, I didn't know. I'm sorry, but he had it coming.
    • Overwatch Mornid: That he did, and the only thing you should be sorry for is killing him before I got the chance to do so myself. He relished in his cruelty towards humans. I suspect he grew to despise his own human beginnings. But I am not like him. Vyres need blood to survive, and humans are food to use, but what this kingdom has devolved into sickens me as much as it does you. Vyrewatch have become undisciplined since Vanstrom's death, but I intend to reign[sic] them in, to cease their cruelty towards humans and their random tithings. Vanescula has not shared her entire plan with me, but she assures me that humans will benefit from it as much as us vyres, that we can all learn to live together peacefully. So don't worry yourself with my vyrewatch here - you're under Lady Vanescula's protection, and my loyalty to her is unwavering. When the fighting starts, we'll be at your side.
    • Player: Fighting? What fighting?
    • Overwatch Mornid: That is for my lady to inform you of. She's waiting for you.
  • Radigad Ponfit
    • Player: Radigad, what are you doing here?
    • Radigad Ponfit: Guarding the entrance.
    • Player: No, I mean in the Sanguinesti base.
    • Radigad Ponfit: Oh, you'd better talk to Veliaf. He's in operations.
  • Ivan Strom
    • Player: Ivan, what are you doing here?
    • Ivan Strom: We came with Veliaf, all of us.
    • Player: I'm surprised he let you tag along here.
    • Ivan Strom: Heh, yeah, I've worn him down. He says if I won't stay put as he says, then I might as well stick close to him. Besides, what's the point of me being in the Myreque if he always keeps me out of the fight? Anyway, you should go in - they're waiting for you inside.

Talking to Safalaan, Veliaf Hurtz, or Vanescula Drakan

  • Safalaan: Ah, good. Perfect timing, Player.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Yes, maybe you can talk some sense into this one.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Let's not drag this out. Hurry up with your little ceremony - we've more pressing matters to discuss.
  • Player: What's going on?
  • Safalaan: Veliaf and I have been corresponding about this for some time now, and, well... With all you've done for the cause, we thought it was about time...
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Spit it out, man!
  • Safalaan: We were wondering what you'd think to becoming...
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I'm making you my lieutenant, lad/lass. There, done. Now, can we get back to why this vyre 'lady' is in your base?
  • You've been promoted to the rank of lieutenant in the Myreque and have unlocked the 'of the Myreque' title.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Now you've finished congratulating yourselves, can we get back to why I'm here?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Why we're BOTH here!
  • Safalaan: I've apologised already, Veliaf. I had to go, but you coming here risks the entire movement!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: As does you NOT being here - someone had to take charge, you were gone so long.
  • Safalaan: And Vertida was a good choice - you were right to promote him too.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Enough! This childish bickering won't protect you from my brother's wrath!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Drakan is returning?
  • Vanescula Drakan: All of your 'successes' have angered him. Ranis's death was the tipping point.
  • Player: Yes, but you killed Ranis, not us.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Yes, and don't you dare forget that. I killed my own brother to protect you - you owe me!
  • Safalaan: So you're here to warn us? You could have sent word through Sarius.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Don't pretend you're not pleased to see me. But I'm not here just to warn you. I want you to kill him!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: We're not assassins working through your personal hit list, woman!
  • Safalaan: Vanescula has proven herself an ally. Helping her helps us all.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I'd hardly say 'proven'.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Ally or not, you must know that Lowerniel Drakan is an enemy to us all, and he's worse than any vyre you've ever faced. Vanstrom was a worm compared to him.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Yet you still think we can take him out?
  • Vanescula Drakan: No. But if you ever have a hope to, now is your best opportunity. He's called for a gathering of the true-borns of Vampyrium - but he's unaware of the details of Ranis and Vanstrom's deaths.
  • Safalaan: So if we combine forces now, spring a trap, we can take him unawares?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Ha! Where will you be in all of this, 'ally'?
  • Vanescula Drakan: If I openly oppose him, with humans at my side no less, there's no way I'll be accepted as his replacement. I can ensure the vyrewatch don't interfere - Overwatch Mornid is loyal to me, and I've installed her as their new commander.
  • Safalaan: Plus he doesn't know we have the blisterwood tree... my mother's tree. The Sanguinesti order at least will back your plan, Vanescula.
  • Vanescula Drakan: And what of you, Veliaf?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: This is a mistake, Safalaan. This vyre's not to be trusted... The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy, it just means I'm surrounded. But I can't very well let you go in alone, can I, you damn fool? My cell will go in, but only to cover the retreat when this all goes to Infernus.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Good, so we're agreed - my retinue will await you in Darkmeyer, outside the castle gate. Make your preparations and meet us there.
  • Vanescula and her vyrewatch teleport away
  • Player: Shouldn't we run this past Calsidiu first - the Myreque leader?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Oh, I think this plan is most definitely right up his alley, wouldn't you say, Safalaan?
  • Safalaan: Indeed. He'll be with us all in spirit, no doubt.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: If we're really doing this, let's at least be smart about it. I'll have Polmafi prepare an exit strategy.
  • Safalaan: We should use the arboretum as a staging area to prepare, stock up on blisterwood weaponry. I'll be able to teleport us there now, thanks to my mother's pendant.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Yes, and we'll have to pass as vyres. Disguises will be in order.
  • Safalaan: Well, it looks like we have our first order for you as lieutenant, Player.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Let's all just get to the arboretum in one piece first, shall we? Player, scout ahead and we'll meet you there.

Talking to The Myreque again

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Go on ahead to Darkmeyer arboretum, Player. We'll meet you there after briefing the rest of the Myreque.
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Well, it looks like my little excursion is going to unexpected places. I feel queasy - is that normal?
    • Player: Don't worry, you'll be fine. It's just nerves.
  • Kael Forshaw: I'm scared, but I hope I don't let everyone down.
  • Mekritus A'hara: I'm worried about tha plan.
    • Player: Well, try not to.
    • Mekritus A'hara: I can't 'elp it - I'm a worrier. It's kinda what I do.
  • Radigad Ponfit: It's about time we got a crack at a Drakan ourselves. Can't leave all the fun to you.
  • Vertida Sefalatis: We'll meet you at the arboretum.
  • Ivan Strom: It wasn't long ago Veliaf wanted me safe at Paterdomus, yet now he wants me to be part of the team going into Castle Drakan!


  • Veliaf Hurtz: So, this tree is our deliverance? I'm glad I got to see it at least once before I died.
  • You can now use blisterwood logs to make dual-wield sickles, a wand and orb, and a stake-thrower crossbow and ammo.
  • Player: Do you still think this plan is a bad idea?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Yes, and I don't care if you trust Vanescula or not - I don't. The way Safalaan defends her, you'd think him a love-struck teenager. I'm worried about him too. He's different since he got back - he seems more reckless.
  • Player: So, maybe the Burgh de Rott order should stay behind, or at least hang back here.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: And let Safalaan go in alone? No chance. Look, we'll play it safe. Safalaan's team will be the ones to spring the trap. My team will hang back from the fight in case things go wrong.
  • Player: And if it does go wrong?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: We'll cover their retreat. Polmafi has crafted some teleport tablets to give us a quick escape should we need one.
  • Player: What do you need me to do?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Right now? Well, we're going to need some vampyre disguises so we can get in unnoticed. I don't think your Darkmeyer outfit is going to cut it with the nobles. We'll need something more prominent, like House Drakan personal guard uniforms. Posing as vyrewatch, the nobles should mostly ignore us, but we can't look out of place.
  • Player: Any suggestion of where to find some?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: That overwatch vyre - Mornid - she's in charge of the vyrewatch now, she should know. She should be waiting for us at the castle gate by now.

Speaking to each of The Myreque

  • Safalaan: This tree. I think I remember it. Finding my parents' shrine, that pendant... It's like it's unlocked a door in my mind. Efaritay and Ascertes planted the first of these trees together, and I think I was with them when they did, even helped them. I must have been very young, the memory is so vague and fuzzy, but being near it makes me feel safe. I've instructed everyone to make sure they're well-armed. This tree can protect us still when we make our move. Lord Drakan murdered my family and turned their kingdom into a nightmare. It gives me comfort to know my mother's tree will soon end him. I shall avenge their deaths.
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: This arboretum is truly remarkable. It must take a lot of maintenance to keep intact, with the tree constantly poking holes in it. Fascinating!
    • Player: How are you finding being out in the field?
    • Polmafi Ferdygris: It's an eye-opener, I can tell you that. I'm more used to staying back at base and offering strategic insight. Seeing all the suffering here first-hand paints everything in a new light. That being said, I did initially advise Veliaf against this course of action. We exist in cells for a reason - to commit all of us to this one action is risky. But that lady vyre isn't wrong - strategically speaking, this is our best opportunity to defeat arguably the most dangerous vampyre in recorded history. With him gone, we've won! So this is our final push - and us all going improves our odds of success.
    • Player: But it hinges on Vanescula upholding her end of the bargain - to free humans and find a new source of blood.
    • Polmafi Ferdygris: True, but whatever her intentions, it makes strategic sense for us all the be rid of Lord Drakan first.
  • Kael Forshaw: You've been here before, right? In Darkmeyer, I mean - surrounded by all these vyres?
    • Player: More than once. Don't worry, they don't come in here. Doubly so since Vanescula warned them away.
    • Kael Forshaw: I'm scared.
    • Player: Of the vyres? Of Drakan?
    • Kael Forshaw: Well, yes, obviously those. But I'm more scared of letting everyone down. Like I did before when Andiess...
    • Player: Just keep that in mind when we're up against Drakan. You'll do okay - we're all in this together, try to remember that.
    • Kael Forshaw: Okay, I'll try. Thank you.
  • Mekritus A'hara: Do ya think this plan is gonna work? We only recently found a way to even kill normal vyres, but Lord Drakan? It's all 'appened so fast.
    • Player: Vyrewatch, Vanstrom, Ranis... We've got some good momentum going here, and Vanescula's with us.
    • Mekritus A'hara: Yeah, but... it's Lord Drakan!
    • Player: What do you actually know about him?
    • Mekritus A'hara: Um, well, nothing really. No one has seen of 'eard of him fer centuries - not even Vanescula.
    • Player: We've got enough to worry about with what we can see in front of us. Don't waste energy worrying about the unknown.
    • Mekritus A'hara: I guess...
  • Radigad Ponfit: Player.
    • Player: Radigad.
    • Radigad Ponfit: I made these - the sickles - think they'll do the job?
    • Player: Let's see. Blessed silver... nice and sharp... and are those blisterwood handles?
    • Radigad Ponfit: They are indeed. I made one of these beauties for Veliaf too... but I'm going in swinging.
    • Player: What's the carving on the blades?
    • Radigad Ponfit: 'H' and 'S' - it's for Harold and Sani, so they'll be with us in spirit too.
  • Vertida Sefalatis
    • Player: What are you making there?
    • Vertida Sefalatis: Before he, uh, disappeared, Flaygian designed a new crossbow for me - repeating, fires blisterwood stakes.
    • Player:
      • Did you ever find out what happened to Flaygian?
        • Vertida Sefalatis: Not for certain. We looked into some rumours about an over-tithing, who'd been sent to the mines... all sorts. Didn't find anything concrete. That's what it's like here.
      • So you think he's dead?
        • Vertida Sefalatis: He's not the type for a triumphant, heroic return. If he's not dead, I doubt we'll ever see him again. I find it more comforting to think of him as dead rather than a coward. And I'll honour his memory with this new crossbow - I've named it Screwte, because that's what any vyre I find with its sights is.
      • How can I make a blisterwood stake-thrower crossbow?
        • Vertida Sefalatis: Well, first fletch a blisterwood stock, from this tree here. Then combine the blisterwood stock with silvthril limbs. You craft sivthril crossbow limbs much like a silvril chain - in a furnace from a silver bar and mithril bar. The nearest furnace is in north-east Darkmeyer. Add a crossbow string, and you'll be ready to Screwte these vyres to the wall.
      • Farewell.
  • Ivan Strom: This tree is amazing, miraculous even! That it's the very thing we need to defeat the vyres - surely thats's a sign.
    • Player: How do you feel chopping off parts of it?
    • Ivan Strom: It feels, not right - righteous. The tree recovers, given time, and it provides us with protection from evil.
    • Player: You think all vyres are evil?
    • Ivan Strom: Um, well, I used to. It's what Drezel always taught me. If they weren't, why would Saradomin have blessed the entire Salve to imprison them? Plus, seeing the state of Meiyerditch and everything we've been through, it's hard to NOT think of them as evil. But hearing about how the Columbarium is freeing those poor human souls trapped in vampyric bodies... And that we wouldn't have made it anywhere near this far without the help of Lady Vanescula. Lord Drakan hasn't been seen for so long. What if he's not as bad as everyone's made out. Are we doing the right thing here?
    • Player: When the time comes, Ivan, you'll know what's the right thing to do.


  • Vanescula Drakan: Well, are you prepared?
  • Player: The Myreque are using the arboretum as a staging area, making weapons - we just need some disguises.
  • Vanescula Drakan: I don't need to know everything about the plan, silly meatsack. Some House Drakan personal guard uniforms should do - ask Mornid. They're already blood-marked, so they'll mask your scent too.
  • Player: Oh, do the Myreque smell that bad?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Not bad, delicious...

Talking to Mornid

  • Player: I don't suppose you know where I could find some spare Vyrewatch uniforms, do you?
  • Overwatch Mornid: Vanstrom's old mansion is now mine. I've left some House Drakan uniforms in storage. They've already been blood-marked, which should mask your human scent.
  • Finding the House Drakan outfits in Vanstrom's mansion
    • You find a bundle of vyrewatch uniforms, enough for all of the Myreque.

Talking to NPCs again

  • Vanescula Drakan: Wasn't killing Vanstrom enough that you had to burgle his house too?
    • Player: Well, we needed some vyrewatch uniforms to blend in.
  • Overwatch Mornid: Those vyrewatch uniforms are for Vanescula's personal guard. Even though we're the elite of the watch, the true-born nobles still look down on us. Nevertheless, it is our duty to provide security for them when required, so you won't look out of place at the forum. A lower-ranking vyre would draw suspicion.

Talking to Veliaf

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Nicely done, lieutenant. Here's your disguise. Don't lose it, though - I'll have to charge you for a replacement set. If you're finished talking to the lads, I'll get these uniforms handed out and we can get this farce over with.

Ready to proceed?

  • Player:
    • No
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Very well. Let me know when you're ready. In the meantime, we'll just keep carving enough stakes - can never have enough, right?
      • Safalaan: Ah, you got some vyrewatch uniforms, I see. We're almost ready; you should talk to Veliaf.
    • Yes
      • 'Venial Hurts': Okay, listen up, Myreque! Thanks to this tree, we're equipped for vyre slaying, and Lieutenant Player has found us some vyrewatch disguises. I'm going to send him/her ahead to scout our path to the castle gate and to inform Vanescula that we're ready. I want you in teams of two - watch each other's backs in there and we'll be fine. We'll be surrounded by vyres, but keep your wits, and try to fit in like 'Player's vampyre name' here - that is your vampyre name, right? At the first sign that Vanescula's leading us a merry dance, use your escape teleport and get out of there. But if she's on the level, that means we'll be facing off against the meanest, most dangerous vyre out there. Know our target - Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan. He goes by many names: the Scourge of Sanguinesti, the Prince of the Blood, the Lord of Vampyrium. Now, you know how I feel about people pumping themselves up with fancy titles, but this vyre is the real deal - he will kill us all given the chance. Do not give him that chance! And remember the signals. Lieutenant Player is the most experienced vyre-killer, so we're going by their judgement on this. If you think we should all retreat, just say 'Hang up the sickle', and we'll retreat to here as our rally point. But if you think we can take him, the signal to spring the trap is 'Bring in the harvest'. Give him no quarter! Are we clear, Myreque?
      • The Myreque respond with 'Sir.'
      • 'Venial Hurts': Now that didn't sound like a resistance group about to take out their biggest threat, did it? I said ARE WE CLEAR?
      • The Myreque respond with 'SIR, YES SIR!'
      • 'Venial Hurts': Then it's over to you, Player. Go inform Vanescula we're ready. We'll be right behind you.

Speaking to each of The Myreque

  • 'Vertigo von Cephalitis'
    • Player: Are you ready for this?
    • 'Vertigo von Cephalitis': About as ready as I can be. I've got a stake with Drakan's name on it - literally, I just carved it in!
  • 'Rageguard Pain-fire'
    • Player: Are you all set?
    • 'Rageguard Pain-fire': Yeah. 'Harold' and 'Sani' too.
    • Player: You're not one for many words, are you?
    • 'Rageguard Pain-fire': No. I'll let these two do all the 'talking'.
  • 'Kill Fosho'
    • Player: Steel yourself, Kael. We'll be going in soon.
    • 'Kill Fosho': Don't worry, I'm still here.
  • 'Mekky Grah'
    • Player: Still worried?
    • 'Mekky Grah': I am. Can't 'elp it with all these unknowns. But we'll know those unknowns soon enough, you know? I'm 'anging in.
  • 'Pygmalion Mardigras': I'm actually intrigued by what we'll see when we get in the castle. It was supposedly built on top of Queen Efaritay's old stronghold, you know? Though I'm not exactly a fan of vampyric interior design - it's a bit too stark for my liking - it does have a certain aestetic quality. And if nothing else, I'll follow your example and map the inside of that thing. You never know when something like that might come in handy.
  • 'I Vanstrom'
    • Player: How are you set, Ivan?
    • 'I Vanstrom': I'm ready. I mean, I had to throw up a little while you were out getting the uniforms, but I'm good now.

Talking to Sentinel Plaguemanst

  • Player: Any news?
  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: You haven't heard? Vanstrom is dead!
  • Player: No!
  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: A rogue Myreque agent, from what I hear, with weapons from the tree. The rumour is that Drakan has been informed and is furious; especially with Ranis' murder so fresh in his mind. They say he's put a price on the killer's head; a whole vat of blood for the vyre who brings them to him!
  • Player: Really?
  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: Yes. Isn't it great? I haven't had this much excitement in years.

Entering Castle Drakan

  • Player: The others are on the way. We're ready.
  • Vanescula Drakan: I highly doubt that, but we'll proceed nonetheless. Open the gate!
  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: Who goes there?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Someone who wants you to open the gate!
  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: But your, my lady Vanescula...who goes with you?
  • Overwatch Mornid: Sentinel! How dare your question your lady AND your direct superior. Now open this gate before I have you put in a bloodletting device for insubordination and have your wings clipped! Or perhaps you'd prefer a lower standing?
  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: Y-y-yes, of course. At once. I apologise, my ladies. Open the gate! Open the gate!

Cutscene occurs

  • Overwatch Mornid: I've sent scouts ahead to make sure our arrival goes unseen.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Good. I'll fly Safalaan up, Mornid - you take Player. The Vyrewatch can fly the rest of the Myreque up.
  • 'Venial Hurts': Fly? No one said anything about flying!
  • Vanescula Drakan: All but the lowliest vyres can fly. The gathering is being held on the roof; not flying might draw suspicion. Don't tell me you're afraid of heights, Veliaf.
  • 'Venial Hurts': Oh, you're loving this, aren't you
  • 'Deathly Hallows': I'm ready. Take me up.

Castle Drakan rooftop

  • Vanescula Drakan: Try to mingle. Don't arouse suspicion, and don't do anything to give yourself away! While you may be 'hot stuff' on the streets of Darkmeyer, the true-born nobles will take a lot more to win over. Mind what you say.
  • Your previous status in Darkmeyer counts for nothing at these lofty heights. Try to build up your status with the true-born nobles.

Talking to Vanescula again

  • Vanescula Drakan: Don't talk to me now! It's unseemly for me to be seen talking to such a lowly vyre at gatherings like this. Go mingle with the nobles, try to blend in.

Speaking to each of The Myreque

  • 'Vertigo von Cephalitis': I don't know how you managed this, Player.
    • Player: Managed what?
    • 'Vertigo von Cephalitis': Blending in with these monsters, gaining their respect.
    • Player: It wasn't easy. I had to make some difficult choices. Just remember why we're here.
  • 'Rageguard Pain-fire': I hate this.
    • Player: Maybe just snarl at a few vyres - that's all they seem to do to each other anyway.
    • 'Rageguard Pain-fire': Works for me.
  • 'Kill Fosho': I think I'm going to be sick...
    • Player: I don't think vampyres get sick. You'd best hold it in.
    • 'Kill Fosho': Oh gods.
  • 'Mekky Grah': We're gonna get found out!
    • Player: Don't worry, and keep your voice down.
    • 'Mekky Grah': But how? We're just wearing 'oods. We don't even have wings!
    • Player: Shhh. It's worked for me before at least. I'm sure we'll be fine.
  • 'Deathly Hallows': I think Vanescula likes all of this even less than I do!
    • Player: Does that surprise you?
    • 'Deathly Hallows': I guess not, thought I don't know if it's just that she's not a fan of parties or the anticipation of Lord Drakan's arrival.
  • 'Venial Hurts': I don't know how you managed to blend in with these fell beasts.
  • 'Pygmalion Mardigras': Do you see the three pylons on the roof? They seem new compared to everything else - relatively speaking, of course.
    • Player: What about them?
    • 'Pygmalion Mardigras': I'm not sure... but I find them somewhat ominous.
  • 'I Vanstrom': I Vanstrom! My name is I Vanstrom!
    • Player: Shh! Ivan, it's me, Player. Keep it down.
    • 'I Vanstrom': Sorry, I got a bit carried away.

Talking to Mornid

  • Overwatch Mornid: Follow my lady's instructions and try not to raise any suspicions.

Lady Nadezhda Shadum

Talking to werewolf

  • Werewolf: Please be merciful - I tried to cross, but the barrier hurts.

Talking to Lady Nadezhda Shadum

  • Lady Nadezhda Shadum: Silly dogs. I don't know why we still put up with them. We should have had them all put down years ago.
  • Player: If I might inquire, what are you referring to?
  • Lady Nadezhda Shadum: Oh, one of the werewolves in my pack. I sent him to cross the Salve and procure me some exotic foreign blood. But he came back empty handed, said he was unable to cross. Honestly, I've heard rumour of other wolves crossing, why not him?
  • Player: Maybe these rumours are of special werewolves, or they are just rumours.
  • Lady Nadezhda Shadum: Nothing but excuses. If he couldn't manage he should have kept trying until he succeeded or died. And now I have to make an example of him. As a rising star of vampyre society, what would you suggest I do with him?
  • Player:
    • Have it put to sleep.
      • Lady Nadezhda Shadum: Death is too good for it... but I suppose that would still cheer me up a little. Not here... of course. I'll take it somewhere private and have some fun with it.
      • Werewolf: You have consigned me to a slow and painful death. At least tell me your name.
        • Player:
          • Yes - vampyre name.
            • Player: Player's vampyre name.
            • Werewolf: Well then, Player's vampyre name, I shall curse you with my final breath.
          • Yes - real name.
            • Player: Player
            • Werewolf: A strange name for a vampyre, but I shall curse it with my final breath all the same.
          • Refuse to tell him.
            • Werewolf: Not even the courage to be honest with your victims. Then I shall curse the vampyre race with my final breath.
    • Just leave it alone.
      • Lady Nadezhda Shadum: Leave it alone? Leave it alone? How will it learn if I don't punish it when it fails? And how do you think the rest of the pack will respond if I let it off? You low-borns are supposed to be good at this sort of thing - you must have a better suggestion for what I should do!
      • Returned to rest of options
    • Have it neutered.
      • Lady Nadezhda Shadum: You do realise it's not an actual dog? What good would that do me? I still need it to stud some progeny. I'm not wasteful!
      • Werewolf: You are beyond cruel to suggest such a punishment. I am thankful that my master did not heed your advice. I shall hope to have pups one day.
    • Humiliate it.
      • Lady Nadezhda Shadum: Ha! A nice, clean humiliation. I only joke that it's a dog, but if it fails its master then yes, I will treat it like one. Now, how best to do it? I could shave its fur off? Ooh, and make it wear a cone of shame - yes, the one with the silver barbs...
      • Werewolf: Aww. At least only my pride is hurt this way.
      • Lady Nadezhda Shadum: You have an undeniable streak of cruelty that I find most refreshing. I think my property enjoys its new collar.
    • Let me think about it.

Lord Alexei Jovkai

Speaking to each NPC

  • Frightened man: P-p-please leave us alone.
  • Protective girl: Take my blood instead of my husband's. He's been through enough!
  • Defiant old man: Vile creatures, the lot of you! Go on, try to take my blood. I've still got some fight left in me!
  • Catatonic child: Would you like my blood? Mr Bitey says it is fun. Vampyres are my friends.
    • Player: What is wrong with this child?
    • Lord Mischa Myrmel: Second generation personal tithe. They're brought up to view us with fondness, so as not to resist so much.
    • Player: That's barbaric.
    • Lord Mischa Myrmel: I'm inclined to agree. Younger humans always taste so bland, and you can't breed out the fear.

Talking to Lord Alexei Jovkai

  • Lord Alexei Jovkai: But they all look so tasty... Which one should I try? What would you suggest?
  • Player:
    • Try the old man - he looks defiant.
      • Lord Alexei Jovkai: What a good selection. That defiance will taste ever so sweet.
      • Defiant old man: They can take the blood of a weak old man, but they cannot take my spirit. I'll stop this madness, or die trying. I just need to... rest for a moment. Get my strength back.
      • Lord Alexei Jovkai: Sweet nectar! The rich flavour of an elder heart's defiance, brewed in a long life's suffering. The old ones are the best.
    • Try the young couple - two different flavours.
      • Lord Alexei Jovkai: Hmm, the boy is scared witless, but the girl seems protective of him. A sweet and sour mix. I suppose that's a half-good idea.
    • Drink the child - she's catatonic with fear.
      • Lord Alexei Jovkai: Such uncultured tastes. That fear will make her blood taste bitter. Such swill might suit the vyrewatch, but us noble have more refined palates.
    • Taste them all!
      • Lord Alexei Jovkai: How positively decadent, but it does not do for one of such noble breeding to be so unreserved. It's about what I'd expect from an uncivilised human-born. Now, give me a proper recommendation!
      • Returned to rest of options
    • Let me think about it.

Lord Mischa Myrmel

Speaking to NPCs

  • Blood tithe: I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. He's been feeding more often lately - I need a rest.
  • Lord Mischa Myrmel: Honestly, I'm not sure what to do with it. You're Player vampyre name, aren't you? You have a reputation for dealing with this sort of thing.
  • Player: What sort of thing?
  • Lord Mischa Myrmel: My personal tithe - she's a scrawny little thing. When I went for my mid-morning snack today she had the audacity to be unconscious. How should I punish her for such disobedient insolence?
  • Player:
    • Have her killed; get a new one.
      • Lord Mischa Myrmel: Well, that would certainly teach her a lesson, but personal tithes are getting harder to come by these days. No, it will have to be something else. Do you have a better suggestion?
    • Have your snack anyway.
      • Lord Mischa Myrmel: Well, yes, I'm entitled. If it kills her, though, I'll have to get a new one, which might prove difficult.
      • The blood tithe dies
      • Lord Mischa Myrmel: She's disappointed me for the last time. At least my thirst is sated.
    • Let her recover; humans are weak.
      • Lord Mischa Myrmel: I suppose I can miss a meal or two, but I'll make sure she knows not to inconvenience me like this in the future.
    • Show mercy; make her feel better.
      • Lord Mischa Myrmel: Interesting... Not only would I seem to be kind to her, it might even make her taste a bit better.
      • Blood tithe: He's been strangely kind to me of late. I don't understand, but I believe I have you to thank, for as long as it lasts.
      • Lord Mischa Myrmel: Your advice was most sound, Player vampyre name. Her mood has improved, and with it her taste.
      • Blood tithe: Th-th-thank you, my lord. I shall try to do better in the future.
    • Let me think about it.

After enough status has been gained

  • Vanescula Drakan: You've done enough hobnobbing. Let's have a little chat.
  • Vanescula Drakan: I suppose that will have to do. Now that you've improved your reputation in polite society, we can... Wait! A surge of power. Do you smell it? It has a familiar scent.
  • Cutscene occurs
  • Lowerniel Drakan: I am returned.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Welcome, Lowerniel. Your absence has been too long.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Yes, that much is obvious, as are your failures as a leader.
  • Vanescula Drakan: I simply meant that you have been missed, dear brother.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: I know what you meant, sister. Do not play your games with me, we have much to discuss.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Then we should retreat to do so in private.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: No. What I have to say is for all to hear. I have a decree for the vampyre nation!
  • Vanescula Drakan: But brother, you must be tired. Surely it can wai-
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Silence! Your lord is speaking. Vampyres of Morytania, hear me! Too long have I languished in solitude. Too long have I left the vampyre nation to govern itself, and allowed it to fall into this sorry state. In ages past, the Strange from Afar led us to this place. His words twisted us to fit his own design. It was his belief that he was uplifting our race with culture and society, but in truth we were domesticated! Fear not, my brethren, for I have returned, and I shall lead us back to the promised land. The blood in the veins of Morytania is drying up, and I have long since lost my taste for it. It has made you soft - you are farmers now, not hunters. Humans have become our cattle, no longer our prey. I shall take us all to a land flowing with blood, where we can embrace our vampyric history. Vanescula, step forward. Now you may speak.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Lowerniel. You speak of a promised land - surely you do not speak of Misthalin? Unless... have you discovered a way to cross the Salve?
  • Lowerniel Drakan: No. Nor do I care to. We do not need another empire on which to grow fat. I seek to return us to our proud heritage. It has taken many years, but I have created a way for us all to return to Vampyrium!
  • Vanescula Drakan: Vampyrium? So that is where you have been gone all these years? We thought you secluded in your quarters, obsessing over that 'rock'.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Do I seem a moody vyreling to you, sulking in my room? No, that 'rock' showed me the way - its loss merely delayed my plans.
  • Vanescula Drakan: You have lost touch with your people, brother. I have a better solution to our food shortages, one which does not require us to devolve back into beasts.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: I care not for your schemes, little sister. Nor for how you stand before me in your human guise. Are you so ashamed to be a vampyre that you hide it? Or is it to hide your true nature from your human pets?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Lowerniel, I...
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Spare me your lies. Or would you have me believe your weakness played no part in the deaths of Ranis and Vanstrom? You - my sister's personal guard - step forward!
  • Player: Me... my lord?
  • Lowerniel Drakan: What is your name?
  • Player: Player vampyre name, my lord.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Would you too deny weakness? Am I truly to believe that mere humans murdered your master? Speak!
  • 'What caused Vanstrom's death?'
  • Player:
    • Vanstrom had grown weak.
      • Lowerniel Drakan: You speak truth! Weakness sits at the heart of all human-born vyres... but it has also crept into the hearts of true-borns. When we return to Vampyrium, we shall excise this weakness from our ranks.
    • I killed him myself!
      • Lowerniel Drakan: That is a bold claim. Is there any truth in this, sister?
      • Vanescula Drakan: Yes, my lord. This vyre speaks truth.
      • Lowerniel Drakan: Then this human-born vyre shames you all. If you have not the strength to maintain your status, you have no rights to it!
    • Humans obtained blisterwood.
      • Lowerniel Drakan: Is this true, sister?
      • Vanescula Drakan: Yes, Lowerniel. This vyre speaks truth. Ranis was found in the arboretum...
      • Lowerniel Drakan: How else could you have allowed such a thing to happen if not through your weakness?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Brother, why ask such questions of a lowly vyre? Your nobles grow anxious with your decree to return us to Vampyrium. This is our home.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: I like this vyre - he/she speaks plainly to me. And what are your thoughts on keeping humans captive?
  • 'What about human captives?'
  • Player:
    • We should set them free!
      • Lowerniel Drakan: I could not agree with you more.
      • Player: You would see them set free?
      • Lowerniel Drakan: You sound surprised. Humans are not built to live in captivity. And free-range blood tastes so much better.
    • They are delicious.
      • Lowerniel Drakan: If you truly think that, you have clearly only ever fed on scraps. Humans need hope and love - it sweetens their blood. The morsels in these lands are bitter. That you think them delicious only speaks of this nation's failings.
    • They should be slaughtered.
      • Lowerniel Drakan: Oh, they will be, but not for the reasons you might wish it.
      • Vanescula Drakan: Slaughtered? If you intend for us to depart, why not leave them be?
      • Lowerniel Drakan: Their sacrifice is required to send us home. We shall make it merciful and swift.
  • Vanescula Drakan: You have made your point, brother.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Not yet, I haven't, but I shall! Finally, what do you feel about human vampyrification?
  • 'What about human-born vyres?'
  • Player:
    • I am thankful for it.
      • Lowerniel Drakan: No doubt. You have been blessed, but humans are not worthy of such a blessing! If the human-borns were not such shame to my so-called nobles I would have them all put down.
    • Human-borns are better than true-borns!
      • Lowerniel Drakan: Impertinence! That you feel you could say such a thing in my presence speaks to the rot at the heart of this nation. In this nation's glory, a dozen true-borns would have already torn you limb-from-limb for showing such disrespect.
    • It should be stopped!
      • Lowerniel Drakan: Yet again, we are in agreement.
      • Player: You would stop turning humans into vyres?
      • Lowerniel Drakan: The creation of your like was a mistake. You are a burden on our resources, and my nobles' reliance on your kind's servitude has made them weak. Vampyres should be sired by true-borns alone.
      • Vanescula Drakan: I would rather die than become someone's broodmare.
      • Lowerniel Drakan: Then perhaps you shall!
  • Lowerniel Drakan: I have one final question for you, Player vampyre name - tell me... Do you take me for a fool?
  • Player: My lord, I don't understand.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: To think that I would not smell the defiance in your blood? That I would not sense the creaking of blisterwood around me? How transparent my sister is to me? HUMAN! Choose your next action wisely...
  • Player:
    • Spring the trap!
      • Player: Bring in the harvest!
    • Call the retreat!
      • Player: Hang up the sickle!
      • 'Deathly Hallows': No! Myreque, attack!
      • Player: Safalaan, wait!
  • The Myreque attack
  • Lowerniel Drakan: And what is this here?
  • 'Deathly Hallows': You murdered my parents!
  • Lowerniel Drakan: I have killed many parents, boy. Many children too. I don't remember them; I won't remember you.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Brother, don't! Put him down!
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Who is he to you, sister? Who is he that I should not just eat him right now?
  • 'Deathly Hallows': I am Safalaan Hallow, son of Queen Efaritay and King Ascertes!
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Hahahaha! Ah, yes, now it comes back to me - you smell just like them. But I did not kill your parents, boy. Your father's killer stands amongst your allies, and your mother... well, your mother...
  • 'Deathly Hallows': Don't you dare talk about my mother! I don't believe you! I'll kill you for what you did to them!
  • Cutscene occurs
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Graah! Kill the traitorous vyrewatch. Keep these humans alive... for now. But separate the half-icyene.

Castle Drakan dungeons

  • Player: There's no way I could crawl through the hole without being cut to ribbons. Unless I can maybe bend back the sharp teeth...
  • Opening the door
  • Player: Even vampyre doors have a thirst for blood.

Freeing the Myreque

  • Vertida Sefalatis: Have you seen Safalaan?
    • Player: No, not yet. What happened?
    • Vertida Sefalatis: All I remember was that Drakan had him and then - flash - everything went white.
    • Unlocking the door
    • Vertida Sefalatis: Is Safalaan in one of these cells? Is he okay?
    • Player: I don't know, I haven't seen him yet.
  • Radigad Ponfit: Player.
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Yes, thank you.
    • Unlocking the door
    • Polmafi Ferdygris: Well, this is a part of Castle Drakan I was hoping not to see.
    • Radigad Ponfit: Player.
    • Player: Even at a time like this, you're still so stoic.
    • Radigad Ponfit: I trust you'll find us a way out.
  • Mekritus A'hara: How did we even get here?
  • Kael Forshaw: I was worried we were the only ones left.
    • Unlocking the door
    • Mekritus A'hara: Phew! I was worried we'd be in here for good.
    • Kael Forshaw: Oh, thank Saradomin it's you. I thought I...
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Good job, lieutenant. Get these cells open.
    • Unlocking the door
    • Veliaf Hurtz: Thank you - let's free the others.
  • Ivan Strom: Are you okay? You're bleeding.
    • Player: It's these cell doors - they seem to open in exchange for blood.
    • Ivan Strom: Well, talk to me again when everyone's out and I'll see if I can help.
    • Unlocking the door
    • Ivan Strom: How in the name of Saradomin did we get here?

After all of The Myreque are freed

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Well, that worked out well, didn't it? Is everyone here?
  • Vertida Sefalatis: We're just missing Safalaan, sir.
  • Ivan Strom: And Vanescula with her vyres too.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I don't care about that harpy. She led us into this mess, she can get herself out of it. We need to think about ourselves. Player, scout ahead. Be careful. We'll catch you up.

Ring puzzle 2

Investigating the bloodletters

  • Player: The vyrewatch in this one is dead - it was one of those loyal to Vanescula.
  • Player: It's designed to slowly drain the blood of whoever's put inside it. There's a contraption for keeping the wings splayed - this must be some sort of vampyre or icyene torture device.
  • Overwatch Mornid: Can't... I... My lady...
  • Vanescula Drakan: You don't say! What, do you just not see me in here? Get us out of these things?
  • Player: How? What are they?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Too weak... The seal. You have to unlock the seal.
  • Player:
    • Maybe I should leave you in there!
      • Vanescula Drakan: The seal unlocks the exit too. Unless you want to die down here with us, you don't have a choice.
    • Hold on, I'll get you out!
  • Vanescula Drakan: Hurry...

After the ring puzzle

  • Vanescula Drakan: How dare he do this to his own sister?
  • Player: To be fair, you were trying to have him killed.
  • Vanescula Drakan: But to humiliate me in this way, to drain my blood in this archaic fashion. He is too far gone - he would have us all devolve back to uncultured barbarians. Mornid, how are you?
  • Overwatch Mornid: I will be okay, my lady, but my vyres are dead.
  • Vanescula Drakan: We must feed to regain our strength.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Keep your fangs to yourself, vyre. You led us into this mess; you're not getting our blood too.
  • Vertida Sefalatis: Sir, we still need to find Safalaan.
  • Vanescula Drakan: No! Where is he? Is he safe?
  • Safalaan: It's nice to know you're all worried about me, but I'm okay! Through here!

Talking to Mornid

  • Overwatch Mornid: How dare he do this to my lady... to my vyres?


Speaking to NPCs

  • Vanescula Drakan: I know I'm captivating, but focus on Safalaan.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Good. We're all still alive.

Talking to Safalaan

  • Player: We were worried about you. What was that, back on the roof?
  • Safalaan: When Drakan grabbed me, I thought I was done for. I was so scared, but he just got me so angry and... I wanted so much to kill him that I lost control. That blast of icyene magic appeared to weaken him, but it must have knocked us all out too. When I came to, I was in here.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Praise Saradomin, I thought we'd lost you.
  • Safalaan: I'm okay, old friend. I'd have come looking for you all, but, well, I was stuck here. Vanescula, Mornid - are you alright? You both look weakened.
  • Vanescula Drakan: We'll live. I hate you seeing me like this, but I haven't the strength to look more human.
  • ???: Are those your allies? Even the vampyre?
  • Safalaan: Yes. Everyone's okay.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Who's that in the oubliette? Found a new friend?
  • Safalaan: She won't say; Lord Drakan put her in here so long ago, that she might as well be nobody. Those are her words, not mine. I've been trying to find a way to get her out. She can escape with us.
  • ???: No, I can't come with you. My prison is deeper than just this hole. Drakan holds a greater sway over me. So long as he lives, I daren't even think of escape. Though yours are the first voices I have heard in too long. I thank you for your company, but it sounds like you must go now. I will pray for your safe return home.
  • Safalaan: We can't just leave you here.
  • ???: You must. Drakan will know if I'm gone, and I fear what he might do. I have faith that your group will find a way to defeat him still. Only then could I escape.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: If the lady can't leave, we'll take her prayers with our thanks. Drakan's days are numbered; we will come back for you, I swear it by Saradomin.
  • ???: Then I place my faith in your vow.
  • Safalaan: Leaving her behind still doesn't feel right.
  • Vanescula Drakan: She doesn't want to come. You can't save everyone, especially not from themselves.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Lead us out, Player.

Speaking to NPCs again

  • Vanescula Drakan: I am glad you are alive and well, Safalaan. I thought for sure Lowerniel was going to kill you.
    • Safalaan: And I you, Vanescula. If we weren't before, we're definitely in this together now. You look weakened.
    • Player: We found the vyres in some strange bloodletting devices - she's been drained.
    • Vanescula Drakan: I can still speak for myself!
    • Safalaan: Here, you can have some of my blood.
    • Veliaf Hurtz: Don't be so stupid, man. She'll live, and you'll need your strength to get out of here.
    • Vanescula Drakan: It pains me to say, but I agree with him. I do not wish to drink your blood.
  • Overwatch Mornid: I don't like this place. Something smells off.
  • Vertida Sefalatis: This seems to be the way out of the dungeon, go on ahead, we'll be right behind you.

Castle Drakan cellars

  • Veliaf Hurtz: I send most of the Myreque to scout ahead. You should explore this area. The vyres think these are the castle cellars and are looking for something to eat that isn't us.
  • Player: Isn't that a good sign that Vanescula's on our side?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Not to me. As long as Drakan still lives, she needs us. That doesn't mean I trust her.
  • Player: She did seem genuinely concerned about Safalaan.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Don't get me started on that one. I don't like how close they seem to be getting - it's not natural.

Talking to Vanescula

  • Vanescula Drakan: Ah, that's better. I feel strong again.
  • Player: What is this place?
  • Vanescula Drakan: I should think that obvious. These are the castle cellars - food stores, blood cellars, kitchens. Not that I ever come down here. We have servants for a reason.

Investigating the butchery table

  • Player: What creature even is this? It's unlike anything I've seen before.
  • Overwatch Mornid: Me too, though it is quite common in vampyre society for the nobles to have access to things us lower vyres do not.
  • Player: We're all a bit weakened - some food would do us good, but I don't think we should ea- Ivan, wait!
  • Ivan Strom: *scoff* What? It's some sort of jerky; reminds me of Myreque provisions. It's really good - try some! Oh, and I found this book in here - might be useful. I'll grab enough food for everyone. Let me know if you ever run out.
  • Overwatch Mornid: Where there is food, there will be blood. I shall find my lady.
  • Ivan Strom: Right, and I'll catch up with the others.

Speaking to NPCs

  • Vanescula Drakan
    • Player: Ivan found a book about the 'tasting notes' of blood. So human blood tastes different to you depending how they feel?
    • Vanescula Drakan: All blood, not just from humans.
    • Player: But these notes suggest treating humans well improves the taste of blood - so why the slums, the oppression?
    • Vanescula Drakan: House Drakan's routes can be traced back to many tribes, and not all vyres share the same tastes. Each tribe prefers the taste of certain emotional states. The Drakan tribe quite enjoy the taste of hope, of optimism. You humans have vegetarians, fish-eaters, 'sweet-tooths'... To assume all vyres are the same in this regard is narrow-minded and offensive. Though, if hungry enough, a vampyre will eat anything to survive. Besides, the current situation for you humans is more due to the scarcity of blood in Morytania. It's what we're working together to change, remember?
  • Overwatch Mornid
    • Player: So human blood tastes different to you depending how they feel?
    • Overwatch Mornid: It may well do for the vyre nobles, but I was human-born. To me, blood is just sustenance - perhaps my palate is just too unrefined.

Speaking to each of The Myreque

  • Player: How are you feeling?
    • Polmafi Ferdygris Scared witless, my lad/lass. My first mission in the field and I end up in a vampyre prison cell. But, as horrific as this place is, I do find it fascinating. Everything is built around blood - harvesting, storage, delivery. I'm in awe of vampyric architecture and history too - they may be dark, but there's beauty in both.
    • Kael Forshaw: I'm thinking about Andiess - it's all I can do to stop me being afraid. I still mourn him. I think about him every single day. It's like he is with me, in every room of this damned tower.
    • Mekritus A'hara: Ya know, when Veliaf an' Safalaan told us da plan, I was the only one ta disapprove. I can't 'elp feeling that we're doing this fer ourselves, our pride. I regret the ones we've left behind. We've forgott'n the weak'uns. Meiyerditch an' Burgh de Rott, ya know?
    • Veliaf Hurtz: How do I feel? I 'feel' like I could murder that vyre witch for leading us into this mess. I'm angry at Safalaan for going along with this stupid plan of hers. And the next time we have a chance at killing Drakan, I'm going to tear him a new one. That's how I 'feel'.
    • Radigad Ponfit: I'm not the one for feelings, Player.
      • Player: Surely you must have some opinion on our situation?
      • Radigad Ponfit: *spit* I hate vyres. That's an opinion. They're foul, disgusting creatures. They think nothing of us beyond their next meal, and I hold nothing but contempt for the whole damn lot of them, Vanescula included.
      • Player: Well, hold on to that aggression - we might need it to get out of this.
    • Safalaan: Um, it's, er, kind of hard to explain. Do we have to discuss this here?
      • Player: It's kind of important so that we can get out of here.
      • Safalaan: Yeah, okay. I feel... love.
      • Player: You're not referring to Vanescula, are you?
      • Safalaan: What? No! My mother's pendant protected me up on the roof, and I just have this feeling of closeness to her, like she's here with us... with me. Actually, since you brought it up... I'm not sure how I feel about Vanescula either. It's certainly not love, but... Admiration? At what she's trying to do - usurping her brother and co-existing with humans. I hate vyres more than anyone, with what Drakan did to my parents, but Vanescula is different. She's curt and rude, sure, and lacks empathy, but she's the most 'human' vyre we've encountered. You know she's embarrassed that she looks like a vyre?
    • Vertida Sefalatis: I'm trying not to think about it. I'm just happy taking orders. Whatever Safalaan and Veliaf need me to do, I'll do it. I can't think beyond that else I'd be paralised[sic] by fear. Only myself and a couple other Myreque have a military background. I just wish my two superiors would get on the same page and stop arguing, then get us out of this mess.
    • Ivan Strom: Pretty good, all things considered. I mean, we failed to kill Drakan and got locked up, but at least we're all still alive and together. The way things are going, I'm optimistic we'll be able to escape, then we can regroup and try again.

Speaking to NPCs

  • Overwatch Mornid: If you are struggling to unlock this exit, you should talk to Lady Vanescula.
  • Vanescula Drakan: What's the problem now? A simpleton could get us out of here. Each of these tithing machines requires blood flavoured by a certain emotional state, related to the original vampyric tribes as depicted on each lock. That tasting notes book should suggest to you which lock should received[sic] which blood. It's up to you to figure out which of you emotionally stunted Myreque is best suited to each lock.

After the door is unlocked

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Good work, lieutenant. Now, let's get out of here.

Castle Drakan hallway

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Okay, Myreque, our teleports should work now that we're above ground. Let's get out of here. Polmafi!
  • Polmafi tries the teleport tablet
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Uh oh.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: 'Uh oh'? What do you mean, 'uh oh'?
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: It didn't work, sir. I don't get it - we've never had problems teleporting around Meiyerditch before.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Surely the teleport block should only cover the prisons and cellars?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Hahaha! Oh, you fools. You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: What have you done, vyre? Is this some twisted plan of yours?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Would you set aside your mistrust just once, human? This is my brother's doing, not mine!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Fine! We need another way out.
  • Vertida Sefalatis: Sir, this door's locked!
  • Vanescula Drakan: Don't look this way unless you want to go higher up the castle.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Then we'll have to fight our way out the main gate. Player, take point and lead us out through that portcullis!

Speaking to NPCs

  • Veliaf Hurtz: No time for sight-seeing, Player. Get that portcullis open!
  • Overwatch Mornid: My lady, this isn't...
    • Vanescula Drakan: Not now, Mornid.
    • Player: This isn't what?
    • Overwatch Mornid: This isn't time for idle chat, perhaps? Let's just get out here... quickly!

Attempting to leave

  • Lowerniel Drakan: Leaving so soon?
  • Safalaan: Not before killing you.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Such defiance - just like your mother. At least, before I broke her. You, I think I'll just eat.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Not very good at counting, are you, vyre? In case you missed it, you're outnumbered.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Oh, I don't need help. But if it would make you feel better...
  • Venators appear
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Good. Everything is in place. Now the hunt can begin!
  • Vanescula Drakan: Hunt? You would treat your own sister as prey! How dare you?
  • Lowerniel Drakan: If you insist on siding with humans, on looking like one, then I will hunt you like one! Here, let me show you how...
  • Lowerniel kills Mornid with a spear
  • Vanescula Drakan: Mornid!
  • Kael Forshaw: For Andiess!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Kael! Stay in formation! Kael!
  • Kael is eaten by a venator
  • Safalaan: Fall back! Fall back!

Behind the doors

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Player, quick - find something to help barricade that door! We need time to regroup.

Barricading the door with a spear

  • Veliaf Hurtz: That should hold them for a while.

After defeating the venator

  • Veliaf Hurtz: All of you, upstairs! Quickly!

Castle Drakan first floor

The Landing

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Get those windows covered! We don't want more of those things getting in!

One window barricaded

  • Player: That's one!

Two windows barricaded

  • Player: Two down!

Three windows barricaded

  • Player: That should keep them out!

Speaking to each NPC

  • Vanescula Drakan: I...
    • Player: Vanescula, are you okay?
    • Safalaan: I think she might be in shock.
    • Veliaf Hurtz: Whatever else is wrong with her right now, she's also useless. We have more pressing concerns!
  • Mekritus A'hara: Kael was my buddy. I've known 'im since we was kids, grew up together. I can't believe he's gone.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: We can't afford to let those things in! The ease with which it killed Kael...
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: We should be careful not to let the loss of Kael diminish our morale. Once we escape and regroup, we can properly mourn his loss.
  • Radigad Ponfit: Kael should have known better, running in alone like that.
    • Player: He was scared is all.
    • Radigad Ponfit: I know. I don't blame him. It's just easier to be angry at him right now is all.
  • Safalaan: I can't believe we lost Kael. What was he thinking?
    • Player: My guess - the opposite of what he was thinking when Andiess died.
    • Safalaan: If he'd just held position - we could have taken out Drakan there and then!
  • Vertida Sefalatis: Kael... I've never lost someone under my command before. I've never HAD someone under my command before. I failed him.
    • Player: It wasn't your fault.
  • Ivan Strom: Kael... That thing just mauled him. He didn't stand a chance.

The Library

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Quick! More windows in this library!

Picking a book

  • 'You pick a book at random...'
    • A land write, signed by Drakan. It seems that Drakan and Sliske reached an agreement that theBarrows could be used by the Mahjarrat. There is no mention of what Drakan got in return.
    • 'The Leech-wyrm Winter' It recounts a dry winter in Vampyrium when leech-wyrms moved from the rivers and into the tribelands. Sounds like a pretty grim time to be a vampyre.
    • 'The Stranger From Afar' An account of the Empty Lord, by Perjour.
    • 'Breaking the Salve' A handwritten journal from a werewolf called Brax. It talks about weak points in the Salve, where the magic dilutes. There are some scratched notes from another pen in the margins.
    • 'Notes from The Black Prince: The Memoirs of Prince Tenebra Remanis' Whole sections have been removed from the beginning.
    • 'Bloodreign: The Art of Torture' A list of dos and don'ts for vampyres who want to torture other vampyres. Apparently, vampyres have a fear of being impaled through the chest or head.
    • 'The Great Genuflection' An annual event for vampyres to bend their knee and bay at House Drakan? Sounds like a great day out.

Windows barricaded

Speaking to NPCs

  • Safalaan: Think of all the knowledge we could obtain here - all of these books.
    • Veliaf Hurtz: Yes, if only Drakan would postpone his little hunting trip - it's so inconvenient.
    • Safalaan: I know - it's just a shame is all. They could teach us more about vyre weaknesses, help us find new allies...
    • Veliaf Hurtz: True, but we must keep moving.
  • Ivan Strom: What I wouldn't give to spend some time here reading. You know, if we weren't busy being hunted to death by a blood-crazed vampyre.

The Dining Room

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Move up!
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Ha! I find the idea of a vampyre dining room farcical. They clearly have no need for such a room, yet their desire to appear civilised leads them to it. It's a fascinating insight into their culture. At least, it would be if it weren't so disturbing.

Interacting with the table

  • Player: That's too big to barricade like the other windows.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Help us shift this table, lad/lass!

Venator jumps through the window, killing Mekritus

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Mekritus!

After defeating the venator

  • Veliaf Hurtz: We still need to cover this window - grab the table, lad/lass!

Window barricaded

  • Veliaf Hurtz: That will have to suffice - let's move on.

Speaking to The Myreque

  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Poor Mekritus. We must stay strong.
  • Radigad Ponfit: Give me a minute...
  • Safalaan: Do you think Mekritus is...
    • Veliaf Hurtz: Yes. The way that thing threw him...
  • Vertida Sefalatis: Now Mekritus... I'm a failure.
    • Player: Put the blame where it lies - on Drakan.
    • Vertida Sefalatis: You're right. I'm sorry.
  • Ivan Strom: Those things just move so fast. Mekritus was gone before I could even react. If only...

The Gallery

  • Veliaf Hurtz: I'm not losing any more men! Barricade these windows!
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: And now a gallery? Perhaps I have been too glib about vampyric culture. Clearly, they can appreciate art... though none of this is to my tastes.

Venator jumps in

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Another one!

First window barricaded

  • Player: Have to do the last one now!

Second window barricaded

  • Player: The gallery is safe.

Talking to Veliaf

  • Veliaf Hurtz: For all their apparent culture, vyres are still nothing more than monsters. They try to hide it with this veneer of civilisation, but we've seen their evil is always there, sitting just below the surface.
  • Player: Are you speaking figuratively or literally?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Both.

Ring puzzle complete

  • Player: That seems to have done it!

Speaking to NPCs

  • Safalaan: That's another seal broken.
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: I think I'm starting to understand how things work around here...
  • Vanescula Drakan: What do you want?
    • Player: Vanescula, are you okay?
    • Vanescula Drakan: Oh, why, I'm just fantastic, thank you for asking. Do I look okay? My own brother is hunting me like some sort of prey! Now, if you meatsacks are done, can we get moving?

Interacting with stairway

  • Vanescula Drakan: I don't think you're going to like what comes next.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: It's about time you snapped out of it, vyre, but I already don't like what's behind us. Maybe now you could actually do something useful?
  • Safalaan: What is it, Vanescula? What's ahead of us?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Look, I'm not used to this sort of thing, plus he murdered Mornid right in front of me. We still need each other if we're going to survive this.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Spill it, vyre. What do you know that aren't you[sic] telling us?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Know? Nothing. I only suspect. What we find upstairs will confirm it. Let's just move on.

Castle Drakan second floor

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Well, vyre, are you suspicions confirmed?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Yes.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: And?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Like I said, you're not going to like what's ahead of us.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Useless! You're not exactly helping us to trust you.
  • Vanescula Drakan: You've hardly earned your keep either! My brother is mocking your attempts to kill him.
  • Safalaan: Everyone, just calm down. We're all hurting, but we have to go on. Now, how do we get here to the roof?
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Sirs, I suspect this central vampyric seal will reveal a way up... but it's seemingly unpowered.
  • Vertida Sefalatis: They appear to be connected to some windows above - are there rooms up there?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Private quarters for Lowerniel, Ranis and myself. There'll be something in each of them to power the seal.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Well, perhaps you're not entirely useless.
  • Safalaan: We'll cover more ground if we split up. I'll go with Vanescula.
  • Vanescula Drakan: So, you want to see my private quarters, do you?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: *spit* Fine, but be quick! I'll take the west room - Ivan, you're with me.
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Player, I could use your assistance with the seal.
  • Vertida Sefalatis: So I guess that leaves Drakan's room for me and Radigad? Ha! Sure, no problem!
  • Radigad Ponfit: Don't worry, LT, I've got your back.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Okay, Myreque, get to it.

Talking to Polymafi

  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Oh, sorry, Player I was mistaken. This seal isn't even active. Perhaps you should see if any of the others require your assistance first.

Vanescula's room

As you climb the stairs, you hear Safalaan and Vanescula talking.

  • Vanescula Drakan: Now that we're alone...
  • Safalaan: You want me to hand it over now?
  • Vanescula Drakan: We had a deal, and I presume my information proved useful?
  • Safalaan: My parents' tomb was exactly where you said it would be. They weren't in it, though. Just this pendant.
  • Vanescula Drakan: A good job too. Without its protection, we'd have all died on the roof.
  • Safalaan: True enough, and without your help we'd have died sooner still. You're certain you can make this work?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Once Drakan is gone, I am.

Safalaan hands Vanescula Efaritay's pendant

  • Safalaan: I'm entrusting this to you. Don't make me regret doing so.
  • Vanescula Drakan: So long as you don't make me regret killing my family.
  • Player: *ahem* Am I interrupting something? What did you just hand her?
  • Vanescula Drakan: It's a personal matter, not of your concern.
  • Safalaan: Oh, Player! It was the, um... my mother's pendant. I wouldn't have found it in the first place without Vanescula's help.
  • Player: Uh huh... Found anything yet?
  • Safalaan: Not yet, we were jus-
  • Vanescula Drakan: I'm sure we're capable of finding it ourselves, but seeing how you're here now, why not make yourself useful?

Investigate sarcophagus

  • Vanescula Drakan: Excuse me! Do you make a habit of invading people's privacy like this? How rude!
  • Player: Oh, er, sorry. I was just looking for whatever we need to power the seal.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Yes, well, you're not going to find it in my bed are you?

After opening the blood valve

  • Vanescula Drakan: Now, if you're quite finished disturbing my private quarters, you should rejoin the others.
  • Safalaan: We'll be back down in a moment. I just need to discuss something with Vanescula... in private.

Ranis's room

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Ah, Player - since you're here, help us look around.

Talking to Ivan

  • Ivan Strom: So this is Ranis's room? Well, this is disturbing.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I'm just glad we never got to find out his cruelties first-hand.
  • Ivan Strom: Others will have, though...
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Try not to dwell on it, lad. Instead, try to picture Vanescula killing him. Huh - for once I'm glad she's on our side. Keep looking around.

Investigate sarcophagus

  • Veliaf Hurtz: I wouldn't go looking in there, if I were you. This Ranis was one sadistic individual, who knows what you might find?

After opening blood valve

  • Ivan Strom: Hey, I think I can see Polmafi from here...
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Ivan, get away from the window!
  • Venator jumps through the window, knocking Ivan out

After defeating the venator

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Check on Ivan! He HAS to be okay!
  • Checking Ivan
  • Player: Ivan... Ivan, are you okay?
  • Ivan Strom: ...
  • Player: Ivan!
  • Ivan Strom: I'm up! I'm awake! What is it?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: By Saradomin's grace! I thought we'd lost you, boy. I was already bracing myself for an earful from Drezel.
  • Ivan Strom: What happened? Where am I?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Still in Castle Drakan, lad. Give it a minute.
  • Ivan Strom: I feel like I was hit by a runaway cart. Drezel would be so mad.
  • Player: If you don't mind me asking, why are you worried about what Drezel would think? Why IS Ivan special?
  • Ivan Strom: I'm really not! My surname is Strom, not Seergaze or Dunegun or whatever.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Aye, but you have the birthmark, just like Drezel. You've got holy blood in your veins.
  • Player: You're a descendent of one of the seven?
  • Ivan Strom: So Veliaf and Drezel think, but there's really nothing special about me.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Player, I trust you can keep this knowledge secret. Now, let's rejoin the others - I'll help Ivan, you lead on.

Entering Lowerniel's room

  • Player: I guess Vertida and Radigad must have gone in already.

Lowerniel's room

  • Player: Oh, hey guys. You got in, then - found anything yet?
  • Radigad Ponfit: Nope.
  • Vertida Sefalatis: I can't see anything of note.

Investigating table

  • Player: This looks like a minature blisterwood tree. It doesn't appear to be moving, but it does look to be carefully pruned. Maybe it's a cutting from the one in Darkmeyer?

Investigating sarcophagus

  • Player: I'm not looking in there.

After opening the blood valve

  • Player: That should be the last one.
  • Radigad Ponfit: Good, let's head back down.

Attempting to leave

  • Vertida Sefalatis: Wait! Did you hear that? Something feels... off.
  • Radigad Ponfit: It's nothing. The others are back - we should rejoin them.
  • Lowerniel arrives
  • Vertida Sefalatis: Radigad, behind you!
  • Radigad Ponfit: Go! I'll hold him!
  • Vertida Sefalatis: Not a chance.
  • Radigad Ponfit: Go, dammit! Player, get him out of here now!

Lowerniel kills Radigad

Ring puzzle 4

  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Lieutenant, I need your help solving this vampyric seal.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: And hurry with it, we can't hold this position against Drakan!

Speaking to NPCs

  • Safalaan: Don't look at me - I couldn't even figure out the seal in the graveyard!
  • Vanescula Drakan: Hurry up with that seal. My brother won't wait for you to finish before killing us!
    • Player: You two spent a long time alone. What did you have to talk about?
    • Safalaan: I was telling her of my parents' crypt, how they weren't there and what Drakan said about them. Especially the bit about my father's killer being among my allies - that threw me.
    • Vanescula Drakan: Obviously, I'm sure you all thought that meant me, but I assure you it wasn't. Clearly it was just my brother's attempt to drive a wedge between us.
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Lieutenant, I need your help solving this vampyric seal.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: And hurry with it, we can't hold this position against Drakan!

Puzzle complete

  • Player: That seems to have done it!

Speaking to NPCs again

  • Polmafi Ferdygris: I get it! I think I finally understand how this castle works!
    • Player: Unfortunately, what comes next is going to require brawn over brain.
    • Polmafi Ferdygris: I'm not much of a fighter, but I'll do my part.
  • Vanescula Drakan: You Myreque had better be prepared this time. Either my brother dies or all of us.
  • Safalaan: Drakan is going to pay for all he's taken from me.
  • Vertida Sefalatis: At least on the roof there'll be open space and clear lines of sight. It's about time I got to put this crossbow to good use!
  • Ivan Strom: I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll be much use in the fight ahead. That jerky from the cellars is running low, but I do still have some if you need.
    • Player: Just stay safe out of the way. We need to keep you protected.
    • Ivan Strom: Don't you start as well! I had enough of Veliaf being overprotective.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Alright, Myreque - we've been imprisoned, bled, mocked, hunted and worn down. That stops now! But we're survivors, and we will survive Lord Drakan. When we hit the roof, there'll be nowhere for him to hide. And when it comes down to a straight up fight between us and him, my money is on you lot! If the vyres love blood so much, then let's show them their own!

Interacting with stairway

  • Vertida Sefalatis: Can we leave now? I'm getting real nervous standing here.
  • Vanescula Drakan: It depends on how soon you want to die.
  • Safalaan: Vanescula, what is it? What's waiting for us up there?
  • Vanescula Drakan: If you think we'll reach the roof and just fly off into the moonrise, you're sorely mistaken. Lowerniel has been herding us this whole way. He'll be waiting. The only escape will be through him and his venators.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Good! That just means we'll get another crack at killing him. No holding back this time!
  • Safalaan: Steel yourself, Myreque. This day's not done yet.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Lead us up, Player.

Castle Drakan rooftop

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Where... where are we? This isn't Darkmeyer.
  • Vanescula Drakan: And here's me thinking you were dumb. Of course it's not Darkmeyer.
  • Vertida Sefalatis: I'll scout the roof.
  • Safalaan: But where? Surely it can't be...
  • Vanescula Drakan: Vampyrium? And why not? Lowerniel said he'd found a way back. Where better to hunt us all undisturbed?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: You knew this! You knew and you didn't tell us!
  • Vanescula Drakan: I've suspected since the courtyard. Castle Drakan was built in the same style as the original here on Vampyrium - the differences are subtle. I rarely venture so low down, but something felt off. It wasn't until I saw my private quarters - my OLD private quarters - that I was certain. But if I'd told you, would you have believed me? You're hardly the trusting type, Veliaf. What I told you was what you needed to know. He'll be here soon; get ready to fight.
  • Safalaan: But how do we escape?
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Sirs, if I might interject. I've been studying how this castle works. The blood stores, the vampyric seals, the tithe doors, the central shaft - it's all connected! This entire castle IS the portal! To open such a portal even once would require a vast quantity of blood. The blood stores in the cellars must be converted into magical energy, likely through some form of haemalchemy. And I believe that these three pylons on the roof can be used to focus that energy to form a portal. Given time, I'm certain I can figure them out.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Excellent work, Polmafi - get started immediately!
  • Vanescula Drakan: I'll see if I can speed things along.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: And you should rest up, boy. I don't want you dying here too.
  • Ivan Strom: Player, you should take this jerky, you might need it.
  • Safalaan: But why not just kill us and be done with it? Why bring us here?
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Oh, that's simple...
  • Lowerniel appears
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Where would be the sport in that? Zaros's interference led us astray. His words twisted my mind, made me want to conform, to be 'presentable' and restrained. Vampyres are none of these things. I hunt and I kill and I eat. I do it to live and because I enjoy it. I am a hunter and you are my prey - there is nothing more pure than this.
  • Player: You're a monster.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Yes, but unlike my dear sister, I do not deny this truth - I embrace it!
  • Vanescula Drakan: You do not speak for us all, brother.
  • Player: But why bring us here?
  • Lowerniel Drakan: I knew my decree to return here would not be welcomed by the vampyric nobility. I fully expected to have to crush the dissenters so as to reaffirm my authority. Though I'll admit I did not expect my sister among them. It's not like she hasn't tried to kill me before, you understand. I just thought she had more sense. Bringing you here ensures a fair game, but it also demonstrates my resolve to the nobles.
  • Vanescula Drakan: You may have rejected civilisation and culture, brother, but the aristocracy has not. You've been absent so long that you are out of touch with your own people. And now you want us to devolve back into animals like your venator pets? You are obsolete, a relic from a forgotten age. The vampyre nation no longer needs you!
  • Lowerniel Drakan: And it does need you?
  • Vanescula Drakan: I have found another way, a new source of blood! It doesn't have to be this way, brother. Join me. Join us!
  • Lowerniel Drakan: I know your plan, dear sister, and that you will ultimately fail.
  • Vanescula Drakan: You can't know that! You don't know!
  • Lowerniel Drakan: But I know you, sister. You have always lacked conviction. Besides, I do not play with my food... I eat it!

The Fight

After defeating the venators

  • Polmafi Ferdygris: That's the first pylon calibrated!
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Oh, I hope you weren't planning to leave without a proper farewell.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Brother, no!
  • Lowerniel throws a spear, knocking out Vanescula
  • Safalaan: Vanescula!
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Pitiful.
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: She... She saved me... Why?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: The pylons, man! Without you we're trapped - move, soldier!
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Enough games. It is time the Myreque faced a true vampyre!

Phase 1 complete

  • Lowerniel Drakan: Yes, you fight well! I am weakened. But you see, unlike you humans...
  • Lowerniel turns into mist, killing Vertida
  • Lowerniel Drakan: We're not that easy to kill.
  • Safalaan: Not Vertida too!

Phase 2 complete

  • Polmafi Ferdygris: That's it! The last pylon!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Quick! Before he comes back! I'll grab Ivan. Everyone else, through that portal NOW!
  • Safalaan: But Vanescula, Vertida?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Leave them! There's no time.

Returning to Darkmeyer via the portal

  • Ivan Strom: What now, Veliaf?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Polmafi - do you still have some of those teleports?
  • Polmafi Ferdygris: Yes, sir!
  • Safalaan: Good. We need to regroup. Let's just get out of here before...
  • Lowerniel returns
  • Lowerniel Drakan: We're not done yet!
  • Lowerniel knocks everyone out, with Polmafi falling into the portal

Phase 3 complete

  • Lowerniel Drakan: You have...spirit. I shall enjoy... breaking it.
  • Player: It's over, Drakan. You're beaten. Let me take my friends and go.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Never! The blood hunt... is not done. Your friends' blood will replenish me. Then we can continue our fight!
  • Vanescula comes through the portal, stabbing Lowerniel
  • Vanescula Drakan: JUST DIE!
  • Lowerniel Drakan: No! I shall not be denied! Run, morsel!

Phase 4 complete

  • Lowerniel Drakan: Ha! I've never had to work... so hard... for a meal. Does Vanescula still live? She is stronger... than she looks.
  • Player: I'm not sure. You hit her pretty hard. Why do you care?
  • Lowerniel Drakan: She is... my sister.
  • Player: We wouldn't have defeated you without her help.
  • Lowerniel Drakan: Nor would she have... without yours. Remember that. It is time... for the blood hunt... to end. I regret nothing. But know this, morsel... She will betray you... before the end.
  • Player: Yeah, well, this is YOUR end!

Player kills Lowerniel Drakan

The Aftermath

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Is it over?
  • Ivan Strom: I saw Lieutenant Player deliver the killing blow. Drakan is dead.
  • Safalaan: Vanescula, are you okay?
  • Vanescula Drakan: I... I will be.
  • Safalaan: We thought you'd died, back on Vampyrium.
  • Vanescula Drakan: I was lucky - the spear only caught my wing. I'll heal.
  • Player: What should I do with Drakan's spear tip?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Keep it. I never want to see that vile thing again.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I hate to admit this, but I was wrong about you, vyre... Vanescula. I mean, don't get me wrong - we should never have agreed to your suicidal plan. We lost too many good men. But without you, we'd ALL have been killed.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Well, I'm glad you're finally seeing sense.
  • Safalaan: So, what happens next?
  • Vanescula Drakan: I am now the head of House Drakan - there are none left that could contest me. My association with you humans remains secret, and so the nobles will accept me willingly. Eagerly too, I might add. My brother's call to return to our beastly roots on Vampyrium did not meet with their approval. We have grown too accustomed to our ways on this world. Lowerniel chose to reject civilisation when he fell under the sway of Zamorak. But I shall see us returned to the heights of our society, when human and vyre lived in peaceful co-existence.
  • Safalaan: What of the plan to free the humans of Morytania?
  • Vanescula Drakan: It will take time to bring all vampyres in line, and we shall require a new source of food to ease the process. As a temporary solution, I shall arrange for the blood stores from Vampyrium to be transported here, after which I shall have this portal destroyed. In the meantime, I shall appoint a new overwatch to keep the vyres in line and return a level of calm to Meiyerditch.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Huh, to be honest, I was half expecting this to be when you betrayed us. I should have trusted you sooner.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Yes, you should have. There is, however, one last thing I must ask of you, in order for us all to achieve our goals. Specifically of you, Safalaan - none other.
  • Safalaan: What is it?
  • Vanescula Drakan: I typically find it easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, but let me whisper it to you...
  • Vanescula kills Safalaan
  • Ivan Strom: Safalaan!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: What... what have you done?
  • Player: But the plan? What about freedom for humans, a new source of blood?
  • Vanescula Drakan: Nothing has changed! This IS the plan! I shall bring in a new era for human and vampyre alike. Safalaan's sacrifice was necessary to bring about peace. With his icyene blood coursing through my veins, I am sanctified against the Salve. And through the power of haemalchemy, I can transfer this gift to the vampyre nation. We shall rebuild the empire of old within Misthalin, with a plentiful supply of food.
  • Player: But we thought haemalchemy would provide this new source of food?
  • Vanescula Drakan: And so it shall, just not directly. Surely you understand enough of magic to know you cannot create something from nothing. I cannot just magic a new source of food into existence - there is always a cost. Blood is our food! You are our food! It is simply the scarcity of your kind in these accursed lands that has led to the decline of both our races. A larger population will require lighter tithes, and less frequently. None need suffer nor die ever again. You will be left to live your lives in freedom. This is how it was in the days of the Zarosian Empire, and this is how I shall make it again!
  • Player: If food is so scarce, then stop turning so many humans into vampyres!
  • Vanescula Drakan: And leave ourselves weak against you righteous humans? Lead our race closer to extinction? The opposite is necessary, unless you think the Kingdom of Misthalin will welcome us openly. We'll need to turn more vyres.
  • Ivan Strom: No, you can't! This is not what we wanted. We cannot allow your cruelty across the Salve.
  • Vanescula Drakan: No? You tell me no? This is what we have been working for! You would stop me now? You would leave the humans of Morytania to their fate at the hands of a starving vampyre nation, and you think ME cruel? You are not freedom fighters, you are idealists! I seek to resolve all of our problems, yet you would deny me?
  • Ivan Strom: We'll never let you have the secrets of haemalchemy.
  • Vanescula Drakan: I already have them. Safalaan handed over the book you found in exchange for information about his parents. The Myreque are no longer required. You are free to leave - I owe you that much, at least - but dare not interfere with my plans! Go, now, before I change my mind.
  • Vanescula teleports away with Safalaan
  • Ivan Strom: Sir, what do we do? Sir? Sir?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I...
  • Ivan Strom: Veliaf!
  • Player: Ivan, let's just get back to Burgh de Rott. You two go ahead. I'll follow once I've manage[sic] to pry that speartip out of Drakan's head...

The Myreque base in Burgh de Rott

  • Ivan Strom: Veliaf, what do we do? Veliaf?
  • Player: Ivan, leave him...
  • Ivan Strom: But I don't know what to do... I'm lost.
  • Veliaf Hurtz: We're all lost, kid. The Myreque are lost. We're beaten.
  • Ivan Strom: There must be something we can do! What about Calsidiu?
  • Player: That's a good point! Calsidiu is...
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Calsidiu is a lie!
  • Ivan Strom: What do you mean - we need him!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: He's not real! He never existed!
  • Ivan Strom: But he's the Myreque leader - its founder!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: No! He's just a name, a stupid name. Safalaan and I, we... invented him.
  • Player: I don't understand. Why would you do that?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: To inspire hope, that there were more of us out there. If one should fall, others would stand in his name. But it's a lie... it's all a lie. We're all that's left... and I'm done. I can't... Safalaan, you fool - why did you trust her?
  • Ivan Strom: But what do we do? What do I do? The Myreque...
  • Veliaf Hurtz: The Myreque are dead! Get out of here, kid! Go on!
  • Ivan Strom: I can't! I won't!
  • Veliaf Hurtz: Go! Both of you, go! I don't want you here. Leave me be.
  • Ivan Strom: Player, would you come back with me to Paterdomus? I'm not sure what else to do.
  • 'Escort Ivan back to Paterdomus?'
  • Player:
    • Yes.
    • Not yet.


  • Drezel: Ivan, Player, what are you both doing back here? Not that I'm not pleased to see you, but what's happened?
  • Ivan Strom: The Myreque, Drezel - they're dead. All of them gone. I... I wasn't sure where else to go.
  • Drezel: Calm down, Ivan. Take your time.
  • Ivan Strom: Player, I've been thinking this over on our way here. While I catch Drezel up with what happened, I think you should inform King Roald - he needs to hear about this.
  • Player: That's a good idea. I'll catch up with you both later.

Talking to Drezel again

  • Player: Hey, Drezel, how are things?
  • Drezel: Ivan has been very quiet. I'm worried about him. He's spending a lot of time researching the Ivandis Seergaze and the other priests.
  • Player: He'll be okay. We'll find a way to honour the fallen Myreque.

Varrock Castle

"Talk about Morytania"

  • Player: King Roald, I have an urgent update for you regarding the Myreque struggle in Morytania!
  • King Roald: Go on.
  • Player: Lord Drakan is dead.
  • King Roald: By Saradomin's beard! The Myreque have made short work of House Drakan. When this is all over, we must find a way to thank them - Aeonisig, take a note.
  • Player: I'm sorry, but there's more. The cost was great; the Myreque are no more. Only a few of us survived the misson and the movement has failed. Vanescula Drakan has taken control of Morytania and now sets her designs on Misthalin.
  • Aeonisig Raispher: No matter - the Salve will protect us.
  • Player: Not any more - she has found a way for the vampyres to cross. It's not enough to hide anymore.
  • Aeonisig Raispher: Now, hang on there! We've already done all that we can by enacting the mercenary protocol. Anything more and we risk breaking the Edicts of Guthix.
  • Player: Tell that to the werewolves crossing the Salve. Tell that to the Zamorakian/Saradominist splinter group I uncovered. Everyone else is already breaking the Edicts! When the vyres arrive at your gates it will be too late.
  • King Roald: What is this about werewolves and splinter groups? Aeonisig, is there any truth to this?
  • Aeonisig Raispher: Ah, well... There have been reports, my liege, nothing substantiated. And this so-called splinter group was nothing more than rabble in clashing robes.
  • King Roald: Why did you not inform me of these things?
  • Aeonisig Raispher: I did not think it worth bringing to your attention. Your time is precious.
  • King Roald: It is not your place to determine such things! Prepare a detachment to be sent to Paterdomus as soon as possible!
  • Aeonisig Raispher: But, my liege - the Edicts...
  • King Roald: Damn the Edicts! Do it now, or the only advice you'll be giving out is which flowers my wife should be planting next! Keep them on this side of the Salve for now, but then you and I will be having a little chat.
  • Player: What of the people of Morytania?
  • King Roald: Even discounting the Edicts, I cannot risk sending a force into the heart of Morytania. Varrock's army is not what is used to be. We have no choice but to make our stand at Paterdomus.
  • Player: But if we don't help the humans of Morytania, they'll just become more vyres that we then have to kill!
  • King Roald: Hmm, perhaps the work of a lone spy behind enemy lines could help? You've made such great strides already, I can think of no one better for such a task.

Final cutscene occurs

  • Drezel: The Salve's barrier must be strengthened...
  • Veliaf Hurtz: We are forsaken...
  • Vanescula Drakan: Do you still believe I lack conviction, brother?
  • ???: He... he is dead? I am free!

Post-quest dialogue

King Roald

  • Player: How go your preparations?
  • King Roald: How indeed. Have troops been sent to Paterdomus yet, Aeonisig?
  • Aeonisig Raispher: Not yet, my liege, but I assure you this is my highest priority.
  • King Roald: Well, hurry about it then, man!

Drezel and Ivan

  • Drezel: Ivan has told me all that transpired. I am sorry for your losses.
  • Ivan Strom: Have you spoken with King Roald?
  • Player: I have. He'll be sending an advance guard to Paterdomus soon.
  • Ivan Strom: He should have done more sooner. If he had, the Myreque - my friends - might still be alive.
  • Drezel: But what of the Edicts? He can't dare risk breaking them!
  • Player: He was of the mind that plenty of others have already broken them, and nothing catastrophic has come of it. Even if it does, Varrock is next. I don't know how long it will take, but Vanescula will be coming here with a vyre army. He can't ignore this thread any longer.
  • Drezel: He would risk us all just to save his city?
  • Ivan Strom: Not just Varrock - all of Misthalin might fall to the vyres. Where is the balance in that? If King Roald does not risk breaking the Edicts, then the vyres will just do it anyway!
  • Drezel: Then we must work to stop this catastrophe from happening. It is a good thing you are returned, Ivan. We must work together to find a way to strengthen the blessing on the Salve.

Sentinel Bloodmortis and Sentinel Noctantine

  • Player: Any news?
  • Sentinel: You really don't keep up with current affairs, do you? Lord Drakan himself came back to punish Vanstrom's killer, but ended up getting killed himself!
  • Player: I guess there's no reward then?
  • Sentinel: No, but Lady Vanescula is in charge now, and she apparently recovered a hidden cache of blood from somewhere. The nobles are eating well these days, and the vyrewatch are being more obedient.

Sentinel Plaguemanst

  • Sentinel Plaguemanst: I heard rumours that Lord Drakan planned to return all the true-born vyres to Vampyrium, and also to get rid of us human-borns. Who is he to show up after all this time with such demands? Clearly he wasn't strong enough to impose his will on us. I'm glad that Lady Vanescula stood up and deposed him.

Vanescula Drakan

  • Vanescula Drakan: You have a nerve coming back here.
  • Player: I have a nerve? You're the one who betrayed us! You murdered Safalaan!
  • Vanescula Drakan: You humans are so short-sighted. I did not betray you. You Myreque wanted a way to free your kind - this is it! Ever since the Salve barrier went up, this place has become as much a prison for my race as yours. Food is growing ever scarce for us too. If we cannot also escape, vampyres will become all but extinct.
  • Player: So stop turning humans into vyres!
  • Vanescula Drakan: And risk appearing weak to our enemies, who would no doubt take the opportunity to wipe us out? Or is it that you only wish for the humans of Morytania to be free, and not its vampyres too? Freeing us ALL from this accursed land is the only way! Safalaan understood this, why can you not?
  • Player: Did he understand it would mean his own death?
  • Vanescula Drakan: He made it abundantly clear to me that he was willing to die for his cause, for his beliefs.
  • Player: But at your own hand?
  • Vanescula Drakan: I did what was necessary for the survival of my kind, and I will continue to do so. What will you do?
  • Player:
    • Everything I can to stop you!
      • Vanescula Drakan: So you do only care about your kind - how selfishly human of you.
    • I'm not sure yet.
      • Vanescula Drakan: We do not need to make enemies of one another.
    • Let vyres cross the Salve.
      • Vanescula Drakan: I doubt the humans of Misthalin would be so welcoming. There will be blood.
    • Send you back to Vampyrium.
      • Vanescula Drakan: That is not an option. Once I have the portal destroyed, there will be no way back.
  • Vanescula Drakan: Whatever you think of me, I hold no grudge against you.
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