This page is a historical archive of items which used to appear on Treasure Hunter (or had their rarities on release greatly lowered).

Replacement filing cabinet
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Rainbow's End 14

Originally appeared on 14 August 2018 to 15 August 2018.

Item Quantity Rarity GE Market Price Convert Category
Rainbow capeRainbow cape1Very rare20,931,4381,000,000Promotional icon
Rainbow parasolRainbow parasol1Very rare4,244,543UnknownPromotional icon
Rainbow wand tokenRainbow wand token1Very rare7,516,91550,000Promotional icon
Rainbow amulet tokenRainbow amulet token1Rare52,23350,000Promotional icon
Rainbow bow tokenRainbow bow token1Rare24,80950,000Promotional icon
Rainbow halo tokenRainbow halo token1Rare127,54950,000Promotional icon
Pot of gold tokenPot of gold token1Rare22,73450,000Promotional icon
Rainbow pet tokenRainbow pet token1Rare4,113,44750,000Promotional icon
Multiplier unlockMultiplier unlock1UncommonNot sold10,000Promotional icon

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