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The Watchtower

Climbing and Entering

Speaking to the tower guards
  • Player: Hello. What are you doing here?
  • Tower Guard: We are the tower guards – our business is our own!
Attempting to climb the ladder

Tower Guard: You can't go up there. That's private, that is.

Speaking to a Wizard
  • Player: What's going on here?
  • Wizard: You'll have to speak with the Watchtower Wizard about that.

Wizarding Worries

  • Watchtower Wizard: Who are you? Are you one of the new guards?
  • Player: No, I'm an adventurer.
  • Watchtower Wizard: Well what are you doing here?
  • Player: Looking for adventures – what else?
  • Watchtower Wizard: Oh my, oh my! What does it all matter in the end, anyway?
    • Player: What's the matter?
      • Watchtower Wizard: Oh dear, oh dear. Darn and drat!
      • Watchtower Wizard: We try hard to keep this town protected.
      • Watchtower Wizard: But how can we do that when the Watchtower isn't working?
      • Player: What do you mean it isn't working?
      • Watchtower Wizard: The Watchtower here works by the power of magic. An ancient spell designed to ward off ogres that has been in place here for many moons.
      • Watchtower Wizard: The exact knowledge of the spell is lost to us now, but the essence of the spell has been infused into four powering crystals that keep the tower protected from the hordes in the Feldips.
        • Player: So how come the spell doesn't work?
          • Watchtower Wizard: The crystals! The crystals have been taken!
          • Player: Taken?
          • Watchtower Wizard: Stolen!
          • Player: Stolen?
          • Watchtower Wizard: Yes, yes! Do I have to repeat myself?
            • Player: Can I help?
              • Watchtower Wizard: Help? Oh wonderful, dear traveller!
              • Watchtower Wizard: Yes I could do with an extra pair of eyes here.
              • Player: ???
              • Watchtower Wizard: There must be some evidence of what has happened here. Perhaps you could assist me in searching for clues?
              • Player: I would be happy to.
              • Watchtower Wizard: Try searching the surrounding area. If you find anything unusual, bring it here.
              • Watchtower Wizard: Try the bushes – I've read enough adventure stories to know that clues get caught in bushes all the time.
              • Watchtower Wizard: I will tell the guards to let you past – that way, you can just use the ladder to get in and out.
            • Player: I'm not sure I can help.
            • Player: I'm not interested.
        • Player: I'm not interested in the rantings of an old wizard.
    • Player: You wizards are always complaining.
Speaking to the Watchtower Wizard again
  • Watchtower Wizard: Hello again. Did you find anything of interest?
  • Player: No, sorry, nothing yet.
  • Watchtower Wizard: Oh dear, oh dear, there must be something, somewhere…
Speaking to a Wizard again
  • Player: I've got some questions about the search for evidence.
  • Wizard: You'll have to speak with the Watchtower Wizard about that.

Sleuthing Around

Searching some of the bushes
  • Player: Aha! A robe. This could be a clue…
  • Player: Here's some armour: it could be evidence…
  • Player: Aha, a dagger! I wonder if this is evidence…
  • Player: I've found an eyepatch: I had better show this to the Watchtower Wizard.
  • Player: What's this? Disgusting! Some fingernails. They may be a clue though… I'd better take them.
Finding nothing
  • Player: Hmmm, nothing here.
Climbing up the ladder
  • Tower Guard: It is the wizards' helping hand – let ‘em up.

Investigation Results

  • Watchtower Wizard: Hello again. Did you find anything of interest?
  • Player: Have a look at these…
  • Watchtower Wizard: Interesting… very interesting.
  • Watchtower Wizard: Long nails… grey in colour… well chewed…
  • Watchtower Wizard: Of course! They belong to a skavid!
  • Player: A skavid?
  • Watchtower Wizard: A servant race to the ogres: grey, depressed-looking creatures, always losing nails, teeth and hair!
  • Watchtower Wizard: They inhabit the caves in the Feldip Hills.
  • Watchtower Wizard: They normally keep to themselves, though. It's unusual for them to venture from their caves.
    • Player: What do you suggest I do?
      • Watchtower Wizard: It's no good searching the caves. Well, not yet, anyway.
      • Player: Why not?
      • Watchtower Wizard: They are deep and complex. The only way you will navigate the caves is to have a map or something.
      • Watchtower Wizard: It may be that the ogres have one…
      • Player: And how do you know that?
      • Watchtower Wizard: Well… I don't.
        • Player: So what do I do?
          • Watchtower Wizard: You need to be fearless and gain entrance to Gu'Tanoth, the city of the ogres, then find out how to navigate the caves.
          • Player: That sounds scary…
          • Watchtower Wizard: Ogres are nasty creatures, yes. Only a strong warrior, and a clever one at that, can get the better of them.
          • Player: What do I need to do to get into the city?
          • Watchtower Wizard: Well, the guards need to be dealt with. You could start by checking out the ogre settlements around here.
          • Watchtower Wizard: Tribal ogres often dislike their neighbours.
          • Watchtower Wizard: In the meantime, I'll throw those fingernails out for you.
        • Player: I won't bother them.
    • Player: Shall I search the caves?

Welcome to Ogres


Og's Prob

  • Og: Why you here, little t'ing?
    • Player: I seek entrance to the city of ogres.
      • Og: You got no business there!
      • Og: Just a minute… Maybe if you did something for me, I might help you get in.
      • Player: What can I do to help an ogre?
      • Og: South-east of here der is more ogres – the name of the chieftain is Toban. He stole gold from me and I want it back!
      • Og: Here is a key to the chest it's in. If you bring it here, I may reward you.
    • Player: I have come to kill you.

Ogre Heist

After exiting the tunnel
  • Player: Wow! That tunnel went a long way.
Opening the chest
  • You find a stash of gold inside.

The First Third

  • Og: Where my gold from dat dirty Toban?
  • Player: I have your gold.
  • Og: Well, well, the little t'ing has got it! Take dis to show little t'ing is a friend to da ogres. Hahahahaha!
  • The ogre gives you part of a horrible statue.


Tooth and Nail

  • Grew: What do you want, little morsel? You would look good on my plate!
  • Player: I want to enter the city of ogres.
  • Grew: Hah! I should eat you instead!
    • Player: Don't eat me, I can help you.
      • Grew: What can a morsel like you do for me?
      • Player: I am a mighty adventurer, slayer of monsters and user of magic powers.
      • Grew: Well, well, perhaps the morsel can help after all… If you t'ink you're tough, find Gorad, my enemy to the south-east, and knock one of his teeth out!
      • Grew: Heheheheh!
    • Player: You will have to kill me first.
Talking to Gorad
  • Player: I've come to knock your teeth out!
  • Gorad: You shut your face! I smack you till you dead and sorry!
After killing Gorad
  • He's dropped a tooth; I'll keep that!

Second Third is Second

  • Grew: The morsel is back. Does it have our tooth for us?
  • Player: I have it!
  • Grew: It's got it, good, good. That'll annoy Gorad lots! Heheheheh.
  • Grew: Here's a token of my gratitude: some old gem I stole from Gorad. And an old part of a statue.
  • You get part of a horrible statue, and one of the crystals!


Mighty Meal

  • Toban: What do you want, small t'ing?
    • Player: I seek entrance to the city of ogres.
      • Toban: Hahaha! You'll never get in there.
      • Player: I'll find a way, trust me.
      • Toban: Bold words for a t'ing so small.
        • Player: I could do something for you…
          • Toban: Hahaha! This creature t'inks it can help me! I would eat you now, but for your puny size.
          • Toban: Prove to me your might: bring me the bones of an adult dragon to chew on, and I'll eat them, not you.
        • Player: Die, creature!
    • Player: Die, creature!

Third's in Third

  • Toban: Hahaha! Small t'ing returns. Did you bring the dragon bone?
  • Player: When I say I will get something, I get it!
  • Toban: Hahaha! Small t'ing has done it. Toban is glad – take this…
  • The ogre gives you part of a statue.


  • Player: An ogre gave me these…
  • Watchtower Wizard: Excellent! You seem to have all the pieces. Now I can assemble it…
  • Watchtower Wizard: Hmm, yes, it is as I thought. A statue symbolising an ogre warrior of old.
  • Watchtower Wizard: Well, if you ever want to make friends with an ogre, this is the item to have!
  • The wizard gives you a complete statue.

Skavid Search


Token of Friendship

  • Ogre Guard: Well, what proof of friendship did you bring?
    • If you don't have anything
      • Player: I don't have anything.
      • Ogre Guard: Why have you returned with no proof of companionship? Back to whence you came!
      • The guard pushes you back down the hill.
    • If you have a token of friendship
      • Player: I have a relic from a chieftain.
      • Ogre Guard: It's got the statue of Dalgroth. Welcome to Gu'Tanoth, friend of the ogres.

Market Munchies

  • Ogre Guard: Oi! Where do you think you are going? You are for the cooking pot!
    • Player: But I am a friend to ogres…
      • Ogre Guard: Prove it to us with a gift. Get us something from the market.
      • Player: Like what?
      • Ogre Guard: Surprise us…
    • Player: Not if I can help it.
Returning with the gift
  • Player: How about this?
  • Ogre Guard: Well, well, look at this. My favourite rock cake! Okay, we will let it through.
  • You give the guard a rock cake.
  • You climb over the wall.

Toll Bridge

  • Ogre Guard: Oi! Little thing. If you want to cross here, you must pay me 20 gold pieces first!
  • Player: You want me to give you 20 gold pieces to let me jump off a bridge?
  • Ogre Guard: That's what I said, like it or lump it.
    • Player: Okay, I'll pay it.
      • Ogre Guard: A wise choice, little thing.
      • You daringly jump across the chasm.
      • Player: Phew! I just made it.
    • Player: Forget it, I'm not paying.

Ogre Logic

  • City Guard: Grrrr, what business you got here?
  • Player: I am on an errand.
  • City Guard: So what you want with me?
    • Player: I am an ogre killer come to destroy you!
      • City Guard: Is that so. You humour me small t'ing, answer this riddle and I will help you.
      • City Guard: I want you to bring me an item. I will give you all the letters of this item, you work out what it is…
      • City Guard: My first is in days, but not in years. My second is in evil, and also in tears. My third is in all, but not in none. My fourth is in hot, but not in sun.
      • City Guard: My fifth is in heaven, and also in hate. My sixth is in fearing, but not in fate. My seventh is in plush, but not in place.
      • City Guard: My eighth is in nine, but not in eight. My last is in earth, and also in great.
      • City Guard: My whole is an object, that magic will make. It brings wrack and ruin to all in its wake… Now how long, I wonder, will this riddle take?
    • Player: I seek passage into the skavid caves.
After solving the riddle
  • Player: I worked it out!
  • City Guard: Well, well. The imp has done it! Thanks for the rune: this is what you be needing…
  • The guard gives you a map.
Going back across the bridge
  • Player: I'm glad that was easier on the way back!

Cultural Barrier


  • Skavid: Gor cur…
  • Player: ???
  • The skavid is trying to communicate…
  • You don't know any skavid words yet!

Skaredy Skavid

  • Scared Skavid: Tanath cur, tanath cur!
  • Player: ???
  • Scared Skavid: Don't hurt me, don't hurt me!
  • Player: Stop moaning, creature. I know about you skavids – you serve those monsters, the ogres.
  • Scared Skavid: Please don't touch me!
  • Player: You have something that belongs to me…
  • Scared Skavid: I don't have anything, please believe me!
  • Player: Somehow, I find your words hard to believe.
  • Scared Skavid: I'm begging your kindness; I don't have it!
    • Player: I don't believe you, hand it over!
    • Player: Okay, okay, I'm not going to hurt you.
      • Scared Skavid: Thank you, kind sir.
      • Scared Skavid: I'll tells you where that things you wants is. The mad skavids have it in their cave in the city.
      • Scared Skavid: You will have to learn skavid, otherwise they will not talks to you. Here, I'll tell you want you will need to know…
      • Scared Skavid: Tanath cur, tanath cur!
      • Ogre Shaman: You shut your mouth! Don't tell them anything!
      • Scared Skavid: I cannot help you, but the others can.
      • Scared Skavid: Let me tells you the most common skavid words.
      • Scared Skavid: Ar, nod, gor, ig and cur.
      • Scared Skavid: Those will gets you started.

Learnin' the Lingo

  • Skavid: Bidith tanath…
  • The skavid is trying to communicate…
    • Player: Cur.
      • Skavid: Cur, cur tanath!
      • It seems the skavid understood you.
    • Player: Ar.
    • Player: Ig.
    • Player: Nod.
    • Player: Gor.
  • Skavid: Gor cur…
  • The skavid is trying to communicate…
    • Player: Cur.
    • Player: Ar.
      • Skavid: Ar, ar cur!
      • It seems the skavid understood you.
    • Player: Ig.
    • Player: Nod.
    • Player: Gor.
  • Skavid: Cur bidith…
  • The skavid is trying to communicate…
    • Player: Cur.
    • Player: Ar.
    • Player: Ig.
      • Skavid: Ig! Bidith ig!
      • It seems the skavid understood you.
    • Player: Nod.
    • Player: Gor.
  • Skavid: Tanath gor…
  • The skavid is trying to communicate…
    • Player: Cur.
    • Player: Ar.
    • Player: Ig.
    • Player: Nod.
      • Skavid: Nod, gor nod!
      • It seems the skavid understood you.
    • Player: Gor.
After learning skavid
  • Scared Skavid: Master, my kinsmen tell me you have learned skavid. You should speak to the mad ones in their cave.

Mad Skavid's Cave

Golden Gateway

  • Ogre Guard: Creature, did you bring me the gold?
  • Player: Here it is!
  • Ogre Guard: It's brought it! On your way.

A Lost Cause?

  • Mad Skavid: [Bidith ig… / Cur tanath… / Gor nod… / Ar cur…]
    • Player: Cur.
    • Player: Ar.
    • Player: Bidith.
    • Player: Tanath.
    • Player: Gor.
  • Mad Skavid: Hehe! So you speak a little skavid, eh?
  • Mad Skavid: I'm impressed. Here, take this prize. The others are with the shamans in the enclave – you'll never get them back.
  • Mad Skavid: They hid one in the sacred rock – nothing can touch it now.
  • The skavid gives you a large crystal.

Sneak Peak

  • Ogre Guard: What is this? Arrrrrgh! I cannot stand this plant! Argh, it burns! It burns!
  • You can run past, but keep in mind that a dangerous area follows!
    • Proceed regardless
      • You run past the guard while he's busy.
    • Stay out
Upon entering
  • Meanwhile, in the Shaman's enclave…
  • Ogre Shaman: Hur, hur, hur. Stoopid dragon!
  • Ogre Shaman: Take dis!
  • Ogre Shaman: Hur, hur, hur, hur!

The Last Crystals

Help Me

  • Player: I have found the cave of ogre shaman, but I cannot touch them!
  • Watchtower Wizard: That is because of their magical powers. We must fight them with their own methods: do not speak to them! I suggest a potion…
  • Watchtower Wizard: Collect a guam leaf, some jangerberries, then mix in some ground bat bones.
  • Watchtower Wizard: It is essential to return it to me before you use it, so that I can empower it with my magic.
  • Watchtower Wizard: Be very careful how you mix it as it is extremely volatile. Mixing ingredients of this type in the wrong order can cause explosions!
  • Watchtower Wizard: I hope you've been brushing up Herblore and Magic? I must warn you, only experienced magicians can use the potion. It is too dangerous in the hands of the unskilled.
Returning with the potion
  • Watchtower Wizard: Any more news?
  • Player: I have made the potion.
  • Watchtower Wizard: That's great news; let me infuse it with magic…
  • The wizard mumbles strange words over the liquid…
  • Watchtower Wizard: Here it is – a dangerous substance. I must remind you that this potion can only be used if you Magic level is high enough.
  • Player: How high is high enough?
  • Watchtower Wizard: Well, if you can cast Bones to Bananas, or any spells beyond that, you should be alright.


Attempting to mine the crystal before dealing with the shamans
  • Player: I can't touch it… Perhaps it is linked with the shamans in some strange way?
Destroying shamans
  • Player: That's one destroyed...
  • Player: That's the second one gone…
  • Player: That's the third one dealt with…
  • Player: There goes the fourth…
  • Player: That's five! Only one more left now…
After the last shaman
  • A crystal drops from the hands of the disappearing ogre. You snatch it up quickly.
Mining Dalgroth's rock
  • A crack appears in the rock and you prise a crystal out.

Watch Unended

  • Watchtower Wizard: Hello again. Did the potion work?
  • Player: Indeed it did. I wiped out those ogre shamans!
  • Watchtower Wizard: Magnificent! At last you have brought all the crystals.
  • Watchtower Wizard: Now the shield generator can be activated once again. Yanille will be safe from the threat of the ogres.
  • Watchtower Wizard: Put the crystals on the pillars there and throw the lever to activate the system.
After throwing the lever
  • The magic force field activates
  • Watchtower Wizard: Marvellous! It works! The town will now be safe.
  • Watchtower Wizard: Your help was invaluable. Take this payment as a token of my gratitude.
  • Watchtower Wizard: Also, let me improve your Magic level for you.
  • Watchtower Wizard: Here is a special item for you – it's a new spell. Read the scroll and you will be able to teleport yourself here.

Post-Quest Dialogue

Watchtower Wizard

  • Watchtower Wizard: Greetings, friend. I trust all is well with you? Yanille is safe at last!
    • Player: Do you have any more quests for me?
  • Watchtower Wizard: More quests? No, indeed, adventurer. You have done us a great service, already.
    • Player: That's okay.


  • Wizard: All's well that ends well.
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