When talked to in his cell

Without a dusty key

  • Velrak the explorer: Thank you for rescuing me! It isn't very comfy in this cell.
    • you know anywhere good to explore?
      • Velrak the explorer: Well, this dungeon was quite good to explore...until I got captured, anyway. I was given a key to an inner part of this dungeon by a mysterious cloaked stranger!
      • Velrak the explorer: It's rather tough for me to get that far into the dungeon however. I just keep getting captured! Would you like to give it a go?
        • Yes, please!
          • Velrak reaches somewhere mysterious and passes you a key.
          • (Returns to the initial options.)
        • No, it's too dangerous for me too.
          • Velrak the explorer: I don't blame you!
    • Do I get a reward for freeing you?
      • Velrak the explorer: Well, not really. The Black Knights took all of my stuff before throwing me in here to rot!
      • (Returns to the initial options.)

With a dusty key

  • Player: Are you still here?
  • Velrak the explorer: Yes... I'm still plucking up the courage to run out past those Black Knights.
  • Player: Oh, go on. You can do it. I'll watch your back.
  • Velrak the explorer: Well, I'll try. If I make it, you'll be able to find me at the entrance to Taverley dungeon.
  • Screen fades out and back in; Velrak has escaped.

When talked to at the entrance of the dungeon

  • Velrak the explorer: Sunlight! The wonder of a gentle breeze caressing my skin. Oh, it is glorious.
  • Velrak the explorer: I was trapped so long in that Kinshra dungeon, I'd forgotten how colourful and bright Taverley is. Smell that fresh air!
  • Player: You're really not as fresh as you think. Maybe it's time for a bath.
  • Velrak the explorer: Yes, yes. Soon. First I want to gaze upon the glistening splendour of the Taverley river a while.
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