This transcript involves dialogue with Grish, Grug, Pilg, Uglug Nar, Ogre guard, Bartender (Dragon Inn), Zavistic Rarve, and Sithik Ints.

The Zogre Problem

  • Player: Hello there, what’s going on here?
  • Grish: Hey you creature… wha’s you’s doing here? Yous be cleverer to running so da sickies from da zogres don’t dead ya.
    • Player: I’m just looking around thanks.
    • Player: What do you mean sickies?
      • Grish: Da zogries comin wiv da sickies… yous get bashed by da zogries and get da sickies… den you gonna be like da zogries.
      • Player: Sorry, I just don’t understand…
      • Grish: Da sickies is when yous creature goes like orange till green and then goes ‘Urggghhh!’
      • - Grish imitates falling down with only the white of his eyes visible –
    • Player: What are Zogres?
      • Grish: Da Zogres are da bigun nasties wiv da sickies, deys old pals of Grish but deys jig in Jiggig when det’s full home is deep in da dirt, dey’s is not da same dead’uns like was before. Dem zogries commin from da under dirt and us is lost for da Jiggie jig place.
    • Player: Can I help in any way?
      • Grish: Yes creatures… yous does good fings for Grish and learn why Zogries at Jiggig and den get da Zogries back in da ground.
      • Player: Oh, so you want me to find out why the Zogres have appeared and then find a way of burying them?
      • Grish: Is what Grish says! But dis is da biggy danger fing yous creatures… yous be geddin’ sickies most surely… yous needs be ready.. wiv da foodies un da glug-glugs.
      • Player: Right, so you think there’s a good chance that I can get sick from this, so I need to get some food and something to drink?
      • Grish: Yea creatures, yous just say what Grish says… not know own wordies creature?
      • Player: Ok, I’ll check things out then and report back.
      • Grish: Is yous creatures really, really sure yous wanna do dis creatures.. we’s got no glug-glugs for da sickies? We’s knows nuffin for da going of da sickies?
      • Player: Yes, I’m really sure!
      • Grish: Dats da good fing yous creatures… yous does Grish a good fing. But yous know yous get sickies and mebe get dead!
      • Player: If that’s your idea of a pep talk, I have to say that is leaves a lot to be desired.
      • Grish: Yous creatures is alus says funny stuff… speaks proper like Grish!
      • Grish hands you some food and two potions.
      • Grish: Der’s yous go creatures… da best me’s do for yous… and be back wivout da sickies.
    • Player: Sorry, I have to go.

Talking to Grish again

  • Grish: Yous creature dun da fing yet? Da zogries going in da dirt full home?
  • Player: Nope. I haven’t figured out why the zogres are here yet.

Talking with Ogres


  • Grug: Ukk… I’s dun fer… me’s don’t feel legsies anymore!


  • Pilg: Dey got me in da belly, mees gutsies feel like had a dead dead dog dinner.

Uglug Nar

  • Player: Hello again.
  • Uglug Nar: Hey yous creature… yous still here?
  • Player: Yeah, I’m going to help Grish by figuring out what went on here.
  • Uglug Nar: If yous finds somefin for da sickies, yous bring to me… and I’s gives you bright pretties, den me make more for alls pepels.
  • Player: Hmm, ok, I’ll try to bear that in mind.

Ogre Guard

  • Ogre Guard: Yous needs ta stay away from dis place… yous get da sickies and mebe yous goes to dead if yous da unlucky fing.
  • Player: But Grish has asked me to look into this place and find out why all the undead ogres are here.
  • Ogre Guard: Ok, dat is da bi, big scary, danger fing! You’s sure you’s wants to go in?
  • Player: Yes, I’m sure.
  • Ogre Guard: Ok, I opens da stoppa’s for yous creature.

The Ogre Guard makes a hole in the barricade

  • Ogre Guard: Ok der’ yous goes!

Talking to the Ogre Guard again

  • Ogre Guard: Hey yous tryin’ not to get da sickies else yous be da sick-un and mebe get to be a dead-un if yous be da unlucky fing.
  • Player: Don’t worry, I know how to take care of myself.

Inside Jiggig

Trying to open a large coffin

  • The lid to the coffin feels very solid, it won’t budge. However, you can see a very crude lock mechanism, maybe a key will open it?

Entering a part of the dungeon

  • You enter this blackened, charred area – it looks like some sort of explosion has taken place.

Opening the backpack

  • Just before you open the backpack, you notice a small leather patch with the moniker: ‘B, Vahn’, on it. You find an interesting looking tankard. You find a knife and some rotten food, the backpack is ripped to shreds.

Looking at the tankard

  • A stout ceramic tankard with a Dragon Emblem on the side, the words, ‘Ye Olde Dragon Inn’ are inscribed in the bottom.

Searching the skeleton

  • You find a half torn page… it has spidery writing all over it.

Reading the torn page

  • You don’t manage to understand all of it as there is only a half page here. But it seems the spell was used to place a curse on an area and for all time raise the dead. /you look very carefully, you see what looks like a guild emblem.

Searching the Ogre coffin

  • You search the coffin and find a small geometrically shaped hole in the side. It looks as if this hole was made with a considerable amount of force, maybe the thing which made the hole is still inside? The lock looks quite crude, with some skill and a slender blade, you may be able to force it.
    • Force lock with the knife from your tool belt.
    • Do nothing.
  • With some skill you manage to slide the blade along the lock edge and click into place the teeth of the primitive mechanism. The lid looks heavy, but now that you’ve unlocked it, you may be able to lift it. You prepare yourself.
  • Player: Urrrgggg. Aarrgghh! Raarrggggg! Yes!
  • You eventually manage to lift the lid.

Searching the coffin again

  • You find a creepy looking black prism inside.

Looking at the black prism

  • It looks like a smokey black gem of some sort… very creepy. Some magical force must have prevented it from being shattered when it hit the coffin.

The Dragon Inn

  • You show the tankard to the Inn Keeper.
  • Player: Hello there. I found this tankard in an ogre tomb cavern. It has the emblem of this Inn on it and I wondered if you knew anything about it?
  • Bartender: Oh yes, this is Brentle’s mug… I’m surprised he left it just lying around down some cave. He’s quite protective of it.
  • Player: Brentle you say? So you knew him then?
  • Bartender: Yeah, this belongs to ‘Brentle Vahn’, he’s quite a common customer, though I’ve not seem him in a while. He was talking to some shifty looking wizard the other day. I don’t know his name, but I’d recognise him if I saw him.
  • Player: Hmm, I’m sorry to tell you this, but Brentle Vahn is dead – I believe he was murdered.
  • Bartender: Noooo! I’m shocked… …but not surprised. He was a good customer… but I knew he would sell his sword arm and do many a dark deep if paid enough. If you need help bringing the culprit to justice, you let me know.

Using the black prism on the Bartender

  • Bartender: Oooh, don’t show me that sort of stuff, it’s probably all magical and wizardy, probably turn me into a frog as soon as I look at it…

Zavistic Rarve

  • Zavistic Rarve: What are you doing… Oh, it’s you… sorry… didn’t realise… what can I do for you?
  • Player: I’m here about the sicks… err Zogres. There’s some undead ogre activity over at Jiggig. I’ve found some clues. I wondered if you’d have a look at them.
  • You show the prism and the necromancer half page to the aged wizard.
  • Zavistic Rarve: Hmmm, now this is interesting! Where did you get these from?
  • Player: I got them from a nearby Ogre tomb. It’s recently been infested with zombie ogres and I’m trying to work out what happened there.
  • Zavistic Rarve: This is very troubling Player, very troubling indeed. While it’s permitted for learned members of our order to research the ‘dark arts’, it’s absolutely forbidden to make use of such magic.
  • Player: Do you have any leads on people that I might talk to regarding this?
  • Zavistic Rarve: Well a wizard by the name of ‘Sithik Ints’ was doing some research in this area. He may know something about it. He’s lodged at the guest house to the North, though he’s ill and isn’t able to leave his room. Why not go and talk to him, poke around a bit and see if anything comes up. Let me know how you get on. However, I doubt that ‘Sithik’ had anything to do with this. There’s a severe penalty for using the ‘dark arts’. If you find any evidence to the contrary, please bring it to me. Hmm, that black prism seems to have some magical protection. Once you’ve finished with this item, bring it back to me would you. I may have a reward for you.
  • Player: Ok, thanks.

Sithik Ints

  • Sithik Ints: Hey… who gave you permission to come in here!
  • Player: Zavistic Rarve said that I could come and talk to you and ask you a few questions.
  • Sithik Ints: Oh, Zavistic… why… why would he send you to me?
    • Player: Do you know anything about the undead ogres at Jiggig?
      • Sithik Ints: Er… undead ogres… no, sorry, no idea what you’re talking about there.
      • Player: Hmm, is that right…
      • Sithik Ints: Well, yes, yes it is. If I knew something, I’d tell you. Anyways, dead ogres you say? How strange? That must be a strange sight?
      • Player: Very well, if you don’t know anything about it, you won’t mind if I look around then? (Skips to "Well, er…. well, actually yes I do mind…" )
    • Player: What do you do?
      • Sithik Ints: I’m a scholarly student of the magical arts. When I was younger I used to be an adventurer, probably just like yourself. But I lost an interest in the constant fighting, looting and gaining abilities. Instead I decided to focus my attention and time to study the purer form of the lost arts.
      • Player: The lost arts? What are they?
      • Sithik Ints: Ignorant people call the ‘dark arts’. I’m talking about Necromancy, the power to bring the dead back to life – the power of the gods! Surely, the most awesome power known to man.
      • Player: Hmm, well I guess I must be an ignorant person then, because bringing the dead back to life sounds very unnatural.
    • Player: Do you mind if I look around?
      • Sithik Ints: Well, er…. well, actually yes I do mind… it’s my place and I don’t want strangers going through my things.
      • Player: Well, I’m going to have a look around anyways, if you’re not involved in this whole thing, you won’t have anything to hide.
      • Sithik Ints: Why, if I was a few years younger I’d give you a good hiding!
      • Player: I’m sure!


Searching cupboard

  • You find a book on Necromancy.

Reading the book

  • This book uses very strange language and some incomprehensible symbols. It has a very dark feeling to it. As you’re looking through the book, you notice that one of the pages has been torn and half of it is missing.

Using torn page on the necromancy book

  • The torn page matches exactly the part where a torn out page is missing from the book. You feel sure that this page came from this book.

Searching wardrobe

  • You find a book on Philosophy written by the ‘Humans Against Monster’ leader, Johanhus Albrect.

Reading the book

  • You read this book for a while, it seems to be some sort of political manifesto about how the king doesn’t do enough to safeguard the citizens of the realm from the monsters that still thrive within the borders. It sends out a rallying cry to all people who would want to stop monsters, to join the HAM movement.
  • Player: Hmmm, Sithik must really hate monsters then. I wonder if he hates ogres in particular?

Searching drawers

  • You find some charcoal and papyrus. You also find a book on portraiture.

Reading the book

  • All interested artisans should really consider taking up the hobby of portraiture. To do so, one uses a piece of papyrus on the intended subject to initiate a likeness drawing activity.


Black Prism

  • Player: Hey, what’s this then, can you explain it?!
  • You show the black prism to Sithik.
  • Sithik Ints: looks sort of familiar, did you steal it from me? Come to think of it, you have the appearance of a common thief!
  • Player: I found it in a place called Jiggig where some undead ogres happen to be wandering around.
  • Sithik Ints: Oh, nothing to do with me then, never seen it in my life before!

Necromancy Book

  • Player: Aha! A necromancy book! What’s this doing here then?
  • You show the necromancy book to Sithik.
  • Sithik Ints: Oh, I’m not quite sure actually… where did you find that then?
  • Player: I found it in this cupboard! What do you have to say for yourself?
  • Sithik Ints: Oh yes, that’s right… I remember now. It’s for my research, there’s nothing really dangerous about it, unless it falls into the wrong hands. I’m sure it’s pretty safe with me.
  • Player: Hmmm, likely story!

Torn Page

  • Player: Have you seen anything like this before?
  • You show the torn page to Sithik.
  • Sithik Ints: It’s probably a piece of rubbish someone threw away… what does it say, I can’t read it?
  • Player: You should be able to read it, it’s been torn from a book on necromancy and you’re meant to be a specialist in the subject.
  • Sithik Ints: Oh, no… not really a specialist, just a hobby of mine really. Hardly knew anything about it, but it does seem interesting…

H.A.M Book

  • Player: What’s this then?
  • You show the H.A.M book to Sithik.
  • Sithik Ints: What do you mean? It’s a book by the respected H.A.M leader Johanhus Ulsbrecht, that man speaks for a lot of people who are unhappy with the current state of affairs. Can you honestly tell me that you’ve not had to fight for your life against the odd monster or two?
  • Player: Hmm, that may be true, but I don’t universally hate all monsters, whereas I have a sneaking suspicion that you do… and ogres in particular!
  • Sithik Ints: Hmm, that’s an interesting theory, care to back it up with any facts?

Dragon Tankard

  • Player: what about this then? Guess where I found this?
  • You show the tankard to Sithik.
  • Sithik Ints: You probably found it at the local brewhouse! It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.
  • Player: Aha! But I found this in an old ogre tomb! I suspect it’s a clue which will lead me to the suspect.
  • Sithik Ints: Hmmm, well that eliminates all the local people who don’t actually drink at the ‘Dragon Inn’. When do you think you’ll start questioning the remaining population of Yanille?

Book on Portraiture

  • Player: Oh, so explain this then?
  • You show the book on portraiture to Sithik.
  • Sithik Ints: It’s my hobby… I’m interested in portraiture, but all art in general. It’s fun, you should try it.
  • Player: How do I do it…
  • Sithik Ints: Well… you could start by reading the book!

Using papyrus on Sithik

  • Sithik Ints: Oh lovely! You’re making my portrait! Let me see it afterwards!
  • You begin sketching the irritable Sithik. You get a portrait of Sithik.

Showing Sithik the portrait

  • Player: Here you go, what do you think?
  • You show the portrait to Sithik.
  • Sithik: Hmmm, well it’s not the most flattering of portraits, but I like the ‘honesty’ of the work… well done.


  • Sithik Ints: What do you want now?
  • Player: Hey there’s no need to be rude!
  • Sithik Ints: What do you expect when you just go snooping around a person’s place against their express permission.
    • Player: Why do you spend most of your time in bed?
      • Sithik Ints: I’m actually quite old and not so very well and I’d like to get over this illness I have, then I’ll return to my very serious and important studies.
    • Player: Ok, thanks.

Getting the Signature

  • You show the portrait to the Inn keeper.
  • Bartender: Yeah, that’s the guy who was talking to Brentle Vahn the other day! Look at those eyes, never a more shifty looking pair will you ever see!
  • Player: Hmm, you’ve just identified the man who I think sent Brentle Vahn to his death. I’m trying to bring him to justice with the wizard guild grand secretary. Do you think you could sign this portrait to say that he was talking to Brentle Vahn.
  • Bartender: I can and will!
  • The Dragon Inn bartender signs the portrait.
  • Player: Many thanks for your help, it’s really very good of you.
  • Bartender: Not at all, just doing my part.

Reviewing the Evidence

  • Zavistic Rarve: What are you doing… Oh, it’s you… sorry… didn’t realise… what can I do for you?
  • Player: I have some items that I’d like you to look at.
  • You show the Necromancy book to Zavistic.
  • Player: I have this necromancy book as evidence that Sithik is involved with the undead ogres at Jiggig.
  • Zavistic Rarve: Ok, so he’s researching necromancy… it doesn’t mean anything in itself.
  • Player: Yes, but if you look, you can see that there is a half torn page which matches the page I found at Jiggig.
  • Zavistic Rarve: Hmm, yes, but someone could have stolen that from him and then gone and cast it without his permission or try to deliberately implicate him.
  • You show the H.A.M book to Zavistic.
  • Player: Look, this book proves that Sithik hates all monsters and most likely Ogres with a passion.
  • Zavistic Rarve: So what, hating monsters isn’t a crime in itself… although I suppose that it does give a motive if Sithik was involved. On its own, it’s not enough evidence though.
  • You show the dragon Inn Tankard to Zavistic.
  • Player: This is the tankard I found on the remains of Brentle Vahn!
  • Zavistic Raarve: That doesn’t mean anything in itself, you could have gotten that from anywhere. Even from the Dragon Inn tavern! There isn’t anything to link Brentle Vahn with Sithik Ints.
  • Player: Look, I made a portrait of Sithik.
  • You show the portrait of Sithik to Zavistic.

Before talking to the Bartender

  • Zavistic Rarve: Hmm, great… but I already know what he looks like!

After talking to the Bartender

  • Player: This is a portrait of Sithik, signed by the landlord of the Dragon Inn saying that he saw Sithik and Brentle Vahn together.
  • Zavistic Rarve: Hmmm, well that is interesting. And I’m starting to think that Sithik may be involved. Here, this this potion and give it to Sithik. It’ll bring on a change which should solicit some answers – tell him the effects won’t revert until he’s told the truth.
  • Zavistic hands you a strange looking potion bottle and takes all the evidence you’ve accumulated so far.

Talking to Zavistic again

  • Zavistic Rarve: Have you used that potion yet?
  • Player: No, not yet, what was I supposed to do again?
  • Zavistic Rarve: Try to use the potion on Sithik somehow, he should undergo an interesting transformation, though you’ll probably want to leave the house in case there are any side effects. Then go back and question Sithik and tell him the effects won’t wear off until he tells the truth. In fact, that’s not exactly true, but I’m sure it’ll be an extra incentive to get him to be honest.

Spilling the Beans

  • Player: Here, try some of this potion, it’ll make you feel better!
  • Sithik Ints: Er, yuck….. no way am I taking any potions or medication off you… I don’t trust you!

Using the potion on Sithik's tea

  • You pour some of the potion into the cup. Zavistic said it may take some time to have an effect.

Sithik turns into an ogre

  • Sithik Ints: Arghhhh, what’s happened to me… you beast!
  • Player: It’s your own fault, you shouldn’t have lied about your involvement with the undead Ogres at Jiggig. The potion will wear off once you’ve told the truth!
  • Sithik Ints: Ok, ok, I admit it, I got Brentle Vahn to cast a spell to put an end to those awful Ogres… they’re just disgusting creatures…
  • Player: Ok, that’s a start… now I want some answers.
    • Player: How do I remove the effects of the spell from the area? The Ogres want to get their ceremonial dance area back and can’t do that with undead walking all over it.
      • Sithik Ints: Unfortunately you can’t. The spell is permanent, it will last forever, the only option you have is to move the ceremonial area.
      • Player: You’re an evil man and I’m going to make you pay for this… you can stay like that forever as far as I’m concerned.
      • Sithik Ints: No… no, let me try to make amends… please I can help you. Just don’t leave me like this.
    • Player: How do I get rid of the undead ogres?
      • Sithik Ints: Ok, similar spells have been cast before and the only way to deal with the resulting creatures is to cordon off the area and not go in there again. The undead creatures usually manifest some sort of disease so it’s best to attack them from a distance with a ranged weapon. Normal missiles like arrows and darts do very little damage to them because they’re designed to destroy internal organs. This is a waste of time with undead creatures like undead ogres.
      • Player: Yeah, clearly so what should we use?
      • Sithik Ints: From my research it looks like a flat ended arrow was designed called a ‘Brutal arrow’. This does large amounts of crushing damage to the creature. You can make them by using larger arrows. I think some Ogre hunters make them. But instead of adding an arrowhead, you hammer a large nail into the end of the shaft.
    • Player: How do I get rid of the disease?
      • Sithik Ints: My research shows that two jungle based herbs can be used, one is found near tributaries and looks like a vine, the other is found in caves and grows on the wall. It’s quite well camouflaged so it’s unlikely that you’ll find it.
      • Player: We’ll see about that!
    • Player: Sorry, I have to go.
      • Sithik Ints: But… you can’t just leave me here like this!

Talking to Sithik again

  • Sithik Ints: Arghhhh… what do you want now… you’ve turned me into a beast!
  • Player: I’ve got some questions for you… and you’d better answer them or else!
  • Sithik Ints: Ok, ok, I’ll tell you anything, just turn me back into a human again!

The Case is Solved

  • Zavistic Rarve: Don’t you worry about Sithik, he’s not likely to be moving from his bed for a long time. When he eventually does get better, he’s going to be sent before a disciplinary tribunal, then we’ll sort out what’s what.
  • Player: Thanks for your help will all of this.
  • Zavistic Rarve: Ooohh, no thanks required. It’s I who should be thanking you my friend… your investigative mind has shown how vigilant we really should be for this type of evil use of the magical arts.


  • Grish: Yous creature dun da fing yet? Da zogries going in da dirt full home?
  • Player: I found who’s responsible for the Zogres being here.
  • Grish: Where is da creature? Me’s wants to squeeze him till he’s a deadun…
  • Player: The person responsible is a wizard named ‘Sithik Ints’ and he’s going to be in serious trouble. He told me that the spell which raised the zogres from the ground will last forever. I’m sorry to say, but you’ll have to move the site of your ceremonial dancing somewhere else.
  • Grish: Dat is da bad fing creature… we’s needs new Jiggig for da fall’ down jig.
  • Player: Yes, that’s right, you’ll need to create a new ceremonial dance area.
  • Grish: Urghhh… not good fing creature, yous gotta get da ogrish old fings for da making new jiggig special… You’s creature needs da key for getting in da low bury place.
  • Grish gives you a crudely crafted key.
  • Player: Oh, so you want me to go back in there and look for something for you?
  • Grish: Yeah creature, yous gotta get da old fings for da making new jiggig and proper in da special way.

Some Extra Help

  • Player: There must be an easier way to kill these zogres! Sithik told me how to make Brutal arrows which means I can kill these zogres from a distance!
    • Grish: Uhggh, whas you’s saying creature? Yous speakies too stupid for Grish…
    • Player: I know how to make larger arrows… you know, ‘big stabbers’, to kill the zogres… they’re bigger and apparently do a lot of damage, only thing is, the normal ogre bow I need to fire is quite slow.
    • Grish: Why yous not say so creature… me’s shows you how to make da bigger stabber chucker…
    • - Grish gets a couple of things out of his back pack. –
    • Grish shows you he has Achey tree logs and wolf bones, he starts to whittle away at them both with a knife. Grish shows you his achievement, a rather powerful looking composite bow frame… He shows you the bow frame and the strings and after some time and a great deal of effort, he strings the composite ogre bow. Grish shows you his proud achievement…
    • Grish: De’re creature… now yous is makin’ da bigga stabber chucker…
    • Player: Thanks! I think…
  • Player: There must be a way to cure this disease!
    • Grish: Ddi yous creature makes da sickies glug glug and putin some wiv Uglug for bright pretties? He’s goodun for makin’ da glug glugs… yous maken da glug-glug, den sellin’ one for Uglug, he’s makin’ more of da sickies glug glug and sellin’ for bright pretties to yous creature…
  • Player: Sorry, I have to go.


  • Grish: Hey, you’s creature got da old fings?
  • Player: Yeah, I have them here!
  • Grish: Dat is da goodly fing yous creature, now’s we’s can make da new Jiggig place away from zogries! Yous been da big helpy fing yous creature, Grish wishin’ yous good stuff for da next fings for creature.
  • - Grish seems very pleased about the return of the artefacts. –
  • Player: Thanks, that’s very nice of you!



  • Player: How’s everything going now?
  • Grish: All da zogries stayin’ in da olde Jiggig, we’s gonna do da new Jiggig someways else. Yous creature da good-un for geddin’ da oldie fings…

Uglug Nar

  • Player: What are you selling?
  • Uglug Nar: Me’s not get no glug-glugs to sell, yous bring me da sickies glug-glug den me’s open da stufsies for ya.

Using the potion on Uglug

  • You show the potion to Uglug Nar.
  • Player: Hey, here you go! I brought you some of the potion which should cure the disease. You said that you would buy some from me.
  • Uglug Nar: Yous creatures done da good finf… yous get many bright pretties for dis… !
  • You sell the potion and get 650 coins in return.

Zavistic Rarve

  • You show the black prism to Zavistic.
  • Zavistic Rarve: Ah yes, I remember saying something about a reward didn’t I? Well, I can offer you 2,000 coins for it as it stands, but I know that Yanni Salika in Shilo Village would offer you more than twice that much. What would you like to do?
    • Sell it to Zavistic for 2000.
      • Player: I'll sell it to you for 2000 coins!
      • Zavistic Rarve : Very well my friend.
      • You sell the black prism for 2000 coins. 
      • Zavistic Rarve : Thanks!
    • Take it to Yanni for a greater reward.
      • Player: I think I’m going to take it to Yanni for an even greater reward.
      • Zavistic Rarve: Fair enough my friend, you deserve it!
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