Skill riddle challenges are logical problems that appear in master clues in Treasure Trails. The clues always begin with "Complete the action to solve the clue" and require players to complete a skill-based action somewhere in the world.

The requirements may be boosted if the player does not have a sufficient level to complete the task. Once the problem has been solved, the clue scroll will transform into another clue scroll or a casket.

List of solutions

The following is a list of all known skill riddle challenges and their solutions.


Riddle Solution Requirements
A view of the city from high above. I can hear their prayers below. Go to the top of the Hefin Agility Course. Plague's End, 77 Agility Agility


Riddle Solution Requirements
Being open to Chaos can raise your defences. It may also bring you closer to death. Take a moment to bottle this feeling. Create a Zamorak brew 78 Herblore Herblore


Riddle Solution Requirements
Catching only one shark. That don't impress me much. Catch two sharks at once 76 Agility Agility, 76 Fishing Fishing
Charm me and I shall unlock.

But be brave in the darkness.

Catch a charming moth 88 Hunter Hunter, 83 Agility Agility
Corruption seeps from this stone but there are those who work to cleanse it. Lend your voice. Use a cleansing stone on the Corrupted Seren Stone Plague's End
Crossing the desert I met a crocodile. She gave me a dazzling smile but she had something in her teeth. Catch a plover bird 73 Hunter Hunter


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements
Ernie once mentioned to me a secret to improve my cooking. His idea was strong but I went the extra mile. Create and/or activate a decorated cooking urn


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements
Head protection is never a bad thing. Make it from rune for the best chance of survival. Smith a rune full helm. 92 Smithing Smithing


Riddle Solution Requirements
I have all the ingredients for soup but sometimes a simple meal tastes the best. Cook a raw shark or raw rocktail 80 Cooking Cooking
In a station of power someone requires assistance. Do a good deed to spread some happiness. Help Turgall at the Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course 80 Agility Agility, Death to the Dorgeshuun, a light source
I once met a man returning from market. He showed me the spoils of his day. It's precious to see what people pay for. Steal from the Ardougne Gem Stall 75 Thieving Thieving
I once met an ancient warrior who told me tales of his adventures, his eyes lit up as he spoke Burn some elder logs 90 Firemaking Firemaking


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements
Keeping all your gold together. That's a good idea. It shall be mine. Mine concentrated gold rocks in the Living Rock Caverns 80 Mining Mining


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements
Magical energy floats unleashed. The fluid of life that flows through us all. Span the gap to capture this energy. Siphon a blood esswraith or bloody skulls in the Runespan 77 Runecrafting Runecrafting


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements
Round and round we go, burning, burning all aglow. Burn a curly root in the Jadinko Lair 83 Woodcutting Woodcutting, 83 Firemaking Firemaking
I am pie.
Cook a Wild pie 85 Cooking Cooking
Rumours of a great shark continue to spread. Catch me one and I will be fed. Catch a great white shark. 80 Fishing Fishing


Riddle Solution Requirements
Stare into the flames for long enough and you may see something you didn't realise was there. Throw some magic logs onto a bonfire. 75 Firemaking Firemaking


Riddle Solution Requirements
Take the journey to a distant mining site. Become a blight to your foes. Create a bane bar (Superheat does not count) Ritual of the Mahjarrat, 77 Smithing Smithing, 87 Magic Magic
The crystals tempt most however, there are other riches to gain for the quick-fingered. Pickpocket any Prifddinas worker. Plague's End, 91 Thieving Thieving
The God of Order requires a sacrifice of strength but in return restores me. If only we could keep that feeling in his absence. Create a Saradomin brew 81 Herblore Herblore
The spell struck me in the chest. Perhaps if I had worn armour today. Black looks better than red Craft a black dragonhide body 84 Crafting Crafting
There are those who prove themselves and become a beacon of light in the darkness. Come to the crystal city and become that figure. Use Light Form inside Prifddinas 80 Prayer Prayer, The Light Within
There is a temple where there are rivers of red. Bind the magic to get ahead. Craft a Blood rune 77 Runecrafting Runecrafting, Legacy of Seergaze
Those things I once held dear continue to fade. I look upon her face and barely know who she is. But her eyes...they are still so radiant. Harvest a radiant memory 85 Divination Divination
This lady wants me to find ancient scrolls. Talk to Celia Diggory.


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements
When I encountered this individual, she had more rings than any I had seen before. Woodcut elder trees 90 Woodcutting Woodcutting
Where there is light there is also death
Should you contain this you may progress
Craft runes at the Death Altar Mourning's End Part II, 65 Runecrafting Runecrafting


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements


Riddle Solution Requirements

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