Treasure chest (Carnillean Rising) detail

The Treasure chest is a reward given to players for completing Carnillean Rising. This chest allows players to bury an item somewhere and let another player find it for a reward chosen by the original player who buried it. Once the chest is buried, the player will receive the Treasure chest keyring. This item cannot be banked by the player that buried the chest.

There are three settings that can be set to determine who can access the chest. Setting a PIN allows anyone to dig up the chest, but they must guess at the PIN. If the 'Key' option is selected, players must be given a key by the chest owner, before the chest can be dug up.

Only a single item can be added to the chest, though bank notes and stackable items can be added as well. Also, this chest can be banked with the rewards remaining inside of it. This provides the opportunity for people with over max cash to keep another gold stack, or indeed another stack of any stackable or noted item.

The chest can only be used on Gielinor's surface, excluding quest and minigame areas and Entrana, to prevent the smuggling of items.

If the chest is destroyed, the items will still be inside the chest if it is recovered from the Carnillean mansion. You can also reclaim it by talking to Faruq in Al Kharid. However, it is not available in his shop.


The chest screen, from the quest reward


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  • Players can reclaim another chest from the Carnillean mansion while having a chest in bank but when player tries to setup the chest then a message pops up saying "You can only operate one treasure hunt at a time." and the treasure chest disappears.
  • The treasure chest is one of the methods for ironman accounts to transfer items to non-ironman accounts in relative safety.
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