Trimmed blue wizard set detail

Trimmed blue wizard sets can be made by exchanging a Wizard robe top (t), Wizard hat (t), and Wizard robe skirt (t) with a Grand Exchange clerk. The set's purpose is purely to save space and to use in trading. Players can exchange this with a Grand Exchange clerk to get the items listed above.

Wizard robes (t) equipped

A player wearing a trimmed blue wizard set.

Trimmed wizard robes are a possible reward from easy Treasure Trails. These robes offer slightly higher bonuses than regular wizard robes, but are worn mainly as a wealthy outfit, showing that the player is rich enough to afford them.

Unlike the rest of the set, the skirt does not have any extra bonuses over a regular Wizard robe skirt, making this, in a way, just another item to show off a player's wealth.


Trimmed Wizard Robes Grand Exchange cost
Wizard hat (t)Wizard hat (t)560,391 [graph]
Wizard robe top (t)Wizard robe top (t)527,465 [graph]
Wizard robe skirt (t)Wizard robe skirt (t)578,962 [graph]
Total price1,666,818
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Components and Bonuses

Main-handOff-hand Attributes Style bonus
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence Constitution Prayer Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Wizard hat (t)Wizard hat (t) - - - - - - 30 0 0 - - -
Wizard robe top (t)Wizard robe top (t) - - - - - - 34 0 0 - - -
Wizard robe skirt (t)Wizard robe skirt (t) - - - - - - 33 0 0 - - -
Totals - - - - - - 97 0 0 - - -
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