Trinks is a Goebie who can be found in Kanatah. It offers tasks for the player.


Tasks give reputation to the player. Tasks are given in a random order and vary from player to player.

The task where you have to find a Traitor can be done by searching in the Nemi Forest. The traitor is level 5 with 1000 life points and thus is easy to kill. Upon returning to Trinks, you will be rewarded with 10 reputation.

The task in which you're told to deliver a message to Acca Otot can be done for 10 reputation. Acca Otot will give you a message back to Trinks. 

Another task is to repair 10 fences around Kanatah.

Another task is to kill 10 Airut, you are given Nemi Poison for this task, which greatly weakens the Airut when used on them. Airut poisoned with the Nemi Poison give no drops

Another task is to free 5 Goebies from their cages by the Airut, and kill 5 Airut guarding them. Nemi Poison can be used for this task.

Another task is to clear 10 fallen rocks north east of Trinks.

Another possible task is to light the beacon north of the western entrance to the forest.

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