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Master rewards

Rare rewards table
Image Name
Flaming sword enchantment.png Flaming sword enchantment
Elemental impetus.png Elemental impetus
Golden thread.png Golden thread
Guido's bonfire in a bottle.png Guido's bonfire in a bottle
Box of clue scrolls.png Box of clue scrolls
Hobby unicorn (white).png Hobby unicorn (black).png White or black hobby unicorn
Pyjama top.png Pyjama bottoms.png Pyjama slippers.png Pyjama top, bottoms, or slippers
Heavy chest.png Heavy chest
Bag of clues.png Bag of clues
Ring of coins.png Ring of coins
Ring of trees.png Ring of trees
Round glasses (black).png Round glasses (blue).png Round glasses (green).png Black, blue, green round glasses
Stylish glasses (black).png Stylish glasses (blue).png Stylish glasses (green).png Black, blue, or green stylish glasses
Half-moon spectacles (black).png Half-moon spectacles (blue).png Half-moon spectacles (green).png Black, blue, or green half-moon spectacles
Adamant dragon mask.png Rune dragon mask.png Dragonstone dragon mask.png Onyx dragon mask.png Hydrix dragon mask.png Adamant, rune, dragonstone, onyx, or hydrix dragon mask
Gilded boater.png Gilded boater
Gilded cavalier.png Gilded cavalier
Samurai kasa.png Samurai kasa
Reaper ornament kit.pngSoul ornament kit.png Reaper or Soul ornament kit
Tuxedo jacket.pngTuxedo trousers.pngTuxedo shoes.pngTuxedo gloves.pngTuxedo cravat.png Tuxedo jacket, trousers, shoes, gloves, or cravat
Evening bolero.pngEvening dipped skirt.pngEvening shoes.pngEvening gloves.pngEvening masquerade mask.png Evening bolero, dipped skirt, shoes, gloves, or masquerade mask
Heated tea flask.png Heated tea flask
Elemental battlestaff.png Elemental battlestaff
Pack yak mask.png Pack yak mask
Sack of effigies.png Sack of effigies
Backstab cape.png Backstab cape
Prismatic huge fallen star.png Prismatic huge fallen star
Orlando Smith's hat.png Orlando Smith's hat [1]
  1. ^ Can only be rolled if wearing a Luck of the dwarves or Hazelmere's signet ring
Dyes reward table
Image Name
Barrows Dye.png Shadow Dye.png Third-Age Dye.png Ice dye.png Blood dye.png Barrows, Shadow, Third-Age, Ice or Blood dye.
Second-Age rewards table
Image Name
Second-Age full helm.png Second-Age platebody.png Second-Age platelegs.png Second-Age sword.png A piece of Second-Age melee equipment
Second-Age mage mask.png Second-Age robe top.png Second-Age robe bottom.png Second-Age staff.png A piece of Second-Age mage equipment
Second-Age range coif.png Second-Age range top.png Second-Age range legs.png Second-Age bow.png A piece of Second-Age ranger equipment
Common rewards table
Image Name Image Name
Battlestaff.png 15 (noted) battlestaves Coins 10000.png 100,000 Coins
Crystal key.png 2 (noted) crystal keys Dragon dart tip.png 100 dragon dart tips
Dragon arrowheads 5.png 100 dragon arrowheads Dragon helm.png Dragon helm
Hydrix bolt tips 5.png 25 hydrix bolt tips Mahogany plank.png 60 (noted) mahogany planks
Onyx bolt tips 5.png 25 onyx bolt tips Palm tree seed 5.png Palm tree seed
Papaya tree seed 5.png Papaya tree seed Prayer renewal (4).png 4 (noted) prayer renewal (4)
Rune bar.png 7 (noted) rune bars Rune platebody.png Rune platebody
Uncut dragonstone.png 2 (noted) uncut dragonstones Uncut onyx.png Uncut onyx
Water talisman.png 10 (noted) water talismans Weapon poison++ (4).png 2 (noted) weapon poison++ (4)
Wine of Guthix.png 4 (noted) wine of Guthix Wine of Saradomin.png 4 (noted) wine of Saradomin
Wine of Zamorak.png 4 (noted) wine of Zamorak Yew seed 5.png Yew seed