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Emote clues


Emote clues involve equipping certain items in a particular location and performing an emote. They were first introduced to treasure trails on 5 December 2006. These types of clues are featured in all levels of clue scrolls, and most (but not all) items required for the emote clues can be obtained in shops, although using the Grand Exchange is recommended.
Once the emote has been performed, an NPC called Uri will appear and usually give the player a scroll box. If Uri is giving the player their reward rather than another clue, he will give the player a casket. If the player has been requested to do another emote before talking to Uri, and they forgot to do it, he will say, I don't believe we have any business... but will not leave. The player can then complete the second emote and finish the clue. Level 1 clues require doing 1 emote, level 2 clues require doing 2, level 3 and level 5 clues require doing 1 emote and fighting the double agent.

Many of the items asked for in these clues are obscure. The Grand Exchange is the simplest way to obtain them, but often not the cheapest. As a result of demand by players doing treasure trails, most of these items have been driven up in price considerably above what they would be otherwise worth. In many cases, emote clue items may be bought from shops for considerably less money, or even be player made with little difficulty. Note that wearing any version of a required item different than the standard one will not work (for example; a rune platebody(t) will not work in place of a basic rune platebody).

For level 3 and level 5 clues, doing the emote will not summon Uri but instead, an aggressive NPC known as the double agent, who must subsequently be killed in order for Uri to reappear. The player can change equipment to take out the double agent but must change back after killing him in order to complete the clue. Performing the emote again is no longer necessary as of the update released on 28 November 2016.


For players that do treasure trails frequently, it is often economical and time-saving to keep the items for the clue level(s) they do most often in their bank. It is not recommended, however, to keep items for all emote clues banked, as a total of 170 items are used across the four clue levels. With the update released on 26 February 2018 player are now able to build Hidey-holes to store the required items on site.

If only master emotes are done, there are a total of 32 items required ; [1]

Item Number
Amulet of magic 1
Amulet of ranging 1
Ancient staff 1
Asylum surgeon's ring 1
Berserker ring 1
Boater 1
Cape of legends 1
Cavalier 1
Culinaromancer's gloves 10 1
Dagon'hai hat 1
Dark bow 1
Demon slayer gloves 1
Dragon defender 1
Dragon Mask 1
Dragon rider amulet 1
Enhanced yaktwee stick 1
Fire cape 1
Ghostly cloak 1
Holy cithara 1
Iban's staff 1
Imphide hood 1
Infinity boots 1
Lab coat legs 1
Lab coat top 1
Prifddinian musician's robe top 1
Prifddinian worker's trousers 1
Ring of devotion 1
Saradomin's murmur 1
Scabaras mask 1
Spork 1
Staff of light 1
Toktz-ket-xil 1

If only hard emotes are done, there are a total of 25 items required;

Item Number
Adamant 2h sword 1
Amulet of glory 1
Amulet of power 1
Blue dragonhide chaps 2
Blue dragonhide body 1
Blue dragonhide vambraces 3
Bronze platelegs 1
Diamond ring 1
Elemental shield 1
Fire battlestaff 1
Iron pickaxe 1
Iron platebody 1
Iron sq shield 1
Mithril platelegs 1
Mud pie 1
Ring of life 2
Rune full helm 1
Rune hatchet 1
Rune platebody 1
Rune warhammer 1
Splitbark helm 1

If only medium emotes are done, there are a total of 37 items required;

Item Number
Adamant helm 1
Blood'n'tar snelm (pointed) 1
Blood'n'tar snelm (round) 1
Bronze boots 1
Bruise blue snelm (pointed) 1
Green dragonhide body 1
Green dragonhide chaps 4
Hard leather body 1
Iron 2h sword 1
Iron crossbow 1
Iron hatchet 1
Iron pickaxe 1
Iron sq shield 1
Maple shieldbow 1
Maple shortbow 1
Mithril chainbody 1
Mithril full helm 1
Mithril helm 1
Mithril platelegs 1
Mithril plateskirt 1
Mithril scimitar 1
Ring of duelling 1
Ring of forging 1
Ruby amulet 2
Silver sickle 1
Snakeskin boots 1
Snakeskin chaps 1
Spiny helmet 1
Staff of air 1
Steel kiteshield 2
Steel platebody 1
Steel sq shield 1

If only easy emotes are done, there are a total of 76 items required;

Item Number
Air tiara 1
Amulet of strength 1
Blue flowers 1
Bronze 2h sword 1
Bronze chainbody 1
Bronze dagger 1
Bronze full helm 1
Bronze hatchet 1
Bronze platelegs 2
Bronze spear 1
Emerald amulet 1
Emerald ring 3
Gold amulet 1
Gold necklace 1
Gold ring 3
Hard leather body 1
Holy symbol 1
Iron boots 1
Iron chainbody 2
Iron full helm 1
Iron helm 1
Iron kiteshield 1
Iron platebody 2
Iron platelegs 1
Iron plateskirt 1
Iron scimitar 1
Iron warhammer 1
Leather boots 1
Leather chaps 4
Leather cowl 1
Leather gloves 4
Leather vambraces 1
Mud pie 1
Oak shieldbow 1
Oak shortbow 1
Polar camo legs 1
Polar camo top 1
Ruby amulet 1
Sapphire amulet 1
Sapphire necklace 2
Sapphire ring 2
Shieldbow 1
Steel full helm 1
Steel hatchet 1
Steel helm 1
Steel longsword 1
Steel mace 1
Steel pickaxe 1
Steel platebody 1
Steel plateskirt 1
Studded body 1
Studded chaps 2
Studded leather coif 3
Tiara 1
Unholy symbol 1
Wood camo top 1
Yellow flowers 1

List of clues

Following is a list of all known emote clues, with advice on how to get to the locations.


Difficulty Clue Requirements Notes
Medium Beckon in Tai Bwo Wannai. Clap before you talk to me. Equip green dragonhide chaps, a ring of duelling, and a mithril helm. 40 Defence
Emote clue Beckon Tai Bwo Wannai

Players need to be standing within the large red fenced area where Gabooty is before performing the emotes. Fastest transportation is a Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport scroll, then Fairy ring code CKR which takes you just south of Tai Bwo Wannai. Next closest is Karamja Lodestone and running to the south-east. Other options include the charter ship to Brimhaven, the House teleport to Brimhaven, or an amulet of glory.

Medium Beckon in the Digsite, near the eastern winch. Bow or curtsy before you talk to me. Equip a pointed red and black snelm, snakeskin boots and an iron pickaxe. 30 Ranged
30 Defence
10 Attack
Emote clue Beckon Digsite
The fastest ways to get to the clue area are Digsite pendant, a Gnome glider, or the Balloon transport system. First, do the beckon emote, then Uri will appear. Bow or curtsy before talking to him. This clue will only work with the pointed version of the snelm. By the pointed version of the snelm, it means the snelm made out of the pointed version of the Blamish red shell. You can use a chisel from your tool belt to craft it.
Hard Blow a kiss between the tables in Shilo Village bank. Beware of double agents! Equip a splitbark helm, mud pie and rune platebody. Completed Shilo Village
Completed Dragon Slayer
50 Defence
Emote clue Blow Kiss Shilo Village
Use the Fairy ring code (CKR), the Karamja gloves 3, or the Karamja lodestone then run north and use the Shilo Village cart system.
Master Blow a Raspberry at the celestial dragons on Dragontooth Isle. Beware of double agents! Equip a dragon mask, a Dragon Rider amulet and a dragon defender. One of a Kind quest
Emote clue Raspberry Dragontooth Isle

The quickest way to access the dungeon is via Dungeoneering cape perk or Hoardstalker Ring. The other method is to using the boat in Port Phasmatys.

Easy Blow a raspberry at the monkey cage in Ardougne Zoo. Equip a studded leather body, bronze platelegs and a mud pie. 20 Defence
Emote clue Blow Raspberry Ardougne Zoo
The Ardougne Teleport, Kandarin Monastery Teleport (using the Ardougne cloak), or Spirit trees can be used to reach the zoo.
Hard Blow a raspberry in the Fishing Guild bank. Beware of double agents! Equip an elemental shield, blue dragonhide chaps, and a rune warhammer Completed Elemental Workshop I
68 Fishing
50 Attack
50 Defence
Emote clue Blow Raspberry Fishing Guild
The Fishing requirement to enter the Fishing Guild (68 Fishing) means that some players may not be able to complete this clue. Players can get into the guild at level 63 or higher by boosting with an admiral pie (level 63 min.) or fishing potion (level 65 min.). The guild can be reached via a charged skills necklace, or the Ardougne Lodestone.
Easy Blow raspberries outside the entrance to Keep Le Faye. Equip a studded leather coif , iron platebody and leather gloves. 20 Defence
Emote clue Blow Raspberry Keep Le Faye
Keep Le Faye can be found south of Seers' Village, and can be reached via the Camelot teleport or by using Fairy ring code BLR.
Master Bow or curtsy at the charm sprite hunter area. Beware of double agents! Equip an enhanced yaktwee stick, a Dagon'hai hat and an amulet of ranging. 72 Hunter, 40 Magic, 40 Defence
Emote clue Bow or Curtsy charm sprite hunter area

Eagles' Peak (location) lodestone teleport and run southeast, or use the Sixth-Age circuit to teleport to the World Gate and run northeast.

Hard Bow or curtsy at the top of the Lighthouse. Beware of double agents! Equip a blue dragonhide body, blue dragonhide vambraces and no jewellery. Started Horror from the Deep
50 Defence
Completed Dragon Slayer
Emote clue Bow Curtsy Lighthouse
Lighthouse Teleport scroll is the most convenient method to get to the Lighthouse. Alternatives include the Fremennik Province Lodestone teleport and running southwest, then jumping across the broken bridge (or 'Cross' Broken bridge if you have repaired it during the Horror from the Deep quest), or lyre teleport followed by a run outside of the Province and heading southwest, or the games necklace to barbarian assault followed by the crossing of the basalt rocks north are the quickest methods to get to the lighthouse. Note: Blue spiky vambraces do not work.
Easy Bow or curtsy in the lobby of the Duel Arena. Equip an iron chainbody, leather chaps and a studded leather coif. 20 Defence
Emote clue Bow Cursty Duel Arena
An iron chainbody can be found at the chain store in southern Falador.The ring of duelling, or Home teleport to Al Kharid will get you closest with relative ease. Alternative means of getting to the arena include using an Amulet of glory or a Gnome glider. Before the update of the duel arena in 2013, this clue scroll used to read "Bow or curtsy in the ticket office of the Duel Arena. ", but the ticket office was removed in the update. 
Easy Bow or curtsy outside the entrance to the Legends' Guild. Equip iron platelegs, an emerald amulet and an oak shieldbow. 10 Ranged
10 Defence
Emote clue Bow Curtsy Legends' Guild
The Legends' Guild has a fairy ring (code BLR) very close by. Alternatively, teleport to Ardougne and head northeast to the guild. Do the emote outside the main gate.


Difficulty Clue Requirements Notes
Easy Cheer at the Burthorpe Games Room. Have nothing equipped at all when you do. None
Emote clue Cheer Burthrope Games Room
The Burthorpe Games Room can be found at the bottom of Burthorpe Castle, and easily reached with the games necklace. Please note that you have to be in the part of the games room with the board games tables. This does not work in the global worlds for the Games Room.
Easy Cheer at the Druids' Circle. Equip an air tiara, bronze two-handed sword and gold amulet. None
Emote clue Cheer Taverley Stone Circle
The druids circle is north of Taverley. The best way to reach it is to teleport to Burthorpe using a Games necklace or by using the Lodestone network and head south, or to teleport to Falador and head north. Alternatively, one can take a Mine cart to White Wolf Mountain (requires Fishing Contest) or use the Balloon transport system (requires Enlightened Journey, normal Logs, and a Tinderbox). You can also teleport with a Taverley tablet(with the completion of Love Story and 77 Magic) and then walk northeast.
Master Cheer by the sulphur pit in the TzHaar City. Beware of double agents! Equip a fire cape, a Toktz-ket-xil and a spork.
Emote clue Cheer TzHaar City sulphur pit
Southeast of the fight cave, looks like cooking range on the map.
Easy Cheer for the monks at Port Sarim. Equip a studded leather coif, steel plateskirt and sapphire necklace. 20 Defence
Emote clue Cheer Port Sarim
The easiest ways to reach Port Sarim is using the teleport of a Captain's Log to outside the Player-Owned Port portal. Using the cabbage-port from Explorer's ring 3 or 4, or teleporting to the Port Sarim lodestone are also viable. You should be able to do this emote anywhere on the dock, as long as you are east of the bank deposit.
Medium Cheer in the Barbarian Agility Arena. Headbang before you talk to me. Equip a steel platebody, maple shortbow and bronze boots. Completed Bar Crawl
35 Agility
30 Ranged
20 Defence
Emote clue Cheer Barbarian Agility course
The agility arena is at the Barbarian Outpost. A games necklace will come in very handy as the Barbarian Outpost is rather remote.
Medium Cheer in the Ogre Pen in the Training Camp. Show you are angry before you talk to me. Equip a green dragonhide body and chaps, and a steel squareshield. Completed Biohazard
40 Defence
Emote clue Cheer Ogre Pen
The ogre pen is located in the Combat Training Camp, just north of West Ardougne, also you will have to squeeze through a gap in the railings located on the west of the pen to get in with the Ogres. Use the Ardougne teleport, or spirit tree to the Gnome Stronghold and head southeast to reach the area. You need to have completed Biohazard to get into the combat training camp.
Easy Clap in the main exam room in the Exam Centre. Equip a ruby amulet, blue flowers and leather gloves. None
Emote clue Clap Exam Centre
The exam centre is south of the digsite, use the digsite pendant or a gnome glider to reach the area.
Easy Clap on the causeway to the Wizards' Tower. Equip an iron helmet, emerald ring and leather gloves. 10 Defence
Emote clue Clap Wizard's Tower bridge
Causeway is another name for Bridge. Use fairy ring code DIS, an amulet of glory, cabbage port, Wicked hood or Lumbridge Teleport to reach the area.
Easy Clap on the top level of the mill, north of east Ardougne. Equip an Emerald ring, Wood camo top and unenchanted Tiara. None
Emote clue Clap Ardougne mill
Ardougne teleport then head north, it's in the farm area, or use Skills necklace to teleport to Fishing Guild.
Medium Cry in Catherby archery shop. Bow or curtsy before you talk to me. Equip a round red and black snelm, a hard leather body and an unblessed silver sickle. 10 Defence
Emote clue Cry Catherby archery shop
Camelot Teleport then head southeast, or Home Teleport to Catherby if you have unlocked that lodestone. The ranging shop is 2 houses east of the bank, near the fishing spots.
Medium Cry on the platform of the south-west tree of the Gnome Agility Arena. Indicate 'no' before you talk to me. Equip a steel kiteshield, ring of forging and green dragonhide chaps. 40 Defence
Emote clue Cry Gnome Agility course
Fastest way to get there is to take a balloon to the Gnome Village, which puts you just north of the agility course. Next best ways are to use a Spirit tree to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, or teleport to the Outpost with a Traveller's necklace and run north. Alternatively, you could Ardougne teleport and head northwest to the gnome stronghold, or use the Eagles' Peak lodestone and use the agility shortcut to enter the stronghold. You need to partially complete the agility course then do the two emotes in sequence. A painted herald steel kiteshield will not work.


Difficulty Clue Requirements Notes
Easy Dance a jig by the entrance to the Fishing Guild. Equip an emerald ring, sapphire amulet and bronze chainbody. None
Emote clue Jig Fishing Guild
The fishing guild is located between Seers' Village and Ardougne. You'll need a sapphire amulet, an emerald ring, and a bronze chainbody. You do not need to go inside of the guild to get the reward. The jewellery must be unenchanted, otherwise it won't work.
Medium Dance a jig under Shantay's Awning. Bow or curtsy before you talk to me. Equip a pointed blue snail helmet and an air staff. None
Emote clue Jig Shantay pass
The "awning" is just north of Shantay. Stand where the player in the picture is standing, not "under the awning". Depending on your settings, only the posts (not the awning itself) may be visible. A broomstick will teleport you close to Shantay's Pass.
Hard Dance at the cat-doored pyramid in Sophanem. Beware of double agents! Equip a ring of life, an amulet of glory and an adamant two-handed sword. None
Emote clue Dance Sophanem
A level 98 Double agent will attack. Sophanem is in the far southern desert, and requires partial completion of Icthlarin's Little Helper to enter. The cat-doored pyramid is located just south of the Pyramid Plunder pyramid. The most direct way is to teleport to Menaphos and cross the bridge to the east. You can also get there using Jalsavrah teleport with pharaoh's sceptre which teleports to the Pyramid Plunder pyramid; or use the magic carpet service to reach the city. Alternatively, a Ring of Slaying teleport to Sumona with a run across the desert or use of the magic carpets is an option. After Love Story, a house teleport tab to the Pollnivneach portal could also be used.
Easy Dance at the crossroads north of Draynor. Equip an iron chainbody, sapphire ring and shieldbow. None
Emote clue Dance Draynor crossroads
The explorers ring 3 cabbage port, amulet of glory teleport, or Home teleport to Draynor will put you in the area.
Medium Dance in the centre of Canifis. Bow or curtsy before you talk to me. Equip a spiny helmet, mithril platelegs and an iron two-handed sword. None
Emote clue Dance Canifis
Use Fairy ring code C-K-S, the Canifis house portal, ectophial, or the Canifis Lodestone.
Easy Dance in the Party Room. Equip a steel full helm, steel platebody and iron plateskirt. None
Emote clue Dance Party Room
The Party Room in Falador is best reached by the Falador Teleport.
Easy Dance in the shack in Lumbridge Swamp. Equip a bronze dagger, iron full helmet and a gold ring None
Emote clue Dance Lumbridge shack
Master Dance on an Uncharted Isle. Beware of double agents! Equip a dark bow, some infinity boots and culinaromancer gloves 10.
Emote clue Dance Uncharted Isle

Recoloured and augmented versions of the dark bow count, but only uncoloured infinity boots will count. It is recommended to use your claimed island, if you have one; otherwise, short junkets require the least amount of supplies. You must leave the island after receiving the scroll box/casket, as you cannot open it there.

Master Dare to laugh in the Green Ghost inn at Port Phasmatys. Beware of double agents! Equip an Iban's staff, a ghostly cloak and a cavalier. 50 Magic

Completed Underground Pass and The Curse of Zaros miniquest.

Emote clue Laugh Green Ghost Inn
Quickest way to get here is by using the Ectophial. Alternatively players can teleport to the Canifis lodestone and run east to Port Phasmatys.


Difficulty Clue Requirements Notes
Master Have an idea inside the Invention Guild. Beware of double agents! Equip a lab coat top, lab coat legs and a staff of light. 69 Invention
75 Magic
Emote clue Idea Invention Guild
Recoloured and augmented versions of the staff can be used.
Master Headbang inside the Slayer Tower. Beware of double agents! Equip an imphide hood, a Prifddinian musician's robe top and an amulet of magic. 91 Thieving
Completed Plague's End
Emote Clue Headbang Slayer Tower

Just inside slayer tower. Hidey Hole outside slayer tower east of walkway under Gargoyle statue.

Easy Headbang in the mine north of Al Kharid. Equip a polar camo top, leather gloves and leather boots. None
Emote clue Headbang Scorpion Mine
Use Al Kharid lodestone teleport, then head north to the mine.


Difficulty Clue Requirements Notes
Master Jig in the Edgeville Monastery garden. Beware of double agents! Equip a holy cithara, Saradomin's murmur and a ring of devotion. 70 Ranged

Completion of One Piercing Note

Emote clue Jig Edgeville Monastery
Use Edgeville lodestone teleport, then walk over to the Monastery garden.
Easy Jump for joy at the beehives. Equip iron boots, an unholy symbol and a steel hatchet. 20 Attack
10 Defence
Emote clue Jump beehives
The beehives are just west of the Catherby bank, in the fenced in area. Use the Camelot teleport or Catherby lodestone teleport to get to the area.
Medium Jump for joy in Yanille bank. Dance a jig before you talk to me. Equip an iron crossbow, adamant helm and snakeskin chaps. 30 Ranged
40 Defence
Emote clue Jump Yanille
Use the Watchtower Teleport, or Lodestone network.


Difficulty Clue Requirements Notes
Easy Laugh at the crossroads south of Sinclair Mansion. Equip a cowl, strength amulet and iron scimitar. 10 Attack
Emote clue Laugh Sinclair crossroads
Teleport to Camelot or use fairy ring code CJR to reach the area.
Hard Laugh at Jokul's tent in the Mountain Camp. Beware of double agents! Equip a rune full helmet, blue dragonhide chaps and a fire battlestaff. Started Mountain Daughter OR 20 Agility
30 Attack
30 Magic
50 Defence
(and Rope)
Emote clue Laugh Jokul's tent

 The Mountain Camp is east of Rellekka. Take a rope to get into the camp if you haven't done the quest Mountain Daughter. North of fairy ring code AJR. Teleportation via Slayer Ring or Fremennik Province lodestone are also other options. Can be easily safespotted by running behind the fence immediately after laughing. 


Difficulty Clue Requirements Notes
Medium Panic by the mausoleum in Morytania. Wave before you speak to me. Equip a mithril plateskirt, maple shieldbow and no boots. Started Creature of Fenkenstrain
30 Ranged
30 Defence
Emote clue Panic Mausoleum
The quest "Creature of Fenkenstrain" is required to reach it. The mausoleum is the small island where the player dug up various body parts. You cannot go directly as the bridge is broken, go to the graveyard east of the castle and push the eastern memorial to pass through the Experiment dungeon. Go north and west following the tunnel to the end and up the ladder. Use the ectophial, a Canifis teleport, or the fairy ring network (code ALQ) to reach the area.
Hard Panic by the pilot on White Wolf Mountain. Beware of double agents! Equip mithril platelegs, a ring of life and a rune hatchet. 50 Attack
30 Defence
Emote clue Panic Sindarpos Pilot
Use the gnome glider, Taverley lodestone, or Catherby home teleport and mithril crossbow and grapple to get to the area. Alternately, you can Al Karid lodestone and take the gnome glider to Sindarpos. If your combat level is low, you may need to kill the nearby Big Wolf or some of the other wolves first before you perform the emote due to their aggression and their large hunt radius. Stand one square south of the Captain Bleemadge and perform the emote. A level 98 Double agent will attack.
Hard Panic in the heart of the Haunted Woods. Beware of double agents! Have no items equipped when you do. None
Emote clue Panic Haunted Woods
Head east from Canifis lodestone. The place of interest is located east of fairy ring alq and south of the farming patch, just east of the grave marker that says "Here lies Ed Lestwit". Perform the emote within a triangle of mushrooms between swamp trees.

You cannot have anything equipped when doing the emote, including inactive auras, otherwise the double agent will not appear.

Easy Panic in the limestone mine. Equip bronze platelegs, a steel pickaxe and a steel helmet. 20 Attack
20 Defence
Emote clue Panic Silvarea Limestone mine
The limestone mine is in the valley north-east of Varrock, near the odd old man. Use an Invitation box, a Varrock teleport, a Digsite pendant, a Gnome glider, or the Balloon transport system to get to the area. Use the 'panic' emote when in the area.
Easy Panic on the pier where you catch the Fishing Trawler. Have nothing equipped at all when you do. None
Emote clue Panic Fishing Trawler pier
The fishing trawler is in Port Khazard, north of Yanille. Panic on the dock where you board the trawler by the gangplank. Make sure to un-equip all equipment while performing this emote.


Difficulty Clue Requirements Notes
Hard Salute in the banana plantation. Beware of double agents! Equip a diamond ring, amulet of power, and nothing on your chest and legs. None
Emote clue Salute banana plantation
The fastest way to get here is using the Amulet of Glory Karamja teleport, it puts you right inside the plantation. Players can also charter the Port Sarim ship to Musa Point or use Fairy ring code B-L-P to go to TzHaar City and head through the Karamja Volcano.
Master Salute in the Max Guild Garden. Beware of double agents! Have no items equipped when you do. Own the Quest point cape or have 1 skill at 99. Completed Plague's End
Emote clue Salute Max Guild garden
Maxed players can teleport here using the Max cape. Otherwise, use the Attuned crystal teleport seed to teleport to the Cadarn district.
Master Shrug in the Lumbridge Fishing Supplies shop. Beware of double agents! Equip demon slayer gloves, a boater and the cape of legends. 60 Ranged
60 Defence
Completed Legends' Quest
Emote clue Shrug Lumbridge Fishing Supplies
Any colour of Boater will work.
Easy Shrug in the mine near Rimmington. Equip a gold necklace, a gold ring and a bronze spear. None
Emote clue Shrug Rimmington mine
The large mining pit is southwest of Falador and slightly northeast of Rimmington. Cabbage-port, Falador teleport, or use a Rimmington Tablet to get to the area.
Hard Shrug in the Zamorak temple, found in the eastern Wilderness. Beware of double agents! Equip bronze platelegs, an iron platebody and blue dragonhide vambraces. 50 Defence
Emote clue Shrug Zamorak temple
The clue refers the chaos temple in level 13 wilderness south of the Graveyard of Shadows, surrounded by lava, with a Bloodwood tree nearby (Do not go to the temple in level 38 wilderness or the entrance to the Chaos runecrafting altar). A level 77 Double Agent will attack.
Note: Having Hartwin escort you seems to make this emote not work, so be prepared to walk or use the wilderness lodestone.
Warning: You can be attacked and potentially killed by other players here. If you die, you will drop all but three of your items, unless you use the protect item prayer.


Difficulty Clue Requirements Notes
Master Think in the Hefin district of Prifddinas. Beware of double agents! Equip an ancient staff, Prifddinian worker's trousers and a berserker ring. Plague's End
Emote clue Think Hefin district

The Enhanced ancient staff works, as do the recoloured variants.

Easy Think in the middle of the wheat field by the Lumbridge mill. Equip a sapphire necklace, polar camo legs and an oak shortbow. 10 Ranged
Emote clue Think Lumbridge wheat field
Teleport to Lumbridge or run from Draynor Village to reach the area.
Medium Think under the lens in the Observatory. Twirl before you talk to me. Equip a mithril chainbody, green dragonhide chaps and ruby amulet. 40 Defence
Emote clue Think Observatory
Equip the required items then use a Ring of Duelling to get to Castle Wars, run north over the bridge, then north-northeast to reach a small collection of three houses. Climb down the stairs in the west building to enter the Observatory dungeon. Some poisonous spiders reside here, so taking some measure against their poison is advised. Use the Observatory Dungeon map to find your way through and up the stairs to the Observatory main building (it's the second set of stairs on the map). Once there, head upstairs and perform the "think" emote under the large end of the telescope. You must twirl before speaking to Uri.
Easy Twirl at the crossroads north of Rimmington. Equip a sapphire ring, yellow flowers and leather chaps. None
Emote clue Twirl Rimmington crossroads
Take the Port Sarim lodestone, then proceed the west.
Easy Twirl in Draynor Manor by the fountain. Equip an iron platebody, studded leather chaps and a bronze full helmet. 20 Defence
Emote clue Twirl Draynor Manor
Draynor Manor, north of Draynor Village. Cabbage port, Draynor Village teleport, or amulet of glory to the area.
Medium Twirl on the bridge by Barbarian Village. Salute before you talk to me. Equip an iron hatchet, steel kiteshield and mithril full helmet. 10 Attack
30 Defence
Emote clue Twirl Gunnarsgrunn
The bridge spans the river between the Grand Exchange and Gunnarsgrunn. Varrock teleport, amulet of glory to Edgeville, or invoke the skull sceptre to get to the area.


Difficulty Clue Requirements Notes
Easy Wave on Mudskipper Point. Equip a gold ring, leather chaps and a steel mace. 20 Attack
Emote clue Wave Mudskipper Point
Mudskipper Point is south-east of Rimmington, south of the house with the anvil in it. Use the cabbage port, fairy ring code AIQ, or Falador Teleport, or run South of the Port Sarim Lodestone teleport to reach the area.
Easy Wave along the south fence of the Lumberyard. Equip a hard leather body, leather chaps and a bronze hatchet. 10 Defence
Emote clue Wave Lumberyard
The lumberyard is northeast of Varrock and may be reached using a Varrock Teleport, a digsite pendant, a Lumberyard teleport scroll, or the balloon transport system. It is right in front of the Sawmill Operator.
Master Wave inside the Grand Library of Menaphos. Beware of double agents! Equip an asylum surgeon's ring and the Scabaras mask. Broken Home and all three challenges

Partial completion of The Jack of Spades

Emote clue Wave inside Grand Library of Menaphos


Difficulty Clue Requirements Notes
Medium Yawn in the Castle Wars lobby. Shrug before you talk to me. Equip a ruby amulet, mithril scimitar and iron square shield. 30 Attack
10 Defence
Emote clue Yawn Castle Wars lobby
The fastest and recommended way is to teleport using a ring of duelling to Castle Wars. Alternatively, one could cast Watchtower Teleport, use Fairy rings, or use the balloon transport system to get to the area.
Easy Yawn in Draynor Marketplace. Equip an iron kiteshield, steel longsword and studded leather chaps. 20 Defence
20 Attack
20 Ranged
Emote clue Yawn Draynor marketplace
The fastest ways to get there are an Amulet of glory or the Explorer's ring 3 teleport. The Fairy ring network (code D-I-S) or the Lodestone Network to Draynor may also be used.
Easy Yawn in Varrock Palace library. Equip a holy symbol, leather vambraces and an iron warhammer. 10 Attack
Emote clue Yawn Varrock Palace library
The Varrock Library is inside Varrock castle, on the north side. Use a Varrock teleport or a Spirit tree to reach the area.
Hard Yawn in the rogues' general store. Beware of double agents! Equip an iron square shield, blue dragonhide vambraces, and an iron pickaxe. 50 Defence
10 Attack
Emote clue Yawn rogues' general store
The general store is in the Wilderness Bandit Camp level 23, in the western wilderness. After yawning you will fight a level 77 double agent.
Warning: You must be skulled in order to complete this clue, otherwise the nearby Bandit Brawlers will attack, preventing you from completing the clue and likely killing you within seconds. In addition, you can be attacked and potentially killed by other players here. If you die while skulled, you will drop all of your items, unless you have Protect Item active. You can talk to Mr Ex in Edgeville to get skulled.
Hard Yawn near the Wilderness Bandit camp obelisk. Beware of double agents! Equip an iron square shield, blue dragon vambraces and an iron pickaxe. 10 Defence

50 Ranged

10 Attack

Emote clue Yawn near the Wilderness Bandit camp obelisk
If you have completed desert treasure, The fastest way to get here is by using a Dareeyak teleport and running north east. You can also use the Lodestone Network teleport (Wilderness Volcano) and, if you have unlocked the ability, use the obelisk nearby to teleport to level 27 wilderness obelisk.

Warning: This is the Wilderness. You can be attacked and potentially killed by other players here. If you die while skulled, you will drop all of your items, unless you have Protect Item active.


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