This article is about the ordinary tree. For the varieties of trees, see Trees.
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Examine One of the most common trees in RuneScape. OR A commonly found tree. OR A healthy young tree. (Ardougne zoo)

Trees are the most common scenery in RuneScape. Trees can be cut down through the Woodcutting skill for logs to cut into unstrung bows or crossbow stocks through Fletching, or to make a fire through the Firemaking skill.



Trees can be found almost everywhere in RuneScape, and they are the first training method of Woodcutting. A player only needs a hatchet to chop down a tree. For each log cut, the player gains 25 Woodcutting experience. This is the only type of tree, besides the Achey tree, that always gives only one log when cut. However, if a player is wearing the Seer's headband 1, obtained from completing the Seers' Village Easy Tasks, 2 logs will be cut from every normal tree, but only giving 25 experience. Once they are cut, the log can be sold to players on the Grand Exchange, traded, burned using the Firemaking skill, or fletched using the members-only Fletching skill. Normal logs are the only ones that are able to be chopped at level 1 Woodcutting. After the introduction of the Grand Exchange, the price of logs rose from only a few coins to over 100 coins.


A player only needs a Tinderbox to turn a normal tree's logs into a fire. Doing so earns the player 40 Firemaking experience. These logs can be burned at level 1.


Several types of trees can be planted in one's Player-owned house, mainly in the garden and menagerie.


Logs from normal trees can be cut into Arrow shafts at level 1 Fletching, Shortbows at level 5 and shieldbows at level 10.


  • If a player selects use on a raw herring on a tree, the chatbox will say "This is not the mightiest tree in the forest" as a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • Some normal trees have natural beehives in them, but there is no way of gaining honeycombs or wax from them. They're purely cosmetic.
    Natural tree beehive

    A (normal) tree with a natural beehive.

  • There is a glitch where the top of the tree is cut off and placed next to the tree floating in the air.
  • When examining a tree, different messages are shown. For example, when examining a tree in the unicorn enclosure in Ardougne Zoo, players will get the message "A healthy young tree". But when examining trees outside the enclosure, different messages will be shown, such as "One of the most common trees in RuneScape" or "A commonly found tree".
  • The only non-remodeled trees in RuneScape are the ones in the Pest Control minigame, as well as the two beside Luthas's house in Karamja. There are also some not yet remodeled trees around the Temple of Paterdomus, inside Glarial's Tomb, around the manor featured in the Rat Catchers quest, and in Zanaris.
  • During the Tribute To Guthix (Easter 2013 Event), several trees grew faces depicting Guthix, leaked green liquid similar to the Tears of Guthix, and green droplets rained off of their brighter leaves. When cut down, their stumps were full of the flowing green liquid. This was Anima Mundi's way of paying respects to Guthix after the events of The World Wakes.
  • All trees were decorated with lanterns for the duration of the 15 Year Anniversary Celebrations.
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