Trinks chathead

Trinks is a Goebie who can be found in the village Kanatah on Mazcab. She offers tasks for the player, up to maximum of three different tasks per day.

Using a trinket on Trinks will yield a strange glowing orb.


Trinks' tasks map

Tasks give 15 reputation each to the player, for a maximum of 45 reputation per day. Tasks are given in a random order and vary from player to player. Possible tasks include:

  • Find a Traitor in the Nemi Forest. The traitor is level 5 with 1000 life points and thus is easy to kill.
  • Deliver a message to Acca Otot. Acca Otot will give you a message to take back to Trinks.
  • Repair 10 fences around Kanatah.
  • Kill 10 Airut. You are given Nemi poison for this task, which greatly weakens the Airut when used on them. Airut poisoned with the Nemi poison give no drops.
  • Free 5 Goebies from their cages by the Airut, and kill 5 Airut guarding them. Nemi poison can be used for this task.
  • Clear 10 fallen rocks north-west of Kanatah.
  • Light the beacon north of the eastern entrance to the Nemi Forest. (The beacon is north of the Goebie in the graveyard, don't go inside the forest.)
  • Pick a Pahtli fruit from a Pahtli plant in the Nemi Forest to cure sickly elders. (The pahtli fruit is plucked from a plant found in the forest)
  • Collect 10 driftwood and return them to Trinks.
  • Salvage scraps from 5 tents in Kanatah.


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