This transcript involves dialogue with Skaldrun, Lotheria Seldorina, Lola Wut, Ican Haz, Kay Thanxby, Warrior, Orin, Taevas, Argax, Korel, and Peleas.

The adventurers

  • Skaldrun: A hero to one person is a villain to another. It's often interesting how our perception of a person can change, simply by seeing through their eyes for one moment.
  • Skaldrun: Our story begins as a group of adventurers descend into the depths of Daemonheim. They consider themselves heroes, and who could possibly argue?
  • Skaldrun: We join them as they prepare for the fights ahead...
  • Lotheria Seldorina: So, the brave heroes did descend into the darkness. Though their hearts were filled with fear, they stepped onwards bravely...
  • Lola Wut: Cut it out! Stupid roleplayers. Let's fight something.
  • Ican Haz: I can only use quickchat.
  • Lola Wut: Don't remind us.
  • Ican Haz: I can only use quickchat.
  • Lotheria Seldorina: And so, with their less-than-verbose mage in tow, the intrepid heroes made their way forwards.
  • Kay Thanxby: We should get a move on. I'll grab the food from the tab... Wait, where's the food?
  • Ican Haz: Could I please have some food?
  • Lola Wut: You stole the food again, Ican? You do this every time! You're not the only one who needs it, you know!
  • Ican Haz: I can only use quickchat.
  • Lola Wut: WE KNOW!
  • Lola Wut: And it's not an excuse: we all need the food! Can you share it out please?
  • Ican Haz: Sorry, I'd rather not.
  • Lola Wut: Why, you selfish little...
  • Kay Thanxby: ENOUGH! There will be food in other rooms. Let's get a move on.

Small talk with the others

Lotheria Seldorina

  • Option 1: What are you saying?
    • Kay Thanxby: What are you saying?
    • Lotheria Seldorina: What do you mean?
    • Kay Thanxby: I'm not convinced you know the meaning of even half the words you say.
    • Lotheria Seldorina: It's called roleplaying. Go with it, it's fun!
  • Option 2: Do you have any advice for this dungeon?
    • Kay Thanxby: Do you have any advice for this dungeon?
    • Lotheria Seldorina: Gather your party and venture forth, slay the monsters therewith, and garner the resources that are found about us.
  • Option 3: [Leave]

Lola Wut

  • Option 1: Is killing all that interests you?
    • Kay Thanxby: Is killing all that interests you?
    • Lola Wut: I don't really do the whole 'skilling' thing, I'm all about combat. I've got these sweet daggers and they're just begging to stab something.
    • Lola Wut: Besides, combat is fun.
  • Option 2: Do you have any advice for this dungeon?
    • Kay Thanxby: Do you have any advice for this dungeon?
    • Lola Wut: Stab everything that moves, then stab it again.
    • Kay Thanxby: Is that it?
    • Lola Wut: It's been effective thus far. We should get some execellent XP rates from the creatures in this dungeon.
  • Option 3: [Leave]

Ican Haz

  • Option 1: How did you end up limited to quickchat?
    • Kay Thanxby: How did you end up limited to quickchat?
    • Ican Haz: You should check on the Forums.
    • Ican Haz: The rules are under the Game Guide on the website.
    • Kay Thanxby: Oh dear, Ican.
  • Option 2: Do you have any advice for this dungeon?
    • Kay Thanxby: Do you have any advice for this dungeon?
    • Ican Haz: This is not a dating site.
    • Kay Thanxby: Nothing to do with what I asked, but it's good to know.
  • Option 3: [Leave]

Dungeon exit

  • Skaldrun: I don't believe that climbing these stairs is part of our tale. If you leave now, the story leaves with you. Shall I end our tale?
  • Option 1: Yes
  • Option 2: No

The forgotten warriors

  • Lola Wut: Alright, things to kill! I'll take the three on the right, you guys take the one on the left.
  • Kay Thanxby: Or, alternatively, we could work together to take them out faster.
  • Lola Wut: That works too, I guess.
  • Kay Thanxby: This time, Ican, make sure that the loot is shared between us.
  • Ican Haz: I've got a bad feeling about this.
One cleared room later
  • Skaldrun: The adventurers left the warriors for dead, delighting in the loot they had taken.
  • Skaldrun: But they should have checked the corpses carefully, for one warrior was merely poisoned. In leaving her alive, the adventurers had sealed their own fates.
  • Warrior: Ergh...I feel drowsy. Have they poisoned me?
  • Warrior: Taevas? Taevas? Are you alright?
  • Teavas: *Cough* ...what happened?... *Cough*
  • Warrior: They've gone now brother. Hold still, it's just you and me now. The others, I think they have...
  • Teavas: ...died...I remember was horrible...they were...
  • Warrior: I know, I know. Keep still and try not to talk.
  • Teavas: ...don't forget me...please don't let me be forgotten...
  • Warrior: No! Taevas!
  • Warrior: How could I possibly forget you?
  • Skaldrun: With her brother and her patrol dead, no one remained alive who knew the warrior's name. In that moment, the mask of her old life dropped, and a beast awoke within her.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I can't believe he's gone. My little brother...
  • The Forgotten Warrior: They have to pay. I have to avenge him. I have to make them sufer...
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Damn them! DAMN THEM! I'll rip them apart! I'll tear into them from the shadows! They won't see me coming. I'll give them the quick death they never granted you, Taevas.
You have been poisoned by your attackers.


  • The Forgotten Warrior: Orin, are you okay?
  • Orin: Not really, no. I don't know if I can pull through. Look, I still managed to steal their key.
If a player had fish in their inventory
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Hold on, I've got some fish with me, it'll help.
  • Taevas: No, you need the food. You should keep it. You will need your strength to avenge me.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Taevas? But...but you're dead.
  • Orin: Who are you talking to?
  • Taevas: There's no time for mercy, for pity, for any of that. You need to avenge me; you need to focus on the vengeance.
  • Taevas: Nothing else matters. Be ruthless.
  • Taevas: There's no time for nobility, or for honour. Just take what you need. Strike from the shadows, from behind: don't offer them the dignity of face-to-face conflict.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: What do you mean?
  • Orin: Are you talking to yourself?
  • Taevas: Keep the fish, you'll need to be strong. You can take the key from his corpse.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I...
  • What Will You Do?:
    • Option 1: Keep the fish, you need your strength.
      • Your vengeance takes a more ruthless turn.
      • The Forgotten Warrior: You're right, Taevas.
      • You take the key from Orin's corpse and dispose of the body.
    • Option 2: Give Orin the fish, he needs it more than you do.
      • Your vengeance takes a more noble turn.
      • The Forgotten Warrior: No, you need it more than I do, Orin. Here.
      • Orin: Thanks. Here, take the key. You'll need it.
      • Orin hands you the silver key and escapes to another dungeon.
If a player ate/dropped their fish beforehand
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I've just gotten rid of my last could have helped.
  • Taevas: It doesn't matter. You need the strength more than he does. You have to avenge the fallen.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Taevas? But you're dead!
  • Taevas: There's no time for mercy, pity, or any other weaknesses. You need to avenge me; you need to focus on that vengeance.
  • Taevas: No time for nobility, no time for honour, just take what is owed you. Strike from the shadows, from outside their vision: don't offer them the dignity of face-to-face conflict.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I understand.
  • Orin: Are you talking to yourself?
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You're right, Taevas. Goodbye Orin. I'll take that key now.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You're right, Taevas...

Assassinate Lotheria Seldorina

  • The Forgotten Warrior: Ah, the long-winded ranger, who spoke of elves and forests as she rained arrows down on my friends.
If you hide behind a pillar
  • You disappear into the shadows.
  • Lotheria Seldorina: Ack....taste elvish steel!
  • Lotheria Seldorina: I'm bleeding! HELP!
  • Your vengeance takes a more ruthless turn.
One cleared room later
  • Lotheria Seldorina: Leave me alone. Just let me die.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Now, why would I do that?
  • Lotheria Seldorina: Fine, just give me a moment to get my strength back. We'll see who gloats when elven steel pierces your stoma-
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I know how it is, you feel invulnerable - safe - don't you?
  • Lotheria Seldorina: I'll come back to life once you kill me, so yeah.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Without your ring of kinship?
  • Lotheria Seldorina: I'm not sure what you mean...
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Consider this an experiment: without your precious ring, can you overcome the magic of the dungeon and return to life?
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I look forward to finding out. But first, I want to talk to you about someone - a man you killed.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: His name was Taevas: my brother. When he was a child, he was often sick. Mother and I worked tirelessly to pay the alchemists and healers who attempted to make him better.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I worked hard, but mother worked herself harder, and her efforts led to her death.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: It was as if one life was given for another; Taevas grew healthy after mother passed, and, although he was never a strong child, he was able to have a semblance of childhood, and the promise of a future.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: But you broke that promise...for what? For great tales to tell your friends? For glory?
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Well, with luck, no-one will hear the tale of your death...
  • Lotheria Seldorina: No! Please, I'm sorry...I'm really sor-
  • Your vengeance takes a more noble turn.

Ambush Ican Haz

  • The Forgotten Warrior: The spellcaster, who spoke in disjoined sentences as he killed. Let him cast invocations with my hand about his throat.
If you used the switch
  • The switch clicks into place, and hordes of undead can be heard.
  • Arcane energies cause the lever to disintegrate.
  • Your vengeance takes a more ruthless turn.
One cleared room later
  • Ican Haz: Please stop that.
  • Ican Haz: That's bad.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Shhh. Your words are useless now. Listen to mine for a moment, and learn something.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You killed my brother in these dungeons. His name was Taevas, and this patrol was the first of his leadership qualities.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: So often overlooked, Taevas was ignored again and again for promotion or responsibility, all because his brawn never quite matched his brains.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: No doubt it was a consequence of his childhood illness.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: But, still, every day he would do his best: hoping to get noticed, to gain the respect he deserved. With this patrol, he finally got it.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Just a small job: protect this floor for a few short hours. But, in that time, he was in charge, and he relished it.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Oh, he was so proud! I was so proud!
  • The Forgotten Warrior: And then you came; you and your friends, butchering him and his command without a moment's thought.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You waited until the day his dream finally came true, and you ripped it from him, alongside any future dreams he may have.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Well, I think it's only fair that I return the favour.
  • Ican Haz: Sorry.
  • Your vengeance takes a more noble turn.



If the player is ruthless
  • Taevas: That's right, sister. Hurt them as they hurt me.
  • Taevas: These creatures are guilty too.
  • Taevas: They let them wander past.
  • Taevas: They let them kill more people.
  • Taevas: You should punish these dogs.
  • Taevas: Make them suffer. Make everything suffer.
  • Taevas: Show nothing mercy.
  • Taevas: Nothing that lives deserves mercy.
If the player is noble
  • Taevas: Do you see them? The dogs?
  • Taevas: We thought of these dogs as pets, as friends.
  • Taevas: Now, you think of killing them to get a potion.
  • Taevas: Does that make you any better than my killers?
  • Taevas: Stop lying to yourself.
  • Taevas: Admit what you are.
  • Taevas: Become a killer too.
  • Taevas: Then make them suffer, as I have suffered.

Argax's room

If the player is ruthless
  • Taevas: Kill thm!
  • Taevas: It hurts!
  • Taevas: Oh, Saradomin, the pain!
  • Taevas: Hurt them!
  • Taevas: It hurts!
  • Taevas: Avenge me!
  • Taevas: Aaaaaaaargh!
  • Taevas: Don't forget me!
  • Taevas: Kill them all!
  • Taevas: Avenge me!
If the player is noble
  • Taevas: Oh, Saradomin, the pain!
  • Taevas: Maim them!
  • Taevas: Hurt them!
  • Taevas: Oh, Saradomin, the pain!
  • Taevas: Aaaaaaaargh!
  • Taevas: Don't forget me!
  • Taevas: Don't forget me!
  • Taevas: Don't forget me!
  • Taevas: Why!
  • Taevas: Kill them all!
  • Taevas: Aaaaaaaargh!
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Argax, talk to me. Are you alright?
  • Argax: I'll be fine, it's a small wound.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: A small wound? They savaged you!
  • Argax: It's fine. I just need to lie down, catch my breath.
  • Argax: Old women need their naps, you know.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You can complain about old age and arthritis after we've gotten out of here.
  • Argax: Let me nap a little...
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Stay with me, Argax! Call me a whippersnapper, insult my youthful wiles, anything...
  • Argax: ...
  • What Will You Do?:
    • Option 1: Let her die. She's earned her rest.
      • Your vengeance takes a more noble turn.
      • The Forgotten Warrior: Rest now, Argax. You've earned it. I...I promise to let your grandchildren know that you died protecting them.
    • Option 2: Keep her awake. She has to fight for her life.
      • Your vengeance takes a more ruthless turn.
      • The Forgotten Warrior: No, Argax, wake up! We can't let them win, we can't let them beat us.
      • Argax: *Cough* Please...let me go...
      • The Forgotten Warrior: No, I can't. You can't...


The room after

If the player is ruthless
  • Taevas: Look at what they've done, sister.
  • Taevas: You knew these people. Now they are murdered.
  • Taevas: Stop their murderers.
  • Taevas: Keep on this course.
  • Taevas: Keep punishing them. Keep making them bleed.
  • Taevas: No time for mercy.
  • Taevas: Only vengeance.
  • Taevas: Avenge them.
  • Taevas: Avenge me.
  • Taevas: Make the suffer. I beg you.
If the player is noble
  • Taevas: Look.
  • Taevas: See what the killers have done.
  • Taevas: Your friends. Dead.
  • Taevas: They do this, yet still you show them honour.
  • Taevas: You show them mercy.
  • Taevas: They are not like you or I. They are animals.
  • Taevas: Vicious. Cruel. Unrelenting. Merciless. Bloodthirsty.
  • Taevas: The only way to beat them...
  • Taevas: to be as they are.
  • Taevas: Vicious. Cruel. Unrelenting. Merciless. Bloodthirsty.
  • Taevas: Strike at them with cruel tricks. Don't give them a chance.
  • Taevas: Rip their hope from them, as they tore mine from me.

Levers to your sanity

  • Taevas: No no no no no no no[sic]
  • Taevas: Quickly now. Not that one.
  • Taevas: They're only levers.
  • Taevas: FASTER!
  • Taevas: You're letting them escape!
  • Taevas: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
  • Taevas: You should have been faster, big sister.
  • Taevas: You could have saved me if you were faster.


If the player is ruthless
  • Taevas: It's so dark.
  • Taevas: I'm scared, sister.
  • Taevas: Don't leave me like this, trapped here.
  • Taevas: Make them pay, so that I can move on.
  • Taevas: Make them pay, then join me in death.
If the player is noble
  • Taevas: How can you do this? Do you not care about what they did to me?
  • Taevas: Why aren't you punishing them?
  • Taevas: Why are you showing them mercy?
  • Taevas: Hurt them!
  • Taevas: Strike at them from the shadows.
  • Taevas: Dig your dagger in their back.
  • Taevas: They hurt me so much.
  • Taevas: They need to hurt too.


  • The Forgotten Warrior: Korel, can you move?
  • Korel: I'll be alright. They didn't hurt me too bad.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: They let you go?
  • Korel: They weren't interested in me after they got my key.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You gave them the key?
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You just let them make their way deeper in?
  • Korel: They would have killed me otherwise! You have to understand, I had no choice.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: There's always a choice!
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Your choice has doubtless cost more lives!
  • What Will You Do?:
    • Option 1: Kill Korel, prevent him from harming again.
      • Your vengeance takes a more ruthless turn.
      • The Forgotten Warrior: By choosing to live, you may be the cause of dozens of deaths. I can't let you make that choice again.
      • Korel: Wait, what do you mean?
      • Korel: Noooo!
    • Option 2: Let Korel go, he's learned his lesson.
      • Your vengeance takes a more noble turn.
      • The Forgotten Warrior: Your cowardice put other lives in danger. Like me, you should have fought.
      • Korel: I...I'm sorry. I was just so scared...
      • The Forgotten Warrior: Save it. Get out of my sight before I change my mind.

Poisoning Lola Wut

  • The Forgotten Warrior: The most bloodthirsty of them all. I can almost respect her directness. She knows what she is and what she wants; nothing but bloodshed and murder.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Well, let's give her what she wants.
If the player is ruthless
  • Taevas: Gut her.
  • Taevas: Hurt her.
  • Taevas: Kill her, kill her, kill her.
  • Taevas: She's so confident.
  • Taevas: Rip it from her.
  • Taevas: You're doing so well, sister.
  • Taevas: It's almost over now.
If the player is noble
  • Taevas: Look at her.
  • Taevas: She gutted me without a care.
  • Taevas: Gut her.
  • Taevas: Rip her in two.
  • Taevas: Make her suffer.
  • Taevas: Watch as she patrols round and round.
  • Taevas: Set an ambush.
  • Taevas: When she least expects it, crush her.
  • Taevas: Let me hear her.
  • Taevas: Let her screams comfort me in the darkness.
If you poisoned the fish beforehand
  • You find a vial of poison.
  • You poison the fish.
  • Lola Wut: Here, fishy-fishy.
  • Lola Wut: Eeergh, this tastes funny.
  • Lola Wut: Noooooooo!
  • Lola Wut: You poisoned me. I hate poison, it's such a ...[sic]
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Slow way to die? Cruel way to die?
  • Lola Wut: I was going to say that it's a cowardly way to kill someone. There's no confrontation with poison; your enemy simply crawls away and dies.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You're complaining to me about poison? After your group murdered my brother AND poisoned me, dooming me to a slow painful death?
  • Lola Wut: Wait...what? You mean, we left you alive? From that opening room?
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Don't worry. It was a mistake, and it won't happen again.

Note: The rest of the conversation appears the same as confronting her head on.

  • The Forgotten Warrior: Now, I want to tell you a story...
  • Lola Wut: I don't care for stories. Kill me already, so I can respawn and get onto something else.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I've watched you, following your movements as you rush about, never stopping, always looking for someone to kill. This morning you killed someone very important to me.
  • Lola Wut: So? I kill loads of people, all the time.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I don't suppose you looked at the ring you looted from my brother's body? No doubt you only cared about its value.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: That ring was a promise to a girl: a girl who was waiting outside these dungeons for her partner. My brother, Taevas, came here to raise money for the two of them to make a home.
  • Lola Wut: Wait...what? You monsters have families? I thought you were all insane, ghosts, something inhuman.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: He was planning to use the money to buy a house in Rellekka, and you can guess the purpose of the ring.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: So, I'll be taking that ring back. Don't get up.
  • Lola Wut: Why aren't you listening to what I'm saying? You ARE insane, aren't you?

Shianna and Peleas


If you investigated Shianna first
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Peleas will be heartbroken. He was never far from her side, he must be nearby. Perhaps I should just lie to him, tell him that she survived. I can't imagine he's in the best shape right now...if he's even alive.
If you investigated Peleas first
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Peleas will be heartbroken. He's on his last legs; maybe I should tell him that she survived. He'll feel better then.

Note: The rest of the conversation appears the same regardless

  • Taevas: No, you cannot lie to him. He must know the truth. We must not hide their cruelty from anyone.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Maybe you're right.


  • The Forgotten Warrior: Peleas? Are you okay?
  • Peleas: I'm bleeding...can you stop the wound?
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Let me look.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Peleas, I'm so sorry. The wound, I can't...
  • Peleas: doesn't matter...just...just tell me that Shianna made it...
If you investigated Shianna first
  • Peleas: ...she was in a room near here...south-west...I think...
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I've already found her.
  • Peleas: Is she okay?
If you investigated Peleas first
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Shianna? I haven't seen her.
  • Peleas: ...she was in a room near here...south-west...I think...
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I'll see if I can find her.
If you asked again without finding her
  • Peleas: Did you find her? Is she okay?
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Not yet. I'll keep looking.
  • Peleas: Did you find her? Is she okay?

Note: The rest of the conversation appears the same regardless

  • What Will You Do?:
    • Option 1: Lie to him. Give him comfort at the end.
      • Your vengeance takes a more noble turn.
      • The Forgotten Warrior: Yes, I found her. She's injured, but she will recover.
      • Peleas: Can I see her? Can she get to me?
      • The Forgotten Warrior: No, I've made her stay where she is, so she can heal before coming.
      • The Forgotten Warrior: She told me that she loves you.
      • Peleas: Thank you. Tell her I'll always love her.
      • The Forgotten Warrior: She knows, old friend. She knows.
    • Option 2: Tell him the truth. He must understand their brutality.
      • Your vengeance takes a more ruthless turn.
      • The Forgotten Warrior: Yes, I found her. She's dead, Peleas. They killed her.
      • Peleas: ...No...
      • The Forgotten Warrior: I'm afraid so. Judging by the wounds, it wasn't a quick death.
      • Peleas: ...why are you telling me this? more...
      • The Forgotten Warrior: Because you need to know what they are, Peleas. What monsters they are.
      • Peleas: Just...just go...leave me be...
      • Peleas: ...
      • Peleas: My poor, beautiful Shianna...

Okay, Thanks. Bye

Children's room

If the player is noble
  • Taevas: Look at what she has done.
  • Taevas: There are children here. Children.
  • Taevas: She has to be stopped, sister.
  • Taevas: You have to hurt her, kill her.
  • Taevas: Don't show her mercy.
  • Taevas: Deliver justice for the dead.
If the player is ruthless
  • Taevas: Look at what she did.
  • Taevas: Look at them.
  • Taevas: There's so many.
  • Taevas: Children...there are children here.
  • Taevas: You can't let her get away with this.
  • Taevas: Show her no mercy, as they showed none to you.


  • The Forgotten Warrior: Their leader. She led the party down here and orchestrated this slaughter. She did this to all of these children.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I'm willing to bet that the poison is hers as well.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I will make her pay for what she has done.
  • Kay Thanxby: Catch me if you can!
  • Kay Thanxby: Oof!

The End

Note: You'll receive the message: Your actions have been too neutral/noble/ruthless to unlock this ending depending on which choices you've made so far.

  • The Forgotten Warrior: He was my brother, damn you! My baby brother! How could you? HOW COULD YOU?
  • The Forgotten Warrior: And poisoning me? Poison? Why make me suffer so much? What did I ever do to you?
If the player is noble
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You're a monster! They were just children - just children. How could you?
  • Kay Thanxby: What are you talking about? What children? I never hurt any children.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: The room before this, there's a room full of corpses: children's corpses. Are you expecting me to believe you didn't do that?
  • Kay Thanxby: Look, I can understand your anger about us killing your friends, but there were no children in the last room.
  • Taevas: She's lying, you can't trust her. Remember what she did; remember what they all did.
If the player is neutral
  • The Forgotten Warrior: But it's over now. Your murderous rampage is at an end.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I've seen what you've done to my friends and those poor children. You deserve to pay for everything you've been a part of.
  • Kay Thanxby: What children? I never killed any children. What are you talking about?
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You think I'm an idiot? You think I didn't see the bodies you left behind?
  • Kay Thanxby: Look, I'm sorry, I truly am. I never realised that we were hurting anyone...well, we never thought that you were capable of feelings.
  • Kay Thanxby: But look: I never hurt any children.
If the player is ruthless
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You're nothing but a monster: a monster and a cold-blooded murderer.
  • Kay Thanxby: It was nothing personal; we just wanted to get through the dungeon.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: That's your defence? Really?
  • Kay Thanxby: It never occurred to us that you were...
  • The Forgotten Warrior: That we were what? That we were people? That we might have friends, family?
  • Kay Thanxby: Look, I'm sorry; really, I am so, so sorry.

Confront Kay's lies, show her the corpses.

  • The Forgotten Warrior: Get up and come with me.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I'll show you the bodies, then you can't deny it.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: See! Deny them now.
  • Kay Thanxby: There's nothing there!
  • Kay Thanxby: Grief can do terrible things to a person. I...we never thought you were capable of grieving.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Of course we grieve! What did you think we were? Monsters?
  • Kay Thanxby: Well...yes.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: How can you call me a monster when you did this? When you killed all these children?
  • Kay Thanxby: There are NO children here. No corpses.
  • Kay Thanxby: This room is empty. Open your eyes.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: There is nothing here but a massacre.
  • Kay Thanxby: No, look again. Really look, past the grief and the anger, and see what's there.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I...
  • Taevas: Don't believe her. This is a trick.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Taevas. What does this all mean?
  • Kay Thanxby: Who's Taevas? Who are you talking to?
  • Skaldrun: And then she knew. It hit her with such a force that it near[sic] knocked her over. Her grief, her anger: it had twisted her into a cruel and bloodthirsty shape.
  • Skaldrun: There was no Taevas. because Taevas had gone.
  • Kay Thanxby: Are you alright?
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Go...Just go.
  • Taevas: How could you let her leave? Remember how she hurt me.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You're not Taevas. Taevas is dead.
  • Taevas: Because she killed me! Avenge me, sister. Don't let her get away with it.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: No. That's not what Taevas would want. He wouldn't want my last act in this world to be one of mindless vengeance.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: He'd want me to find his loved one, to give her something that belonged to her.
  • Taevas: No, no, no! Kill! MAIM!
  • The Forgotten Warrior: She should get her ring, so she can remember you. She should know what happened.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Goodbye, little brother.
  • Skaldrun: Eventually, the forgotten warrior clawed her way to the surface. The Fremennik tried to slay her, but an unlikely figure intervened.
  • Skaldrun: Kay, having seen what the warrior went through, prevented the Fremennik attack and guided her to Rellekka.
  • Skaldrun: The warrior's wounds were severe, and the poison strong, and she nearly did not make it. But, with Kay's aid, her last act was to tell a young girl that Taevas loved her.
  • Skaldrun: The warrior succumbed to the poison that night, and her body was prepared for a pyre ship.
  • Skaldrun: Yet, before the funeral, the body mysteriously vanished.
  • Skaldrun: Some say it was the ghosts of her brethren, come to take her back to the dungeons. Others say she escaped death and wanders the world to this day.
  • Skaldrun: Even I don't know the real truth, and that is perhaps the most worrying of all, for I know everything that goes on in Daemonheim.

Refuse to acknowledge Kay's lies.

  • The Forgotten Warrior: How could I believe you, murderer?
  • Kay Thanxby: I'm telling the truth! There are no corpses out there.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You expect me to question myself over you and your word? I've seen you carve up my friends like they were cattle! I've seen all the corpses that lie in your wake!
  • Kay Thanxby: Listen to me, there are no corpses in that room.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Stop! No words can save you now.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You came into this dungeon and murdered my baby brother...
  • The Forgotten Warrior: In return, I've killed your friends.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: I've killed each of your friends and made sure there is no escape for them. Without their rings, they haven't returned to life. Their corpses remain here, trapped and rotting.
  • Kay Thanxby: You're a monster.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Perhaps, but a monster of your creation. I, at least, have motive for what I have done. Why did you do it?
  • Kay Thanxby: We...we wanted to complete the dungeon.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: That's why you slaughtered my friends and family? Yet you call me a monster?
  • Kay Thanxby: I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Apology accepted.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: It's over. I'm done.
  • Taevas: There are more like them out there.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: No, Taevas, it's over. It's done. I'm done.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: The poison's too strong. I can't survive down here. I need...I want to head to the surface again, for one last time.
  • Skaldrun: And so she climbed to the surface. Though it weakened her, though the poison sapped what little strength remained, she made it.
  • Skaldrun: Seeing that she was barely strong enough to stand, the Fremennik let her pass, although they took her old armour from her.
  • Skaldrun: I am unsure of her path from there. Perhaps the poison claimed her; perhaps she found an antidote in time. I cannot tell.
  • Skaldrun: All I know is that this tale of vengeance has not been told, till now, and its many bloodstains and bodies have been lost to the shifting, magical halls of Daemonheim.

Accept her apology, giving her a quick death.

  • The Forgotten Warrior: Apology accepted.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: It's over.
  • Taevas: No, it's not.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You're right, it's not over; it'll never be over.
  • Taevas: You heard her. On the surface, they don't even think we're people.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You're right. I have to deal with them. I have to protect these dungeons.
  • Taevas: You have to avenge the fallen.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: One life for each life taken in the dungeons.
  • Taevas: Vengeance.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: ' Vengeance.
  • Skaldrun: She left the dungeons. Her anger was so strong that it held back the poison.
  • Skaldrun: Though the Fremennik tried to stop her, she overcame scores of them. She escaped and none were able to track her.
  • Skaldrun: No one knows, let alone me, whether she still stalks the surface world, or succumbed to the poison.
  • Skaldrun: Regardless, we may not have seen the last of her.

Make her suffer.

  • The Forgotten Warrior: It's too late for apologies. Your suffering will make small amends.
  • Kay Thanxby: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
  • Kay Thanxby: Please, please stop. I'm begging you. Have mercy.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Mercy? Did you show Taevas mercy? Or Orin? Or anyone?
  • Kay Thanxby: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
  • Skaldrun: The warrior's cruelty could only be matched by her vengeance, which was exacted for many hours.
  • Skaldrun: Eventually, Kay gave into the pain and welcomed her death gladly.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: It's not enough! She didn't suffer enough!
  • Taevas: No, she didn't. But others can.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: You're right. There's a whole surface of murderers out there. I can stop them before they hurt anyone else.
  • Taevas: Yes. Stop them. Kill them. Kill them all.
  • The Forgotten Warrior: Don't worry, Taevas, I'll make sure that no one will be hurt again.
  • Vengeance: We'll make sure that they never hurt anyone. We are Vengeance, and there is none who can hide from us.
  • Skaldrun: Overcome with grief and rage, she travelled beyond salvation.
  • Skaldrun: She fought her way up the floors to the surface, the poison quelled by her anger, as through her entire body were driven by fury. The brave Fremennik tried to stop her, but she cut them down in droves.
  • Skaldrun: The warrior left Daemonheim and disappeared into the shadows. No one knows where she went, or what she did with her freedom.
  • Skaldrun: Wherever she is, you can guarantee that her sword will be marked with the blood of others.


If you were of any alignment and didn't do all the side objectives:

I killed them...but in doing so I never thought to check for survivors. Am I a monster?

If you did all the side objectives:

I have become Vengeance: death to those who callously disregard life. They, and everyone like them, will pay for what they have done.

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