Conversation 1

  • Player: Hey little guy. How are you doing?
  • Torag the Bobbled: Not bad thanks, just bobbling along.
  • Option 1
    • Player: How about you walk/run for a bit?
    • Torag the Bobbled: Sounds like a good idea actually.
  • Option 2
    • Player: Glad you're okay.

Conversation 2

  • Player: How's the weather down there?
  • Torag the Bobbled: I suppose you think you're funny?
  • Player: Haha, not at all. There's no need to be short with me!
  • Torag the Bobbled: ...
  • Torag the Bobbled: Don't think your ankles are safe. When you least expect it...whack!

Conversation 3

  • Torag the Bobbled: Fear me! The world is not prepared! I am unleashed! I am Torag the Bobbled!
  • Option 1: Play along.
    • Player: Please! Torag the Bobbled spare my life. I cannot possibly defeat you.
    • Torag the Bobbled: That's right! Don't forget your place as MY follower.
  • Option 2: Not a chance.
    • Player: Hahahahahaahahahahaha.
    • Torag the Bobbled: Aww.
    • Player: Hahahahahaahahahahaha.
    • Torag the Bobbled:

Looking for brothers

  • Torag the Bobbled: <Player>. Where are my brothers?
  • Player: The other bobbles?
  • Torag the Bobbled: Do I make fun of your proportions? But yes, if you must call them that.
  • Torag the Bobbled: Do you mind if I hang out with them, if I see them around?
  • Option 1
    • Player: Sure thing.
    • Torag the Bobbled: Thanks. I appreciate that.
  • Option 2
    • Player: No. You stay with me.
    • Torag the Bobbled: Aww. As you wish.

After saying yes to the above

  • Torag the Bobbled: <Player>. Where are my brothers?
  • Player: You tell me. I thought you were on the look-out for them.
  • If no other Bobbleheads are around
    • Torag the Bobbled: I am on the look-out, <Player>. It's just that none of my brothers seem to be about.
  • If 2-5 Bobbleheads are in the same area
    • Torag the Bobbled: I am on the look-out, <Player>. We just need everyone to be here before we get cracking!

Special locations

On the surface around the Barrows

  • Torag the Bobbled: Oooo, I like this area a lot. I feel connected to the ground and power around me.
  • One of the above conversations follows.

In the Torag the Corrupted's crypt

  • Torag the Bobbled: This place feels like home to me.

In the Barrows tunnels

  • Torag the Bobbled: You shouldn't be here. This place is sacred to me.
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