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Map clues are an image of the location the player needs to search to advance along their trail. Maps are found across all levels of clue scroll. They are rough pictures of a very local area, normally about the size of the Lumbridge Castle. If the map leads to an X, the player needs to take a spade to the place indicated on the map with the X and dig there. The spade on a tool belt will work, contrary to popular belief, as right clicking on the scroll gives you a "dig" option. The spade is available on the tool belt by default for newly created accounts. If the map leads to a crate, it must simply be searched. Sometimes players may find a small pile of crates, or a multitude of them. Search all of them until the next clue or the reward is found. Maps can include landmarks such as buildings, fish to indicate fishing spots, roads, rivers, bridges, and other things. Map clues are not easy to do without help. Players will often find that they simply have no clue where the map is pointing to. A player can try to compare the maps to the world map, and they match up very well, but the area to compare is vast. It is easier to use the list below.

Digging in the location pointed to by a map clue will never produce a Saradomin or Zamorak Mage, even at level 3.

Map clues that take a player to the Wilderness (only on Hard clue scrolls) have a far lower chance of appearing. This is due to the Wilderness and Free Trade Vote.

List of clues

Following is a list of all known map clues with the exact locations they lead to. To make it easier to find the clue needed, it has been split up into categories.

Maps with a Crate

Map Location Image
Map clue Clock Tower.png
Stacked behind the Clock tower building south of Ardougne Castle. Use the Ardougne cloak teleport to the Ardougne Monastery then run north west. Map clue location Clock Tower.png
Map clue McGrubor's Wood.png
Inside McGrubor's Wood, west of Seers' Village. Fairy ring code ALS. If approaching from outside, squeeze through the broken fence by the northern half of the hut in the centre and search the crate south of the house. Watch out for Guard dogs. Seers Village Home Teleport is also quick. Map clue location McGrubor's Wood.png
Map clue Dark Warriors' Fortress.png
In level 14 Wilderness, at the Dark Warriors' Fortress, search the pile of crates in the south-west corner of the central courtyard.
This area is a hotspot for player killers.

If you are able to reroll, be sure to kill or close doors on extra guards, so it does not close the reward interface.

Map clue location Dark Warriors' Fortress.png
Map clue Observatory.png
North east of the Observatory, north of Castle Wars, south of Ourania Runecrafting Altar search a crate in the westernmost building of the goblin overrun houses. This house holds the entrance stairs to the dungeon below. Map clue location Observatory.png
Map clue Lumberyard.png
Northeast of Varrock, at the Lumberyard, search the crate indicated. It is located in the storage area behind the sawmill operator NPC. Map clue location Lumberyard.png

Maps with an X and buildings

Map Location Image
Map clue Ourania chaos altar.png The Chaos Altar north of the Observatory, the entrance to the Ourania Runecrafting Altar. Stand and dig left next to the standards (flags) behind the altar. Map clue location Ourania chaos altar.png
Map clue Wizards' Tower.png Just south of the Wizards' Tower, south of Draynor Village. Dig just east of the large rock. Map clue location Wizards' Tower.png
Map clue Brother Galahad's house.png Brother Galahad's house. Across the river from the coal trucks, west of Seers' Village. Follow the coal truck tracks all the way to the bridge. Map clue location Brother Galahad's house.png
Map clue Chemist's house.png Just west of the chemist's house in Rimmington. South of Falador, west of Port Sarim. Map clue location Chemist's house.png
Map clue Miscellania.png On Miscellania, one of the Fremennik Isles, just east of the castle. Miscellania Teleport Scroll is the closest method of teleport, taking you to the entrance of the castle. You could also use Fairy ring code CIP which takes you just north of the castle. Map clue location Miscellania.png
Map clue West Ardougne.png In West Ardougne, dig inside one of the destroyed buildings. It is in the northwest corner of the most eastern of the three destroyed housing buildings in the southwest area of West Ardougne. Head due west from the main gate and you'll get to the buildings. Map clue location West Ardougne.png
Map clue Yanille anvil.png South of Yanille bank. Behind the house with an anvil. It is right next to the "Mod Timbo Tree".

You can dig inside of the building next to the tree.

Map clue location Yanille anvil.png
Map clue Tower of Life.png Just south of East Ardougne, north of the Tower of Life, near the Necromancer's tower. Dig 2 spaces north of the smaller crate that Bonafido is leaning on. Fairy ring code DJP is very close. Look for the construction worker usually counting in the mid thousands. Map clue location Tower of Life.png
Map clue Ranging Guild.png Start on the east side of the eastern most Magic tree east of the Ranging Guild and follow the coordinates on the map. Map clue location East of Range Guild.png

Maps with an X but no buildings

Map Location Image
Map clue Falador stones.png North of Falador's walls next to gamer's Grotto inside the enclosure with oddly marked stones with no known purpose. Dig in between one of the large stones and the tree on the east side. Map clue location Falador stones.png
Map clue Varrock west mine.png South-west of Varrock, west of Champions' Guild near the mining spot with clay. Map clue location Varrock west mine.png
Map clue Falador statue crossroads.png Just north of Falador, at the crossroads where there is a statue. Map clue location Falador statue crossroads.png
Map clue Varrock east mine.png South of Varrock, near the eastern mining spot. Map clue location Varrock east mine.png
Map clue Seers' to Rellekka road.png On the road between Seers' Village and Rellekka. Seers lodestone and run north or fairy ring code CJR. The two trees indicated on the map are oak trees, just south of the Musician. Dig in the spot indicated, just west of the fern. (Or on the fern if this does not work) Map clue location Seers' to Rellekka road.png
Map clue Hobgoblin peninsula.png Hobgoblin Peninsula, west of the Crafting guild.
Watch out for level 30 Hobgoblins
Map clue location Hobgoblin peninsula.png
Map clue Legends' Guild.png South of Legends' Guild, to the North-East of East Ardougne. Fairy ring code BLR is the fastest route, taking you just east of the guild. Map clue location Legends' Guild.png
Map clue small volcanoes.png Located in level 50 Wilderness, near the Wilderness Agility Course; south-west of Deep Wilderness Dungeon entrance and west of the Mage Arena; dig between the three small volcanoes.
This area is a known hotspot for player killers. If you receive a casket here, turn on protect item and wait until you get to a safe area to open it.
Map clue location small volcanoes.png
Map clue Lighthouse peninsula.png Road between Rellekka and the Lighthouse. If you haven't fixed the bridge in the Horror from the Deep quest, then you'll need to approach from the Lighthouse, crossing the rocks north of the Barbarian Outpost. Map clue location Lighthouse peninsula.png

Maps with an X and a fishing spot

Map Location Image
Map clue Draynor.png South of Draynor Village bank, by the fishing spot, slightly north of the small obelisk. Map clue location Draynor.png
Map clue Haunted Mine.png North of the Abandoned Mine, by the path to Mort'ton. Map clue location Haunted Mine.png