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This article is about the stronghold. For the village, see Tree Gnome Village.
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The Tree Gnome Stronghold, also called Ta Quir Priw in Gnomish, in the kingdom of Kandarin is one of the largest cities in RuneScape, spanning quite a large area, and is populated solely by gnomes. Its most notable features are the Grand Tree, the Gnome Stronghold agility course, and the Gnome Ball field. It is the capital of the Gnome Empire, being the only major settlement of the Gnomes (with the exclusion of Tree Gnome Village), it plays a key role in the empire.

The Tree Gnome Stronghold was added with the Agility skill on the 12 December 2002[1], and was the first (and originally only) Agility training area.



Tree Gnome Stronghold main tree

The swamp North-West of the Grand Tree

  • There is a tortoise pen to the northwest and a terrorbird pen to the west. The tortoises drop decently high priced tortoise shells for Summoning, but can hit pretty high and the mounted ones can hit higher. But you can visit swamp for food - don't forget to pull off the frogs' legs first.
  • There are two minigames: the Gnome Restaurant service and the Gnome Ball field in the north-west.

The Gnomeball field


The trees of the stronghold

There are many ways to get to the Stronghold, and it connects to a number of useful transport networks.

Plains inside the Gnome Stronghold


Three yew trees in the south-east corner of the stronghold


There are three convenient banks in the Stronghold. One is located on the 1st2nd floor[UK] of the Grand Tree, and another is to the south and to the west of the agility course, conveniently near the yew trees, magic trees, and flax.






Concept art of the stronghold.

  • This area was given a major graphical update on 6 March 2012 along with the Gnome Village.
  • Some players experienced a glitch following this graphical update in which the area would get stuck when loading.
  • There is a Willow tree near the Yew trees; which is odd, because this is nowhere near water, and Willow trees typically grow near water.

A gnome trapped on a cliff.

  • A gnome can be seen trapped on the cliff to the east of the stronghold, next to Baxtorian Falls.
  • On March 2012 a small pvp zone existed north of the grand tree. It is only 2 squares north to south but it is undetermined the length east to west The option to attack was given, the skull icon is in the corner, and it is listed as a multi combat zone. However players could not attack each other. It was fixed in an update a day later.