Trindine chathead

Trindine was a female Mahjarrat brought to Gielinor from Freneskae by the Menaphite god Icthlarin to combat the forces of Zaros. At some point, she was killed either during a Ritual of Rejuvenation or combat. She was at one time given the rank of Praetorian, a secret police for Senntisten, a subordinate to Sliske and very much like her superior. Despite her predisposition for interfering with the church, none questioned her openly. She was at one point part of Madromurt's diocese, which they objected to.

She was present during Zamorak's attempt to usurp Zaros, as shown in Kharshai's memory. She proved uncooperative to Kharshai's attempts to root out traitors, confiding in Sliske instead.

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