Trimmed Completionist Cape is a subcategory of Completionist achievements for the trimmed completionist cape that was released on 18 April 2017.

There are 66 achievements in this subcategory.

# Name Members Description RuneScore
Advanced Sweeping Yes Fully enchant your broomstick after the 'Swept Away' quest. 15
Agile from Head to Toe Yes Unlock the agile top and leg rewards from advanced Agility courses. 20
All Rise Yes Complete all Court Cases. 50
Arc - All Your Energies Yes Unlock the energy-gathering scrimshaw scroll from Waiko ports reward shop. 10
Arc - Bone to Pick With You Yes Unlock the bonecrusher upgrade from Waiko reward shop. 10
Arc - Don't Crush My Memories Yes Unlock the memory-crushing scrimshaw scroll from the Waiko reward shop. 10
Arc - Mitts and Waders - Death Lotus Yes Unlock the death lotus gloves and boots scrolls from the Waiko reward shop. 15
Arc - Mitts and Waders - Seasinger Yes Unlock the seasinger gloves and boots scrolls from the Waiko reward shop. 15
Arc - Mitts and Waders - Tetsu Yes Unlock the tetsu gloves and boots scrolls from the Waiko reward shop. 15
Around the World in Six Ways Yes Unlock all hot-air balloon travel routes. 15
Banking History Yes Find all hidden treasures from the 'Making History' quest. 25
Barbarian Scavenger Yes Find all barbarian notes in the Ancient Cavern. 30
Champions. What Champions? Yes Defeat all champions in the Champions' Challenge. 75
Chompy Massacre Yes Kill 4,000 chompy birds. 50
Class Crown Yes Earn tier 10 reputation with the imperial faction. 40
Complete Trekky Yes Fully level up all Temple Trekking companions. 40
Completionist Cape Yes Complete all these to be able to obtain the completionist cape. 0
Conquest Adore Yes Achieve 1,250+ Conquest rank. 10
Count All Light Fingers Yes Fully upgrade the Thieves' Guild. 20
Death Effect Yes Unlock all permanent effects from Death's Store. 75
Eastern Adventurer Yes Complete storylines in your Player Owned Port. 0
Eastern Explorer Yes Explore the Eastern lands as far as the Shield from your port 40
Eeeeagle! Yes Fully unlock all eagle transport routes. 15
Ferocious Upgrade Yes Unlock the upgrade to the ferocious ring so it can be used in Morvran's arena. 20
Finish Him! Yes Personally defeat Vorago with the Maul of Omens. 50
Hard as Daemons Yes Earn the right to wear the title 'of Daemonheim'. 25
How Many Games? Yes Show a full set of profound armour to Lanthus. 70
Ice Ice Chimpy Yes Complete 25 chimp ice deliveries. 25
Impressing Char Yes Create Char's most treasured symbol in her training cave. 10
Ivan is Flailing Yes Unlock the full power of the Ivandis Flail. 10
Jack of the Circus Yes Obtain all circus clothing 25
Kal'gerion Commander Yes Unlock the following Kal'gerion battle commendation titles: 35
Lock, Stock and Barrel Yes Earn tier 10 reputation with the merchant faction. 40
Maria, You Gotta See Her Yes Complete all three additional challenges from Maria in the Broken Home quest. 25
Master Angler Yes Purchase the champion's tackle box from the Fish Flingers fisherman. 30
Master Otto Yes Complete all barbarian training with Otto. 25
Master of Assault Yes Achieve maximum rank in each Barbarian Assault role. 40
Mazcab Teleport Yes Unlock the Mazcab Teleport spell. 15
Memorialised More Than Once Yes Unlock the ability to have up to four Memorial to Guthix rewards active. 50
Milk of Chocolate, Snape of Grass Yes Sober up Skippy. 5
Mobilise This Yes Unlock the maximum access to Mobilising Armies rewards. 15
Nomad's Genesis Yes Complete the 'Tales of Nomad' miniquest. 15
Nomad's Mirage Yes Defeat the memory of Nomad and loot one of his bounty chests. 20
On a Rune High Yes Unlock the highest rune shop from Ali Morrisane. 10
Penance to the King Yes Kill the penance king in Barbarian Assault. 20
Perky like a Prawn Yes Gain all possible Prawn Perk Points for your Aquarium. 25
Post Fume Yes Defeat all desert slayer dungeon bosses after 'Smoking Kills'. 20
Quiet but Deadly Lore Yes Defeat the Queen Black Dragon and obtain all four dragonkin journals. 30
Rank: Master Finix Yes Obtain rank 1 esteem from Wizard Finix. 30
Scabigail Yes Complete the Scabaras research. 10
Scribbling in the Depths No Obtain the hidden rewards after the 'Song from the Depths' quest. 10
Scrolling with Power Yes Unlock the Dungeoneering scroll traits. 20
Seagullible Yes Earn tier 10 reputation with the ports faction. 40
Shadows Below Yes Survive the shadow beneath the barrows. 50
Sheep Shearer No Complete the 'Sheep Shearer' miniquest. 5
Slime and Snails and God Wars Tales Yes Complete Tales of the God Wars. 20
Special Slayer Delivery Yes Unlock the ability to craft all Slayer items. 30
Stone's Throw Away Yes Complete the Dahmaroc statue in your player-owned house. 50
Telos If You're Angry II Yes Defeat Telos at 100% enrage. 5
To Be a Master Yes Fully complete the slayer codex. 0
To The Bone Yes Earn tier 10 reputation with the worker faction. 40
White Knight Rises Yes Achieve the Master White Knight rank. 20
Who Will Be Her Lover? Yes Complete the replica statue of Rhiannon in the Max Guild garden. 75
Witch's Potion No Complete the 'Witch's Potion' miniquest. 5
Work On Your Artisan Yes Unlock all rewards from the Artisans' Workshop. 20
You're Not My Real Mah Yes Unlock all ten elder chronicle entries. 25
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