Minitrice chathead

The trice species is a group of bird-like serpents with a petrifying gaze. There are only a few beasts within this species, and the majority of them are Summoning familiars.

In order to obtain the tertiary egg used in Summoning pouches, the spirit cobra's special move, Ophidian Incubation, must be cast on the egg in the "Item" column.

Types of trices

Trice Item Tertiary Basis
Cockatrice Cockatrice N/A
Minitrice pet Minitrice Cockatrice head Cockatrice head N/A Cockatrice
Chocatrice Chocatrice Cockatrice egg Cockatrice egg Chocatrice egg Chocatrice egg Cockatrice
Spirit cockatrice Spirit cockatrice Egg Egg Cockatrice egg Cockatrice egg Chicken
Spirit guthatrice Spirit guthatrice Bird's egg (green) Bird's egg (green) Guthatrice egg Guthatrice egg Guthix
Spirit saratrice Spirit saratrice Bird's egg (blue) Bird's egg (blue) Saratrice egg Saratrice egg Saradomin
Spirit zamatrice Spirit zamatrice Bird's egg (red) Bird's egg (red) Zamatrice egg Zamatrice egg Zamorak
Spirit pengatrice Spirit pengatrice Penguin egg Penguin egg Pengatrice egg Pengatrice egg Penguin
Spirit coraxatrice Spirit coraxatrice Raven egg Raven egg Coraxatrice egg Coraxatrice egg Raven
Spirit vulatrice Spirit vulatrice Vulture egg Vulture egg Vulatrice egg Vulatrice egg Vulture
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