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The Troll Country quest series is a series of quests centring around Burthorpe's ventures north and the Troll problems.


The series begins with the Death Plateau quest. It introduces the quest series as the adventurer explores the area. The Troll Stronghold quest ventures even deeper to the troll stronghold where you have to free Eadgar and Godric. Eadgar's ruse continues the series with Sanfew requiring a herb. According to Eadgar the trolls have some. The next quest in the series is My Arm's big Adventure in which the player aids an assistant cook in growing some Goutweed, which is out in supply. Unrelated to the series is Troll Romance, in which the adventurer helps a troll find his love.


  1. Death Plateau
  2. Troll Stronghold
  3. Troll Romance
  4. Eadgar's Ruse
  5. My Arm's Big Adventure
  6. The Mighty Fall

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